Marvelous darling gets her hot shaved beaver pounded

Marvelous darling gets her hot shaved beaver pounded
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Yes master i accept Nina Rogers said as she kissed both of Denise's buttcheeks.

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Then she kissed her daughter's ass cheeks and went over to the sofa where she worked her way down Rockys balls & then began to give him a suprisingly good rimming. She must have done this before Rocky assumed.

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Licking away with her sloppy long tongue ,Nina Rogers ate ass like it was steak. In the meantime her daughter was bent over receiving a rimjob from Denise while she watched her Mom's technique on her master. Chapter 1- Denise and Nina with Rocky Cindy was away at cheerleader camp for the next few days. So before pre-season football started Rocky decided to have some fun with his old bitches.

Both had told their cuckold hubbies they wouldnt be home for a few days cuz Master was keeping them over at the frathouse. Nina Rogers was giving a makeover since she chose to be a submissive just over a month ago, Her hair was now dyed raven black and it was short & spikey.She had a nose ring & nipple rings and a tramp stamp saying "Rocky Owned" near her ass.

He wanted hers to be slightly different than Dee's which said "Owned By Rocky "Also Nina was now collared, leashed & wearing 8 inch thigh high leather hooker boots (these were bought by her cuckold husband Ernie 2 wks ago ), they were 1 inch higher than Denise's boots.

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Denise's hair was now dyed a firey red ,she wore a permanent collar that said cumbitch when in his presence. (Whether they were in the house or out in the community she had to always wear that.

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He even texted Bill a pic of her walking around campus with her halter top ,jeans &5 inch heels along with her collar). Bill hadnt seen Denise for 2wks now .She'd be back home for awhile once the season started Rocky smiled. Both Dee and Nina were on the sofa when Rocky grabbed them by their leashes & put them both facing him on his king sized bed First he stroked his 10 inch cock &then shoved his dick down Nina's throat.gluggg, ummmtth responded Nina nearly choking.

He was hard as a rock when he moved over & did the same thing to Denise who had no problem engulfing his dong. " Nina " he said lick your mistresses ass" yes sir responded Nina now tonguing Dee's ass like it was a melted chocolate bar.


" Get it nice and wet whore ". Denise was humming like crazy on Rockys cockNina was doing a great job. Rocky was ready so he took his monster out of Denise's mouth & shoved it up her ass. AEEEEE yelped Denise in pain & ecstasy. Get my cellphone Nina & take a pic of my prick in Dees ass.


She did. This would be Bills text of the day. He hadnt started this tradition with Ernie yet. But soon he would receive one of his wife getting used by another man. Rocky kept pushing deeper into Dee's ass until he had to cum so instead he pulled out & decided it was time to come all over Nina's face which he did.

Then he took a pic & texted for the 1st time to ErnieNina's cuckold husband, saying look what you're wife let me do to her today. Even better he thoughthe needed to take a piss so he grabbed Nina by the leash her face still dripping with his cum, he handed Denise his cellphone & told her to follow them.

once over the toilet he started to piss on Nina's face & told Dee to snap some more photos.along with the cumfacial piche sent three others of Nina Rogers covered in facial piss. Ernie would feel humiliated & excited that his wife was such a fuckpig Rocky thought. After he finished pissing, RockyDee & Nina took a shower togetherall clean.

Nina went home, on Rockys orders. Her mistress would be home tomorrow.

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Dee went to bedtomorrow would be another kinky day with Rocky and she needed to rest. Chapter 2- Cindys Back Wearing just black nylons & 3 inch heels Cindy drank a glass of red wine as her submissive mother Nina Rogers licked both her legs from top to bottom and sucked on her heels when she was told to. Very relaxed and topless.

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She told the former matron of the home to suck on her breasts. Her pussy was starting to get wet. So she made a call to her boyfriend.


Meanwhile Dee & Rocky were on his bed watching a porn where this 20 year old guy from hungary filmed himself facefucking & pissing all over the faces of 60something grannies.

Dee was jerking him off hard as they watched. Rocky couldnt take it no more so he shoved his 10 incher down Denise's throat. His cellphone rang " hey Cindy when did you get back " oh about 2 hours ago Rocky Cindy Replied ooooh Rocky said in response.

Whatcha doing Master She asked ? Just fucking Dee's face& watching a peefacial video " Rocky laughed and you Cindy' "Moms sucking on my tits', have the slut eat your cunt & text me some pics okay bitch he stressed to Cindy.

And next time you call me as soon as you arrive .Yes dear she said mockingly Well just for that you'll get spanked the next time were together. "promises, promises she said laughing.She grabbed Ninas head & shoved her moms face in her cunt.

Rocky spoke up and said i'll expect to see Nina's pussylicking pics in 10 minutes.

Talk to you later im going to cum & piss on Denise's face now, Rocky hung up.