Swinger Housewife Loves New Cock

Swinger Housewife Loves New Cock
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The new boy was giving a lot of elixir, the worms were doing a great job modifying his testicles. Once the boys were ready to procreate, his semen was already modified.

The worms were attached to every sperm cell and it was destined to wake up once the boys reached the maturity age.

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Another kind of worm was tested with the boy; it was a big black worm, this kind of worm develops a strong relationship of pleasure with its host. This worm was hungry for lust, it went straight into the boy's ass looking for his prostate.

This kind of worm had a natural lubrication that would allow it to enter anywhere. Once it entered the boy's ass without problem, the worm looked for the prostate and once it found it, it started accommodating and poking the boy's prostate generating a lot of pleasure and cum.

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The worm created a giant web inside the boy covering his prostate. The food of this worm was "fecal matter" so the boy wasn't going to poo in a long time. The same procedure was applied with all the men.

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The leader tested a new type of worm with probes in the new girl, the worm went inside her belly button and closed it with a sticky blue material. The girl could feel the worm traveling inside her body, but the worm had only one goal; her breasts.

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Once the worm got there, it increased the girl's breasts and the areolas as well as the milk production and a couple of moving-tendrils could be seen coming out of her nipple. The leader soon realized that there was something moving inside the girl's belly. The worm had laid many eggs inside her belly, they were incubating in her belly button. Another team of worms head up toward the girl's labia and make their entrance inside the vagina. The worms anesthetize the girl so she doesn't disturb during the process and stay there to monitor that the eggs are healthy and fertile, the same process was going to be applied to rest of the women.

The tiny creatures moved inside the girls' asses to live, because in winter, it was so warm and the juices that this one produced were quite astonished.

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The little creatures used to have sex inside the asses' of the girls, it was quite tight and slippery even when they wanted a bath, they would make a boy cum inside one of them and take a shower of cum inside the ass, it was a sea of elixir and lust but during the winter at night, the tiny creatures used to seal the girls' ass with a sticky material.

The boys' testicles were kept inside a warm place to take care of the elixir and the hair around their body was used by the tiny creatures as shelter. The armpits were used as saunas. The life of the humans and tiny creatures was perfect until one day.


A swarm of mosquitoes were coming to the home of the tiny creatures, the tiny creatures went inside the boys' and girls' asses to protect from the mosquitoes; these mosquitoes just like the ones from Earth, they needed blood to sustain themselves.

The mosquitoes were looking for the tiny creatures, but they didn't have success in finding them, but they found this new species that they had never seen before with their infrared vision they found the spot that had more blood and it was their penis.

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The boys didn't know what was about to happen. A mosquito went to a boy's slit, slowly the mosquito pushed its sharp feeding tube into his urethra opening, the mosquito was amazed as its feeding tube went all the way into the boy's urethra without problems. it began moving quite fast his needle up and down with its proboscis, trying to find a feeding spot after a while the mosquito finally found the right spot, it sucked plenty of blood from the boy's defenseless urethra, pushing its proboscis deep into the juicy flesh More mosquitoes joined other boys, Penis blood squirted inside the mosquitoes' belly at the maximum rate, they were seeking the freshest blood after a while these mosquitoes withdrew their feeding tubes from the urethra of the boys and left happily, but this was just the beginning.

Another couple of mosquitoes came to the boys to suck their hairy nipples. A feeding tube over two inches was lowered to the tip of their naked nipples.

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Their bellies were filling so fast of blood; they were swollen and huge. After 30 minutes the mosquitoes left the boys with a happy face. After that another swarm went to attack the girls, the pheromones were so strong in the air. The same procedure was applied to the girls in the nipples, another swarm of female mosquitoes attacked their reproductive system, when they inserted their proboscis inside them, proteins from the eggs that the girls released were being absorbed by the mosquitoes, this was boost in the level of fertility of the mosquitoes.

The tiny creatures were amazed!

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they no longer needed to hide because the boys and girls were the perfect shelter! The mosquitoes used to come everyday at the same hour to suck blood from the boys and girls, now there was some kind of peace between the little creatures and their predators.


The leader kept bringing more girls and boys and the pregnancies kept occurring for a long time, the planet of the tiny creatures started to have a prosperous life!