Hot Ladies Make Love Outdoor

Hot Ladies Make Love Outdoor
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Heather has no idea how long she has been waiting for me. She can hear the rhythmic ticking of the clock, aggravating her, heightening the anticipation. She tries to count down the seconds, each loud tick echoing within the room vibrating through her skin.

She lays upon her chaise lounge, her back straight, head held proudly high, her eyes downcast. Her thighs slightly spread, her hands lightly resting upon her knees. Where is he? She didn't dare to move to look at the insistent clock to check the time or to stop the infuriating infernal ticking. She exhales as she tries to block the sound out, and instead mentally replays the conversation we had earlier; she had asked me what I wanted to do tonight.

" Surprise me," I told her. She sighs in mock frustration and teases him that she will surprise me all right. With a pile of work, she sits back and enjoys a cup of coffee. The rich laughter that boomed through the phone still warms her. She entertains the thought for a moment, of him in a flowery apron, pink bow in hair, knitting a purple sweater. She chuckles at the mental image. The movement causes the lacy sheath to graze her nipple.

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The garment does nothing to hide her breasts; rather, it accentuates her nakedness. Her nipples harden, pushing the lace fabric away from her form. She settles more comfortably on her knees and straightens her back as the lace flows from her breasts to the thin, flimsy belt cinched around her waist before following the flare of her hips.

She begins to feel apprehensive, with each passing moment heightening the intensity. She wonders if something happened, if I was safe. What happens if I was delayed at work, an unforeseen appointment coming in and I had to work late? What if I was in an accident? Or what if I. forgot? She shakes her head at the last thought, it did not prevent her mind from flying to numerous possibilities, each one more dramatic than the last.

She firmly told her mind to shut up and giving herself a mental smack, concentrated on her posture and the increasing pulsing of her desire. Where was I? Her heart pounding. She hears the engine pulling in and the unmistakable sounds of my footsteps: she recognises the gait of my walk from anywhere.

Her skin begins tingling. The door cracks open and I call out as I walk in, " Baby? I am so sorry! The traffic was unbelievable and my phone died." There is no response.

She is stretched out on her side in the middle of the room, waiting. Waiting for my pleasure. " Baby?" I ask again. It's not like her not to answer. " Hey, baby?" Silence. " Baby! Where are you?" She hears the creeping displeasure in my voice. She swallows hard, the thrill of excitement shuddering through her, the anticipation thick, knowing that her silence will only increase the intensity of the moment for them both.

The door to the room flies open. " Baby!

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You know when I cal." My voice trails off as I see her, stretched out in gold leather pants on her side facing the door, her thighs together showing her long legs, the black lacy garment hinting of her desire for me, her breasts and nipples peeking from beneath the garment, waiting. ready for me. I walk into the room and quietly close the door.

There is a pause as she feels me taking in the scene spread out in front of me. The room is dark, the light of the lamp reflecting on the highly polished hardwood floor, emitting a warm glow.

Her form, sheathed in leather and lace, is stretched out on the red velvet chaise lounger in the middle of the room. Next to her is a low table, a bottle of lubricant. She knows without a single shred of doubt that I will take her, that I will again stake my claim on her, true to who we are.

The uncertainty, the anticipation of all the possibilities tighten her nipples, further pushing the lacy material, belying the calm profile that she presents to me.

I take a step closer, the floor echoing my steps. She feels me so close to her. She knows that if she just moves a fraction of an inch, she would be able to touch me. I graze her nipple, feeling it harden under my fingers, speaking of her excitement. My growl is music to her. She inhales, her nostrils flaring, desperate to catch my scent. ah, there it is. The smell of me, of my masculinity, of my unmistakeable primal side, is intoxicating, making her mouth water.

She knows, without looking, that my arousal is growing. She feels the slight change in the atmosphere, the air thickening as I begin to shed my role that I present to the outside world and allow my true self to emerge. I breathe in deep and exhale the last of my outside self, allowing myself to be revealed in our sanctuary.

This is our room, a place where we can be our complete selves, where we allow our primal natures to roam free.

There is no barriers in this room, no pause, no civility. My breathing becomes deeper, she no longer needs to bite her lip to keep herself from smiling. She, like me, falls deeper into her true self.

She can almost taste me, taste my desire to dominate rolling off in waves from my body and feels herself radiating her need, her hidden nature that she only presents to the man standing over her, the man who truly understands her. It is in this room that we can freely revel and celebrate who and what - we are. I grasp her jaw and firmly lifte her chin; she raises her eyes to meet mine. I stare deep into her eyes as she unblinkingly met my gaze. There is no false modesty, no pretty blushing, no coy playfulness in her look.

Instead, there is raw hunger for me as I pierce through her eyes with desire, the intensity burning my mark onto her soul. I lower my head and kiss her hard, my tongue probing her mouth, taking possession of her. She moans low in her throat as she instinctively leans into me. My hand moves to the back of her head, my fingers weaving through her hair, trapping her to my lips.

Her hands itching to touch me, to feel the thundering of my heart, to cup me. This time, she surrenders to me, to my pleasure.

I broke our kiss pulling away, my eyes boring deep into hers. " Were you anxious?" I ask. She didn't answer. It is something that she has to work on, her penchant to worry if I didn't contact her. She looks away. My hand tightens my grip on her hair and yanking back her head. " Were you anxious?" I demand, my voice hardening. I, like her, rarely repeat anything. She licks her lips. " Yes," she whispers. " For a bit I was." There, she admits it and waits patiently for the repercussion that is sure to come.

" Why?" This time there is no hesitation.


" Because it's not like you to be late. Thought you might be with someone else." she replies simply. " So I wondered." She stood there, her eyes locked on me, my fist tangled in her hair as she feels my eyes studying her face, contemplating. Her eyes stung with unshed tears, from the pain of disappointing me. She closes her lids to hide her shame from me.

" Look at me," I growl. I envelope her in my arms, my strong hands kneading her back. She cries, whispering, " I'm sorry" over and over in the crook of my neck. " Shh.Shh It's okay, baby. You are the only one I want and need." I told her, cupping her face, wiping her tears.

" It's over." She shudders and nods. It's done, it's dealt with, and it's over. " You okay?" I ask. She wipes any last errant tears from her face with the back of her hands. " I'm okay," she reassures me. I grab her shoulders and look straight into her eyes. " No more of this doubting, you hear?" She nods. The corner of my eyes begin to crinkle.

" So now what?" She grins and lightly cups me. I chuckle. " Insatiable, aren't we?" "For you? Always." I weave my fingers through her hair and brought her close to my lips. She groans as she closes the gap, my moist, warm mouth descending to capture her. She kisses me greedily. She presses against me, her hips grinding against mine. My hands twist at the base of her head, chaining her to me.

She drank in the sound of the rumble of my groan as it vibrated through the room. We pull apart, breathing hard and staring at each other, our eyes dark with intense desire, our growing heat palpable.

After long moments I release her hair and she falls to her knees. I stood tantalisingly close. She smells my arousal, my crotch inches away from her face. She begins to pant as my hands begin to casually remove my clothes, clenching her fists, nails digging into her palms to contain her impatience. After an indeterminable, unacceptable, long time, I stand naked in front of her, my hard cock tempting her. Her mouth begins to water.

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I reach down and rip open the gauzy fabric, the belt flying, exposing her completely. Casually, I grab her hard nipples and pull them up. She inhales sharply through her teeth and glances up. My eyes captivated her. Staring at her face, they are dark with desire, hard with want, a want that mirrors her own.

I twist the nubs hard, distending them, as if I wanted to rip them off of her breasts. The sharp pain is exquisite. She whimpers as my hands lift her breasts. The heat of the pain radiating through her. She wants more, needs to feel the power of my dominance. I slowly push the torn lace off of her, rendering her as naked as me. Her back straightens, her breasts thrust forward, her bruised nipples proudly standing in sharp contrast against her skin.

Mauling her breasts, I bring her to her feet, making her stand on trembling legs so close to me but not quite touching. She begins to breathe heavily.

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Without any preamble, I slip in a finger into her apex. Her juices seeping. She rolls her hips against my hand, aching to feel me fully. " So wet for me, aren't you, Heather?" She moans in response " Oh Yes," her hips thrusting hard against my hand, yearning for a release.

" Don't you dare cum. Not until I tell you," I growl. She grips my shoulder and bits her lower lip, almost drawing blood. She is so aroused, her body is humming and my playing her like my own instrument did nothing for her control.

" Please," she whispers. She is throbbing around my finger. I withdraw and cup her face, her scent gracing my skin. I stare into her eyes before kissing her hard, possessing her, claiming her through my kiss. She knows that some other time I will conquer her with my lips, teasing and tempting and controlling her pleasure, bringing her to the peak over and over until she can no longer see or breathe, not this time.

This time she is my vessel, a tool for my pleasure. She almost came from the thought as her fingers dig into my shoulders, her sore breasts pressing against my chest. We broke apart and she sees me swallow. We stood there in each other's arms, breathing hard. Suddenly, I push her onto the table. I grab her jaw and shove my hard cock deep into her throat. She moans at the intrusion, welcoming the possession. She arches her back to take me deeper, her tongue rubbing my shaft, feeling my silky hardness throbbing veins.

" Play with your tits," I growl. She didn't need encouragement her hands are flying to her breasts before I spoke. Her fingers twisting and pulling her nipples, tugging them hard. I groan as I begin to thrust myself deep into her throat.

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She gags, the walls echoing the sounds loudly. I slip my finger into her, toying with her clit.


Her juices seeping out, covering my hand. She sees me smile as I thrust my fingers deep into her, hooking up, using her as leverage to bring myself deeper into her mouth. Her saliva boiling to cover me as I pummell her, her gags echoing in the bare room. I place my other hand over her throat, trapping her, feeling the column expand as I push deep. She can't move if she wanted to. Her hips begin to grind against my fingers, her body desperate for release.

She whimpers. " Not yet," I murmure. She can't have pleaded with me if she was able to. Her mouth is filled with me, my balls pressing against her nose. She at tries to push me away and to swallow me whole. I continue to pound her throat, using them both for glorious pleasure.

My thrust is hard then I pause, she feels me growing thicker, stretching her lips as tears run down her face. I lightly squeeze her throat, feeling it expand with my thick hard cock. " Mine," I growl. " My throat, like it is my cunt." She nods in agreement, her lips tight around me, barely able to breathe. I rub my thumb over her throbbing clit, my fingers pressing mercilessly at her deep spot.

Her nails digging into my ass, trying to distract herself from my sweet torment. " Cum for me, my sweet," I growl quietly. She sobs with relief. She is barely holding on. She arches her body, letting go of the ball of erotic tension that threatened to overtake her, groaning against me, muffling all sounds, her mouth full of my taste.

Her orgasm spreading through her like liquid fire, leaving her panting and craving for more. I pull out of her mouth suddenly. She pouts at the loss of fullness. Helping her sit up, I raise her to her feet. She is panting, staring at my face, her lips covered in my precum.

I caught a drop rolling down her chin with my damp finger and feed it to her. She took it greedily, her lips tight, sucking my digit, tasting the intoxicating cocktail of our juices. I push down over her tongue, making her gag for a moment, the sound loud in the room. I grab her shoulders, spin her around and pushing her to her knees. She feels me settling behind her, my heat radiating. She shivers as she feels my fingers tracing up her spine and settling around her neck, pushing her forward.

She bends, her face to the floor, her ass high, her back arched, her nails trying to grip the smooth surface. I draw my hard cock over her aching pussy, covering the tip with her wetness, teasing her. She moans " Oh God John.I need you inside me. Please.Please," craving to feel me deep within her. I grab her hips pushing myself into her moist depth with one fluid motion, burying myself to the hilt.

She feels my balls nestled against her clit. She rolls her hips, needing me to fuck her, to claim her, to possess her. With one hand on her hip, the other at the back of her neck, I begin to slam deep inside her, the rhythm of our coupling is rough, hard and furious. I grip her hard she knows that in a few hours, a new temporary tattoo of my ownership will appear. She shivers at the thought, adding to the tension that is threatening to take over.

Thrills begin to cover her body as she feels me moving deep inside her. She squeezes my shaft, trapping me deep inside her, knowing that the tightness will make me erupt.

I snake my arm around her and begin to rub her clit in response, the assault is sweet.

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Her body tightens, the need for release is overwhelming. She begins to beg wordlessly, her voice hoarse. Her hips start bucking, trying to make me lose control, to bring out the depth of my complete self.

My thrusting is harder, the jerks unsteady as I'm being pushed to the edge. " Cum," I gasp. With a loud groan " UUUhhh.UUUUhhhh, I push in her, my tip kissing her cervix, flooding her and holding there as her walls clamp down, milking my seed, needing every drop. We collapse together, panting hard, my breath tickling her ear. After a long moment, withdraw from her and roll onto my back and open my arms for her. I hold onto her tight, cradling her to my chest as the thundering of our hearts slowing.

My hands lightly soothing her bruised skin, my lips press against her hair. Silence reigns as we bask in the glow, our appetites satisfied temporarly, our true selves celebrated. She raises her head and studies me for a moment. Later Heather and I sat on the sofa in the great room, she drank a gin and tonic with a twist of lime; I sipped rum and Coke. Both glasses now empty, the ice cubes taking their time to melt.

She sat back resting her head on the back of the sofa, as my two fingers, the index and middle finger of my left hand fucking deep inside her pussy. My knuckles flexing and bumping against her velvet lining, the tips of my fingers rolling around inside her. My body wet with sweat, Heather's head rolling side to side on the back of the sofa, her silky smooth long legs spread wide, her heels planted in the deep pile carpet, her bare feet angled outward, pointed skyward.

Her eyes fluttering. She spoke slowly, in a monotone. Her voice almost in a trance, her speech sometimes glided to a stop like a car running out of gas. A look of total bliss, the flushed look of satisfied woman on her face.

My fingers seeking the nub of her clit, her right hand stroking me, her slender fingers moving up and down at a leisurely pace. " I looked so hot naked. My tits rising and falling with my breathing, my pussy shaved and doused with a lavender scent." I remove my fingers from inside her, Heather's pussy surrenders to my monster cock each time.

" John, stick your cock in me." I flex my fingers, her wetness trickles down my wrist. " John right now I want you to fuck me again." " Here? " No, let's fuck in bed." Heather and I have settled into a comfortable relationship.

She is available for me to fuck no matter how frequently. I throw her onto the bed and she lays there as I kick the door shut. Heather spreads her legs as I approach her, climbing between her legs and laying on top, placing my hands around her neck and pushing with a hard but comfortable force.

With my other hand I run it up and down the inside of her thigh and brushes against her pussy lips with a delicate touch. I let go of her neck and kiss down her body until my warm breath is beside her soaking wet pussy. I kiss circles around her pussy then my tongue flick in and out of her. I pull her pussy to my face placing my hands on her ass to control her. She can't stop moaning " ooooohhhhhhhh.oooooooohhhhhhh.aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.aaaaaaahhhhhhhh," I tell her to turn onto her stomach, she doesn't hesitate and she does what I ask.

With Heather laying on her stomach, I push my face into her pussy, she pushes herself backward into my face grabbing my hair and forcefully using it to push my face hard against her pussy. She feels her pussy throbbing and begging for another hard fucking and she can tell she is going to explode any minute. She is trying to force my tongue inside her, she continues grinding her pussy into my face. Her pussy is dripping wet and just as she is about to cum I pull away. She feels so angry that she didn't cum and she turns around and stands up.

Heather is ready to forcefully fuck me whether I like it or not, she is blown away by what she sees.


I'm standing naked with my thick hard cock level with her pussy. Heather reaches out both of her hands taking my cock into her hands. She strokes it for a few seconds then gets down on her knees. She must have my cock in her mouth, she desperately wants me to fuck her mouth as hard as I want. She tries to have a little fun and control herself while teasing my cock. Her wet lips wrap around my cock as she leans in, gently pressing her lips against my head.

She sees my cock throbbing and grabs my balls feeling their firmness and filled with cum.

She looks up at me and asks me what I want her to do, I tell her she can do whatever she wants but she has to make me cum. She licks around the tip of my cock, swirling her tongue around in precum drips into her mouth and she moans with pleasure " ooooooohhhhhhhh.ooooooohhhhhhhh.mmmmmm," it tastes so good and she wants more.

Heather strokes up and down my shaft with firm, tight strokes and I like it. She sucks on my head while doing this and more precum drips from my cock into her mouth.

She goes faster and faster taking my whole cock into her mouth, she chokes on my length but she continues, wanting me to fill her mouth with my cum. I grab her hair, thrusting back and forward fucking her mouth rough and hard. Her pussy won't stop throbbing and she feels her juices running down her legs.

She can't take this any more and she yells at me, telling me we have to stop. She stands up looking at me and I look at her confused. Heather smiles grabbing my cock and as she makes her way towards the bed, she gently pulls my cock and guides me on top of her. I don't have a problem with this and as she lays back onto the bed she grabs my shoulders sliding her hands down arms.

I grab her wrists pinning them to the bed and move my head down lightly biting her nipples. She screams with pleasure " YYYeeesss. OOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh.AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.MMMMMMMMMMMM," as she feels my cock moving around her pussy, I'm rock hard and she needs me in her now.

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I don't release my strong grip on her wrists making it hard for her to move, she tries to push her pussy over my hard cock. I look her straight in the eyes; " Do you want me to fuck you?" She screams " YES," I slam my long hard thick cock into her tight pussy. I'm slamming rough and hard inside her, my hard strokes are stretching and scraping her tight tunnel, she can't stop screaming my name. " JOHN.YOU BASTARD.YYYEEESSS.FUCK ME HARD.JOHN.BASTARD." Her pussy feels so good after being fucked, she feels every vein on my cock as it goes in and out of her pussy.

She lifts up her legs as I slam into her like a jack hammer, she slings them over my shoulders. She feels my cock head slamming aganist her cervix, the pain and pleasure mix causing tears to run down her face.

Her body heaving and jerking as her orgasm surges through her. Her cum covering my cock and seeping out. Her orgasms last longer each time and are more intense each time. My big cock fills her pussy and she is shaking and moaning uncontrollable. " OOhh God.OOOhhh.John.AAA hhh.AAAhhh.AAAAAhhhhhhhh.John.MMMMmmmmmmm." She tells me that I have to keep going, she wants this fucking session to last forever.

I slowly pull my cock out of her and lie down on the bed, I tell her to get down there and suck her cum off my cock and sit her pussy on my mouth. Heather has no problem with my request and climbs on top, shoving her sensitive, wet pussy into my face. She moans as I stick my tongue deep inside her and lick up and down and fingers her tight ass. She is licking and sucking every bit of my cock making sure she doesn't miss any of my cum, I'm still dripping with precum and she uses her finger to swirl it around the tip of my penis.

She finds sucking my cock difficult to do at the moment, as the magic I'm doing with her ass and pussy is very distracting. She makes herself take all of me into her mouth again.

She makes herself choke on my thick cock and she is loving every second of it. Heather slides herself forward placing my cock between her tits, she squeezes her tits together gripping my cock with them, jacking me off with her soft tits until I tell her, to go bend over the chair in the corner. Heather walks over to the chair and bends over, shaking her ass up and down for me, begging me to fuck her more.

I go over and shove my cock inside of her. She is screaming all kinds of things when she feels the most filling, satisfying and warmest hard thick shaft inside her pussy. She smiles as she realises I have filled her with my cum. I'm groaning and moaning fucking her slowly for a few minutes and then pull out, I look exhausted and tell her to sit down.

She does as I ask, I get down onto the floor as she sits in the chair and she places both legs over my shoulders. My warm breath is on her pussy again and I lick her clit until she cums for me again, this takes a few minutes. I then ask her to finger herself for me and she does so, covering her finger in both of our juices. She sucks her finger for me and she sees my cock getting hard again.time for round three soon.