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Blonde mature masturbates on webcam
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I stared at the nurse and pulled my jacket more tightly about me, guarding against a chill more mental than physical. The nurse, Kara according to her nametag, stared back at me. She was supposed to be watching me, for reasons not quite clear, but I could tell she was listening to the conversation in the next room. I was, too. ".horrible shock. It surprised all of us, she was such a sweet girl, and of course we had no idea she would do such a thing.

Tracy took it especially hard -- she and Elizabeth were so close." Believe me, mom, you have no idea. I chewed on my lip and tried to look scared for Kara, which wasn't too hard.

Maybe I could get out of this after all. Sniffles might be good, but then I wouldn't be able to hear as well. "I'm very sorry, Mrs. Scott.

But why is Tracy so afraid of doctors? Is there something more that happened? I don't want to frighten her unnecessarily." There was an apparent pause, but I could visualize mom's shrug as clearly as if I were in the next room with them.

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"I'm not really sure. She never wants to talk about it, and I thought it would be better to leave well enough alone. Perhaps it's resentment that they couldn't save Beth, although God knows it would have taken a miracle after the burns she had." Nurse Kara's expression twisted slightly, and I knew she'd put the name and the description together.

It was an easy thing to remember, even after a year. Even if we'd been in a bigger town. Now she was watching me like I was a psycho or something. Like Beth. Hey, it's not every big sister who locks herself in a shed, douses herself with gasoline, and lights up. The firemen and paramedics hadn't been able to do anything for the cooked near-corpse they'd recovered from the blaze except speed its final passing.

I'd seen it all, but it wasn't the kind of thing you talk about.

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Even to some shrink who gets paid by the hour to listen to you babble. Even when they say your sister was weak, "must not have been able to take it," when they don't even know her. Anyway, the incident was a convenient excuse for remaining isolated. Well, until now. Damn, if I'd known they were going to require physicals for the stupid high school ski team I would never had joined.

Now I was stuck. Mom was so psyched about her loner daughter getting involved in anything that I could never think up an excuse for backing out now.

Telling her the truth never even crossed my mind. My stomach cramped slightly at the thought of my predicament and I squirmed slightly on the stool. Kara's perfume wasn't helping matters any. I looked up as Dr. Saunders entered the examination room; apparently my brief reverie had outlasted the conversation. It was tough maintaining an even expression while gritting my teeth. "Hello, Tracy, I'm Dr. Saunders." Her smile didn't put me at ease, but it was a nice attempt.

"I want you to go ahead and relax; nothing bad is going to happen to you. Now Kara is going to prepare you for a simple physical examination and take a few measurements. Then I'll be back to see you in a few minutes. Okay?" Shit. Trapped like a rat.

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The room felt even smaller, way too small. My head twitched slightly in what obviously was taken for a nod. Then she was gone again, closing the door behind her this time, doubtless to make sure mom signed all the appropriate paperwork. Small consolation.

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Kara smiled brightly, an expression which only barely showed signs of wear from overuse, and gestured towards the table in the center of the room. "Fine! Tracy, you just slide out of your clothes and put on this gown" -- a generous assessment of the thin, pale blue garment lying on the table -- "and we'll get started!" She started puttering with some stuff atop the counter running along that wall.

I cramped up again, worse this time, and swallowed heavily while trying to disguise my discomfort. "Um, Kara." I couldn't think of a graceful way to ask. "Are you, um, staying?" I couldn't help taking a step back as she turned towards me. Her eyes narrowed briefly, then the smile was back.

Great, now I'd aroused her suspicions. "Of course. Don't be shy, I've seen it all before. And I'll be assisting with part of the exam, anyway. Just go ahead and don't mind me." It didn't look like I had a choice, and my mind seemed to have left with Dr.

Saunders. Well, I'd have to at least begin to comply and hope something would occur to me. The closed room seemed stifling and it was almost a relief to shed my coat, although I felt nervous without its protection.

Kara turned back to her counter. Shoes and socks were an easy next choice, then my heavy sweatshirt. After a brief hesitation, the sloppy loose rugby shirt joined the other clothes on the table. Kara still seemed to be focusing on other matters. I swallowed again, several times, then finally had to cough to clear my throat.

The cramping didn't seem to be a problem any longer, but I felt incredibly tense. The tension seemed to be physical now rather than mental, my whole body was trembling and I could feel a pressure in my tummy. I really didn't want to remove my bra, but it didn't feel safe to stop. My boobs weren't as nice as Beth's had been, but they weren't bad. The nipples were really stiff though, and I turned away hoping Kara hadn't seen them. Fainting was seeming increasingly attractive, but then I'd be totally at their mercy.

I mastered myself and unfastened my belt. Still facing away from Kara, I let my jeans fall to the floor. That left only my old, baggy cotton underwear. It was soaked, as I'd known it would be. Despite my best efforts, it happened whenever I stayed too close to other people for too long. A powerful incentive to pass by the team sports, if you ask me. Even if I had been a pretty good volleyball player. I reached for the gown, but I guess Kara had been watching closer than I thought.

"Undies, too, Tracy!" Damn damn damn.

I could just feel that I was about to lose it. I took a step closer to my wall, hoping I could use the jeans for cover, and slid the briefs carefully down my legs. Splat! Ooops. One of the several panty liners I'd stuffed in my crotch had come loose and fallen flat on the tile floor.

I was so wired I jumped what felt like three feet in the air. Kara couldn't possibly have missed the sound of it hitting. And when she whirled to look, as she did, she couldn't possibly miss the color, which she didn't. A pretty translucent turquoise color. The splat mark, not the liner, you understand -- the same as the crotch of my panties. I was really shaking now, and seriously considering whether I could make it to the sink before barfing.

Not that it mattered anyway. "Ohmigod! Tracy! Are you alright?" Kara, naturally, rushed right over and spun me around for a look. I'm sure she must have been appalled by the stuff oozing from my pussy and matting my blonde pubes -- it looked kind of like the stuff in those old "Stretch Armstrong" dolls -- but I didn't see her expression.

All I felt was the fire of her hand on my shoulder. I'm pretty sure she started to scream, but it choked off when I barfed on her. It was more of the blue stuff, which sprayed all over her face and white dress. It was funny, it didn't taste like when I was younger and had been sick, and it almost felt good.

Then I was clasping her tightly, and pissing more of the blue ooze onto her thighs. That felt pretty good, too. I was panting hard and almost vibrating, the tension was worse than ever, and I guess neither of us could stand because we collapsed to the floor.

The first of the thingies came out then, I could feel it brushing past my clittie and pushing out towards Kara. Then I guess she could feel it too, brushing her leg below her uniform, because all of a sudden she stopped struggling and froze like a deer in headlights. Hell, I'd put up more of a fight than this when Beth raped me that night last year.

Of course, I wasn't fighting it now, even though I'd been dreading this moment, and fighting to avoid it, ever since I'd found the first goo on my tampon last summer. Another of the thingies was probing her now. I don't really know what they are; they look sort of like pipe cleaners, with a thin core and brightly colored bristles all along their length, but they move more like tentacles. I don't know how long they are, "as long as it takes" it seems.

And they come in different sizes. Beth's had been vivid shades of blue and green, and it looked like mine were, too. A bigger one, about two fingers in diameter, poked out and slid slowly under Kara's dress up towards her pussy. Its bristles, or fur, or whatever, teased my clit as it moved and it felt so good I nearly forgot to keep breathing. It began quivering impatiently and I gasped at the sensation.

Intellectually I felt sorry for Kara, knew first-hand what she was experiencing, but that didn't stop me from reaching under her dress and yanking her pantyhose and undies down to her thighs. First the little thingies, then the bigger ones, eagerly pressed into her holes, both of them, giving me a rush of sensation. That seemed to prod Kara into considering another scream, but I bent to her as if we were going to kiss. Another cough and yet more thingies, glistening with their coating of goo, were sliding out of my mouth and into hers.

I knew she wouldn't bite them -- I'd thought about it and tried a year ago, but hadn't been able to do it. I don't know why not. I pulled her unresisting body closer to mine. I bore down as if I were shitting, but I knew it was just more thingies coming to join the fun -- I hadn't had to use a bathroom in nearly a year. Convenient, but a hassle to remember to pretend, if you know what I mean.


Finally, all the thingies seemed to start thrusting back and forth, although not really in unison. It was the most scrumptious thing, like being tickled and stroked and teased and masturbated all rolled into one and I wanted it never to end. We both spazzed on the floor, clutching each other, covered in sweat and blue goo, and grunted and moaned. It felt like longer, but I think it was only about five minutes before I could feel lots and lots of the blue goo stuff leaking out of Kara's mouth and pussy and rear.

I experienced one last strong series of orgasms as the thingies retreated back into their hidey holes inside me, then rolled onto my back and tried to catch my breath.


I could hear Kara panting beside me, but I knew she wouldn't be any trouble. I think the goo does something else to you too; I hadn't been able to really move for hours after Beth left me, and I doubted Kara would be different. Beth. I could still remember her crying over me, apologizing, trying to clean my unresisting body afterwards that night. Then she'd said she couldn't let herself do it again, and she'd left.

The emergency guys had been zipping her into a body bag by the time I'd been able to follow. Beth. I knew for sure now she hadn't been weak, or a quitter. She'd had the strength to turn away from the thingies, to roast them and herself so she couldn't hurt anybody else.

Me? Well, I wanted to do it again in the worst kind of way. Yeah, it was wrong, but I'd trade anything for that feeling of ecstasy. Kara wasn't interesting anymore, I knew she'd have thingies of her own pretty soon. It would have to be somebody else. It wasn't the same, but I started diddling myself anyway.

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Dr. Saunders would be back soon. Idly, I wondered if mom would be with her.