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CockSureMen Alessio Romero and Jordano Santoro
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I grew up in a split family and my dad had several girl friends over the years before he married his current wife Denise.


When I was 14 my dad lived with a woman with two daughters for about a year. I visited my dad on alternating weekends and holidays.


The two daughters, who I will refer to as step sisters just to make it easy were Tina and Jessica. Tina, who was three years older than I, was incredibly hot. She was about 5'5", had long black hair and an incredible body. Her ass was firm but a little wider at the bottom than the top and she had perfect C cup tits that stood up.

She would walk around the house in a tee shirt and panties all the time and I'm sure she knew it made me hard.

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I'm also sure she enjoyed teasing me. Jessica, the younger step sister was about 5'2" and had lighter brown hair. Jessica had smaller tits, probably just because she was a little chubby.

If she had been skinnier I doubt she would have had any to speak of at all. Tina was very sexually active; she would talk all the time about fucking her boyfriend and would answer any question I asked in graphic detail.

Again, I'm sure she enjoyed the fact that I would have given my left ball to fuck her and I'm sure it was obvious.

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Tina and I occasionally wrestled playfully and she would grunt and moan when we were wrestling, also allowing me to pin her frequently ending up in a missionary position. Jessica would never join in any of our play but was always watching or hanging around. As time went by I started to have some play time with Jessica, but only when Tina was out of the house.

I think she was copying her older sister's behavior. I was enamored with Tina, but when not available Jessica was a decent substitute.

The dynamic was very different though as Tina was always in charge when we played around but when I played with Jessica I got to be the boss. One night around Christmas our parents left to go to a company holiday party and left the three of us at home.

Five minutes after our parents had closed the garage door Tina announced she was leaving for a party of her own. I was following her around the house like a puppy dog and followed her into her room where she started to change clothes and she did not say a thing. She took off her shirt and jeans and was wearing only bra and panties. Her bra was a dark red lace push up bra and made her tits look unbelievable.

They overflowed the top of her bra slightly to the point they bulged.

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Her panties were mostly white plain cotton panties with some kind of floral design on them. Her panties crept up the crack of her ass and most of her cheeks were showing. She opened a drawer and pulled out a pair that matched her red lace bra. She turned around and smiled at me and told me to close my eyes. I closed them for about a second but just couldn't keep them closed, I had to look.

She had already pulled her panties off and was just about to step into the new pair when she looked at me. I couldn't see anything but a full mound of curly black hair but I was not about to close my eyes again.

She put her hands in front of her pussy and told me to get out of her room. I apologized to her but wasn't about to leave, I just sat there on her bed looking at her unable to move. I don't think I had ever been that hard before or for that matter since.

She told me to get out again but this time didn't seem angry about it, she was almost laughing. She then said "fine" and dropped her hands and put on her panties.

She put on some different jeans and a sweater and then walked out of her room and said, "I hope you enjoyed the show" Tina walked out the front door and hopped into her car and left for the party. At that point my hard on was almost painful and I really needed to relieve myself.

I went straight for my room but Jessica followed me in. I was irritated for a second but then instantly went from thinking about jacking off to the thought of Tina's furry mound to wondering if I could get Jessica to fuck me. Jessica was already in a long pullover night gown and as I took a closer look at her I could see the outline of her nipples and my mind was made up, I was going to fuck her, I had to fuck her.

I sat down on my bed and asked her what she wanted to do now that we were by ourselves. She told me that she didn't care. I said we should get drunk because everyone else was tonight.

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She giggled nervously and said "I don't know, I don't think we should." I told her it would be fun and not to worry. We went into the family kitchen and I made two glasses of fruit punch and vodka.

Her glass had a lot more vodka. We sat down in the family room and turned on the TV. We watched a few shows and went threw another drink before I told her that I knew where my dad kept some porno's. She seemed into it now and said yes. I rushed into my dad's room and pulled open the drawer where he kept his gun and porno collection.

I put in the tape with the raunchiest sounding title and we sat back to watch. I was still hard as a rock from Tina but during the first few minutes of the video I started to rub my cock through my pants.

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Jessica looked over at me but I pretended not to notice. She adjusted herself on the couch several times, I'm not sure if she was getting horny or uncomfortable from the situation.

I noticed her looking down at my hand rubbing my hard cock and I asked her if she would rub my cock for me. She said no, she didn't think it was a good idea.

She seemed nervous. I don't really know why, but I said that if she rubbed my cock I would rub her tits, almost like I didn't want to rub her tits. I was shocked when she said OK. She moved her hand over and very lightly rubbed my cock through my jeans with two fingers for about one minute. I could barely feel it. She pulled back and squared her shoulders to me to indicate it was now my turn. I cupped her small breast in my right hand and began to rub it gently. I had never felt up any girl before and was taking it all in.

I don't know what I was expecting but it was softer and heavier than I had imagined. I then cupped her other breast in my other hand and rubbed a little harder, playing with her nipples through her night gown for several minutes.

I stood up and pulled her up by her hand and walked into my bedroom, she resisted but I told her it was just in case anyone came home. As she started to sit down on my bed I put my hand on her thigh and slid it up under her night gown.

She sat down and the bottom of her night gown was now up around her waist with my hand cupping her soft breast. As I played with it for another few minutes she put her head back and was enjoying it.

I pulled her night gown up with my other hand and started to suck on her other nipple. It was puffy and pink and I sucked it softly. I then pulled back and told her it was her turn again. She reached down and rubbed my cock through my jeans again, but with her whole hand this time. I stood up and said no, I told her she needed to suck my cock like I just sucked her tits.

She pulled back and said no but I just pulled my jeans and underwear off and within a few seconds my cock was throbbing right in front of her face. She pushed back and I realized she was not going to go through with this, but I pushed her back onto the bed and got right on top of her and put my cock back in front of her mouth. I told her to please just try it for just a minute, and then we could be done.

She said that she was going to tell her mom and tried to push me off. I told her that no one would believe her, that she let me suck her tits but she didn't want to go all the way. Finally I just grabbed her face and pushed my cock in her mouth. I felt her hot, wet tongue on the head of my cock and nearly shot my load right then but instead pushed it in further until the feeling of her teeth scraping against the side of my cock started to hurt. I pulled back and grabbed her panties and ripped them off her, she squirmed and tried to get away but I just grabbed her legs at the knee and pushed them wide open.

I got in between her legs and rubbed my cock against her slit. She had a little hair but was almost bald. Her chubby mound was wet as I pushed her legs back and slid my cock back and forth until it seemed to pop into her pussy.

I leaned in and pushed my throbbing cock into her very tight pussy a little at a time as it was so tight I could not get it all in at once. I pulled in and out as she cried and tried to wiggle away until I was fully in her. She looked away and stopped wriggling as I pushed in and out faster and faster. I grabbed a handful of hair with my right hand and pulled her head back as I pushed myself into her harder and harder.

Just as I was about to come I slipped out and shot my load across her chubby tummy. I laid down on top of her and kissed her and said I was sorry. I was very surprised when she seemed to accept my apology. I wiped her off with the shirt I had been wearing and pulled her might gown back down. I put away the porno and drinks and she was sitting on the couch. After I had cleaned up I sat back down with her and kissed her again and took a breast in my hand and she was receptive.

She even reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants. We continued this for the next hour or so until Tina came back. I never did get to fuck Tina, but Jessica and I fucked every time we were left alone until our parents broke up about six months later.

I have not seen her since.