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Canadian milf shanda fay gives bj for facial
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Jake pulled into the tiny parking lot of the taco stand, not surprisingly Chloe's car was already parked. As soon as the car was in park, Katie jumped out of the car. "I'm going to go freshen up, just get me whatever!" Katie past her friend's empty car and to the lot's outdoor restroom.

Jake ordered a few tacos and an order of nachos to share, after receiving his order, Jake set up their lunch on the hood of his car. As he took a bite of a taco, the two girls walked up behind him, each placing a hand on his back as they stood on either side of him. "you two have fun, took you long enough, foods starting to get cold" Jake said as he chewed his taco.

"Oh you know just catching up" Katie said, as she gave a playful wink to Chloe. The three finished up lunch and Katie excused herself for a minute, and went to the ladies room before they all headed back to school.

Now alone, Chloe made the first move, her hand reaching down and grabbing the front of Jake's shorts, fondling. "Whoa, what are you doing?" Jake stammered. "Relax! She'll be gone for a few minutes, besides I just wanted to see if Katie was telling the truth or not. She's been talking you up a lot the last few weeks, and I see why.

I'd love to see it sometime." Chloe stated, moving her hand towards the waistband of his shorts. She had two fingers inside the waistband before Jake protested "Not here, we're in a parking lot for Pete's sake!" "Oh, come on Jake, grow a set, I just want a peek. Besides you got a good glimpse at my tits earlier." "Yeah, that's true, but we are in a public place" Jake said trying to be the level-headed one.

"Ok, cool, fine, whatever, why don't you just get in the car, then nobody else will see, I just want a quick peek that's all" Chloe said, as she played with her fingernails. "Just a peek, deal?" Jake asked. "Deal" Jake walked around and got in the driver seat of his vehicle, started the engine, and rolled the window down.

Chloe casually leaned inside the car, her elbows at the base of the window, and her cleavage was directly at eye level. "Alright, let's see it" Chloe stated reaching her hand in the car, her fingers quickly pulled down the waistband of his athletic shorts and revealed his thick flaccid member splayed between his thighs. "Well hot damn! Katie wasn't lying. You've got a nice cock there Jake, I'd love to try it out sometime" Chloe said, as two of her fingers ran along his flaccid shaft, still sticky from Katie's juices, and scooped up some of the girl cum and brought it to her mouth, and seductively sucked her fingers, "mmm, and she tastes good too!" "What tastes good?" Katie said from across the parking lot "Oh just talking about the taco from earlier," Chloe replied.

Chuckling at the pun she just made. Technically she wasn't lying. Jake quickly readjusted his shorts as Katie walked around the back of the car. "I'll be seeing you later Jake!" Chloe said charmingly, with a small shimmy of her shoulders her tits rocked back and forth as she stood up, turned around and walked back to her car he hips swaying side to side in an exaggerated manner. "C'mon babe, we gotta get back, we got like 5 minutes before lunch period ends." Katie said, snapping Jake out of the small trance he was in.

He put the car in reverse and sped back towards an afternoon of stuffy classrooms. The couple walked into school and went their separate ways.

As Jake was walking towards his locker, he noticed a display set up across from the Cafeteria. It was the local Army recruiter. Jake gave the Soldier a casual head nod as he passed the booth. "Hey son, given any thought to your future?" The Soldier asked.

Jake stopped and responded "Well, not really, I am hoping to get a scholarship playing baseball, but if that falls through, not really sure what else, kind of been putting all my eggs in that basket." "Well if that falls through, the Army can help take care of College both while on active duty, and after you separate" The recruiter said, before being cut off by the bell, signaling the end of the period.

"Hey, I appreciate the info, but I gotta get going to my next class" Jake said. "No worries, here take my card, and let me know if you have any questions, my name is Sergeant Morgan" "Thanks, will do" Jake said, heading off to his next class. The rest of the day was uneventful, Jake finished up school and headed to practice. A few hours of long toss, a bullpen session, and bunt defense drills, Jake was beat.

As practice ended, Jake started grabbing his gear and heading off to his car before being called back by the coach. "Hey Jake, listen, I got some good news and I got some bad news. I've pulled all the strings I can, and I'm nearing the end of my contacts. You're a good ballplayer, and you love the game, I got that. Unfortunately not a lot of the scouts think you have much room to grow. It's not looking good, but I'm still working on it, keep that arm fresh, I'll use it this weekend when my contacts show up.

Have a good night Jake" "Thanks, coach. I appreciate the support" Jake said, trying not to appear defeated as he walked back to the parking lot.

"Hey man, you good?" Jake's best friend Chris said, meeting him at his car. "Yeah, bro, just not sure if I'll get to play competitive ball after this year, I'm giving it all I've got, but the scouts just aren't taking. Not enough room to grow or some bullshit like that.

I mean I'm only 18, how can I have peaked? I just don't get it." Jake vented, his frustrated seeping through his voice. "I hear you Jakey, but that's part of the game, we all gotta hang up our cleats at some point, not every little leaguer makes it to the majors.

All you can do is give it your best, which you are. Talent gets noticed eventually." Chris said, keeping things positive. "Yeah, yeah, you're right man. Thanks bro, don't know what I'd do without you." "Damn straight, hey listen the weekend before graduation the seniors on the team are going to be throwing a party, one last time before we go our separate ways, we just came up with the idea as we were leaving practice.

Pencil that shit in your calendar bro!" "Alright, cool man that sounds good. Will do, see you later" As Jake threw his gear into the back of his truck. As he started the car, he checked his phone. 6 missed texts, a few were from mom, talking about dinner and to pick up some milk on the way back from practice.

Too easy. Katie sent a few talking about their encounter in the woods, and how they should do it again. Ms. Dyers sent one stating simply, "stop by my house after practice, don't bother showering. I've got something for you." The remaining were from an unknown number"Hey Jake, It's Chloe, I stole your number out of Katie's phone. Listen, she told me about this weekend, all of it, especially about the lesbian scene, she got really into it Jake. Like really into it.

I got an idea, and I think it's a win-win. Call me back when you get a chance." Jake drove off to Ms Dyers house, wondering what she had in store for him after leaving him with blue balls this morning before class. He pulled into to his normal spot, a few blocks away and walked the block and a half to her house. He lightly knocked on the door, and could hear muffled moaning inside, it sounded like someone was getting fucked, Jake thought to himself.

Ms. Dyers answered the door in her typical robe, "Here put this on," she said, handing him the mask he was all too familiar with wearing. "Mystique?" Jake inquired, his cock's blood flow increasing in his jockstrap underneath his baseball pants. "Nope," Ms Dyers said, taking off her robe, revealing a 6" pink strap on that she was wearing. "Uh, what the fuck, that's not for me right?" Jake asked with a sense of alarm. "Oh no no no, not at all. I'm not into pegging, I was just getting them warmed up for you." "Them?" He asked "Follow me, I'll show you." They walked around to the living room and Jake noticed the three girls kneeling on couch, bent over the back.

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Each still had their shirts on, and their panties were down to their knees. Jake could see their folds glistening with their fluids. Ms. Dyers must have really been giving it to them. "Listen up ladies, go ahead and turn around and sit down" chimed Ms Dyers, as she strode into the living room.

The girls did as they were told "I already told you the deal, the three of you have a very simple mission, make this big cock cum. Whoever makes him cum is the winner, and you of course get an automatic A on your final paper for the year. Now I want to see some enthusiasm ladies, I have a nice pink cock that needs satisfied too." She said, giving Jake a wink. Jake scanned over the three females sitting on the couch, he recognized all three of them from school.

Maria was on the left, she was a petite girl, and a gymnast for the school, Her black hair was pulled in a pony tail, and her skin was tanned, showing off her Hispanic heritage, She had the same circle of friends as Katie and Jake knew her on a casual basis, they shared a few classes during the last 4 years, but they weren't close by any means.

The center was Candice, she was a little on the rounder side, not fat by any means, but had a little bit of extra cushion on her.

She had blond hair that was braided in a classic school girl style, and her blue eyes shined through her thick rectangular glasses. She was definitely part of the nerdier group of school, and Jake had seen her with his sister Alexis on occasion doing projects for some of the AP classes they had, naturally Jake was surprised to see her wrapped around Ms Dyers' finger.

On the right was Danielle, but everyone called her Dani, she had a lean physique that held some muscle on it, and her faux-hawk assisted in cementing the common knowledge around school was that she was into chicks. "Who knows maybe I can convert her" Jake thought to himself. "Now go ahead and take those tops off" Ms. Dyers said. The three girls looked at each other, and slowly pulled their tops off. "Bra's too" Ms.

Dyers commanded The girls reached behind their backs, and undid their bras freeing their teenage breasts.


Maria's were on the smaller side, a large A or a small B cup Jake guessed, but fit her gymnast physique well, her nipples hardened as the cool air hit them.

Candice's breasts were of a larger stature, expected of a girl who had a bit of extra weight, Jake estimated them at D cups, they were very full, and had a bit of sag to them, her pink nipples were puffed out. Dani's tits were the biggest surprise to Jake, she normally wore baggier shirts, and Jake had not really gotten a good look at them at school. She was around a C cup, almost that perfect size for a handful, her dark nipples stood out against the relative pale complexion that she had.

Jake had looked over, and noticed that Ms. Dyers had taken off her robe, and tossed it on the floor. "Why don't you take off your clothes, and show off what you are packing" She directed to Jake. Jake peeled off his practice top and tossed it to the floor, and followed with peeling off his pants and socks and tossed them near his top, as he started to peel off his jock-strap, Ms Dyers chimed in "Ladies, don't just sit there, go ahead and help him out of that stuffy attire." The girls slowly rose off the couch, removed the panties that were still around their knees and kneeled in front of Jake.

The three girls reached their hands up and pulled down his jock strap. His flaccid cock sprung out, and was at eye level of the three girls.

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Maria and Candice's eyes widened, surprised at its girth, even when flaccid, while Dani hid her impression better, her only tell of being into this was a slight lick of the lips.

As soon as Jake stepped out of his Jock, Candice's hand was the first to touch his penis, immediately wrapping her silky soft fingers around it, and started to stroke it gently.

Marias fingertips were drawn to his scrotum, as she rolled his heavy balls in her fingers. Dani looked at the two girls as they played with Jake's cock. "Come here Dani," beckoned Ms. Dyers. "I have something that needs sucking" Dani crawled the few feet over to her English teacher and kneeled in front of her, her jaw opened and her head moved towards the bright pink dick that was hanging in front of her.

The English teacher placed one hand on the back of the lesbian's head, while the other ran through the girls faux-hawk.

"That's it, suck on that pretty pink cock, better get you warmed up for that real one over there.

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It's quite a mouthful when he's hard." Jake's attention resumed to the pair of girls kneeling in front of him. Candice had started sucking the head of his cock, while Maria had started to lick the shaft, the pair of girls seemed to savor the post practice sweat that had accumulated on his member. Within minutes Jake was solid as a rock, and Ms Dyers directed Jake to sit on the couch, and for the three girls to kneel in front of him. Maria was now in the center, flanked by Candice and Dani.

Maria's mouth was immediately on his cock, she started a slow bob up and down, her tongue sticking out of her mouth and trying to lick the bottom of his shaft as she sucked him. Jake placed his hand on the back of her head, willing her to continue, while his other hand reached and cupped Candice's large breast. Candice was now laying her head on Jake's thigh, looking up at the latina gymnast try to swallow the huge cock in front of her.

Looking over he saw as Ms Dyers pull up on Dani's waist, wanting her to get on all fours, which she did. She lined up the pink cock to Dani's slit, and pushed into the teenage lesbian's pussy.

Jake could see Dani's eyes roll back in her head momentarily at the increased pleasure focused between her legs. "Maria, why don't you let Dani try some of that nice juicy dick. Pussy isn't the only enjoyable thing you know" She said, directing her last statement at the girl who she was fucking. Maria let up on Jake's cock, much to his dismay, and pointed his cock towards Dani, who gingerly wrapped her mouth around it. She wasn't the best cocksucker, not that Jake was expecting her to be, but she kept her teeth away from the shaft, and focused her tongue on his head which didn't bother Jake at all.

She continued sucking him for a minute or two before Ms Dyers directed the girls to get on the couch and assume the position they were in when Jake arrived. Jake stood up and allowed the girls to get into position. "There you go Jake, take turns, give them a thorough dicking that they'll never forget" Ms Dyers whispered into his ear, being careful not to let the girls hear the identity of the man they were about to be fucked by.

Jake didn't need to be asked twice and started with Maria, the petite latina's ass was flexed out, and offered a presenting target.

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He grabbed her hips, lined up his cock and thrust himself inside of her. "Ohhh Papi, you feel so good" She moaned as she was filled. Jake thrust into her for a few minutes before withdrawing himself and moving onto Candice.

Candice's curves did not stop at her ass, she had a set of firm round cheeks that called out to be spanked, and that's just what Jake did. He gave each of her cheeks a firm slap before lining his cock up and entering her velvety depths. There was something about a thick girl's pussy, it's not nearly as tight, but it had a velvety softness that he had not felt before. He immediately picked up a fast pace, and grabbed each of her braids and pulled them back.

The chubby blonde let a sigh of pleasure escape her as the masked man behind her took control. Within a few minutes Jake had her whimpering in pleasure. "Oh yes, please fuck me harder, I want to cum all over that big fat cock of yours. Please don't fucking stop!" Jake didn't want to let the girl down so he increased his pace, and soon the blonde creamed all over his cock, leaving a frothy white residue on his shaft.

By this time Ms. Dyers had taken Jake's spot behind Maria, and fucked her with her strap-on, and Maria soon started nearing her own orgasm as Jake had now pulled out of Candice's velvety pussy, Candice almost immediately started catching her breath, trying desperately to recover from the orgasm that had just rocked her body.


Jake lined up behind the last girl on the couch. Dani had originally gone from a borderline disgust at the prospect of dealing with a flesh and blood cock, to being anxious to receive one due to the two girls orgasm's next to her. She looked over her shoulder and nearly begged for a proper fucking. Jake entered her, spearing her lesbian pussy with his girth. "Oh fuck!" she screamed, having a hard time adjusting to the cock inside of her.

"How does that cock feel baby?" Ms. Dyers asked from across the couch, as she teased Maria's pussy as it came down from its orgasm. "It's different, but it's good. Just the right size to fill me up" Dani said, catching her breath as Jake bottomed out inside her. Jake held his position there, catching his breath, not wanting to blow his load to quickly he regained his composure before starting a slow pace on the recently purely lesbian vagina that surrounded his member.

He pounded Dani for a few minutes until he wanted a different sensation around his cock. Jake withdrew his member, now soiled with the juices of the teenage girls, and wondered who to fuck next.

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Ms Dyers made that decision for him, as she called Dani over to her, and had her get on all fours in front of Maria's pussy, who was now sitting on the couch, legs splayed with Candice's hand between her legs. Dani, knew what to do, and started munching away at Maria's pussy. Jake had Candice rearrange herself so that she lay down on the couch with her head next to Maria's leg, Jake got on the couch and mounted the thick blonde beneath him missionary style.

He re-entered her velvet pussy and quickly worked into a rhythm, as got to full pace, Candice grabbed one of her tits and played with her nipple, as her other hand reached over her head and grabbed one of Maria's much smaller tits and palmed it. Jake looked over and saw Ms.

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Dyers really giving it to Dani, who was currently moaning in pleasure into Maria's cunt, and reaching and pinching Maria's free nipple. The sight of the petite Latina being groped and having her pussy eaten by an experience lesbian started to drive him over the edge, he pounded away into Candice focusing now on reaching his own orgasm.

His first spurt shot inside Candice's soft pussy walls, he pulled out, and moved up closer to the girls, straddling Candice just below her tits. His cum continued to erupt from his cock, and splashed Dani in the cheek, his cum dribbled down and reached the corner of her mouth, unfazed, she continued munching on Maria's tasty pussy.

He fired another one that landed on Maria's flat belly, before refocusing on Candice. He pointed his cock down, and fired the remaining cum into her open mouth. As he started to dribble the rest of it out, Candice pulled him down closer and sucked the rest of it straight from the source. Jake looked over and met Ms. Dyers gaze, her eyes were wide with delight at the sight in front of her.

Jake stood up and sat down in an armchair in the corner, sweat glistened off his body as he calmed down from his most recent workout of the day. Ms Dyers had moved around and was now between Candice's legs, licking his seed from her fertile pussy, before moving up and sharing a passionate kiss with the blonde teen, their tongues swapped the shared juices. Meanwhile Maria had cum on Dani's excellent mouth, and the two teens were sharing a sloppy kiss, Jake could see Maria's tongue dance outside of Dani's and lick up his seed that was still on her cheek.

Ms. Dyers was the first to get up, congratulating Candice on the A on her final paper, and let the girls know that they could go, and there would be additional "extra credit" opportunities in the future. The girls got dressed as quickly as they could in their post-orgasmic bliss, and soon left the house.

Jake, still naked in the arm chair finally stood up and went to pick up his clothes. "Not yet, young man, I can't let you leave with all that teenage cum on your cock" Ms Dyers said, walking over to him, and directed him to take the mask off and lay down on the couch. "Besides I havn't cum yet tonight, I can see this cock is worn out, so you'll just have to use that tongue of yours." She stepped out of the strap on she was wearing and straddled Jake's face, the 34 year old's pussy was directly on his mouth, and Jake although exhausted knew what to do, and his tongue immediately made quick work on her clit as she sucked and savored the three juices that had been mixed on his cock.

Jake didn't let up his pace and had Ms. Dyers Cumming in a matter of minutes, once satisfied she stood up and gave Jake a sly grin.

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"I hope the blue balls I gave you this morning was worth it," She said, before walking to the shower. "Come on! Rinse off before you go home," she yelled to him from the bathroom. Jake got up and followed her into the shower, and the two washed each other off before stepping out of the shower.

Ms Dyers pulled him in for a kiss, before letting him know that he should start heading out, and that she would see him in class tomorrow. Jake collected his clothes, got dressed, and let himself out. The cool evening breeze felt good as he walked to the car. He checked his phone, it was almost 8pm, he had been at his teacher's for nearly two hours.

Time really does fly when you're having fun, Jake thought to himself.

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He sent a text to Chloe asking if she was still awake before making the short drive back to his house. As he put his vehicle in park, he saw that Chloe had responded, so he gave her a call. "Hey Jake" "Hey, Chloe, so what's up?" "Not much, just finishing up some stuff before bed" "Cool, so what did you and Katie talk about exactly? And what is your idea?" "Oh you know basic girl gossip. She was ranting and raving to a few of the girls about last weekend, and was very hung up on the movie that you guys watched.

I'm not stupid Jake, I know how to read a woman, and I know that Katie definitely wants to get a taste of some pussy, like soon" "Yeah, I noticed that too, so what do you want to do?" "Well I figure it this way, she said she likes to be tied up and blindfolded right?

So you do the same thing this weekend, get her tied up and blindfolded, come down and unlock the door, and I join you guys once you fuck her a little bit." "I mean that sounds great and all, but what if she freaks out? You should've seen her on my birthday, I came in her mouth a little and she stopped talking to me for like two weeks!" "Trust me, she wants it, so do you want to do this or not?" "Well yeah, of course I want it, how do I know that you are not just doing it so you can get to try out my cock?" "well, that is part of the plan too, but are you really going to nitpick here Jake?

Are you in or what?" "Yeah, yeah, I'm in." "YESSSSS" Chloe shrieked into the phone. "Way to tip your cards there Chloe, you'd be terrible at poker" "Yeah well, strip poker could be fun too, I'm good at games when I want to win, and getting you naked would be a win for me" "It's always about seeing my cock isn't it?" "So what, it's nice, all girls should be able have a nice thick cock to de-stress on now and then. I'll see you tomorrow, good night Jake" "Night" Jake said, hanging up the phone, and walking inside.

He heated up dinner, ate, and went straight to sleep afterwards, he had an exhausting day.