Pussy at the mercy of mistress

Pussy at the mercy of mistress
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"It was the stupidest thing you've ever made me read. I mean, chocolate starfish? Who the fuck would even use that as a comparison to someone's asshole?" I groaned, raising an inquisitive brow to my friend Jesse.

Her only answer was a shrug of her shoulders as she raised her hands above her head. "Apparently someone did," she chuckled. Let's face it, I'm a bit of a freak.

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Jess thought I'd like that stupid fifty shades of bullshit because it's right up my alley. If horrible writing were right up my alley. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me and all that.

It was hard for me to find a guy to play with like that. No one could keep up with my insatiable libido, despite all my looking. I took another long sip of my espresso as my blue eyes glared daggers into my friend. "Never. Again.

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A third grader could write better smut than that." "Really? I thought it'd be right up your alley with all the. stuff with the guy in the room and." Jess trailed off, looking awkwardly off to the side. Geez, I couldn't talk anything inappropriate with her in public.

"Sex, Jesse, just say it. Sex, doing the deed, banging, boning, bumping uglies, wham bam-" "Noooo thank you!" she squeaked, her flustered cheeks a cherry red.

All I could do was laugh at her embarrassment. "You'll never get laid at this rate, you nun," I chuckled.

In the middle of our conversation, we both came to a screeching halt as we watched a young man walk by. He looked more mature strutting around in a nice suit, maybe a bit young for Jesse's taste, but damn, I wanted to give that ass a pinch. "Whoo, Jess, get a load of that.

That right there is a statuesque god of chocolate thunder," I purred, loud enough for the young man to hear.

As her head turned, a bright flush of color flooded her cheeks again as she squeaked and turned away, noticing he was looking. "Sweet mercy, Katie, this is why I can't be seen in public with you!" she whispered nervously.

Gorgeous green eyes stared back at me as I gave the kid a flirtatious wave, that sweet smirk he gave in return giving me a few goosebumps. I'd take him home and have my way with him for a week straight if I could. Even if I didn't take him home, at least I made someone's day with a nice compliment. even though I was eyeing him like a piece of meat.


"Come on, Jesse, open up. Spread your legs a little," I teased. I always find it funny when other girls call me a slut.

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They're just mad because I get more meat than they do. But I've had a bit of a dry spell. I've gotten bored of taking so many vanilla guys home, and I just need one that'll take me like I need to be taken. It probably won't be this kid that I'm eyeing up right now, but damn do I wish it was. ----- Little did I know that this tasty morsel was going to be at the bar!

Well, it should've been expected with that classy look.

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Those bright green eyes caught sight of me in my little red dress, plunging neckline and short skirt catching the attention of many an eye other than his. Jess always said red was my color, and I'm sure everyone else eyeing the goods agreed. While I was busy waiting on my rum and coke, the young buck came walking up to me with a playful smile on his face.

"Didn't I see you this morning?" he hummed thoughtfully, leaning up against the bar on one arm. I turned to glance back at those pretty emerald eyes, raising a brow as my red painted lips gave a smile of their own.

"Maybe," I chuckled back, leaning off to the side to glance playfully at his ass. "Yep, definitely." The bartender dropped off the drink and I swiped it up in one hand, giving him a playful wink before turning back to my newest item of affection. I wasn't paying all that much attention to be honest, pretty sure he was just another confident kid who would end up not doing much for me. Didn't mean I couldn't admire and fantasise, though.

Now, if he were willing to get a little rough, I might be wanting to play a bit. "Her drinks are on me tonight, Gene," he called to the bartender, and with a nod, it looked like the deal was done.

I raised my brow with a smirk, sipping at my drink. "Oh, really?" I chuckled, answered by little more than a wave of his hand beckoning me to follow him to a dimly lit table. Who was I to deny free drinks and eye candy?

Rolling my eyes, I followed along, wide hips swaying playfully. He slipped into the booth, smoothly resting one arm over the back as he motioned to the seat next to him.

"So that's your trick? Buy a lady a drink and have her follow you like a lost puppy?" I teased, taking a sip of my drink. A bit strong, but it'd do.

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"Well, apparently I'm a statuesque god of chocolate thunder that deserves a little worship," he teased back, nodding to my comment this morning. An amused smile cracked on my face as I tilted my head, brown curls hanging over my shoulder.

Confident guy, couldn't have been past his mid twenties. It was rare for people my age to be in such a classy place like this; everyone else would have been out in the club or whatever.

But he and I were here, just flirting and having a couple drinks. At least I didn't have to go out and dance to some hip hop or techno whatever. My ass can shake rooms, and I don't need that kind of attention from horny teenagers. "Depends on if I believe in you," I teased back. "I don't worship just anyone." At that, his free hand came around to rest on the small of my back, giving me a firm tug closer as his eyes trailed down to my cleavage as my breasts pressed together against him.

A playful smirk tugged at the corner of his lip. "I'm real enough, are you?" Taking another sip of my drink, I was feeling bold enough to reach up and give each breast a squeeze. not like I don't do that without liquor anyways. No shame! "They definitely feel real enough. Au natural," I responded without even batting an eye.

He might've been a bit surprised, but not that much.

I showed how open I was this morning when I was at the café, and he certainly liked it enough to approach me at the bar when he found me again. "Any chance I'd get to verify?" I raised a brow and gave him a playful nudge.

"Only if you strap me down to the bed first," I chuckled. Damn, am I glad he took me seriously. ----- After we each had a few drinks, he called us a ride home. I was by no means shitfaced drunk, but watching me try and walk on four inch wedges was a laugh. He escorted me to the back of the car and helped me in before pulling me onto his lap. I could feel a nice bulge under me, and I couldn't help but give a playful wiggle of my hips to tease him.

He responded with a firm thrust as he grasped firmly at my hips, surprising me enough to bring a sharp moan from me that he took as leeway to keep going. He must've noticed the distinct lack of a pantyline because his hand slipped right under the silky skirt to press his thumb firmly against my clit, rubbing it in slow little circles as his other fingers dragged against the entrance to my wet snatch.

A pleasant shudder ran up my spine as I arched back to lay against him. With a shuddering breath, I whimpered back at him, "Hey, I-I thought I said only if you tied me to the bed." His response only made me melt in his arms. "When we get to the bed, we'll get around to it.

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I wanna hear you squeal first." The rough growl in his voice only made me more hungry for him. How often was I going to find a nice looking guy who was willing to be a little rough?

His fingers plunged into me, and I gasped and moaned with delight. I hadn't even thought of the driver until he was barked at to keep his eyes on the road. My eyes widened as I was tempted to try and cover up, but the hand that was once on my hip grasped at my thigh to pry them apart.

"Don't worry about him right now, Kate," he purred, more gently than I expected for such rough treatment. His fingers kept roughly pumping in and out of me, the wet, slick sounds sending shivers down my spine.


I knew for a fact I could smell my own juices, certainly the guys could, too. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of my thigh as he slipped in a third finger, making me writhe and moan. It felt so damn hot in the car, I'm not sure how we kept our clothes on.

Picking up the pace, my hips moved along with his hand, feeling his hot breath on the back of my neck that gave me goosebumps. "Come on, squeal for me," he growled, urging me on as I felt everything tense, desperate to let him work me up to a climax.

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All he needed to do was give me that firm bite on the back of the neck to send me over the edge. My thighs trembled as I arched my back, my voice going higher than I knew it went without me having to fake it. As I became little more than a puddle in his lap, he growled into the back of my neck and pulled his fingers, now dripping wet from my mess as he glanced back to the front seat. "Didn't I say keep your eyes on the road?" he huffed to the driver as he swerved back into the proper lane.