Dazzling blondie giving an amazing blowjob

Dazzling blondie giving an amazing blowjob
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She knwew she looked good. Jade Masters looked at herself in the mirror for a few minutres every morning admiring the body she had tried so hard to sculpt.

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She had worked out for an hour a day for the last 16 years and noe with the body she loved she was finally fit. She turned heads every where she went. She was a fiery redhead with bright green eyes long legs and firm tummy a cute little heart shaped ass and a great set of 38c tits.

Her breasts were firm and up held on her chest.

She stood about 5'11" and wieghed in at 110lbs. She was a knockout and she knew it. Everyone else knew it to including her Uncle James and Aunt May.James Masters was a strong man.

He was an arc welder with the Masters company.He had started the company with Dean Masters who was tecently deceased.He and his young wofe hasd Jade and her mother move in with them after Dean death and the five of them have lived together ever since. The fifth.Mick Masters Mays only child.

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Mick was five years older than jade who was now 22. The Masters owned a sma ll guest house and Jade and Mick spent most of their time their. It was like being moved out of home and could always get a free meal off mom.

May Masters was a petite woman with a pair of 32c breasts which she was not shy about showing offf in her teeny bikini's. Jade admired her boldness and it had also rubbed off on her to the delight of the guys.


Jades mother Bailey was also quite outgoing and had a bodt much like her daughter with ecxception of 33 tits and a head full of blonde hair. Jade was reading a book out by the back pool in her string thing bikini when James came out from the den in the back of the house, Her was carrying a few beers and offered one to Jade as he plopped down on the lounger next to hers. Jade looked at her uncle admiring hiss trong muscular form as her took a seat beside her and took a long swig of his beer.

Jade just shivered a her thoughts turned sexual about her uncle. James unlike her father was qwell built and as she could tell by his tight short also wel endowed.

James cught Jades staring at him and smiled broadly and asked her if she wanted him to put some lotion on her so she could get a good tan.Jade put down her book and took a big chug of her beer and handed a bottle of lotion to James.

Unbeknownst to James and Jade Bailey was watching from her upsatairs bedroom window. James knelt next to Jade asshe lay on her back and poured some lotouion on his hands and gemtly started to cares her belly.Jade gentl hummed as his first touch.

Jades eyes were closed as she enjoyed the touch of her uncles strong hands. By passing her breasts his hands moved up to her shoulders and neck as her spread the lotion all around. Then ever so slowly he started move the tips of his fingers under her bikini bra cups.


Jade made no move to stop him as she felt a sensation she knew only to well and her nipples quiickly becames hard as James started to remove her top totally and knead her great breasts paying extra attention to her nipples.

As he could stand it no more he took one of Jades large pink nipples in his mouth as Jaded cooed in pleasure. Bailey watching from the upstairs window bit herlip as she caressed one of her own breasts in delight watching her brother in law making it with her daughter.

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Jade kept her eyes closed as James moved to her other tits and sucked on it for a bit before slowly trailing kisses down her body sliding his hand to the bikini ties on her hips and with two quick tugs Jades was bared to his approving eyes and she was already wet as his velvety tongue delved between her now spread legs and she moaned in pleasyre at contact.

Jades mind was spinning at the thopught of her great uncle devouring her clean sahven pussy and she was loving it. His hans were still toying with those great tits of hers as his tongue snaked deep into her pussy and then slid out around her clit before delving back inside her love hole. James knew what he was doing and jade was game for it all as she was nearing her climax in the care of her uncle.James gave her nipples a qick squeeze drew her clit between his soft lips and with a strong suck brought the quivering Jade to a earth moving orgasm.

As jades eyes slowly opened she saw her ucle standing at the foot of her lounger smiling at her and admiring her body. Jade smiled and eagerly went for his tight shjorts puling them dwon revealing the biggest cock she had ever seen. Her fathers was a good 7 inches but James was at least 11 and a half long and three to four inches in girth, and he wasn't even fully erect yet.

She gasped as his member hung before her at lip level. with her left hand barely able to get aroung his cock she gently stroked him.

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To her wild eyes Bailey was now fingering her wet pussy as she watched her daughter taking on her brother in law and loving it .