Amateur girlfriend filming her first anal sex

Amateur girlfriend filming her first anal sex
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My Little Sis Growing Up Part 4 Right after sis was 13 years old she got sick and had to be taken to the hospital. She was there for several days. The doctor told mom she had a real bad fever. After she got better we started playing around again. There was this heavy blanket that mom had used for a bunk bed that we no longer had any more. I asked her if I could have it to sit on at the barn. So she gave it to me. I immediately took it to the barn loft and spread it out on the straw.

Sis had reached the age of puberty and so when I would fuck her and almost ready to cum, I would pull it out and have her turn over on her tummy.

I would wet her little ass with my tongue and have her close her legs. I would slide my cock between her cheeks and have her close her legs pump her until I cum. It never occurred to me to try to stick it in that little hole as it looked so small. We spent a lot of time in the sixty-nine position too. We had a lot of fun playing with each other and trying to figure a way to do it different the next time.

Her little tits started budding out real nice and I started sucking on them. Sometimes she would take the head of my cock and rub them as she closed her eyes. She liked that too. I started sucking her pussy more and more.

I couldn't seem to get enough of it. Or should I say she didn't seem to get enough of me. I guess we become addicted to it. One day I told my friend I had a girlfriend and wanted to fuck her but afraid she would get pregnant.

He told me to come see him the next day. The next day I stopped by his house and he gave me two condoms. That following weekend mom had left the house and sis and I went to the barn. We took our clothes off and started playing with each other. She lay on top of the blanket. I got on my knees between her legs and proceeded to open the packet and pull the rubber out.

"What's that?" She asked. "It's called a condom or fuck rubber. I can wear this and fuck you and don't have to pull it out. You won't get pregnant either. My friend gave me two." Really!" She said excited as she spread her legs apart even more.

I lay it over the head of my bone and pulled my foreskin back and rolled it back as far as it would go. It fit tight as I slid the foreskin back down over the head. It was well lubed already. "That looks funny." She said laughing. "But it works" I replied as I lay on top of her. She guided it to the entrance. It slid in without effort. This was new to me too.

It felt much different. It definitely didn't have the same sensations as my bare cock sliding in her sweet pussy. I didn't want to pull my cock out of her pussy when I was ready to shoot my load. She liked the feeling of it shooting in her and the squishing feeling as my cock slid in and out. But that's how it had to be. I couldn't take the chances of getting her pregnant. So we enjoyed ourselves and took every advantage we could.

I noticed as was fucking her with this rubber it took longer for an orgasm to get built up. Maybe that was good for her as I started pumping her harder and faster. After about five minutes I felt an orgasm coming on. She had already started a slight moan as I locked my tongue with hers.

We held it for about a few minutes as she started to tremble digging her fingers in my back as our bodies met.

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Between the kiss and the speed she went into orgasmic spasms. she shot hot cum over my cock as I exploded as cum filled the rubber, but the sensations wasn't the same. It was the effects of kissing and her sucking my tongue that really turned me on. This time I needed it. I pumped her until I was drained. "I don't like the rubber." She said. "I don't either." I replied as I slid it off with my juices running out.

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I lay it to one side as I took a rag and wiped myself. Prone to the passion and taste of her pussy and cum, I slid down and buried my head between her legs and started tongue fucking and sucking her sweet little pussy. There was a slight taste of the rubber lube but her taste and pleasure of her pussy slipped my mind. "Hey, little brother! You think you can get away with just sucking me?

Turn around here, I want to do that too." She said. For the next fifteen to twenty minutes we sucked and tongue fucked until we both cum again. After everything was over, we laughed the experience we just had with the rubber. We decided not to use the second one, as it was more enjoyable doing what we were doing before. As we climbed down the ladder I dropped the unused rubber and the used one through the crack of the corncrib floor.

A couple weeks later I was sitting on the kitchen porch doing my homework when I overheard my oldest sister and mom talking in the kitchen. She asked mom if she had told sis about her not being able not to have children when she got married. Mom told her no, that she would tell her when she reached puberty and started having her periods.

My heart throbbed. She had definitely reached puberty already. I was so excited that I wanted to jump up and down with excitement. That was a relief to me. Now we could fuck like we use to. I sat there in the chair as my cock got hard just thinking about how good it felt the last time as I filled her up with my honey cream.


Even as I write this right now I've gotten a hard on, I'm masturbating with one hand and punching this keyboard with the other. That weekend as sis and I were sitting out back on the swing.

I told her what I heard. "Really!" She replied excited. At that time she didn't seem to be upset but more overwhelmed that we could fuck like we use to.

She looked over at me as she guided her eyes down my body as my cock was already hard and pushing up against the leg of my shorts. "We can't do anything or go anywhere now coz mom is standing there in the kitchen and probably looking at us. Besides I think you had better start wearing panty all the time now just in case you suddenly have your period if we are doing something.

"I told her. We had just gone for a swim and come to the house. Sis's fourteenth birthday was today. Back then a birthday was no big thing. Mom was in the kitchen baking a cake. She would always put all the nice trimmings on and it would be beautiful. It was a little after ten. We had an aunt Beverly over the mountain a mile or so.

Sis made a suggestion that we go visit her today. I thought that was a terrific idea and asked mom's permission. "Mom, can sis and I go visit aunt Beverly for awhile? We won't be gone long." "As long as you all will be back by four." She replied. "Okay, we will be back before then." Sis replied as she comes out of the bedroom.

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I grabbed a rag off the fence post and stuck it in my pocked on the way. Now, there was a lot of timber on the way. There were lots of pine trees in clusters that were low to the ground and some so big the branches dropped to the ground and one had to crawl under them to get inside. There was almost standing room beneath.

I cut off the path and over by the ravine. I use to hunt in the area a few years earlier and knew how everything was. She didn't question but instead followed. I held up a branch as she crawled under one of the big trees. Then she held it up for me. "What did ya' come over her for?" She asked looking at me with a smirk on her face. She knew why but didn't want to say and I didn't answer. She sat down on the thick mat of pine needles and looked up at me as I knelt down on my knees in front of her between her legs.

She slid her dress from beneath her butt. She was wearing panty now. I took her dress and slid it up over her head as she held her arms up. She lay back on the needles. I kind of liked that, pulling her panty off and all. Needless to say, my cock started getting hard already just thinking about her sweet little pussy. Her little tits were real pretty, as they seemed to sparkle in the lights.

They were just big enough to start sucking on good. She looked beautiful lying there in just her panty with her little tits sticking straight up nice and firm. She raised her butt as I slide her panty from beneath her. She raised her legs straight up as I pulled them up and off her feet. Being much lighter here than inside the barn loft, her beautiful little mound stuck out even more beautiful as I rubbed her smooth skinny legs. Being beneath the trees, seemed to set the right mood.

Like me, her body was slender. I lay her panty to one side as I slid my hands down her tummy between her legs letting the tip of my middle finger slightly part her pussy. She smiled. "God, you look so beautiful lying there." I told her. She smiled with a snicker. My cock was really hard now. She raise's up and reached over and unbuttoned my shorts.

Just as she reached the bottom button my cock popped straight out. She laughed even louder as she took hold of it and slid the foreskin back showing the whole head. I half stood up as my shorts dropped.

I pulled my shirt off and spread it out so she could lie on it. I folded my shorts for her a pillow. She lies back on the shirt and again spread her legs apart even more. Her pussy now had a little more dark hair but not heavy. "Straddle my tummy." She said. "Okay." I replied not knowing what she had in mind as I lowered to my knees. "Slide a little closer up here." She said as she patted between her little tits and chin.

I slid closer to her face being careful not to hurt her. "I want to see what you look like as I suck on it." She said as she wrapped her hands around my butt and started licking the head and sliding her tongue around it without taking her eyes off mine.

I leaned forward so her head would be relaxed on the pillow. As I did that she let it slide between her tightened lips letting just the head slid first then followed with the skin slowly into her mouth. She had it in almost all the way. It felt good and looked beautiful as I looked down at her. She wrapped her hands around my hips as I let my body give way to her push and pull as she started slowly sliding it in and out pulling me toward her more.

She took it from her mouth as she looked up at me smiling. She put her attention to my cock as she licked and sucked the head. She stuck the tip of her tongue on the tip as if trying to penetrate the hole and started licking up the vein.

She pulled the skin over the head as she wrapped her lips around it and blew. The skin puffed up all around it much bigger than the head as she slid her tongue inside, sliding around the head "Where did you learn that from?

It feels good. I told her. "I don't know. I just thought about it." She said laughing. "You really like doing those things don't you?" I replied. "Uh-huh." As long as it pleases you, I like it." She replied. "I like licking and sucking your pretty little pussy too. It tastes good too. And your cum taste good too. I replied.

She slid it back in her mouth as she shook her mouth from one side to the other in a vibrating motion as she made those funny yummy sounds.

At the same time she slid it deep in her mouth. I could feel the head against her tonsils as the back of her tongue massaged it as if she was trying to swallow it. She pushed it tight against her tonsils and back as she slightly gagged, then went back at it again. She pulled my cheeks as she pushed tight. I felt it go past her tonsils. God it felt good.

"What did you do, slide it down your throat?" "I think so. Did you like it?" She asked. "Yes but you didn't have to." "But I wanted to." She replied.

I was starting feeling an orgasm coming on. But I wanted to suck her pussy and work on her clit to have her get an orgasm first. I didn't want do deprive her of that after all she was doing to me. She had the skin over the head and was tongue fucking it. I didn't really want her to stop. "Are you trying to make me cum?" "No, I like doing this too." She replied.

"I want to suck your pussy before I cum." "Okay." She replied. I slid down between her legs until my face was between her legs. Then I discovered a problem.

My cock being bone hard didn't fit well on the pine needle pad. "I got a problem." I told her explaining the situation. "Okay." She replies as I turn around on top of her in the sixty-nine position?" "You like that better?" "Uh-huh." She replied.

I buried my face between her legs, as I smelled her wonderful pussy aroma. Her little mound stuck out perfect.

It seemed that I could slide my tongue deeper in it. Being puffed out, I could get more of it in my mouth. I spread her lips apart sliding my tongue the full length tasting her now heavy pre-cum as I pressed my lips tight against her mound sucking it out.

It felt as if her whole pussy was in my mouth as I sucked and tongue fucked her.

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She was getting easier to climax now. Her cum was becoming more plentiful and enjoyable. Before we found out she couldn't have babies, once I almost cum just sucking it as it flow out of her.

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One time she cum in my mouth as she lay on top of me hardly without warning. All I heard was a few low moans, then suddenly her trembling and vibrations on my face as it squirts out as I pumped my tongue in her. Now it was comforting to know we could play with out worry. "Fuck me hard with your tongue. Suck me hard and make me cum." She said as she pulled my butt down against her sliding my cock in her mouth.

I slid my tongue as deep as it would go flipping it back and forth in her as I pumped in and out. She started sucking my cock harder as she banged it against her tonsils again.

I was heading for an orgasm much faster if she kept that up. But she was definitely enjoying it. Suddenly she pulled tight against me. I felt it slide into her throat. She didn't wait for gag reflexes as she pulled me tight against her banging her lips against my mound of pubic hair. I paused momentarily to enjoy everything I was doing. It was awesome. At the same time my orgasm was getting stronger. She pulled it out and paused a moment, then slowly sucked.

I slid my tongue back to the entrance and slowly and steadily slid it full length up and down her clit. Suddenly she stopped sucking.

I knew that she was on the verge of a climax. Her passion was about to go out of control. I wanted to watch her cream boil out from that little hole but my passion and desire for her taste and suck it out of that little hole overpowered my wants. There would be another time. I sped up slightly as her body begins to quiver with short grunting moans as she let my cock slide from her mouth. Her moans were shorter as she begins to hunch as she pushed her pussy off the pad tighter against my face.

She lets out a loud moan as I felt her cum squirting over my tongue as I kept massaging her clit. I slid my tongue deep in her as my lower lip rubbed her clit.

She dug her well-groomed fingers into my back (she left marks once before) as she hunched letting out a couple deep slow moans. She cum's more this time than before. I held it in my mouth until she was finished.

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I savored the sweet taste of it as I swallowed little by little up the back of my tongue into my throat. She slowly let her body down to the pad. "I want to fuck you now sis and fill you with my love juices." "I want you to fuck me too." She said excited. I turned around as she spread her legs wide apart and in the air above us.

I slid up her tummy until my cock met her pussy. It would have slid in by itself, but she reached down and guided it in without effort as I slowly slid it deep in her. She felt so warm, so good and so awesome. It was always a tight fit. Maybe it was because my cock was getting bigger. She wrapped her hands around my head and pulled me to her and kissed me. "Open your mouth.

I want to suck on your tongue," She said as she closed her eyes. I slowly parted my mouth. She slid in her tongue pressing her lips into my mouth as she sucked my tongue as if she was starved.

I kept telling myself, "don't cum yet" as she sucked as if trying to suck it down her throat. I'm not sure if it was my tongue stretching or if it was that long but I could feel the back pallet of her mouth as she sucked.

I was slowly sliding out and back deep in her and at that moment grinding my body against hers as if trying to get deeper as we sucked each other's tongues.

I couldn't control my orgasm any longer as I started moaning as my body trembles. I shoved it deep in her for the last time and held tight against her as my cream shot out plastering deep in her. As we sucked tongues she moaned grabbing my butt pulling it tighter against her as she tried to hunch me.

I started pumping her as she raised her body to meet mine as I shot several more loads in her. "That felt good when you cum in me. I felt it hit me like a bullet" She said to me as she looked into my eyes in a laughing tone but without a smile.

"I know, I felt it hit you too." I replied. 'It feels good that way to me too." I rose up the full length of my arms as I slowly slid in and out of her as she watched my bare head slide out to the entrance and slowly back in as she would grunt and breathe deep. When it got to the back I would hunch her with a few short strokes several times. Sometimes I wish my cock would get soft after the first time but it never has.

It stuck straight out until it got soft. I lay on her tummy sliding on her with every stroke. Since that first day she cum, she has been so relaxed and excited and today was no exception. She wanted to experience new things in fucking.

She was learning too. Most of them were her ideas. I didn't know where she was learning them but I didn't really care. I had been looking at her cute little butt for some time now and wanted to fuck it but knew my cock was too big to squeeze in it. I had played with it a few times with my finger. She never did complain or say anything. Sometimes in the sixty-nine position I would put my lips over it and probe it with the tip of my tongue.

She would play with mine. But I would never try anything that might hurt her. "I want to cum again to get my cock soft but I don't know how long it will take." I told her. "I know." She replied.

As I lay there sliding on her tummy she looked at me and said: "Pull it out a minute." I rose up and let it slide out as she reached down and wrapped her hand around it sliding the foreskin over the head. "Now lay down a little." She said.

As I lowered my body she stuck the head of it at the opening of her butt. "That little hole is too small sis." I said. 'It wouldn't go in." "I want it in me there, please." She begged. 'Try it anyway" It was still against at the entrance as she took my hips in her hands and pulled slowly against her. "Okay, then relax and I will push it in if it will go, but tell me if you want me to stop, okay." I told her.

She let me go as I slowly pushed it against her. I could feel her gimp as the pressure got tighter. I turned around and started probing her little hole with my tongue and saliva, sliding my finger in it wetting it good.

I wet my cock and got on top of her again. "Okay. Lets try it again. Guide it to the hole" I said as I as she slid the foreskin forward and guided it to the entrance as she tried to tuck the tip of the foreskin in the hole.

I put a little pressure on it as I looked at her. Steadily I put more pressure on it. She started to have signs of pain on her face. "Let's not do this." I told her. "But I want to please," She said as she took my hips in her hands and pulled tighter and said, "Kiss me." "Then relax." I told her as I lowered my mouth to hers sliding my tongue deep in her as she tongue met mine and started sucking it.

I put a little more pressure. The head of my cock slid through my foreskin as it popped inside her. "Oooooo…Ouch" she moaned as she released the kiss. A painful frown covered her face. "Do you want me to pull it out?" "No no.

I'll be okay in a minute. After a few minutes she smiled a little and told me to slide it in slow as far as it would go. "I slowly slid it in watching every reaction on her face. I could feel her start relaxing as it slid deeper. It felt, good, tight and awesome. It was hot. I couldn't believe all my cock was in her little ass.

I knew that it wouldn't take long to blow my load. I slid it in and out at about one-inch intervals a few times then slowly slid in and out of her full length. Soon she was trying to meet my strokes as she pulled me against her with the heels of her feet against my butt.

Another orgasm started coming on as I slowly pumped her. She pulled me down and kissed me again that passionate way. She seemed to enjoy doing that even more now. When she did that my orgasm started coming on stronger. Her tongue taste good, and having the same effect as I fucked her little asshole.

She locked her tongue around mine as I picked up speed. Suddenly with all the passion, I moaned spilling all the cream I had in me. I release the kiss as I told her, "Happy Birthday sis. I just cum in your little butt." She laughed. "I thought you had forgotten about my birthday. "Never. I just wanted to wait until I could have my cock in you today." Is this my gift from you?" "Yes." I replied.

"You sure have pleased me today. This is the best birthday present I could have ever gotten." She replied. I have one more thing to give you but later." "What is it?" She begged. "Its something you have never had before. But I think you will like it. I replied. I had seen this big downed tree on a flat around the hill last year while hunting. I'm sure it would still be there. As I was fucking her I got myself a terrific idea. This was a good time to check and see if it was still there.

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If so, then she would get her surprise. We had better go before it gets too late. We're only halfway there.

"There's a little spring over there we can wash," I told her as I took the rag from my shorts pocket I had pulled from the fence post and gave it to her. The spring was ice cold but she didn't seem to mind. It definitely shrunk my cock. We walked on across the mountain.

It was unusual for someone not to be at home but the doors were closed. We knocked on the door several times. Finally we went to our cousin Mr. McKinley's house two doors over. They told us they had gone to a get together or something in a truck.

"Bitha was getting dinner (lunch) and invited us to eat if we wanted to. We agreed. We stayed there a couple hours as we hadn't seen them for a long time. It was after one o'clock when we decided to leave. "When they get home, tell them it was my birthday and we come to see them.

But we will come back again pretty soon." Sis said. "I'll tell them. You children be careful going home." They replied. We started walking back up the hill. We still had plenty time before four. We always enjoyed going through the woods together even before we started learning to fuck. So this was something we were enjoying now. When we were much to young to get out in the woods alone, mom would take us for walks with her.

As we grew older we would go for walks through the open area of the woods and fields collecting nature for school. I managed to go in the general direction of that big fallen tree. It must have been near three feet in diameter and lying there for several years.

The bark had come off with time and it was nice and smooth. It was lying almost under the same group of pine trees as we stopped on the way over. As we approached the tree I had her stop about twenty feet away and close her eyes. I knelt and pulled her panty down as I asked her to step out of them. "Okay, just keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them. You will be all right." I told her as I led her up to the log.

I took her dress and slid it over her head. And then had her bend over the log. She always trusted me in everything I asked of her. I knelt down and slid my tongue between her sweet pussy lips and wet it good.

I dropped my shorts and shirt and walked up to her. My cock had gotten bone hard in the process. I slowly slid my middle finger between her legs and slid it in her soft warm pussy and back out then quickly slid over the log and stood almost against her with my cock in her face. "Okay, you can open your eyes now as I took the little nipples of her little tits and started massaging them between my fingers.

"Your turn first." I told her as she looked at my cock and grinned. I lay my hands under her armpits as I slid my cock forward to her waiting mouth. She wrapped her hands around my waist pulling me sliding it as far as she could and started sucking up and down on it as saliva built up in her mouth and dripping out every time she would let it slide out to her lips as she slurped.

"I'm going to swallow it." She said as she pulled it from her mouth. "Okay, if you want to." I replied as I slid my hands gently along her cheeks and below her ears as my fingers slid along and on the sides of her throat. She slid it in as I felt the head touch her tonsils. She started to gag and pulled back. On the second try she took a deep breath and pulled me against her again.

I felt her throat slightly expand, her lips clamping around the base of my cock as she jerked it several times as if trying to swallow before she slid it out. "Did that feel better?" She asked. "Yes babe, it feels better each time you do it. I replied. "One of these times I want you to cum in my throat to see what it is like." She said. "I think I would like that too." I replied "It's my turn now." I said. She held on to my hips a couple minutes as I felt her tongue going in circles around the head with the skin around her tongue.

Finally she let it slide from her lips as she tightened her lips around it on the way out. I crawled over the log and took my place behind her as I slid my bone slowly between the lower part of her butt as it glided into her wet pussy from my tongue and now her pre-cum, discovering places never touched before.

She gasped with every stroke. "Are you okay sis?" "Yes." She replied in a low tone. It feels so good. I've never felt it like that before. Where do you have it?" "I am banging you on top in front." I replied. I assumed I was banging her g-spot as it was driving her crazy as I gently pumped her in short strokes.

I didn't want her to lose those feelings. Not only was it driving her crazy, it was turning me on fast. Then in a few minutes she started moaning fiercely loud.

I pumped her faster. I'm glad we weren't doing this in the barn. Surely mom would have heard her. She started cumin as she had never before as my load shot through my bone and erupted deep in her as I held it tight against her. "Oh god, that feels awesome." She said as she moaned. When she could speak she asked, "What did you do to me?" "I don't know but if it makes you feel like that l want to do it again." I replied.

I could do it the rest of the day." She said looking around at me and smiled. I slowly pumped her and with each stroke banging that same spot.


"That feels so good little bro. "She moaned. Another orgasm started coming on. I must have pumped her slowly for five to ten minutes more. "I'm going to cum again." I told her, as her pussy started contracted each time I slid it in and out.

My load rushed out my cock as I shoved it against her holding it tight. I held it there until I could feel no more then started pumping her until it got soft.I shot several loads deep in her before my cock went limp. We walked over to the branch. She straddled the small stream coming out of the hill. "Let me wash you." I said to her as I squatted down and reached under her feeling our cum still dripping out. "Okay." She said. I straddled the stream of water and scooped the cold water up splashing her little pussy.

It was cold but felt good as I slid my finger between her lips and feeling her soft hairy mound it. She was really wet with cum. I gently washed it until it felt clean. She reached between my legs and took hold mine as she scooped water and washed me as she slid the foreskin of my soft cock. "It's shrinking." She said as she laughed. We put our clothes on and took our time going on to the house.

Mom wasn't home so we took our shorts mom had hung on the clothesline to dry and went to the creek to bathe. "When can we do it on the log again?" She asked. I liked that. How did you know how to do it that way?" "I don't know.

I just wanted to fuck you from behind to see what it was like." "Did you like it better that way?" She asked. "I like fucking you any way, but I like the way it made you feel like that. 'We'll do it again pretty soon." I replied. About a half hour later we heard mom calling up.

I answered her and we walked to the house and put dry clothes on. Mom later called us to supper as she asked about our trip across the mountain. She had decorated the cake and had it in the middle of the table with a special doll for her collection. It was a nice supper for the three of us. Needless to say, we left our marks on that log many times after. Find out in Part 5