Harper tries anal sex with TS Traynxo

Harper tries anal sex with TS Traynxo
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My sister and her friend This is only my second story so leave me feedback please. It was a boiling Monday night in the summer holidays, with sweat dripping off my face after a good training session with the football team. I decided I would have dinner then have a bath, my parents were out so It was down to me to cook dinner for me and my sister (Megan) and her best friend Dionne.

Both girls were 13 and both beautiful. Megan was slightly chubby but for a 13 year old she had massive tits and a big bum as well.

Her figure was average and was quite small, around 5'7. Dionne was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen, she had lush blonde and brown hair, a lovely hourglass figure with small but perky tits and a lovely lovely bum.

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During dinner both girls were giggling and whispering and couldn't keep there eyes off me but I made nothing of it and carried on eating.

After dinner I ran myself a bath whilst the girls went to Megan's bedroom, I got In the bath and watched highlights of the man utd game on my iPad. I dried myself then wearing nothing but a towel excited the bathroom and as soon as the door opened my sister called me to her bedroom. I opened the door and the girls told me to shut the door then sit down on the bed, I shut the door and then sat on the bed.

The girls started off asking me a few harmless questions like when's mum and dad home, how's life and what time it was. The girls seem to laugh when I said mum and dad were staying at a friends, again I ignored it and thought nothing of it. Megan was wearing some tight denim shorts which showed off her bum very nicely and Dionne was wearing a tank top and hot pants which shoved off her amazing figure.

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There was a long awkward silence until Megan broke it up by saying "Jamie can we ask you some questions which you promise not to tell mum and dad?" I replied with yes and then the most unexpected thing ever happened.

"What's it like to have a penis?" My mouth opened and I stuttered with shock.

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"Um um umm nice I suppose." I replied with. I was already surprised enough but then the next question was even more shocking. "How big is it," Dionne said. "9 inches when hard." I replied. WOAH that's massive both the girls shouted! There was another long awkward silence until Dionne finally broke it by saying "do you want to play truth or dare with us?" I thought about it for a minute then thought yes why not, so I agreed. "Truth or dare" Megan said, "dare," I replied with, feeling daring.

The girls whispered for a minute then told me to"take off the towel." My eyes fell out of my head with shock, I didn't want to upset the girls so I decided to go along with it. I stood up, un tied the towel then took it off. The girls gasped as they saw my penis.

I was slightly embarrassed so I quickly asked Megan truth or dare. Megan thought then replied with dare. I whispered into dionnes ear, "what you thinking?" She thought for a moment and then shouted out " take off everything but your underwear. Again I was shocked but didn't complain and Megan stood up and sexily took off her top and revealed a spotty pink and white bra which started to turn me on, she then turned around and slid down and showed off her beautiful ass.

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At this point my i could feel my cock getting hard and It was slowly rising and it wasn't long before the two girls saw and whispered to each other about it. I broke up their conversation by asking Dionne truth or dare, she replied with dare and without even discussing it with me Megan shouted " kiss me!" Dionne quickly lent into Megan and started kissing megan, after about 10seconds they started snogging passionately.

There was my hot sister and her even hotter friend getting off with each other! I couldn't believe it!


It wasn't long before my sister was stripping Dionne down and both girls were naked. I watched whilst the girls started sucking on each others tits and I just couldn't handle it.

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So I started stroking my hard and throbbing dick, the girls realised this and ordered me to come join them. I joined in them and had a amazing 3 way kiss whilst squeezing there tits, in the end, I had enough and picked up Dionne and threw her down onto Megan's bed.

"I'm going to fuck you, and I'm going to do it now." I declared and all Dionne did was nod her head. I shoved all 9 inches into her tight and wet pussy. She let out some moans as I started slowly fucking her tight pussy. I looked over to my sister who was sat in her chair fingering herself, weirdly this turned me on even more and demanded she came and sat next to Dionne.


She proceeded towards the bed as I picked up the pace with Dionne she was screaming with pleasure. Megan came and sat next to Dionne and I started to finger her already dripping wet pussy, with both girls letting out loud moans I could feel Megan's pussy cumming and she came all over my fingers, I then shoved my fingers in dionnes mouth as she sucked all the juice off them.

A few seconds later I could feel myself about to cum and at that very moment I could feel Dionne cumming and we both had massive orgasm. I pulled out of Dionne and had a rest before sleeping with my sister and Dionne all night.

The sex carried on for years until I moved out, but the three of us are meeting up again next month. And yes, for more sex. Let me know what you think of the story as it is only my second. The end