Raunchy ginger teen rides a thick pole cumshot and facial

Raunchy ginger teen rides a thick pole cumshot and facial
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Sometimes I sit back and think about the day I lost my virginity, you know? Most people say it's a day that a girl can never forget, and as far as I'm concerned, those people are right.

I hate that day, and the man who stole my innocence. That day will forever be marked as the day my ex-boyfriend violated and raped me. I was a freshman in high school and it was my first day at another new school. I didn't know a soul, being a military brat, I moved around a lot. I walked through the doors on my first day, and the school didn't even have my schedule printed out.

I had to go sit in the main office of the building and wait for the vice principal to print one for me. Upon getting it, I rushed from the office and speedily walked the halls.


I kept looking at the sheet of paper in my hands and the numbers listed above the doors. That's how I met him, I accidently walked directly into him. Looking up from the paper, I saw him, he was beautiful. His face looked as if God himself, blessed him.

He had big full lips and a slight beard growing in on his tanned golden face, not to mention his dark mysterious eyes that captivated your attention just by glancing at him. That's how I noticed him, by his eyes. They captured me and held me there. Never breaking our gaze, I looked up at him an immediately apologized. "I'm sooooo sorry, I'm not a multi-tasker. I don't even know why I tried to read and walk at the same time.

I have enough trouble just chewing gum and walking," I stammered out, still looking into his eyes. "It's totally cool. I should have seen you coming, a girl as pretty as you," he responded, his eyes still holding my attention.

"Thank you, I'm still sorry though" "Well hey, I'll accept your apology, if you let me walk you to your class," he smiled at me and I saw his pearly white teeth beam out at me, like he was doing a Toothpaste and Mouthwash commercial.

"Thank you, I would really appreciate that," I smiled back and he snatched my schedule into his hands and looked at my first period class. "Oh you have Mrs. P, she's a cool teacher, I know where her class is," he said walking ahead of me. I had to run, just to keep up. When I finally reached him, he had just reached to end of the hallway.

I finally got a chance to check him out completely. His body was well defined and the shirt he wore hugged his muscles in just the right way, he was at least six feet tall, and he had these rough little scars on his elbows and forearms. I was mesmerized by the definition of his big strong back and I instantly felt my panties dampen, though I didn't know why it happened. "So you're new, I presume?" He inquired. I was still caught up in his muscular back that I hadn't heard him, so he repeated what he said.

"So you're a new student here, right?" Breaking my attention and focus, I looked around dazed and responded quickly. "Yes sir, I'm a freshman" "Impossible!" "How do you figure it's impossible? I can't start high school as a senior, now can I?" I laughed "No, it's just that you're entirely too hot to be a freshman, I mean look at you.

You're gorgeous. You have long brunette hair, a little pixie face, insanely beautiful hazel eyes, and a smoking hot petite body" I blushed immediately at his flattery, he was a total sweetheart. I mean I've gotten compliments from guys before, they told me the same things that he had just said, but from him, they seemed like he was bathing me in verbal gold.

He grabbed my hand and twirled me around as if we were dancing in the hallway. He hadn't lied though, I would never consider myself to be conceited, but everything he said was true. I stood proud at 5'1"and weighed a solid 120 pounds, and all of it was in my breasts and ass. I wore a 36 Double D in bra size, and a 7 in jeans because my ass was entirely too big. And my face, my face was pretty, I'll admit, but it didn't receive as many compliments as my body did.

I did have long brunette hair, and an adorable child's face, with a small mole right above my lips, and big wide deer caught in headlights, hazel eyes. "Thank you," I blushed and looked at the floor. Before he could open his mouth and lay on some more of his charm, the bell rang, confirming that I had just missed first period.

I looked at him terrified, as he looked at me and the hallways quickly filled with children speeding to their next classes. In another two minutes, the hallways cleared out again followed by the ringing of the late bell. With a worried face, he looked at me and apologized.

"I'm sorry beautiful, would you like an escort to your second period class, free of charge?" He asked, with his face full of hope. "I would greatly appreciate that," I responded, with a smile. "Thank you." We walked to the stairwell and up to the second floor. He asked me all the normal questions, like about school, and where I lived prior to my move there.

When we reached the door of my class, he looked at me with those eyes, took my palm into his hand and snatched a pen from his pocket, and scribbled his number into my palm. "Call me when you get home tonight sexy." Was all he said, with a wink and commenced to walking away. "I will," I said to myself with a smile. The rest of the day from there seemed to fly by, and I walked through the door of my house and told my mom EVERY detail of the day.

She asked me if I had made any new friends and that's when I brought up the new cute mystery sexy guy who helped me to class. She made a face and asked me more about him. "So what's this guy's name?" "I don't know. He didn't tell me, but he gave me his number and asked me to call him tonight mom," I said, sounding almost giddy.

"How can you call a guy and not even know his name? I don't know baby, I don't feel right about him." "Mom, you always have to make a big deal out of nothing. He probably had some place to be and forgot to tell me his name. Just chill out, he's a cool guy." "Okay sweety, if you say so." I walked off to my room, determined not to let my mother make me feel bad about talking to this guy.

Instead of calling him as soon as I got home, I waited until eight o'clock that night to call him, so I wouldn't seem so anxious.

He picked up on the third ring. "Hello?" "Hi," I said, smiling into the phone. "Who is this?" He questioned. "Remember the freshman girl you helped today in the hallway today." "Whic--- Oh, hey sexy" "Yup, that was me." "Hey baby, I thought you weren't gonna call me." "Why not?" "Because I told you to call me when you got home, school's been out for hours, I know you're not JUST getting home." He said with a serious tone.

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"No, umm, I was just busy when I got home." I lied, feeling like a child getting in trouble. "It's okay sexy. Just don't let it happen again." "Again?" "Yes again, I want you to call me every night until we become well acquainted with each other." "Okay .

umm . Oh yeah, what's your name?

I never got it this morning." "Oh, sorry. I thought I told you. My name is Daniel. What's yours?" "My name is Simone." "I like your name, but it doesn't seem to fit you. I don't see you as being a 'Simone'. Would you mind if I called you something else?" "What do you want to call me?" I asked, feeling insulted and hurt. "Umm, how about Talia? I always liked that name. You even look like a Talia. What do you think?" "Yeah sure, I guess you can call me that," I said confused, mainly because I expected him to give me a nickname, not a new name.

"Yeah, so Talia, how do you like our cozy little town and school?" "It's alright so far, I don't really know people that well, so I don't have friends yet." "But you know me sweety, I'm all the friend you need." I blushed when he said that. "Are you smiling sexy?" he asked. "Yes.

How did you know?" "I can feel it, you have a gorgeous smile by the way." We talked for the rest of the night, and from then on we became inseparable. That is, until I brought him home to meet my mother, by then two months had flown by.

It was a Friday, and he was walking me home as usual.

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We got to my front door and instead of giving me a hug and walking off like he normally did, he stayed. I turned around and looked at him. "What's wrong Daniel?" I asked. "I was just wondering why I haven't met your parents yet Talia. I feel like you're embarrassed of me or something." "No, it's not that.

It's just that I never knew you wanted to meet them." "Why wouldn't I want to, I like you. I want to meet them." "Okay, I'll tell my mom when I get inside." "I'm coming with you inside." "Why?" I asked, in confusion.


"Because I want to meet your parents silly," He smiled. I smiled back, but not with sincerity, he was being way too pushy. I walked up the stairs, reaching into my bag for my house keys. I had them in my palm, stalling and holding them, waiting for his mind to change.

Unfortunately for me, it didn't. When he saw my hand frozen in my bag, he reached forward and rang the doorbell. I wanted to slap my forehead, I completely forgot about the doorbell. "Talia, is there something wrong?" he asked, closing the distance between him and my ear. Causing the hairs on my neck to stand up. "No, nothing's wrong Daniel. I just think I may have lost my keys." I said, turning around to face him. He looked into my eyes, as if he were mentally questioning my response and before he could open his mouth, my mother opened the door.

"Hey sweety, did you lose your keys or somethi—Who is this?" she asked, looking at Daniel. "This is my friend mom, his name is Daniel" "I'm actually her boyfriend, Mrs. . .?" "Miller" my mother responded looking shocked. Hell I was shocked, he never even asked me to be his girlfriend, yet that's what he told my mother. I wanted to jump and scream, I was waiting to hear him say something along the lines of he and I being exclusive.

He may have chosen a suckish moment to say it, but at least he said it. "Well don't stand outside, come in sweety and bring your friend in with you." She said, as she retreated back into the house. "Okay mom," I yelled back. "Well come on in Daniel" I said looking back at him.

We walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. My mom reappeared in the doorway with beverages for the three of us. "Mom, where's Xavier?" I asked, inquiring of my little brother's whereabouts. "Oh, he's sleeping sweety, he's enjoying a nap." "Well tell me about yourself young man," my mom said, directing her statement towards Daniel.

"Well my name is Daniel, I'm 18, I'm a senior at the same school as Tali—Simone, I play football and baseball, I plan on going to college and I really really like your daughter." He said to my mother with confidence, and to be honest, I was shocked. I never knew he was 18, because he never told me, just like when he told my mother that he was my boyfriend, I also didn't know he was 18.

I just sat in silence, waiting for my mother to commence with her interrogation. "That all sounds nice Daniel, but you said you're 18, is that right?" "Yes ma'am." "Are you aware of the fact that my daughter is only 14?" "Yes ma'am." "And you're dating her?" "Yes ma'am." "You also said you're a senior, correct?" "Yes ma'am" "And you know she's a freshman, right?" "Yes ma'am" "And you still want to date her?" "Yes ma'am." "Well I'm sorry Daniel, but I can't allow you to date my child.

You're entirely too old for her. You may go home now." She said, in her 'no bullshit' voice. "Simone, can you show him out." And with that, she got up and walked towards the back of the house. So we got up and walked to the front door, when we made is outside, Daniel looked at me with his eyes full of anger and rage. As soon as the door closed, he was on me. "Talia, why the fuck is your mom being such a bitch?!" "She's not, she's just looking out for me." "You're defending her?

So do you agree with her? Do you not want to be with me?!" he said in a loud whisper, as to not draw outside attention to our conversation. "No, I mean, I like you a lot, but it's not my choice. My mom forbids it," I whispered back. "Fuck that bitch.

What the fuck does she know?!" he angrily whispered back. "That's my mother Daniel!!!" I yelled at him, not giving a shit about my tone any longer. "Don't you dare fucking yell at me bitch!" He screamed at me and before I knew it, he had his hands on my shoulders and was shoving me backwards into my front door, ramming my back into the doorknob. "Daniel, what the fuck?!" I cried out to him, grabbing my back and rubbing it, trying to soothe the pain.

"I'm sorry baby. I'm so so sorry!" He reached out to grab me, but I pulled away. "Don't pull away from me, I'm sorry. I'm just upset, because the mother of the woman I love, just forbade me from seeing the love of my life." I mustn't have heard him right, because he just told me he loved me.

"You… you love me?" I asked. "Yes baby, I know this feels fast and sudden, but I'm in love with you. I can't live without you." "Daniel, I can't believe this," I said smiling, forgetting all about my hurt back.

"Well you better believe it Talia, I love you, I can't live without you. You're going to be mine forever, and I'll be yours." And with him saying that, he leaned in and gave me a kiss, this was my very first kiss, and it started out strange, but soon picked up. I started trying to kiss him back, not too sure of whether or not I was doing it right. Then I felt his tongue graze my bottom lip, and before I knew it, my panties began to feel moist. I could feel my nipples becoming erect, through my bra.

He grabbed and pulled my ass up, to push me further into the kiss. My body was thoroughly enjoying this beautiful kiss. I didn't want it to end, but he pulled back and looked into my eyes, saying. "Call me tonight baby." "I can't, my mom will kill me" "Are you really NOT going to call me?" "I don't know if I can Daniel. That's all I'm saying." "Call me tonight babe," he said, leaning in for a quick peck on the lips.

"Call me or I'm going to kill myself tonight." And with that, he walked down the stairs and down the sidewalk. I had no idea whether or not he was telling the truth or not. So later on that night, I waited until my mother was completely preoccupied and I picked up and called him.

"Hey Talia. I thought you had forgotten about me." He said sounding hurt. "How could I? Considering that beautiful kiss you gave me." "So do you want to be my girlfriend still, or not?" He asked blatantly.

"Umm&hellip. I don't want my mom to be angry with me." I said back. "You just don't want to be with me Talia, just admit it." "That's so not true Daniel." "How do I know if it's true or not?

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"Because. . Because, I love you Daniel ." I said nervously. "Then be with me Talia, I can't live without you." So I finally gave in and told him I would still date him, secretly without my mother knowing about it. ------------------------------------------ Four Months Later ---------------------------------------------------------------- Everything was so normal between Daniel and I. He never laid his hands on me again. But one day in March, things changed.

Daniel stood at the corner like usual, and waited for me to leave my house for school. When I met up with him, I noticed something was different. He wasn't wearing his backpack. "Where's your backpack, Daniel?" I asked. "Its okay sweety, we're not going to school today." "Where are we going then?" I asked him nervously. "Nowhere baby, we're just going to be driving around today. My friend let me borrow his truck." He said, grabbing my hand and leading me to a blue pick-up truck across the street.

He opened the passenger door and waited for me to get in, then ran around to the other side and hopped in the driver's seat. Looking at me, he asked. "You ready babe?" I nodded my head nervously, and with that he started the car and drove off. He drove and drove and drove, with the car going and the vibration of the engine as he drove, I couldn't help but to fall asleep. Before I knew it we reached a log cabin in a wooded area, and I cursed myself for falling asleep, mainly because I had no idea where we were.

He got out of the truck and ran around to the passenger door, to help me out of my seat. "Your Kingdom awaits my fair maiden." he said as he led me up to the front door of the cabin and opened it. Worrying me immediately because the door wasn't locked.

Which meant that ANYBODY could already be inside.

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Reluctantly, I walked with him further inside. Instantly I knew what was going on. To the side of us, in the front hallway of the cabin, in what I considered to be the living room, in the middle of the floor was a mattress all made up, with candles set up around it.

This came as a shock to me. We never even discussed having sex and I was a virgin. I already told him that. He pulled me by my hand into the room, and spun me around. I figured I should stop being a pussy and speak up. "Daniel, why are we here?" I asked, trying to convince myself that this wasn't for me, or that he was fucking with me as like a joke or something.

"Baby, we've been together for six months now. I want to make love to you." "Daniel, this is very sweet and very thoughtful of you, but I'm not ready yet." I said nervously backing away towards the door. He saw me backing away, and immediately approached me to close the distance between us. Grabbing my hand he pulled me back into the living room and spun me around and began kissing me.

He stood there, exploring my lips and darting his tongue in and out of my mouth, and before I knew it. My pussy started getting anxious and wet. He took my backpack off and started tracing little circles around my neck with his index finger.

He instant tried to take my shirt off so he could commence with his plans. I backed away and told him I still wasn't ready and before I knew it, lightning exploded in my right cheek. He had slapped me, I instantly became dizzy, and I couldn't keep my balance. I began to stumble about the room, I had never been slapped before in general, let alone, slapped by a big muscular man.

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I felt something wet running down my chin, and I touched my finger to it to see what it was. When I brought my hand back from my face, I saw red covering my fingertips. Daniel had slapped me hard enough to split my bottom lip open. Once the dizzy feeling stopped, I looked over to him with my eyes wide with panic. I thought to myself, "If he could find it in himself to slap me, there's nothing that can stop him from taking this a step further." With that realization running through my mind, I had begun to cry.

He walked up to me, closing the distance I put between us again. "Don't cry baby. I'm sooo sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you this badly. I &hellip. I just got angry when you said you didn't want to make love to me. I just love you soooo much! I can't stand to think that you don't love me the same way I love you." He said, while leaning in to hug me. I didn't know what to say or do, so I continued to cry.

He was baffling my mind, how could he claim to have loved me, when he just slapped me like some whore on the street. This man had to be out of his mind. "Baby, I'm going to make you feel better real soon," He said leaning into to kiss me.

I kept my lips stiff and refused to kiss him back. His kisses became firmer as he pressed into my mouth harder and harder, causing my lip to bleed more. I couldn't take the pain from his kisses any longer and I opened up my mouth, wincing from the pain. Before I could close my lips back together, he had drawn my bottom lip into his mouth and began to suck on it. I was disgusted; this man was drinking the blood from my lip! I wanted to vomit. He pulled his face from mine and I could see my blood covering his own lips and even trickling down his chin.

He smiled at me, showing me his blood covered teeth. I wanted to scream. Here I was realizing my boyfriend was a psychopath, too late into the relationship. He reached over and tried to take off my shirt again, when I tried to resist, he simply raised his fist and spoke gently. "Bitch, I'm getting tired of this. If you try to stop me one more fucking time, I will kick your fucking ass, rape you, and then I will fucking kill you.

I'll leave your body here in this cabin. Is that what you fucking want?" I shook my head no, then he said, "Okay then Talia. Just lay back and let me make love to you. I want your cherry." That's when I realized, no matter what happened, he was going to do this to me. I couldn't get out of this. This time when he tried to take my shirt off, I let him. He tossed it over to the side, and a look of sheer amazement flowed across his face as he drank in my beautiful torso with his eyes.

His eyes wandered all over my breasts, and down to my flat stomach. He reached around to the back of me, and unfastened my bra, letting my Double D breasts fall from their chamber. Grabbing my tits with both of his hands he began to squeeze them, hard and forcefully, while leaning in to give me another kiss.

He sucked on my bottom lip again, pulling and feasting upon the blood that came out of it.

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He walked me over to the mattress and pushed me down on top of it. He stood over me, and began to strip from his clothes, and before I knew it, he was naked.

Revealing his gorgeous rock hard body to me, I found it hard to believe that even though I knew I was about to get raped, his body still enticed my senses. My eyes traveled from his pecs, down to his abs; I licked my upper lip at that, then my eyes traveled further, landing on his huge erect dick. That's when my fear came back and settled in my stomach.

"Lie back," He commanded, taking his dick into his hand and stroking it a couple times. Scared of what he might do, I laid back on the mattress. He got down on all fours and crawled over to me. He hovered over my waist, then brought his hands down to unbutton and unzip my jeans. Laying back, I didn't object. I simply laid there anticipating the inevitable. He grabbed the waist of my jeans and my panties and pulled them off together. There I was, completely naked before this guy, and I couldn't do a thing about it.

He laid on top of my body and began to kiss me, I hated this. I hated every second of it. Before I knew it, I was crying again. Not crying, more like bawling my eyes out. It's emotionally distressing to know that you're going to get raped.

He leaned up, and began looking at my tear stricken face, instead of seeing remorseful eyes, I saw his eyes look crazy and angered. "Shut the fuck up with that crying shit. I don't even have my dick in you yet, and you're over here fucking crying. SHUT THAT SHIT UP BEFORE I GIVE YOU A REASON TO FUCKING CRY!!" He screamed at me, causing me to jump and shake at his words. He stared at me with those eyes, the same eyes that caught my attention six months earlier, but they were different.

They were filled with anger, pure rage. I hate him. I knew in that moment that he had tricked me. He never loved me; he was just really good at luring me in with his bullshit. He was what my mom called, "a wolf in sheep's clothing". I never got that term until that day. He leaned back down and forced his knee between my legs. My legs weren't budging though. Because even though my mind had given up, my heart didn't.

But my heart didn't realize what its actions was getting my body into. When he tried to part my legs again, and they held still, he landed a barrage of punches into my torso. "BITCH DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO CUT THIS SHIT OUT!!! YOU MUST HAVE THOUGHT I WAS PLAYING !!!! MOVE YOUR FUCKING LEGS!!!" He began to throw a tantrum, like a toddler who wasn't getting his way.

After his attack on my body, my heart had finally given up. The third time he moved to separate my legs, they divided on contact and he looked down at my hairless pussy and began to lick his lips. "You see Talia, it wasn't that hard.

Now just lay back and let me do this." He said calm and cooly, backing his face away from my body. His face traveled south, and before I knew it his face was directly over my pussy. I wanted to snap my legs shut, but my body knew better. He ran his large index finger down the slit of my pussy, feeling how dry it was and looked up at me and asked.

"Why aren't you wet for me?" I wanted to yell I wanted to scream in his face "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?


YOU PIECE OF SHIT! YOU MAKE ME SICK!!! THAT'S WHY, YOU FUCKING DICK!!" but I didn't respond. I just laid there. Then out of nowhere he put his mouth on my pussy and began to lick it. Even though I hated him, and my heart brain was screaming for him to stop, my body deceived me. My legs spread apart further, inviting him in. Seeing this, he forced his face deeper into my pussy, licking the lips of it and nibbling on my clit.

Even though my brain wanted it to stop, he didn't, and before I knew it my body began to convulse as this great feeling of pleasure rocketed through it. He leaned up, smiling at me, with his face covered in my cum. I was disgusted. This man had just drank my cum, minutes after drinking my blood. He crawled back up to me and began sucking on my neck and squeezing my left boob with his hand. That's when I felt something nudging the lips of my pussy apart.

It was his dick. I knew the time had come, and tried to cut myself from the situation. My eyes drifted off towards the ceiling, as his huge dick began slowing pushing deeper and deeper into my body. I wanted him to stop, but I didn't dare speak out. He suddenly stopped, and didn't move for about two minutes. I thought he was done, but I was wrong.

He rammed his dick deep inside of me in one foul swoop. I couldn't contain myself any longer and screamed out in pain. As I screamed he pumped his dick in and out of me ferociously. As he pumped, I screamed louder and louder I couldn't contain myself. He finally got tired of my screams and covered my mouth with his hand, I just looked at him as my muffled scream bounced off his hand and back into my mouth.

His gaze was focused and determined. He began talking to me, between grunts, as he fucked me. "Talia, from today on, you're MINE. I better not ever smell another man on this pussy. or I'll kill you. and him" his voice was as cold as ice as he said it.

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He fucked me harder and deeper, and began hitting this spot on the inside of my body, that made me tingle, and before I knew it, my body had that same build up rising inside of it. I was still screaming as my body began to buck and shove and release all over his dick.

My body kept betraying me, and continued to mistakenly show him that I enjoyed this violent act that he bestowed on my body.

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His pumping slowed and I could feel his body tense up on top of me. I wanted to ask him, what was going on and as I opened my mouth, I felt something shoot up inside of me. Feeling this, I realized that he was cumming inside of me, I wanted to tell him to stop: I wanted to tell him that I wasn't on birth control.

But his hand still covered my mouth, so everything I said, came out in a muffle. He paid me no attention as he continually pumped his semen deep into my pussy as he made grunting noises, sounding vaguely like a cave man. Just as he began to stop and slow his movements, he looked at me and said. "As long as you are alive, this pussy is mine. If you ever deny me of this pussy, I will fucking kill you." He said, Shoving his dick inside me one last time before pulling out of me completely.

-----------------------------------------------------To be Continued ----------------------------------------------------------------- "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Sophomore Year" Coming Soon .