Gay video They kick things off with some shared jerking but soon

Gay video They kick things off with some shared jerking  but soon
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"I KNEW I should have went potty before I left school", I muttered to myself as I speed walked home from school. The pressure in my bladder was growing by the second and I thought I would piss myself at any moment! I had had many near-accidents, but had always managed to make it home in time. "Only 10 more minutes… You can do this… Just keep concentrating… " I kept muttering to myself as I practically ran home. "Stupid homework… If it wasn't so heavy, I could run better!" I was concentrating so hard, I didn't see the raised cement of an upcoming sidewalk block and I tripped.

My books went flying as I put my hands out to brace my fall… and I lost control of my bladder and flooded my blue panties with warm pee. I didn't even realize I was doing it until it soaked through the front of my jeans. Completely in shock, I remained there on my hands and knees as the warm piss soaked through my clothes, the darkened circle slowly spreading outwards.

After a few moments, I gathered my things, stood up and surveyed the damage. "Daddy is going to KILL me for sure!" My mind was racing from humiliation and I quickly looked around to make sure that no one was watching.

Thankfully, I didn't see anyone and positioned my books in front of my crotch to hide the wet stains. I began a much slower approach to my house, head hanging low, eyes downcast and my bottom starting to tingle as the pee cooled and I anticipated the coming spanking. *** Daddy was waiting by the front door for me as he always did when I came home from school. He knew right away from the guilty look on my face that I had been a naughty girl.

"Someone needs to tell me EXACTLY what they did at school today, Missy!

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Should I be expecting a phone call from the Principle again???" He stood staring at me with a stern expression on his face and his muscular arms crossed over his chest. I took off my shoes and placed my books down on the nearby table without a word. Daddy noticed the darkened spot of my clothing immediately. "Young lady, did you WET YOURSELF?! How old are you now?! Only babies pee their panties!!! Are YOU a baby!? Takes those clothes off immediately and march that bottom of yours up to your room!

I'll be there shortly to deal with you!" Daddy was furious with me! *** I had been standing in my Corner for 15 minutes before Daddy finally came to punish me. My bare bottom felt clammy from the cold pee that I could still feel and my hands kept trailing over it in anticipation of the fire I would feel shortly. "Stand up straight! Stop rubbing your bottom! There will be NONE of that today, that's for sure! Now, tell Daddy WHY you peed yourself!" "I forgot to potty before I left school, Sir.

I thought I could make it home. Then I tripped and had an accident". "Obviously you were wrong! Did you forget that Daddy always reminds you to go to the bathroom before you go anywhere, just in case?

Now you know why! "Turn around and come here. Daddy is going to spank you standing", he informed me as he retrieved my handcuffs from my top dresser drawer. I held my wrists out to him as I walked to where he'd indicated. He snapped them into place and hooked the connecting chain onto a hook suspended from the ceiling above where I stood. It was a little too high for me and it stretched me up on tiptoe for my punishment.

I saw Daddy remove his belt from his pants and he folded it in half. Gently, he began to brush my bare ass with it, teasing me and raising my anxiety for that first blow.



Without warning, it snapped across my cheeks, leaving the first angry red lash right on my sit spot and I yelped in surprise and pain. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Three more in succession! The tears were already starting to trickle down my face. I wasn't used to the belt. I only ever got it when I was REALLY naughty. "Proper young ladies DO NOT piss their panties!


Big girls know how to use the toilet! Babies use diapers! Does Daddy need to put you back into diapers!?" He stood in front of me when he said this.

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"Keep your eyes on me, Girl. Does Daddy need to put you back into diapers???" I bit my lip and sniffled. I was horrified at the idea of being put into Pampers again!

Surely he couldn't be so angry that he would do that! What about school?

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Everyone would laugh at me! "I can't hear you, young lady! It's disrespectful to ignore Daddy while he's talking to you!" CRACK! A slap to my inner thigh! My whole leg felt like it was in fire! "Sir, I need to be put back into diapers!

Please, Daddy! I'll be a good girl… I learned my lesson! I'll remember to use the potty and won't ever pee myself again!" Daddy smiled then, as though he knew something that I didn't.

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(Of course, he did). "You're very right about that, Missy. But for the next 2 weeks you WILL pee yourself, for you'll be wearing diapers! "Daddy will diaper you in the morning for school.

No girl of mine is going to have peepee accidents! I'll speak to the school nurse about it and you'll go and see her if you need to be changed. "When you come home from school, you'll do your homework, have an hour of Corner Time to think about your punishment and then you'll be put to bed.

"Do you understand me???" I nodded frantically. "Yes, Daddy! You always know what s best for a bad girl". Inside my head I was thinking, "This is the worst thing that could ever happen to me!" Daddy walked behind me again to survey the red welts. For added measure and reinforcement, he added 5 more to my already burning bottom.

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I cried out and stood there sobbing quietly as Daddy put his belt on again. "I hate to be so strict with you, Krissy. But your behaviour gives me no choice.


Sixteen year olds should NOT be making wetsies in their panties. Do you understand?" Daddy took my handcuffs from the hook and let me out of them. I immediately fell into his arms, searching for affirmation of his love and cried and cried.

Daddy smiled to himself as he rubbed my back. "I love you, Daddy! I'm so sorry!" "It's alright, Babydoll. I hope that your sore bottom will serve as a reminder for some time". After 10 minutes of being held by him, although my spanked cheeks were still aching, my crying had just about stopped.

"It's time for your diaper, Babydoll. Wouldn't want you to have an accident on the carpet. I don't think your bum could take another spanking like that one quite so soon". He scooped me up in his arms and carried me to my bed, placing me down on my back. "Knees up and apart, baby. That's a good girl. Daddy's so proud of how good she's being now!" I lay there, splayed out, as he left the room and returned moments later. He sprinkled baby powder on my throbbing pussy and he tickled it with his index finger, noticing that my peek-a-boo nub had come out of hiding in all the fuss.

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"It really IS too bad that babies aren't allowed to cum. I bet your little clitty would tremble so pretty for Daddy right now", he cooed in a baby voice as he continued to rub it slightly. After the baby powder, he slid a large diaper under my crimson bottom and taped it into place. "You are NOT to remove this diaper under ANY circumstance, understand?" "What if I gotta make poopies, Daddy?" The tears were starting to form again.

"You really should have thought about that BEFORE you made wetsies in your big girl panties!" Daddy scooped me up once more and placed me under the covers.

"Bedtime, Little One. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for you! Sweet dreams!" He kissed the top of my head and tucked me in tightly. Then turned out the light and closed my door. I laid there in silence for a while, letting my mind drift over everything that had happened.

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My bum was sore, my pussy was dripping cum and I was wrapped in a diaper. "Hhmm&hellip." I thought to myself. "This might not be so bad after all…"