Jolie blonde dans un lieu public 2

Jolie blonde dans un lieu public 2
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The final chapter. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Sr. Longo CHAPTER 18 We left the house around 6:30 for our dinner reservation. I knew the restaurant was always crowded on the weekends, but this was ridiculous. I couldn't find a place to park in their large lot. I finally found a space in a strip mall across the street. There was quite a line, but we had a reservation and we weren't in a hurry. Suddenly, Marcie's grip on my arm tightened.

I looked forward in the line and saw why. My ex Amanda and Stewart were together at the head of the line. Amanda started when she turned and saw me. Stewart looked embarrassed and nervous. Paying more attention now I could hear Paul, the maitre d' explain, "I am so sorry, but we are full all evening. Please come back another time." I could see Stewart looking for a way out—a way that would avoid us.

Unfortunately, there was only one way—back the way he came. He stumbled as he approached, "Uh…I'm uh…sorry, Jack." "Why would you be, Stewart? Amanda is a beautiful woman and she's single. Hello, Amanda." I leaned in to kiss her cheek. Marcie followed my lead, hugging Stewart and air kissing Amanda. "Come on with me and let's see if we can't help you out." I moved to the front of the line.

"Good evening, Paul. Can you seat us at a table for four?" "Of course, Mr. Anderson. This way, please." We followed him to the table and, of course, he held the chairs for the ladies and opened their napkins. He left us with our menus and the wine list.

"This must be fate, Stewart. If you don't mind I'd like to discuss your promotion for a few minutes before we eat." "Uh, what, Jack? Did you say promotion?" "Yeah, I just dictated a couple of memos for Marcie this morning and I was going to see you tomorrow. I'm promoting you to Technical Director, and, of course, you'll get a raise--$15,000.

I have two reasons. First, I need someone I trust to keep an eye on things when I'm on a trip. Second, some of our younger techs need more supervision than I can give them. You're the obvious choice, so to celebrate I'll buy the dinner and the drinks. Speaking of which&hellip." Our waiter had just arrived so we ordered. We had a pleasant and cordial dinner.

I wished the two of them luck when we left. I met with Mary Lou during the week to finalize the profit sharing. I set a meeting for the following Wednesday—December 10th exactly as I promised. I stood in front of the employees and I could see that they were nervous and expectant. "Congratulations, everyone. We had a great year with a profit of $2,157,207. I'm going to hold $357,207 in addition to whatever profit we have between now and end of the year for future needs.

That leaves a million eight to be shared. Clericals and Ben you'll share $378,000, or $23,625 each." There was a roar in the room. Most of these people made less than $35,000 a year so this was a huge increase in their earnings. "Techs," I continued, "you're sharing $702,000, or $29,250. "We're also going to have a holiday party next Saturday at Fontaine's on Chambers Street—all the steak and lobster you want.

Details will be coming in a memo tomorrow. Now, when I call your name come on up and get your check." When I called Ben's name I asked him, "Will you be bringing a date to the party, Ben?" "Oh, yes, Jack. I'll bring my girlfriend." Most of the staff was shocked at this. They all knew that Ben never socialized. "I hear she's really hot, Ben." "The hottest, Jack—she's downright beautiful." I shook his hand, gave him his check and moved on.

I wondered what everyone would say when he walked in with Sheila—my mother-in-law. I turned the meeting over to Mary Lou before we broke up. "I think most of you know that we're really slow between Christmas and New Year's. Jack has agreed to close up, so you all will get a week with pay.

Marcie will monitor the answering machine twice a day and Jack and Stewart will handle anything that comes up. So, enjoy, people!" There was more cheering as we returned to work. Ben had been making up for lost time, engaging with Sheila in one form of sex or another every single day, even during her period. Ben learned that she was extremely horny at that time so he was sure to take extra good care of her then.

He often gave her oral at that time, knowing how much she loved it. The presence of blood in her pussy meant nothing to him; he was devoted to servicing her sexually. Tonight would be no different.

Ben came to see Sheila straight from work as was his custom. He was beaming about his profit-sharing check. He earned $35,000 a year so his bonus was a big increase, almost 70 percent. He had good reason to be up. Sheila met him at the door with her usual kiss. It was long and wet and hot. Never were their kisses just pecks on the cheeks. They always kissed with the utmost passion. "Uh…Sheila, there's going to be a Holiday Party next Saturday." "How nice.

Are you trying to tell me something, Ben," she asked, trying to be coy. She knew how shy he was and she thought that getting him to speak up was part of her job. "Um, yes, uh…Sheila.

I uh…" "Ben, if you want something you have to ask for it. Now, come on, you can do it. I have faith in you." "Uh…Sheila, I want to go to the party. Will you go with me?" He sighed in relief when he was done. "Of course, Ben. I would have been there even if you hadn't asked me. Marcie told me about it, but I'd much rather go with you, darling. I love you." Ben stood there—shocked…amazed. He had wanted to tell her so many times but was afraid she would say it was too soon.

He broke down and cried, but they were tears of joy. Sheila knew this and led him to the couch. She removed her blouse and bra. Ben knew he was to suckle; it always calmed him. Sheila ran her hands through his hair. "I know you love me, too, Ben.

I think we should be a real couple, don't you?" "Yes, I love you more than anything, Sheila. You've helped me in so many ways." He had slipped to his knees while he was speaking so he continued, "Sheila, I've practiced this so many times while running. It's the only way I could build up my nerve. Will you…marry me?" He was holding his breath, eyes closed, praying for her answer—the answer to his prayers.

"Oh, Ben…you have come so far since our first time together. All you could say then was 'yes, Ma'am' or 'no, Ma'am.' Do you remember? I'm glad you asked me, Ben. It means I won't have to tell you to marry me. Yes, Ben…I will. I have loved you since our first weekend together when it was all I could do to get you to fuck me. You've made a lot of progress in that area, too, haven't you? Now…I have a question for you." "Why don't you just tell me, Sheila?" "This isn't something one decides alone, Ben.

I went to the doctor last week. She told me my reproductive system was in excellent condition. Do you know what I'm saying, Ben?" "Uh, no, Sheila…I don't." "I'm asking if you think you'd like to be a father…the father of my child—our child.

I'd love to have your baby, Ben.

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I think you'd be a wonderful father. We're both 'older' but definitely not too old. That's what I was trying to tell you." Ben was speechless.

He'd never thought of ever getting married, let alone being a parent. He looked up at Sheila, his wife-to-be, and smiled. Then he nodded and it was done. Sheila reached down and kissed him again and again and again.

"Come on, I think we should tell Marcie and Jack. Later," she said with a wink, "we'll have a big celebration." She stopped off in her kitchen to wash his face then led him to the back door of the house.

"Marcie? Jack? Are you home?" "In the living room, Mother—c'mon in." Hand in hand she pulled Ben with her. "I just want you to know I'll be going to the Holiday Party with my fiancé." It took a second to register but then Marcie and Jack were on their feet hugging and kissing the happy couple. "I think this calls for a celebration. Let's go out to eat, shall we?" "Sorry, Jack," Ben replied, "we're planning a little celebration of our own." Jack, Marcie, and Sheila were shocked.

They had never heard Ben speak so assertively.

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Sheila kissed his cheek, took his arm, and led him away knowing her little flower had bloomed at last. She turned and winked at Marcie just before turning the corner. Marcie and I returned to the couch. We were stunned. We had hoped and prayed that things would work out for them, but never did we think they would marry.

I looked at Marcie; she had the biggest smile on her face. "What," I asked in my confusion. "Mom told me she was thinking of speaking to him about it, but did you see that wink? She was telling me that he asked her first. Can you imagine that—shy submissive Ben finding the internal strength to ask her to marry him?

What a night. You don't expect me to cook on a night like this, do you?" "I guess not. I offered them dinner out, so why not you? What would you like? Steak? Italian? Chinese? Burger?" "None of the above—I think I'd enjoy…you." She tried to give me her most demure look.

She failed. "OK, but I do have to eat something with some calories in it. You're delicious, but definitely no-cal." I rose from the couch, extended my hand and threw her over my shoulder when she took it. I shifted her into a fireman's carry. She was laughing hysterically as I carried her down the hall to our bedroom. I tossed her onto the bed.

"Strip, wench! I desire you!" Marcie laughed like crazy, but instead started to remove MY clothes. In seconds I was naked while she was clothed. I was reminded of some sleazy porn movie. Marcie pulled me onto the bed, rolled me over and climbed between my legs.

"Time out!" I called, "No fair; don't I get a chance to do you?" "If I recall correctly I got to choose what to eat and I picked you. Who said anything about you doing anything…other than cumming in my throat?

Now lie back and enjoy. I'm really hungry—starving, in fact." She stroked my cock and took one of my balls into her mouth. She massaged it with her tongue as it rolled around in her mouth. Marcie pulled back, allowing it to pop from her lips. She leaned down a bit and licked my asshole—that was a shock! I'd never imagined her doing anything like that. It sent jolts of electricity through my body as I gasped in dismay.

She moved back to my cock licking all around and up and down my shaft. Oh God, she was driving me crazy. I wanted—no… I needed to cum. When Marcie wrapped those sweet lips around my cock I was done.

My muscles contracted involuntarily, driving my hips into the air and my cock into her throat. I came hard as my semen shot straight into her stomach. I lay back, drained, as Marcie cleaned my cock. "Had your fill? My turn now?" "I have to admit—it was tasty and there sure was a lot of it, but I think I'll be hungry for more again in an hour." "An hour? I'm not 25, you know." "Big deal—you're 32. Trying to tell me you don't want another in an hour?" She sounded serious but we both knew she was only teasing me.

"Truce? We both know I'll never have enough of you and I hope you'll never have enough of me, so why don't I help you out of those clothes so I can have a turn then maybe we can both have a turn.

I wouldn't mind fucking you." "OK, truce. I want to talk to you about something important." I leaned forward, concern etched onto my face. "I think I'm changing my mind—I want to have a baby.

I know I told you I wanted to work and travel with you and I still do, but I really want your baby. Are you upset with me?" I sat up and pulled her to me. "How could I possibly be upset about something like that? I have always wanted a family, you know that. I think you should go off the pill—now, this very minute.

I love you so much, Marcie. You're everything I've ever wanted in a wife. Now, can I please fuck you?" "Well…if you put it that way," she made believe she was pouting, her lower lip extended. I reached out and grabbed it, pulling her closer for an amazing kiss.

'OK, after that I think I'll let you, but only if I can be on top." "Hate to say this, but if you want to get pregnant we'll be doing a lot of missionary." "I don't care…just as long as we do it every day, besides it will take a month or more to become fertile again." I whispered that I loved her as I removed her blouse and bra. I lifted her to her knees so I could remove her skirt, slip, and panties. I laid back so she could massage my cock back to hardness.

She smiled as it began to grow. It was about 85 percent there when she straddled me and her cunt engulfed me. She began to rock. I placed my hands on her hips as I joined her, thrusting into her hot tight hole. "I think I'm going to enjoy staying home as a mother. I've loved my job and I love seeing you all day and all night, but having a baby!" "Don't get too excited, being a mother is a lot of work—day and night. At least I'll get to go to work so I can catch a nap." Marcie laughed and "punched" me, but she giggled and soon we were laughing and fucking.

We were having such a wonderful time together. Later, after we had both cum multiple times, we were both so tired. I nuked a couple of cans of ravioli for our dinner.

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Sheila and Ben showered. Ben especially needed it. He was often so nervous that he sweated through his clothes. They washed each other tenderly—with love. No longer was Ben shy about touching her. He even welcomed the occasional finger up his asshole.

He was tempted to do it to Sheila, but he wasn't quite that daring. He would melt if she reprimanded him. Once they were dry she led him to the bed. Instead of climbing in to make love Sheila sat him next to her, "Ben, remember when I told you that I would go on the pill? I told you we could fuck without any protection, didn't I? But, we've always used condoms. You are such a wonderful patient man that you never asked me why.

Now I'm going to explain. When I saw the doctor I told her I was pretty sure this night would come and, hopefully, soon. She advised me not to do it. It could take between one and three months for me to become fertile again. I didn't want to wait that long, so I made you use the condoms. Now, darling, I had another reason. I wanted this night to be special—the most special night in our lives so far. We're engaged and we want a family. What could be more special than that?" "Only thing I can think of Sheila would be having the baby." "You're right, Ben.

You're so smart, did you know that? Now, I think we've talked long enough, don't you? I want to feel you in my pussy and I want you to feel me, too." She turned her head as her lips met his.

Ben was putty in her hands. He would never be able to resist her kisses. Sheila kissed him one more time and rolled onto the bed. She pointed to her pussy and Ben scrambled on after her. "Missionary, Ben; I want to keep the semen in. Afterwards, I'll l stay here for another fifteen minutes. Dr. Mays says that should be long enough." "It feels funny not to use a condom." "Trust me, Ben.

After this you'll never want to use one again. C'mon…you know what to do." Sheila was so proud of Ben. As he became more familiar with her body he lost much of the nervousness that had plagued him earlier in the relationship.

He ran his naked cock head up and down her slit several times. Her heat and the softness of her labia on his cock surprised him. This had to be the very best day of his life. He looked up at Sheila who nodded her consent as he made his first push. Oh, God—she felt so fantastic. He pushed a little farther and stopped. He needed to suckle before he imploded. "OK, Ben, I know you're excited.

Take a few minutes at my teat to calm yourself. This has been a big day for you. I'm surprised you've been able to make it this far. Take your time; I love when you do this, but you'll have to stop when I'm breast feeding.

I'll need all my milk for the baby." Ben suckled for a few minutes. Sheila could see the pulsing in his neck slow. She knew he was almost ready.

Sure enough, Ben moved up, smiled at her, and returned to her slit. Up and down her ran his cock until it was coated with her sweet secretions.

He pushed in an inch then two. Soon he was in four inches. He pulled back and thrust forward again. He relaxed when he was seated in her silky smooth pussy.

"Oh, Sheila, it feels heavenly, so much better than with the condom." He pulled out and thrust back in. Ben began a slow rhythm that Sheila matched. She raised her legs, changing the sensations Ben was experiencing.

When she wrapped her legs around him she pulled him all the way into her. Ben's body was working on automatic pilot. It functioned on its own—no thinking required.

His pace increased as he neared the most important orgasm of his fifty years. Sheila reached down between them to stimulate her clit.

She, too, was incredibly excited. The prospect of marrying and conceiving was just as overwhelming to her as it was to Ben. Unfortunately, she couldn't reach her own teat to suckle and she had to be strong for Ben. Their pace increased with their need. It was almost ten minutes when their time ran out. Need overtook them. Sheila shook in spasm; Ben made one hard final thrust as his sperm-laden semen flooded her womb.

Ben was exhausted, but sublimely happy. He had never experienced anything like this. Fucking Sheila was awesome, but doing it naked—flesh upon flesh—was indescribable. He knelt, his cock popping out of her, and held her legs on his shoulders, saving her the exertion and energy.

"Well done, Ben—with luck you'll soon be a dad." Ben beamed from her compliment. He loved Sheila more than life itself. The following day Sheila picked Ben up at noon to get their license. Marcie had told the receptionist to expect her so she walked first to Marcie's desk. They hugged and kissed until Ben arrived. Then Sheila kissed Ben. They held hands out the door. Everyone still in the building knew about the encounter by 12:10; the rest by the time they returned at 1:00.

I was in a meeting with Stewart and a junior tech when one of the accounts receivable clerks walked in. "Sorry to interrupt—I just saw Ben with his girlfriend. Wow, Ben really did good. She's very attractive. Who would have thought—Ben?" Stewart commented, "Gee, I heard you talking to him at the meeting yesterday, but I thought he was kidding." "No, Stewart, he's definitely not kidding. I know her and she is really something. I'll introduce you at the party.

I'm sure she'll be there." I let the rest slide until then. CHAPTER 19 Marcie and I stood at the door to Fontaine's, one of the best prime steak houses in our area.

I had heard that it once belonged to Frank Fontaine the old-time singer/comedian from the Jack Benny and Jackie Gleason shows. Of course, Marcie knew nothing about him.

I bought the place for the entire evening. It was expensive, but worth every penny. We decided to have assigned seats so we could get everyone to meet other employees they might otherwise never get to know. Each employee had a new i-pad at his/her seat as a gift from Marcie and me.

Ben and Sheila had driven with us and had helped with the gifts and seat cards. They were at our table along with Mary Lou and her husband, Ed. I made a short welcoming speech, thanking everyone for their hard work during the year. I mentioned Bill Wells, saying how pleased he would be with how everything had turned out. "Finally, I know everyone is wondering about Ben's date, or perhaps I should have said fiancé for Ben has told us that he and Sheila will wed on Christmas Eve.

I'm pleased that I will be the best man and that Marcie will be the matron of honor. Best of all, Ben is about to become my father-in-law. Sheila is Marcie's mother." There was applause and shouts like, 'Way to go, Ben!' from the crew. I finished and the DJ began the music. I wasn't surprised to see Sheila lead Ben to the dance floor.

Sheila had spent much of the past week teaching him to dance. He shuffled around, but isn't that what most of us do? The party was a huge success—the food was great, the DJ was great, and everyone came to congratulate Ben.

As shy as Ben was he was also liked and admired by all in the firm. He was helpful to a fault and he never lost his temper despite the sometimes impossible requests made by his coworkers.

The only time Ben had shown any aggression was when he was running. Sheila had insisted that he continue even though he would often have preferred to be with her.

"You need to have other interests, Ben, and running is so good for you. You have wonderful stamina for a man your age. You need that when you're with me. I'm insatiable when it comes to you. You know that." Ben complied with her wishes as he always did. He knew who was in charge of their relationship and had been ever since their first night together. We went to work the following Monday and Tuesday then closed that evening for the holiday. We were up early Wednesday morning for the wedding.

Marcie and I took the lucky couple out for breakfast. It was obvious that Ben was nervous. "Ben gets nervous a lot. I usually allow him to suckle at my breast to calm himself, but I can't do it here so he'll have to wait until we get home." Instead she held him to her breast and kissed his head.

"Relax, buddy you should have seen me when Marcie and I got married. I was cool on the outside, but on the inside it was worse than my encounter with Tom Petersen." Marcie pretended to be upset as she threw her napkin at me. Our antics had the desired effect—we all laughed, including Ben. After that he was fine. We walked together into Town Hall and upstairs to the Justice's office.

They said their vows, I gave Ben and Sheila the rings, they kissed, and it was done. They were officially man and wife. I shook Ben's hand and kissed my mother-in-law. Marcie kissed and hugged both and we walked out. I kidded Ben about his good timing. Now he'd be able to file his taxes as joint rather than single. We went home. Later Marcie and I would treat them to a fine lunch, but now she gave her mother our gift, a check for $10,000.

Ben would move from his apartment the day after Christmas bringing only his clothing and his trophies from his running successes. He also had some family photos, although judging from what they'd done to him I guessed all would be happier with them in the trash.

Sheila had asked him about his family in an attempt to learn why he was so submissive. She learned that he had grown up on a large farm.

His father was always busy with the chores and the crops so raising the family fell to his domineering and demanding mother. Ben had four siblings, all girls and all much older than he was—Ben had been the product of an accidental and unintended pregnancy.

His sisters had bullied him and sometimes even beaten him into submission to get their way. His father was no help. He wanted a he-man for a son; Ben was slender and shy. His father's idea of a manly sport was football or baseball, not what he called a sissy sport like running. Even when Ben won the county cross country meet twice, there was no compliment from his father.

Ben's only salvation came when he received a full scholarship to the state university which, fortunately, was more than a hundred miles away—away from all the problems at home from the domineering women. He left for his freshman year and never returned. He worked and went to summer school every year until he graduated. Then he was fortunate to find employment with William Wells in the safe mailroom.

He'd been there ever since. Sheila and Ben relaxed in our living room while Marcie and I made some final touches to our decorations. Marcie was very curious when I put her presents—three boxes under the tree. All three boxes were much larger than their contents. I knew Marcie.

She'd turn and shake all three in an effort to find out what they were, but I was too smart for that—I hoped. Thank God tomorrow was Christmas Day. I also brought out our gifts for Mom and Ben. We took them out for lunch, running into Stewart and Amanda, so we asked them to join us.

I noticed Amanda's finger—it had a ring on it. I took her hand and checked it out. "Oh, you sly dog, Stewart; when were you going to tell us?" "After the holiday--or maybe if we had to go to work--next week; we're both very happy." They were—I could see it in their faces. I'd had my problems with Amanda, but that was ancient history. I had Marcie now and that was all that mattered. Changing the subject, I asked Amanda, "Have you heard the latest about Tom?" "I'm past him now.

I really couldn't care. Stewart and I are making a fresh start. I've told him all about everything, including how I abused and cheated on you. He still wants me for some reason." "I'm glad you told him. I really think that honesty is essential in any relationship. But, getting back to Tom, the D.A. phoned me last week. Tom is still threatening to kill me almost every time he opens his mouth, even after more than three months of intensive therapy. The judge has mandated that he stay in the state hospital until he shows signs of being cured.

The D.A. told me the doctors doubt that will ever happen. They think he'll be there for life. I hate the bastard, but&hellip." Marcie put her finger to my lips.

"We're here to celebrate…a marriage and an engagement. I don't want you getting upset because of something you can't control. Let's just have fun and enjoy the company." Good advice as usual from my lovely wife. Ben and Sheila retired to their apartment once we were home. That was hardly a surprise. Marcie had told me that they made love every single day—usually multiple times—according to her mother. Boy, what women talk about!

Men can be pretty crude at times, but few of us talk about sex with our wives. Marcie and I relaxed in the living room. She walked suddenly to the garage and came back struggling with a really big box.

I offered to help her, but no—not going to happen. "Oh, sure—you accuse me of wanting to shake my presents and now you want to handle yours. You're just going to wait until tomorrow, unless you want to make some accommodation, like opening them now." "Marcie," I replied, "you are so transparent.

You just want to get into your presents. Admit it!" "OK, I admit it—I'm like a kid in a candy shop." I laughed and pulled her onto my lap. "Tell you what; you can open the green one." "Really? You mean it?" I nodded as she went for the box.

She really was like a kid at Christmas. She tore into the wrapping and opened the box. The look in her eyes when she saw the second box was priceless. She took it out and gave me a dirty look.

I nodded and she opened it. Inside was a small box labeled, "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Collection—1950." "Is this the one I remind you of? How do you know about her? You're not that much older than me?" I explained how my mom and dad loved their comedy and how we had watched this channel of retro shows.

I took one of the DVD's and put it into the player. We sat back and laughed. They were as funny now as they were more than sixty years ago. We had a wonderful afternoon laughing at and with each other. We phoned Sheila to see if they were coming up for air yet. We offered them pizza, but they declined, wanting to spend the day alone with each other. I couldn't blame them, Marcie and I felt the same when we were first married—hell, we still did.

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I ordered a pizza and delivery so we wouldn't have to go out. The weather wasn't all that great and I always worried about drunks on the road during the holidays. We finished dinner around ten so I gave Marcie three options—stay up until midnight and open our gifts, wait until tomorrow morning, or open them now. I wasn't the least surprised that she chose door number three. We moved to the tree. Marcie sat on the floor as she took her second box into her hands.

Again there was a box within a box and this one held "The Jackie Gleason Collection." She held the final and started to shake it. "I wouldn't." was all I said. She opened it and found a small square blue velvet box, about eight inches on a side and an inch thick.

Opening the lid her eyes went as big as saucers. She looked at me and back to the box. "Oh, Jack…they're beautiful." "Well, c'mon over here and I'll put them on you." She was almost shaking as she placed the box into my hands. I removed her earrings and replaced them with the emerald and diamond bangles. I took the emerald and diamond necklace and fastened it around her slender neck. Finally I slipped the exquisite ring onto her finger. She jumped up to look in the mirror.

"Jack, these must have cost you a fortune." "They did, but you're worth every penny and you look so beautiful in them. You'd also look beautiful in rags." She kissed me for an awfully long time, grinding her lips into mine as her tongue danced in my mouth. She broke the kiss and brought my gifts to me. I opened the first to find a set of golf clubs. "You need a hobby; you work too much and too hard.

Dorothy Wells has called me three times to invite you to play at her club." I had to agree. I just didn't know if golf was the diversion I needed or wanted. I knew one thing. If I was going to learn the game I wanted Marcie to learn it, too.

My next gift was a new golf bag and shoes. Finally was an envelope—a gift certificate for ten lessons from the Stonehurst club pro. I pulled her up and whispered in her ear—time for our daily practice. She gave me a wicked grin and led me to the bedroom. We slowly undressed each other. There was at least one long kiss for each garment, including one for each sock and shoe.

We stood together caressing each other. I ran my hands up and down her back, ending at her butt. They stayed there for several minutes. Marcie leaned back and looked up at my face, "Oh, you are so predictable." "I can't help it; I'm in love with your butt…among many other things." I kissed her again and maneuvered her to the bed. "Very predictable," she joked as she rolled on top of me. My hard cock was between our bodies as she rubbed her pussy into it, making it even harder, if possible, and covering it with her secretions.

I kissed her again and rubbed her butt, squeezing her cheeks with my hands. "Yes," she kidded, "extremely predictable; next you'll probably want to fuck me." "Of course I do. Why wouldn't I? You're beautiful, incredibly sexy and for some even more incredible reason you're in love with me." "I don't know about the first two, but the last—definitely.

I am so terribly in love with you and I have been for years.


Instead of cooling down, I'm getting hotter for you every day. You're one of the most generous, kindest men I've ever known and you're kind of sexy yourself, too." I shook my head. "If I'm so sexy, why aren't you fucking me?

You're on top. Do I have to manhandle you, or what?" She lifted her body and slid down my thick hard cock. Marcie closed her eyes as her pussy was stretched almost to the breaking point. She had told me many times that this was her favorite part of fucking—the stretching of her tissues as my cock disappeared within her body. It was also one of my favorite parts, too, but then I loved everything about fucking her—absolutely everything.

Sometimes I almost hated cumming because it meant an end to our fun. Now I was rising to meet Marcie as she pushed her big clit into me. Her eyes were still closed. I knew she did that to concentrate on what was happening to her cunt. I could feel it pulse around my cock as I drove into her repeatedly until she clenched her muscles around me. I blew into her five times. She grunted every time I did until she froze for a second then shook and shuddered wildly. I pulled her to me, afraid she might hurt herself.

We rested until our breathing had returned to normal. I pulled the blanket over us, kissed her soft lips and whispered, "Merry Christmas, you're the best present I ever got." She kissed me briefly and we were asleep.

CHAPTER 20 Christmas morning was wonderful. We shared our gifts with Sheila and Ben who looked even more tired than we were. I had weeks ago offered to take us out for dinner but was outvoted. Instead Ben had volunteered to bake what he called his famous Maple Ham.

I was willing to help, but was shooed out of the kitchen by Sheila. Instead, Marcie and I watched another Burns and Allen CD. Once again we howled at the ditzy Gracie and her deadpan husband George Burns. She reminded me so much of Marcie. After one episode she actually admitted it, "She does remind me of me--not all the time, but some of the time." "Maybe I should take up cigar smoking.

Then I could be George to your Gracie." She shook her head violently, "No smoking. I want you to live a long time…with me." We had just finished another episode when the phone rang. It was Stewart and Amanda wishing us a merry Christmas. We chatted for a while and I could see Marcie pantomiming.

I nodded "OK" and asked Stewart what they were doing for dinner. "Not much, I hate going out on holidays. The menu is always limited and the food is usually lousy. All the waiters wish they were home." "Have I got an offer for you!

Come on over here. Ben is making his famous ham…no, I haven't had it yet, but you know Ben, he's not the type to brag.

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Marcie insists there's plenty of food, and no, I don't want you to bring anything other than your fiancé. OK, come whenever.

I think we're eating around six." They came over around three. I made the introductions for Amanda, commenting only briefly that she was my ex.

Marcie brought out some hors d'oeuvre's. We all chatted amiably, full of the holiday spirit until it was time for dinner. I had to admit the ham smelled fantastic. Ben brought in the platter with the whole ham. It was covered thickly in a maple syrup glaze and there were dozens of cloves placed into parallel grooves he had cut into the ham. Ben removed several dozen cloves and expertly carved several slices for each of us.

I could see Sheila beaming at her husband. I was praying the ham would taste as good as it looked. For once my prayers were answered; it was the best, the most delicious ham I had ever eaten. Apparently, I wasn't alone in my assessment.

Ben received many compliments for his cooking, but not well. He began hyperventilating and might have become physically ill had not Sheila taken him into the next room. I assured Stewart and Amanda that he'd be OK, "Sheila has a special treatment for him.

They'll be back in a few minutes." Sure enough, he was. We did our best to be careful with him. We all knew how fragile he could be.

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As Mary Lou had predicted business was dead between Christmas and New Year's Day. I was glad I'd given the staff the week off. The business could be pretty hectic at times and it was great to have some time to recharge. We stayed home New Year's Eve, eating Chinese take-out and playing board games like Parcheesi. We had a real blast. It got even better when we played one of the Burns and Allen DVD's. Even Sheila noticed the similarity between Gracie and Marcie. I was glad for the rest because when we returned to work the shit really hit the fan.

The phone rang almost non-stop on January 2nd. I couldn't believe how busy we were. I spoke to Stewart and we agreed to suspend on-site work until things calmed down.

We couldn't afford to spend days doing nothing but traveling. I also arranged for Saturday work, promising two days off in the future for each one worked now.

All our employees were salaried. As such they weren't entitled to overtime. We were so busy that I completely lost track of time. One day, I think it was a Wednesday, Marcie reminded me that we had a doctor's appointment the following afternoon.

It skipped my mind until the next day around 2:30 when Ben asked if he could leave an hour early. I OK'd it and stepped outside my office just in time to see Marcie gathering up her coat and hat.

"I'm glad you remembered, Jack. Let's go." I closed my office and drove. Marcie and I had "practiced" every day in missionary. Now we were seeing her gynecologist. She was about two weeks late so we were extremely hopeful. I hated going to the doctor; it was usually a complete waste of time.

I almost always knew what my problem was and what to do about it, so why bother? This time was the exception. We were hoping for the best of news. We waited in the office for what seemed to be forever.

Being the only male in the waiting room didn't help, but suddenly I found a familiar face. Ben and Sheila walked in as surprised to see us as we were to see them.

We chatted until we were called, but neither of us said a word about why we were there. Dr. Mays had Marcie pee on several home pregnancy sticks. They all came up positive. She tested Marcie's blood and that was conclusive. We walked out hoping to see her mother, but they were obviously in one of the exam rooms so we went home. We sat there nervously waiting for them.

We were going to celebrate and we wanted them with us. We were home perhaps an hour when we heard Mom call from the back door. She walked in and announced, "I have some news." "So do I," replied Marcie.

"OK, you go first," said Mom. "No, you," Marcie replied. "Oh, geez—why don't you go together, you know, at the same time?" I was getting frustrated.

They counted down together, "One…two…three…I'M PREGNANT!" I didn't know who was more shocked. We all stood there for a minute until we rushed together, hugging and kissing and giving our mutual congratulations. Just when I thought we had calmed down Marcie and Sheila hugged again and began that jumping up and down that only women can do. CHAPTER 21 I'd never for a second thought that Sheila and Ben would have a child, but then I never thought that they would marry either which goes to show how little I know about people.

After all the jumping and hugging had died down, we took Sheila and Ben to dinner. We talked then and throughout the night until we all had to get to sleep. Three of us had to work; we were still swamped. The biggest issue was where Sheila and Ben would live. The apartment was fine for one or two, but not for a growing family. A child would require another room that didn't exist there. They needed a house and I had just the one they needed.

I phoned Amanda and asked her to show the house to my in-laws. They liked it, especially the location—close to work so Ben could run there and back, and on a lightly traveled road.

There was a good sized lot, but I already knew that having grown up there. I agreed to buy it and rent it to them for $100 a month. Amanda was glad to be out of there and I was glad to own my family's home again so it was clearly a win-win situation. Mom agreed to move into our place if needed during a business trip although I wasn't so sure I wanted our baby left behind while we traveled. Marcie and I wanted to celebrate our good luck and that meant a night of really great sex.

We were up so late the night we learned she was pregnant that we had to delay until the following night. We brought home sandwiches and salads from a deli so we wouldn't waste a second. We were in the shower and out before eight and in bed when the living room clock struck the hour.

I laid there on my side with Marcie savoring her feel of her long slender body against mine. We kissed often, telling each other how much we were in love. We must have cuddled for an hour when Marcie grew impatient. She threw her leg over mine, making her hot pussy accessible to me.

Her hand guided me to her slit and into her core. I can't say it was the best position lying on our sides like that, but Marcie's pussy always felt…wonderful…fantastic, and this was no different.

We moved slowly for several minutes, exploring the new sensations as we continued to kiss and rub our bodies against each other. Without warning, Marcie pushed me onto my back. "I can get up here again now that I'm pregnant. I've missed it." She straddled my hips and impaled herself on my thick cock.

"I have missed this, not that missionary is bad. Any time your cock is in me is just so…it makes me tingle all over." I leaned forward to kiss her again. "It does a lot for me, too.

Why do you think I want to do it all the time? Sure, I want to cum—who doesn't, but with you the journey is even better." She fell forward and kissed me passionately, her tongue exploring my mouth and teeth as she gripped my head forcefully. When she finished she sucked my lower lip into her mouth and nibbled gently.


I had never been so turned on in my life. I drove my cock deep into her, exactly as she loved it. I was so vigorous that I lifted her off the bed time and time again until I exploded into her. I could see her eyes flutter as her orgasm ripped through her body. She shook for several seconds before landing gently on my chest. I rubbed her back and kissed her cheek until she calmed and rested. I told her over and over how much I loved her. I could never tell her often enough. I became a frequent visitor as did Ben to the OB/GYN office.

That's where I learned that women living together often find their periods coinciding. We had fucked every day for months and so had my mother-in-law and Ben. We had no idea when either Sheila or Marcie had conceived, but we were amateurs at this. Dr. Mays had no trouble determining the date—not exactly, but within a day or two.

Sheila had conceived almost a month to the day before Marcie. Her baby would be born in early September; Marcie was due four weeks later in October. With all the growth in the company I decided to implement a 401(k) program. The firm would match contributions up to $5,000. The match would reduce our profit, but the money was going to the employees so I doubted anyone would complain. We held a meeting late one afternoon once business had returned to normal.

I opened the session, turning it over to Mary Lou for the details. "Welcome, again everyone—I have some news for all of you before we get to the gist of the meeting. I'm sure you'd like to know that Marcie and I are expecting." I hesitated while everyone applauded.

"And, I know you'll be thrilled to learn that Ben is also going to be a father." This news was greeted by cheering. "And, not only has Stewart recently married, but his wife is also pregnant." I didn't mention that he had married my ex--that was for Stewart to decide. Then I turned the meeting over to Mary Lou. I added two new employees and a new division—Training and Education—hiring two young and attractive female teachers.

I wanted people who knew how to structure and evaluate lessons and I could pay much more than the local school districts. Marcie teased me, but I knew what would hold the attention of our clients, and guys weren't it.

Then I decided we had enough—no more growth. We had forty-eight employees; that was probably more than I wanted. I had learned that the more employees, the more problems. Thank God I had Mary Lou to deal with them. Business was booming so I decided to raise our rates. It was the first increase in more than four years so none of the clients objected.

I went on twenty client trips by July and took Marcie on all of them, but in July I decided she had to stop. I wasn't taking any chances with the health and safety of our child.

We had a sonogram at four months but we decided not to learn the baby's sex. We learned that Sheila and Ben had made the same decision. I knew that raising a baby would be a lot of work, but I never realized that the months before the birth could be hectic, too.

Marcie wanted the room papered so we had to pick out the pattern and, not knowing the sex meant the selection was difficult. Then there was the furniture—just picking that out took weeks. Marcie was also closely involved with her mother and that took a lot of her time, too.

As much time as we spent I had to admit it was also a lot of fun. We were planning for our family…for our future together. By July Marcie was showing her pregnancy, her slender body bulging with the growing fetus. I teased her several times that she looked like an olive on a toothpick, the kind one would find in a martini. She scowled at me and then we both laughed, hugging and kissing madly.

We always wound up in bed holding and touching and caressing and loving each other. We still saw Sheila and Ben often, but not every day was we had when Sheila had lived with us.

I turned the apartment into a home office and den. Marcie and I especially enjoyed sitting in front of the fireplace in the cool weather, the heat blowing out to us from the red hot embers. In the summer we turned on the air conditioning, relaxing in the cool climate-controlled room. I was in my office at work one day in mid-July when Ben asked to see me. His face showed concern. I sat him at the conference table while I asked Marcie to get us coffee.

"What's up, Ben? You look worried." "I am, Jack. It's Sheila—she's having trouble with the baby. Dr. Mays said it's to be expected because of her age. I don't know what to do.

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I'd be lost without her." "Don't jump to conclusions, Ben. Women are much stronger than we are. We hate to admit it, but it's true. Does Dr. Mays know how bad she is?" "That's what worries me, Jack. She won't tell Dr. Mays. You know I can't make her.

What can I do?" I called Marcie to join us and explained the problem. I told her to take the afternoon off. She left immediately, taking my car. Marcie returned just before five. "I hope I didn't get Ben into trouble," she told me. "I went to see her and forced her to see Dr. Mays immediately. She wasn't pleased to hear about it. She's ordered Mom to bed for the remainder of her term.

Can I take some time off? I need to be with her. I think we should tell Ben, too." I called down to the mailroom; Ben almost ran to my office. "Ben," I began, "Marcie took Sheila to see Dr. Mays. She's OK, but she has to stay in bed for the rest of her pregnancy. Marcie will take time off from work to help her. We'll drive you home this afternoon.

I know you're concerned." Ben was almost in tears as we left the building. He rushed into the house and ran into their bedroom. Sheila was there as he fell to his knees by the bed.

"I don't blame you, darling. You showed incredible strength by telling Jack. You might have saved my life. I'm sorry I was so stubborn. Come here so I can kiss you." They were engaged in the long deep kiss when Marcie and I walked in. Marcie cleared her throat and smiled when they broke apart. "I'm glad to see you're not angry at Ben, Mother. Shall I make dinner for you?" Ben thanked her again and said he would do it. Dinner was one of his responsibilities and he enjoyed serving his wife every night.

From now on they'd eat here in the bedroom. We kissed Sheila and hugged Ben then took our leave. Marcie told her she would be back at nine tomorrow morning.

The last two months of Sheila's pregnancy were difficult—a nightmare, actually. I didn't know if she would make it, but somehow she did. The baby, a beautiful girl, was taken by C-section to save Sheila the stress of natural birth. Dr. Mays tied her tubes during the surgery. It was what Sheila and Ben wanted. Their love for each other was expressed daily; something they wanted to continue once Sheila was able.

The threat of another pregnancy that could kill Sheila would ruin that and destroy Ben at the same time. Marcie also struggled in the last month of her pregnancy. She wasn't ill, but she was tired of carrying an extra twenty pounds around, tired of having to pee almost every hour, and tired of pain in her back.

I was sympathetic, of course. I rubbed her feet and massaged her back. I ate her pussy until Dr. Mays forbade sex of any kind. Like many other women with their first child, Marcie was late, holding the baby for an extra ten days when Dr.

Mays gave an ultimatum—she would induce labor if Marcie wasn't ready in another four days. I was at work and Marcie was at home resting when she called me. I ran out like I've never run before. I tore home in the Porsche.

I bundled her into the SUV—it was much easier getting in and out than the 911. I phoned Dr. Mays on the way to the hospital. I just prayed it wasn't false labor. Marcie was taken to a room while I phoned Sheila. She was almost back to normal five weeks after the birth. She and Ben had named the girl Samantha—Samantha Marcie Randolph, a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. I had tried to talk with Marcie about a name, but she refused until the baby was born.

I turned to Marcie and held her hand. I wiped her forehead with a towel and brought her water to drink. I was there when Dr. Mays arrived. Her scrubs and cap showed she was ready. I excused myself to use the men's room and while I was gone Marcie's water broke. Now I was really nervous. I phoned Sheila to tell her; I didn't know what else to do. Marcie called me to her. "Please stay here next to me, Jack.

I'll need your strength to help me." Oh God, Marcie was relying on me and I was a nervous wreck. I stood by her head and kissed her cheek as I ran my fingers through her hair.

I knew some fathers-to-be would take videos of the birth, but I thought that was in poor taste. Who could I show it to?


Marcie would kill me. I'd rather be here where I could encourage her, hold her hands, and give her what little courage I had. Dr. Mays walked out and returned ten minutes later with a nurse. Together they measured to see how much Marcie had dilated. "It'll be a while yet. Why don't you get something to eat or drink, Jack?" I looked at Marcie, afraid to leave her side. "Go ahead, darling.

Please get me a Sprite with lots of ice." She reached up to stroke my head. Great! She was soothing me. I kissed her and told her I'd be back as soon as possible. I took the elevator down to the cafeteria. I debated whether I should get something to eat, deciding on a burger. It was likely to be a long night. I wolfed it down and ran back to the room.

Marcie laughed when she saw me, "You have ketchup on your shirt. I'm glad you had a bite. Dr. Mays told me not to expect anything for hours. She thinks the baby will come early tomorrow morning." I pulled up a chair and settled in for the duration. Marcie and I chatted about everything and nothing. We talked about Samantha and how Ben was growing into his role as a father.

He had been almost superhuman during the last weeks of Sheila's pregnancy and the weeks since with Sheila still laid up in bed. Sheila told Marcie about Ben changing Samantha's diapers and bathing her. Unlike many fathers he loved all the dirty work. Maybe it was part of his submissive nature, but he was on the way to being an outstanding father. I had been there for quite a while with Marcie. Dr. Mays and the nurse were in and out, recording the frequency of Marcie's contractions.

I had no idea what time it was and was shocked when I checked my watch—it was almost eleven. We had been there for seven hours and nothing much had happened.

I could see the Marcie was starting to experience some serious pain as the contractions became stronger and more frequent. It really began just before midnight. Marcie cried out in pain and I became concerned until Dr. Mays arrived. "Stand by her, Jack. She'll need you now. It's begun. You'll be a father soon." I held Marcie's hands and encouraged her to push.

She was wringing wet. I knew she was having a terrible time when she cursed me and screamed from the pain. Mercifully, it was soon over. I heard the first cry just after two. "You have a beautiful baby girl. She weighs…OK, seven pounds, eleven ounces and wait until you see her head of hair…no doubt she's your daughter Marcie." She brought the bundle to Marcie to hold. Oh God, she was so tiny. "What are we going to call her," I asked Marcie. "Amanda Jacqueline Anderson," she whispered.

"What?" "Stop and think, Jack. Open your mind and your heart." I did, closing my eyes to concentrate. I looked back into our past. I saw that my soul was dark—black as pitch—with thoughts of hatred and revenge against my wife and her lover. Slowly, I saw that darkness disappear, replaced with the bright pure light of Marcie's love.

I learned to forgive and to love. Opening my eyes I looked down at Marcie, smiled and nodded. I leaned down to kiss her and tell her again how much I loved her.