Blonde mature gets penetrated by a big dick

Blonde mature gets penetrated by a big dick
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Originally published on my site>> Emily is my dad's girlfriend's eighteen year old daughter and she is such a bitch.

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I am not going to lie she is drop dead gorgeous with a body that even Jennifer Lawrence would envy. She has natural platinum blonde hair, d sized, tits and big blue doe eyes. It was never rainbows and butterflies between us as almost from the get go when our parents started dating our relationship was adversarial. Then her mom and my dad moved in together at the start of our Senior year. The worst part about it for me was when they moved in with us my car became 50% hers.

Yes, my dad had bought it for me when I was 16, but I had spent thousands of dollars on it since then. It was my baby and she knew it.

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Whenever she would take it out she would always leave one cigarette butt smashed into something inside the car even though I had never seen her smoke. I knew she did this on purpose because by nature she was a neat freak and she would go all obsessive compulsive over anything that was out of place in her room or when she thought I had messed with any of her stuff.

Every week once a week she goes to doctor's appointments after school which means at 18 I am riding the school bus home again. It is so humiliating, and all because she is some kind of hypochondriac. She has other odd habits. I watched her from the hallway one day and she spent twenty minutes lining up things on her dresser constantly adjusting them until they made a perfect line.

She takes showers at least twice a day. She is constantly washing her hands and she scrubs on them like she is a doctor preparing for surgery.


And the oddest thing is she always wears long sleeves even when it is hot out. Don't get me wrong her dress is not conservative in fact it is often kind of slutty.

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That is why her long sleeves always look so out of place. She has my dad totally under her control. Even though her mom and my dad had only dated a few months before they moved in together from the first day she moved in she called him, "daddy." She comes up to him in one of her low cut tops, bats her eyes at him and asks him for money. Like magic his wallet opens and it not unusual for her to get $50 whenever she asks.

Hell I am lucky if my old man gives me $5 when I am out of cash and needed money to eat or get to work. After two weekends in a row of her having the car I had a date lined up with one of the easiest chicks in our high school. All week long Emily would tease me in the house when our parents weren't around. "Does somebody think he is going to get lucky?" "Stacy the skank&hellip. really?" "How many types of VD has she had?" "I bet you won't be able to get it up?" "Will she even be able to feel your little dick when you put it in insider her?" This kind of talk went on until Thursday.

That evening she came downstairs as me and my dad were watching TV in one of her short skirts. She got down on her knees in front of my dad, looked up into his eyes and asked, "dad I know it is Austin's weekend to have the car, but it is Lexi's birthday and her car is broke down can I have it please&hellip." As my dad stared down at her tits he said, "ok." While she was still on her knees she turned to me and gave me a wicked smirk and wink.

I was furious, but I knew there was no sense in appealing to my dad. Emily had been in the house for a little more than a month now and this is how it always went. When I would protest he would just say things like, "son you don't understand." Emily went upstairs and I followed a few minutes later.

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As I hit the top of the stairs Emily came out of her room and handed me a bottle of hand lotion with a bow on it. She looked at me, laughed and said, "I thought you might be needing this seeing how you aren't going to be getting any this weekend.

I don't even need the car. I just didn't want to see you get lucky with that slut." "You Bitch!" "I did you a favor. She was going to give you something." Then she closed her door and locked it.

I went to school on Friday and of course Stacy wasn't interested in going on our date if she had to drive. Fuck I'll just go out with my friends I told myself. After school I called Brian and asked what he and Jason were doing. "Nothing much were just gonna hang?" I asked, "do you mind if I tag along?" "Sorry bro we got dates." I said ok and hung up. The two rarely had dates and the fact that they both had managed to line up dates on the same night was borderline unbelievable.

So there I was on a Friday night home all alone at eighteen years old with no car and nothing to do. Since my dad and her mom weren't home I decided to go through Emily's room and see if I could find something that I could hold over her head to keep her from being such a rotten bitch to me.

I opened her door and walked in. Right away I noticed a pair of striped blue and white boy shorts on top of her dirty cloths pile. I picked them up and saw a strip of panty pudding on the crotch. I inhaled deeply and for such a bitchy girl she gave off such a sweet scent. Even though I loathed her and the things she did to intentionally piss me off I wanted to fuck her so badly it was driving me nuts.

I got up on her bed and stroked myself off holding the crotch of her boy shorts in my face until I came. I had masturbated to thoughts of her many times before, but it added a whole new dimension having her smell in my face as I did it.

Once I had satisfied myself I started rummaging through her drawers. I hit pay dirt and found her journal. The first entry was from the day she moved in. 8/20 I am writing this because my therapist told me it would be helpful. I moved into my new home today with my mom's boyfriend and his son. I am hoping a change in scenery will help me finally move on from my past. There were so many painful things in the old home. Everything I saw or touched there reminded me of what my step dad had done to me.

The good news is I really like my mom's boyfriend and his son is kind of cute. I am hopeful for once. 8/22 Austin is such a hottie! I get so nervous around him that I end up being such a terrible bitch to him. 8/25 As much as I struggle against it I find myself slipping into my old habits. I find myself flirting with my mom's boyfriend in order to get things I want.

He is a nice guy and I think he feels guilty about what happened to me so he gives me whatever I want. I don't know why I can't stop taking advantage of him. 8/31 My mom sat me down and had a talk with me today.


She told me she wanted to tell Austin about my past so he would understand me better. I don't want him to know that about me. I don't want every time he sees me to think of that. I don't want him to feel sorry for me. Sometimes I think I want him to hate me. I begged and pleaded with her not to tell him. She told me if I didn't want her to have a talk with him I have to make an effort to not be such a bitch towards him. I told her I would do my best even though I knew it was unlikely I could keep myself from doing it.

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9/4 A boy at school asked me out and obviously wants to have sex with me. I can't bring myself to date yet. In theory I like the idea of getting fucked again, but I am just not ready yet. Still it is nice to be at a new school where everybody doesn't judge me or see me as some sort of victim.

I find my crush on Austin to be almost unbearable. I find myself doing things just to piss him off and even to hurt him. When I masturbate I often think of him and I feel so guilty afterwards. 9/20 I know I haven't written in awhile, but yesterday I did something so awful I felt like I had to get it out.

I took Austin's tooth brush and masturbated myself with it until I came. It felt so good and I came so hard. Then I put it back without washing it off. I watched him brush his teeth with it the next morning and it made me so wet. I want him so bad. I am so sick. 10/01 Austin has a date with the skankiest girl at school this weekend. I am so jealous, angry and confused. He is going to fuck her and I can't stand it.

I want him to fuck me, but I am so awful what kind of normal person would want me? The things that get me off are so sick and depraved. 10/02 Well I did something bad again. I killed Austin's date by making sure I got the car. Worse yet I couldn't resist the temptation of gloating and rubbing it in his face. I don't know what I am thinking. We live in the same house, he thinks I am a bitch and truthfully if I ever let him see the real me he would run away screaming as the real me is so much more worse than the bitch I pretend to be.

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I closed her journal after I read the last entry and put it away. Needless to say I was shocked and my emotions were jumbled. I had masturbated on her bed to her panties and I felt overwhelmed with guilt. I ran to the toilet and threw up.

I felt so sorry for her and I didn't want her to know that knew, but how could I keep her from seeing it on my face? Then underlying all of this she was attracted to me and I was attracted to her. I had never felt such intense emotions especially all at once shame, sorrow, lust, titillation, and love. I couldn't stand it I took some of my dad's Ambien and went to bed at 7:30 pm on a Friday night.

To be continued in Part 2.