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Chinesisch amanda Herrin
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A mother and daughter get caught in a shower of rain and both become sexually excited F42, G16 A little about me and my daughter; I am Melissa 42 years old brown hair green eyes 48E cup 5ft8 tall my daughter is Amy 16 years old blonde hair blue eyes like her late father was she is 5ft4 tall with 22 D cup.

Sadly we lost him 8 years ago when Amy was just 8.

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I decided to spend the day with Amy in town shopping for new clothes for both of us Amy and i head out and wait for the bus to take us into town to shop, we decided to go by bus as it would be a bit more fun than driving there in my car, on this particular day we both had plain white skirts on with white tops mine had lace around the collar and hers had flowers on the front a few little roses and daffodils.

The sky was getting a little darker which meant it would rain later but it didn't deter us from our day out shopping. We started out in a clothes shop that sold dresses and pant suits and t-shirts then we headed to a few more shops buying some clothes for day to day wear before heading to the last shop for the day.

We were in a little clothes shop that specialises in some of the sexiest underwear available from teddy's to French cut knickers and many others, i was over looking at the teddy's wondering what Amy would look like in a hot little red and white teddy (Lately i had been having dreams about sex with my daughter), i decided to buy it for her as a special gift for her 17th birthday that was coming up in a few months time, Amy was busy looking at some items so i snuck up to the cashier and made my purchase while she was preoccupied and hid it inside my big bag i had brought with me.

After another 20 minutes in the store we left it had just started to spit with rain but not much at the time so we didn't need to run to the bus stop so wet just walked a little faster just in case we made it onto the bus with no more rain just still a small sprinkle of rain that was light at the time but the sky was beginning to get much darker when the bus driver said over the P.A.


ladies and gentleman i have just received a call from base and they are saying a storm is heading this way in a few hours but not to worry too much as you will be home before it hits. 40 Minutes later Amy and i were approaching our stop and we got up out of our seats to get ready to get off and get home before the storm hits, our stop is next so i push the button to let the driver know to stop and let us off, the driver pulls up to our stop and we walk to the front doors as he opens them.

Me: Thankyou driver for getting us back safely and for the weather warning about the storm coming tonight Bus driver: your welcome Mrs Walker Me: Please call me Melissa Bus driver: Certainly Melissa you and your daughter have a nice safe evening at home tonight Me: Thank you we will driver Bus driver: Call me John Me: Ok thankyou John you have a safe trip home as well see you next time good bye Bus driver: Thankyou Melissa good bye We got off the bus and started walking home as the bus doors closed and the bus drove away, we had a 10 minute walk home so we started walking we soon got to the park across the road from our house suddenly the rain started to come down heavier and we both got wet we ran to the house with the water dripping off us i fling the door open and we burst through laughing loudly as we stepped in to the hall (luckily it was a tile floor so drying it would be easy).

I look up at Amy still laughing and i notice how see through her top has become and i see she isn't wearing a bra today,and i see how her big breasts showing through her top and i can see her nipples are hard from the cold rain then i look down and see mine are showing just as much as hers are and i start to get excited looking at her while she laughs, Amy stops laughing and looks up at her mum and sees her breasts are showing through her white t-shirt Amy: Mum your breasts are showing through your t-shirt Me: So are your breasts showing through your t-shirt i guess that is what we get for both wearing white tops today, Amy: Yes Mum i guess so too Me: Amy why don't you get out of those wet clothes and have a nice hot both and then i will have mine Amy: Mum since the tub is big enough for 2 people why don't we bathe together Me: Are you sure Amy its ok Amy: Yes mum i want to have a bath with you Me: you haven't had a bath with me since you were a baby Amy: I know and i am looking forward to it Me: well then let's go to our rooms and we shall meet in my bathroom Amy and i head to our bedrooms and get out of our wet clothes, i wrap a bathrobe around me as i head into the bathroom to get the bath started, i turn the taps on and wait a bit while the tubs slowly fills and as it does i pour bubble liquid in so there are plenty of bubbles for us, Amy has entered her room taken her wet clothes off and put on her own bathrobe (mine is white hers is pink), then she walks towards her mums room she enters her mums room excited about her first bath with her mum since she was a baby.

Amy calls out from her mum's bedroom, Amy: Mum is the bath ready yet? Me: Almost Amy why don't you come in and it will be ready soon Amy: Ok mum i coming in now Amy opens the door to her mum's bathroom and she sees all the bubbles in the water and she squeals Amy: Mum i love bubble thank you so much Me: It's not a proper bath without the bubbles and the bath is now ready shall we get in Amy: Yes mum Amy and i both untie our bathrobes and lay them on the stools ready to put on later.

Amy: Wow mum your breasts are huge and your nipples are so hard Me: Thankyou Amy your breasts are big too and your nipples are hard as well Amy: Thanks mum i guess i take after you Me: Yes Amy you do when i was your age i had 20 D breasts and now they are 48E Amy: Wow mum that's a huge size mine are 22D Me: Yes i know Amy i have been buying you bigger bra's almost every year i think yours will be as big as mine if not bigger so shall we get in Amy: Thanks mum i hope mine get as big as yours and yes please let's get in the bath.

We both get into the bath i sit at one end and Amy gets in at the other the water is so nice and hot we both sink down until the water reaches just under our necks Amy: Wow mum this bath feels so nice Me: Yes Amy it is A little time passes as we wash our selves clean after a day's shopping as the storm arrives we are enjoying our bath when suddenly a loud clap of thunder booms over head, and Amy shrieks.

Amy: Gee mum that was a loud clap of thunder outside Me: Yes it was Amy but don't worry we are safe inside now Amy: I know mum it was just so loud it made me jump Me: It made me jump a bit too honey We continue to talk about her school and friends while we enjoy our bath.


Amy: Mum do you miss daddy like i do Me: Yes i do honey i miss him very much he was my only love we met in high school and we fell in love we both knew we would be married one day and have children but i lost him too soon but i couldn't be happier that i have you in my life i love you sweetheart Amy: I love you too mum A short while later: Amy: Mum don't you miss sex with daddy Me: Yes i do Amy but i get by Amy: Umm how do you get by?

Me: Umm Amy that's not something i am comfortable talking about Amy: Please mum?

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Me: Ok Amy (Here goes nothing), I masturbate Amy: Masturbate? Me: Yes Amy i masturbate Amy: how do you masturbate mum?

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Me: I rub myself till i fell good then i cum other times i use a vibrator Amy: what is a vibrator mum? Me: it's a devices that vibrates when it is used and it makes you feel really good Amy: Can you teach me to masturbate mum Me: Are you sure Amy? Amy: Yes mum i want to learn Me: Ok i will teach you now lay back in the bath a spread your legs a bit then move your hands down to your lap and follow my instructions Amy: Yes mum Me: Now spread your legs a little wider, yes that's it now move your hand down between your legs, now can you feel your pussy?

Amy: Yes mum i can feel it Me: Now move your finger's around the outside and you will start to feel good Amy does as her mum says but she doesn't feel anything Amy: Mum i don't feel anything like you said i don't think i am doing it right can you help mum?

Me: i don't know if i should Amy Amy: Please mum i want to feel like you said Me: Ok Amy turn around and come here Amy turns around and moves towards her mum Me: now lean back against me and i will help you ok Amy: Ok mum Amy leans back into her mum and feels her mum's huge breasts press into her back as she rests against her mum.

Me: Now Amy open your legs and i will teach you how to feel good, Amy opens her legs and i lower mine to touch her legs and i move my hands up towards her pussy as i gently touch her clit Amy jumps little Amy: Wow Mum that felt great what was that? Me: That was your clit Amy: My clit Me: Yes Amy your clit or clitoris is another name for it, it is a little bump at the top of your pussy that when touched feels really good Amy: it did feel great mum do it again please I touch Amy's clit again and she moans so i continue to play with her clit as i slowly push 1 finger into her pussy suddenly i hit her hymen, Amy: Ouch mum what was that?

Me: That's your hymen or cherry Honey Amy: My Cherry Me: Yes Amy your cherry it's a layer of skin that breaks when you have sex for the first time that's why the saying is popping your cherry and of course there are guys out there who will only want you for your virginity aka your hymen/cherry and they are called cherry poppers who only want you once just to pop your cherry and claim another one some girls out there don't care who is their first but please make sure you give it to someone who loves you and that you love them also make sure they are the right person you want to be able to have an amazing time with that person.

Amy: Yes mum i will choose the person i love and make sure they love me Amy thinks about it for a while and decides she wants her mum to take her virginity Amy: Mum i have thought about it and i want to give my virginity to you Me: Are you sure Amy don't you want to give it to a man who will love you and you will love him?

Amy: Yes mum i am sure you love me and i love you please mum i want you to take my virginity Me: I would be honoured to take your virginity Amy i can do it with my fingers or with a vibrator Amy: Finger's please mum I push my finger deeper until i hit her hymen again Me: are you sure honey Amy: Yes mum i am sure Me: Ok honey this will hurt for a bit then the pain will go away i promise Amy: Ok mum Me: Are you ready Amy: Yes mum i am ready I pull my finger back a little bit then push it in hard and fast breaking her hymen feeling a little bit of blood on my finger Amy: Ouch mum that hurts please stop a minute Me: Ok Amy i will stop for a minute to let you get used to the feeling Amy: Thanks mum i feel a little better now you can continue I pull my finger out a bit then push it back in i thrust my finger in an out getting a little faster and harder i want to make her enjoy her first cum, i rub circles on her clit as i finger fuck her faster and harder, i hear her breathing faster so i finger fuck her harder and harder Amy: Oh mum something is happening Me: Let it go honey your going to cum Amy: Oh mum I'm Cumming Me: Yes you are baby i rub her clit faster i want her to cum again Amy: Oh God mum I'm cumming again I slow down a little and pull my finger out of her pussy and gently rub her labia as she slowly comes down from cumming twice Amy: Wow mum that was amazing i didn't know cumming felt so go make me cum again please mum Me: Ok Amy I find her clit again as i push a finger back into her pussy i rub her clit hard and fast as i thrust my finger in and out of her tight pussy Amy: Oh my keep going im going to cum again please make me cum I rub her clit harder and faster i am determined to make her cum again at least twice more before we finish Amy shrieks: Oh God mum here it comes again I'm Cumming mummy I'm Cumming I make Amy cum again and decide to go for more so i keep rubbing her clit hard and faster as i thrust my finger in and out faster Amy: Oh God mummy here it comes again oh god mummy im cumming again I keep going i want to see how many times i can make her cum (it ends up being 6 times before she has had enough) Amy: Wow mum that was the best i can't believe you made me cum 6 times Me: Yes Amy your a little cum bucket i am glad you like it so much Amy: I love it mum but no i am so tired and we need to get out of the bath but i don't think i can move much Me: That's ok Amy just lay there while i put my robe on then i will help you get out, i get out leaving Amy in the bath while i put on my bathrobe then i turn to her and help her out of the bath and i put her bathrobe on her and sit her on the stool while i empty the bath.

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Me: Put your arms around my neck baby and i will carry you to your bed Amy: Ok mum but can i sleep in your bed with you please i don't want to be alone tonight Me: Yes Amy you can sleep with me tonight i love you baby Amy: I love you to mum thank you for a wonderful night Me: your welcome my baby i love you too I lay her down on the bed and she keeps her arms around me as i lower her down onto the bed then she pulls me closer Amy: Kiss me please Mum I lean down and give her a gentle loving kiss.

Amy: Mmmm mum that's so nice thank you again Me: Your welcome honey now we need to get some sleep but first we need to get into our nighties i will go and get yours and help you into it then i will change into mine. We both get into our nighties and lay down to sleep Amy: Good night mum i love you Me: Good night Amy i love you too. As i fall asleep i feel Amy cuddle up to me and i wrap my arms around her and drift off to sleep.