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Faye's POV: 3 hours after Lil Greg and Dakota's births It's been a long day as I stand between Jasmine and Diamond's hospital beds. They were given a shared room as asked by one of the young men I call son. Heath has made it clear he wanted the best for both Jasmine and Diamond. It's around 10 at night that Diamond is asleep leaving Jasmine and I the only ones awake. Hannah and the guys left for home to relax for the night.

I make my way to the chair next to my niece, but she hasn't been my niece for a long time now. That fateful day when she was 12 years of age my sister and brother in law died in a car wreck. I still remember when Child services brought Jasmine to me a few days later. She was so scared feeling alone until I told her she would never be alone.

Every since that day I had taken over as both mother and father trying to make her life the best I can, Sometimes I wish my sister was alive especially now to see her handsome grandson sleeping in his crib. I look at Jasmine seeing how beautiful she has become. After giving birth she still has a glow to her face. I take her hand in mine smiling at her.

" How are you feeling honey?" I ask being the concerned aunt or mother " Besides the pain in my vagina I feel worn out." She tells me with a smirk " Aww honey, I remember when you were born.

Your mother swore like a sailor because of the pain." I tell her as we giggled " Yeah I could see her doing that." Jasmine says pausing before looking up at the ceiling only to continue " I just wish both dad and mom were here. They would be so happy right now." " I know honey, but who says they aren't looking down at you and the baby." I say as Jasmine turns her head looking at my eyes " Mom I am just glad you have been here with me." She tells me as I am stunned before smiling " You haven't called me mom in a long time.

I have so missed that from you Jazzy." I tell her with a tear sliding down my right cheek " I am sorry mom guess I was afraid you would leave me." Jasmine tells me with a tear of her own " My beautiful niece.daughter you will never lose me. I will always be here for you honey.

I haven't said this much, but I am so very proud of you." I tell her with a sincere smile " Aww thank you mom I love you so much." She tells me with a smile " I love you too Jazzy honey." I tell her with a bright smile We are quiet as something hit's me from earlier when Heath was here.

I glance into her eyes before getting curious. " Jasmine sweetie I noticed earlier you just stared at Heath like he was a ghost. What was it you seemed to see?" I state asking her very curious " Um mom I was looking at Heath's eyes." She tells me as I look at her confused " What about his eyes hun?" I ask being very confused " Well they use to be bright to the point of glowing in the light." She tells me as I think of his eyes As long as I have been around them they have always looked as blue the the deep ocean.

I still wonder what she meant by ' bright to the point of glowing'. " Jasmine are you sure your alright?" I ask getting a nod with a smile " Yes mom and I am telling you the truth. When you go home just look on my laptop for a file that says HSHSP.


You will see what I mean." She tells me as I just nod to her answer We talk a bit more until Heath comes in over to Jasmine and I. I get up to give my son a hug as he returns the embrace.

I break the hug to look up into his eyes. They are the same as before, but there is something different. There was a hint of blue slowly showing. Was what Jasmine told me true? Was Heath's eyes once bright blue to the point they glowed? I guess my curiosity was getting to me.

" Momma Faye you alright?" Heath my son asks I guess catching me staring " Yes honey just wondering if your doing ok." I say covering what I really was curious about " I'm doing good mom. It finally sinked in my head I am a daddy for the first time." He answers with a smile " Yes you are baby plus a sexy uncle." Jasmine says getting us to laugh quietly " So how are you doing darlin?" He asked his love being concerned " Well baby let's just say you won't be putting anything into me for awhile." She says with some sadness " Darlin it's all good we can still cuddle and play other ways." He says with a wink at Jasmine I turn to see Jasmine smiling before nodding cupping her right breast.

" Your right baby my breast do need attention." She says as as I see Heath licking his lips " Ok you two I don't need to see that, and besides your sister is asleep besides the babies so no oral play right now." I say as we all three laugh Before long Heath tells me Adam is waiting for me down stairs.

I give Jasmine a hug as well as Heath. I go over and give Diamond a kiss on her forehead. She doesn't wake up as I step away over to check on the babies. Both are sleeping soundly as I smile seeing these two cute babies that I have adopted as my own grand babies.

I gave them each a gentle kiss telling them both I loved them. I left the hospital room making my way down to the waiting room to see my youngest son waiting for me. We make our way to his car around 1 a.m.

to only go home. Adam gets us home 10 minutes later to only go to his room to sleep. I make my way up to Heath and Jasmine's room after locking the front door.

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Once in their room I find her laptop and start looking for the file she told me about. Once open I find it's filled with pictures of Heath. I sit there in awe as my beautiful niece or should I say daughter really is in love with Heath. I look through the pictures from the oldest to recent seeing a change in his eyes.

I feel sadness as I look at the eyes of the man I call son. I then remember the past few years of bits and pieces of all that has been told to me of his past. I understand now of why those bright blue eyes that are like sapphires have turned into the color of the deep blue ocean.

I exit out of the pictures only to turn off her laptop. I leave the bedroom only to go to mine. I walk in to find Hannah's clothes on the floor making me giggle. I shut the door only to start undressing. I take my shirt off followed by my bra. I cup both my breast feeling how amazing they always feel. I undo my jeans un zipping them. I look at Hannah in the dark sliding my right hand down into my jeans. I don't wear panties as they restrict my playing. I find my hairy pussy nice and warm as I place a finger on my clit.

I find it's hard to the touch. My give it a few rubs thinking of Hannah being between my legs. I guess watching Jasmine and Diamond give birth caused a affect on me. I take my jeans off to go over to the bed and slowly lay on Hannah. I place my head on her left shoulder to whisper into her ear. " Hannah baby are you awake honey?" I ask getting some movement " Yes baby I am honey. Are you ok sexy love?" She answers placing her arms around me " Yes I am now sexy, but so wanting you.

Please Hannah baby make love to me." I say as Hannah rolls us to only be on top She looks down into my eyes with a smile. " Anything for you my darling." She tells me placing her lips on mine giving me a kiss Hannah kisses me passionately only to break the kiss making her way down. She plants kisses along my body to the one spot I desire her.

I spread my legs more as she reaches my labia lips. I look down to see a smile as her tongue snakes out. Before I know it Hannah starts licking my slit up and down as I cup my breast again. I let out a moan feeling a finger on my anal back door.

She knows exactly how to get my fire started. I tilt my head back with a moan as I speak to where she can hear me. " Please Hannah love me baby." I say feeling my orgasm starting to build up ===================================================================== ?????

POV: I'm standing in the hospital in the middle of VA. I look in the nursery and see two little boys.they both have the last name THOMPSON. I came out here to find a Heath Thompson which I have. Greg has his father's eyes while the one call Dakota does not.well he has one anyway. I know that I am loosely affiliated with Tyrone so I don't move too much so as not to bring suspicion upon myself.

Both boys look so handsome in their little outfits. I hear a noise to my Heath approaches me. "Hello can I help you?' He asks with a protective voice as I notice two guys standing behind him. I quickly respond " Oh I just love babies and I noticed two new handsome boys today." I say quickly as he smiles as he tells me about them " The little guy on the left is my son and the on the right is my nephew Dakota.

They are my reason to live." Heath tells me as I smile then nod to him " I think they will grow up to be strong men like their father/uncle. I have to get going gentlemen.I hope you have a great day." I say turning as they wished me a good day as well As I walk away I smile to myself as I think.Don't worry Heath your family will be taken care of.

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===================================================================== After two days at the hospital, and the doctors released both mothers as well as the newborns. It's Tuesday morning as we are all in the living room talking about the next few days. I smile as I take turns holding my son and nephew. I never knew that I could love something so much as I do these two little bundles of joy. I watch as Jazz and Diamond both giggle at me as I love on the boys or when Jack takes them as he acts like he has the most priceless irreplaceable glass vase in existence.

Hannah loves on the boys as does Faye. Faye keeps telling them that grammie loves them and will do this or that when they get older. It's about that time that something in me breaks as I excuse myself for a few minutes. Adam quietly follows me outside as I sit on a bench and think about some people that I haven't in a long time. I wish that my family was here to see this. My parents would be just like Faye is.loving on the boys like they were the greatest gift from God.which to me I think he sent them to me to make sure I didn't do anything really stupid again.

I wonder if Michelle and Travis had kids and what they would think about the little boys that I had fathered. I wonder what my god parents would be saying.I guess Chris has probably given them multiple grand kids since he was still with Selena and Tiffany and they were so happy that Christmas years ago.

About that time I feel a hand on my shoulder as I see my brother walk around to join me on the bench outside. " Penny for your thoughts bro?" Adam asks as I smile back as I speak from the heart " Do you think the girls would be mad if I sent pictures of the boys to people they don't know?" Adam looks at me as I see concern before I continue,"They are my god-parents and when I left years ago I know that I hurt them and I shouldn't have.

I know that they loved me as a son and I think they'd love to see their grandson and great nephew." Adam nods and tells me to ask the girls I smile as we head back into the living room. When we get back inside both Jazz and Diamond ask if I'm alright. I tell them yes as I had some thinking to do. Jazz looks worried as I start to explain, " Jasmine,Diamond how do you feel about me sending pictures of the boys to some people you don't know?" I ask as both look between the other as Jazz looks at me "Your family?" I nod to her answer " When my family abandoned me my god-parents Mike and Ellie took me in.

They had a son named Chris. Chris dated Selena whose parents are Kiko and Nate. I dated a girl named Tiffany in high school and her parents are Verna and Ricky." The family all starts to nod as Jazz knew Chris,Selena and Tiffany but I guess she sensed what was coming next as I continued " Kiko, Verna and Ellie became mothers to me.well acted more motherly as they always were like mothers to me.

I caught Chris having sex with Tiffany and Selena the night before graduation and that's why I left how I did. Now that I'm a little older I realize that I probably ripped their hearts out as they lost of a son and I never told them good bye in the right way. It was just a phone call of "you don't want a nuisance around so I'm out" kinda phone call.


I want to send them a picture of my son and my nephew so they know that I'm doing alright." I look to see my family smiling as Jazzy answers me "Heath baby I think that will be a good thing and I don't mind them knowing that you have a son and that they are grandparents." Jasmine says as Diamond nods as well " Sugar please do it as I think it will take a load off your chest." Diamond says with a smile I ask Jack to grab his digital camera as I get smiles from everyone.

When he gets back into the living room I have a picture taken of LG and me, then Dakota and me and finally one of me and the boys. I have more taken of Jack,Adam and myself.

Some of my new sisters and of course my beautiful girlfriend and myself. Jack sets the camera on the coffee table after pulling it out some. He sets the timer as everyone gets in position.

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Once a few pictures are taken Jack goes to get his camera. Jack shows me that they came out awesome and asks how many couples I wanted. I answered 13 and explained " I know that all my god parents will want one and we each want their own."I explain getting a nod from him My family smiles as Adam and Jack run to the closet shop with a photo department that happens to be a Wal-mart.

I start my letters to my extended family.' Dear insert name. I wanted to let you know that my family has grown with some new additions. I had a son born that is named Gregory Bobby Thompson.

I also have nephew born Dakota Jarred Thompson. I have added two new sisters to my family Diamond and Hannah. Diamond is Dakota's biological mom.

I have also added two brothers, the goofy one is Jack and the other is Adam. They have been great friends and have been there for me through the hard times. Here is picture of my girlfriend and her name is Jasmine. This lovely lady that is hugging us is her aunt Faye who has become like a mom to me as you have. I want to apologize for leaving how I did years ago and I hope that you can forgive me as I still love you.

I hope that you are all well and that the years have been good to you. I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Your nephew/son Heath'. As I finish the letters I ask Jack to drive a hour away to Tennessee and mail them for me. He looks at me before I tell him I want them sent, but if they try to find me they are looking in the wrong place. He nods and tells me he will send them out tomorrow. As I put my little guys down for a nap I tear up as I tell them something, 'Guys one of these days I promise you will meet 3 loving grandmothers and 3 super tough but loving grandfathers.' I kiss the boys goodnight as I prepare to go to back down to the living room to join my family.

It's around 3 p.m. that I am holding my awaken son on the couch. Jasmine and Diamond are sitting on either side of me. Faye is holding Dakota who is being quiet as is Lil Greg. We were all talking about the boys when Jasmine looks over at Adam who is sitting in my chair.

" Adam hun why have you not held either of your nephews yet?" She asks getting our attentions I look over at him to see him debating to answer her. He looks at all of us before looking at Lil Greg and Dakota. Adam looks into Jasmine's eyes before he does answers. " Sis I just don't want to drop them, or hurt them." He answers finally as Jasmine looks at him intently Before I knew it Jasmine asked for our son.

I handed him to her after she stood up. Jasmine stepped over to Adam telling him how to situate his arms. My beautiful Jasmine placed Lil Greg in his arms. He seemed a little reluctant at first until he looked down at Lil Greg's face. Jasmine sat on the right arm rest of the chair with a smile. After a few minutes he handed his nephew back to Jasmine before standing up making his way to Hannah and Faye.

He asked to hold Dakota in which it was funny to see momma Faye reluctantly let go of her grandson. She stood to hand Dakota to Adam. I watched as Adam's face lit up looking down into Dakota's. It was a warm hearted moment as Adam was beginning to take that next step out of his shell. Adam looked over at Lil Greg then back to the nephew in his arms before speaking to both. " I will be the best uncle I can be to you and your twin." He says making us confused " Twins?" I ask as he chuckles " Think about it bro they were born the same day except Lil Greg 30 seconds before Dakota here." Adam says as I do think about it and nod with a smile After a few more minutes Adam hands Dakota back to momma Faye before returning to where he sat.

That afternoon went by with Jasmine and Diamond breastfeeding the boys. I laid by Jasmine as she fed Lil Greg as Hannah did the same with Diamond.

This was a experience that we all shared. Hannah looked over at me with a smile. " Heath thank you for giving Diamond and I a baby that will bring us ever so closer together.

I hope that one day when I feel it's time that you will give me a gift of experiencing child birth." She tells me as my expression is one of happiness and shock " Hannah first off your welcome, second you sure you would want me to be the man to give you a baby?" I say asking her with concern Hannah looks between both Lil Greg and Dakota who are both sucking milk from their mothers breast before looking at me.

" Yes my loving brother as you are the only man I could see myself with even if it is for one night, but like I said maybe one day when I am ready to be with a man." She tells me as I just nod accepting her words It's about 6 p.m. when Jack and Faye have dinner done that we all eat as a family. The talk is of a big family shopping trip tomorrow which is Christmas Eve.

I think of what I want to get those that I deeply call my family. A smile comes upon my face as I think of the perfect gift again. As dinner is over and done. I help Jasmine and Diamond back to the living room while the others cleaned up. I sat between them both as they snuggled up to me. I hand my arms around them pulling them closer to me.

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My beautiful girlfriend who I loved, and my beautiful sister who was also my lover. I thought of how my life was coming along as I could only smile. Christmas finally comes with no worries as I wake to hearing both my son and nephew crying.

I get up going to the crib in our bedroom. Once to the crib I see a sight as they are both wide awake crying. I chuckle as I place my hand gently upon their tummies as they suddenly stop their weeps. I look at them both in the eyes as they look up at me. Lil Greg's eyes are like mine used to be where Dakota's has one brown and one bright blue. With a smile on my face I now know Dakota was conceived out of love as was my son. I pick them both up in my arms as they just keep looking up at me.

I stand there with a warm feeling running through me as I smile. " Merry Christmas you too although you don't know yet to what that means yet." I tell them placing a kiss on each of their foreheads I let the two ladies sleep as I make my way down stairs to make some coffee.

Lil Greg and Dakota coo as talking between themselves which is cute. As I enter the kitchen I find Jack already fixing coffee.

" Good morning Jacman bro, Merry Christmas." I say to him as he turns with a smile " Good morning bro back at you." He says coming over to smile at his two little nephews before saying " And Merry Christmas to the both of you also." He pulls my chair out as I take a seat holding the two in my arms.

He sits in the chair on my right. Both the boys are just looking up at me with slight smiles before looking around the room. Jack tells me he plans to make the house child proof before his nephews show signs of crawling and walking. I laugh saying that would be a good idea especially if they were anything like I was as a toddler.

He laughs saying the same as the coffee gets to be almost done. It's about 5 minutes later Adam comes in placing a hand on my left shoulder leaning down with a smile looking at his two nephews. He tells them what Jack and I have already before sitting on the left side of the table close. Jack gets up to fix his coffee and mine.

Adam gets up to get his as Dakota starts to cry. Adam races over to see what's wrong when we both sniff knowing why. He laughs at my face that is contorted. " Give me my nephew here I'll change his poopy diaper." My brother tells me taking Dakota from me before he continues " Come here you as Uncle Abs changes your diaper." I just chuckle as Jack returns with our coffee's. Adam walks off to change Dakota, but after i told him to be quiet as his sisters were still asleep.

As Jack and I sip on our coffee's Lil Greg starts to cry as Jack and I look at each other before he sighs. " Hand him here I'll go change his diaper as well." Jack states as I chuckle Here is the guy that says he would never change a poopy diaper, but as he takes Lil Greg from me I just smile knowing he will be there regardless of the situation.

As he leaves the kitchen with my son I sit there thinking of the day ahead. I come to realize even though none of us are not related it's the love we hold for one another that makes us a true family. I look around the kitchen that I have sat in for the last 4 years, and hope that where ever she is that Grandma May is watching us make this house come alive with love and happiness.

I feel a warmth start to flow through me as if she is smiling telling me she loved us all. It's not long I feel two arms wrap around me then a kiss on my left cheek as another kiss on my right cheek. I smile knowing Jasmine and Diamond are up. After I give them each a kiss on the lips before they go get some ice tea to drink.

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I look at them intently seeing their bodies. I know it will take time for the baby fat to go away, but I think of something that may help. The house has a garage which could be turned into a small gym. I make a mental note to ask Jack what he thinks about getting weight lifting and exercise equipment for all of us to use.

As the two beauties take the chair's Adam and Jack sat in I see them with smiles. " Ok what are you both smiling about?" I ask as they giggle " Oh that you took care of the babies while letting us sleep a little longer.

And plus it was nice to see their uncles changing diapers." Jasmine tells me as Diamond nods We talk about the day as our family all come into the kitchen. Except this time the boys are being carried by their grandmother Faye. I chuckle as she is looks like a protective lioness to her cubs. After breakfast is made and ate we make our way to the living room to open gifts.

We lay the boys on a pallet on the floor so they can stretch out. As gifts are opened and smiles I get up to retrieve 6 small boxes for my family. They all look at me confused as I return handing them each a box. I stand as they open them as I get wide eyes from each. " Heath what are these son." Faye asks as I chuckle " Tradition." I answer as she opens the locket with a smile before she continues " Awww honey it's wonderful as it's the picture you took yesterday morning." " Yep figured it would be perfect for my family." I say with a big smile Each one smiles as they take the ones from last year off only to put this years locket's on.

I sit down by my son and nephew as they reach up playing with the mobile that Adam got them to play with. I chuckle as Lil Greg and Dakota coo at the hanging shapes. I watch as Jack leaves going towards the kitchen.

I look over at Adam who just shrugs with a smile. I get the feeling him and Jack are up to something as I see Jack coming back with his hands behind his back. Once he gets in the living room he keeps his hands behind his back. He clears his throat to get the others attention. " Adam and I came up with a gift that will protect this family.

Ever since last July we wanted to get something that would guard the house while my brothers and I were at college this year. And since the boys are young it will be a perfect protector for them. So we looked around on weekends and found the perfect protector.

He was saved by the ASPCA we adopted him. We thought this would give him a second chance at being with a caring and loving family" Jack says bringing his hands around holding a pitbull " Meet Batman he is 2 months old and house broken, and also trained to accept commands" Adam says moving to get the pup " Um guys he won't hurt the boys will he?" Jasmine asks being very concerned " No sis he won't just watch." Jack says as Adam moves over to the boy's and I We all watch as Adam lets the pup sniff both my son and nephew before he comes to sniff me.

He licks my hand before going over to all the family. Then out of amazement he comes back over to the boys that are laying on the floor and lays at their feet. I look up at my brothers who have smiles as I look at their gift.

" Well I guess he knows what is important to this family, but why the name Batman?" I exclaim asking them both " Well we figured it would suit him as Batman is a protector as well strong with attitude." Jacman says as Abs nods agreeing " Well he is cute I will say that guys, but the first time he bites either of your nephews he is gone you understand?" Momma Faye says as they nod in agreement After all the gifts are open and we see Batman is being a good dog.

Jack, Faye, and Hannah go to start Christmas dinner.

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The rest of us talk watching movies with the occasional changing the boys diapers in which Batman follows every time as protecting his new friends. It's funny to see him get up the stairs as I have to pick him up every time, but get a lick on my face as a reward.

I have to admit he does seem like the right dog for this family. He mostly sticks around Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, momma Faye, and the boys. Adam and I smile knowing he will be just fine protecting those that we vowed to.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kaye's POV: I sit alone in my living in a house I am renting. I came to the east coast to watch over someone I hope will forgive me one day. I look at the picture of a newborn I took on my cell phone Sunday night. He is so cute as is the baby next to him.

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My Christmas dinner is some re heated chicken I had got yesterday. I watch some family movie on t.v. which makes me miss the years I was young when my mother was alive. I talked to my best friend earlier wishing him a Merry Christmas.

He wished me the same back telling me he had things under wraps to my whereabouts. I told him thanks before we hung up. I have my glass of wine around 4 p.m. just enjoying the day the best I can. My heart wants to get in my car and go to someone I consider a brother, but I can't not just yet as the time isn't right. I have to stay in the shadows to protect him plus those around him.

I vowed that first day to be the protective sister that his own can't be. I watch from afar when he is in college as well at home. I am just glad my car has heat or my butt would freeze. I swipe my pictures to find a few of my step mother who I love as my own mother. I feel so sorry for her as life has not been the same for her.

The times I heard the sobs come from her. The times I seen her daughter make her cry was uncalled for. I know it was because of my twisting her kids minds helping my bastard of a father. I can't help but feel sadness, but at the same time it's the reason I am here to make things right. As to the man I love well I hope one day her changes to the way he once was. I shake these thoughts away for now only to take a sip of my wine looking at my list of things that need to be done.

I have a time table of when the moment my ass hat father will catch wind of where Heath is, but I will be there to keep him from getting close. I have information of one that my father talks to. I only know he goes by G, but his name is never said in the memo's my friend has intercepted. I do know they have known each other for many years.

I know I am staying ahead of them as to they have no idea where Heath is. I guess their people are nothing like my best friend. I giggle knowing he will always have my back as I have his.

As I come to the picture of Heath I can only smile knowing I do have some family here, but I don't have that extra courage to confront him yet. All I can say is I hope with all my heart that he can forgive me. I let out a sigh before raising my wine glass up before I speak aloud. " Merry Christmas my loving brother. I so much want to be in your life more then I can say about Michelle the bitch." I end my speech with a sip before going back to the movie ===================================================================== It's around 7:30 that were all in the living room after a great dinner.

Faye is holding Lil Greg as Hannah holds Dakota on the couch. Jasmine, Diamond, and I are on the couch also on cuddling.

Jack and Adam are in the recliner's relaxing as we all watch a movie. Batman is laying at Faye and Hannah's feet. He has been a great puppy dog so far not barking or anything. He lets us know when he has to us the bathroom. As we all just relax and enjoy each other's company I hear Faye say something that catches my families attention. " Lil Greg sure has Heath's eyes." Momma Faye says as everyone looks at her then at me " Um mom I think Heath doesn't have bright blue eyes." Adam says as she looks at him realizing what she said " Son he um use to." She says in a worried tone " Faye what do you mean use too?

The whole time we have been coming around they been a very dark ocean blue." Hannah says as Jasmine sighs " Be right back everyone." Jasmine says getting up making her way to the stairs I sit there thinking of my eyes from years ago until now.

I let out a sigh knowing of what caused they to turn.It's not long that Jasmine returns with her laptop. She stands in front of everyone with the screen facing us. With pictures slowly flashing of me before she starts speaking. " Everyone momma Faye is right about Heath. His eyes use to shine bright back in school. I caught pictures of them through the years. Yes baby I stalked you back then as I fell for you then." She says as everyone gets where they can see my eyes in old pictures to recent ones she took before continuing " The reason they have changed so much is his hurt and pain.

I want those beautiful bright blue eyes back." She pauses again only to look at me " Baby i don't care how long it takes i will make those eyes of your glow bright blue again." I get up making my way to her as Jasmine places the laptop down on the coffee table.

I place my arms around her as she places her hands on my chest looking into each other's eyes.

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" Babe I know you will because you would stop the world if I asked." I tell her getting a smile and nod " Anything to make you happy my love." Jasmine says as I lean down to kiss her lips deeply After I break the kiss I take her back to the couch in the places we sat only minutes before.

She grabbed her laptop so she could show me her background which consisted of us all and the boys. It was the same picture I had as mine on my phone. Jasmine giggled telling me she snagged my phone to get the picture as she wanted it. I chuckled knowing she was a sneaky one, but loving in every way. The boys Lil Greg and Dakota were hungry around 9 p.m.

so I helped Jasmine and Diamond to our room, but I got at the head of the bed with Jasmine laying up against me.

Faye brought in a crying Greg handing him to Jasmine who bared her breast taking her shirt completely off before. Diamond did the same as she laid against Hannah who handed Dakota to her girlfriend before getting on the bed like I was. We talk with Faye sitting on the side of the bed Jasmine and I are on. After about a hour both boys are fed and changed as we place them in their crib they share.

Hannah and Faye leave for their room as Jasmine, Diamond, and I decide to get some sleep from a long day. As I hold both of them I smile knowing next Christmas will be better with the boys being a year old. ===================================================================== Michelle POV: It's Christmas night and I can't wait for this year to be over.

I meet an awesome sweet guy over spring break, but those damn brats that hung around the bed wetter ruined it. Travis has been avoiding me more and more as Trey and he always go out. Keisha left me high and dry to 'live' with some new friends.Stupid bitch. And everything seems to remind mom of the waste of humanity I have to call my brother. As I fall asleep I think of Adam and how he takes me to be his and his alone. As my dreams continue they turn to my mother, Travis and me being at home as I hear a doorbell saying it must be my fiance Adam.

I run to the door giddy like a school girl. I open the door and I see its my little brother whose been away for years.I hug him and welcome him home.

I call out to mom and Travis,"Guys heath came home!' I hear running as they hug him. we talk for a bit and then I blink my eyes and there are about a dozen kids all running around as I ask,'Where did all these kids come from?' Heath smiles,'Shellie say hi to your nieces and nephews.' I smile because I love kids so much.

I blink again and now I'm in a small apartment all alone with only a small tree that looks like it came out a Charlie Brown cartoon.

and by it stands my dad. I ask him, " Daddy where did mom, Travis,Heath and all the kids go?" I ask as My father looks at me and sighs " Michelle you know that was a dream right?

Heath is and Travis did that. You broke your mother's heart.not Heath." I look at him with a hatred that I never knew existed in me, " Well she ALWAYS loved him more." I say with anger as My father shakes his head " WE loved you all the same Michelle.

And this is where someone like you deserves to have Christmas.with a tree that is so pathetic it shows their love for family.' My father disappears as I cry I cry so hard I actually wake myself up. I look and see I'm still in my bed and walk the house.its the same. I chalk it up to being over stressed. ================================================================= Ellie POV:---the day after Christmas I'm sitting at home wishing my other son would have come home this year.

Its been three years since I've gotten to hug him or tell him I love him. I've sorta forgiven my son and the girls as have the other parents but they know that we are still missing our son and their brother. The grand babies make things a little easier but it also makes things more painful as he isn't there with us for birthdays and family event.

I hear a knock at my door and go to answer it. Its a certified letter. i sign for it and look at the address and see its my own but the name says Heath Thompson. I rip into it and cry. I grab my phone and group message Mike,Nate,Ricky,Kiko and Verna. '911 my house 5 minutes!!!' In 5 minutes Kiko and Verna are there and the guys pulling up. Mike looks at me "Ellie what's wrong baby?" I hold up the envelope and see Kiko and Verna hold up theirs as well " Mike our son contacted us.Heath sent the letter." I cry as my husband holds me Nate and Ricky ask their wives as they say yes as well.

We all go in. I read the letter to everyone and pull the pictures out and we all smile at LG as he has his father's eyes. Dakota is a doll baby, but I wonder who his father is as Heath didn't mention him. I smile knowing my son has people who care about him and he can trust. I am sad that he has a girlfriend as Tiffany has always and still loves him. I ask Verna and Kiko to read their letters which are the same as mine but just different name. I look at the group and start, " I hope he is ok, but from the picture I can only see he is doing alright.

I think it's best for now that the kids don't know about this. I know that may sound wrong of me to say, but for best interest we keep this between the 6 of us. At least we know Heath is happy as he wouldn't of sent us this picture of his son." The group nod as we all think about how cute LG is I trace the picture with my left index finger feeling my tears start to fall.

I hear both my girlfriends also sob. I pull the picture of Heath holding both the boys to my chest wishing I was there to hold the babies. Ricky breaks the moment when he starts talking, " Damn Greg would be so happy right now.Telling us about his second grand kid." Ricky says as Mike looks at the pictures " Yes it is, but to Heath this is his first born." Mike says as all of us nod We talk for a bit and discuss if and when we should let the kids know about Heath.

'I look at my sisters and our husbands " You know eventually we have to tell Karen she is a big sister." Everyone nods as Verna sighs " I know we do, but Tiffany will be so heartbroken to learn that Heath has moved on." Verna says as Kiko and I agree with sadden hearts ================================================================ The rest of December went by as did New Years. It was a new year now and the coming months meant back to College. Jasmine kept up in her studies on line as the guys and I drove back and forth to classes on campus.

Faye worked still, but was mostly home helping Jasmine with Lil Greg. Hannah and Diamond visited two weekends out of the month as to stay close with their family. When both Jasmine and Diamond were fully healed after a month on Valentines Weekend they had me make love to them like it was their first time. They felt tighter, but I didn't complain.

The boys were growing and before long were reaching for the necklace's around our necks which we all laughed as we knew they were learning. As the months were flying by I was studying twice as hard to come out with a good education that would help me support my family. I continued the company online with Jasmine on weekends with Diamond learning the ropes. When the month of May came along I was called to Dean Wilson's office. He explained to me that I was to give a speech as I was the valedictorian of my class as my grade point was above the others.

I smiled knowing this time I was not backing out. I went home that day telling my family about it in which they hugged me tightly congratulating me.

That month Jasmine helped me write a speech that would mean something and may show others what family meant. As the days passed to graduation my family started to prepare for the day.

Hannah and Diamond made sure to get the time off. I couldn't wait to see our family in the audience this time around. Jasmine was going to be able to join Adam, Jack, and I for our graduation. I kept in my mind it will be a day to smile. I am standing up at the podium about to give my speech to all in attendance at graduation. I look up to see Faye, Diamond, and Hannah. Faye is holding Lil Greg in her lap as Diamond holds Dakota. Both are pointing at me as the boys look as their hands are being helped to wave at me.

I wave back to see smiles from my family. I look at those in front of me only to let out a sigh before I speak. " I would like to thank Dean Wilson, professors, staff, family, friends, and students for being here. It's been a hard and long 4 years for all of us students, parents, and those that we call family. I know I am suppose to talk about how college changed me, but I couldn't of made it without those around me. They say family supports you in all you do. Well I have to say that's true, but family doesn't really mean those that your born into.

Before college my life was empty until one day on the beach the summer before my first year a complete stranger took me in only to show me I could trust and love again.

She took me in as a grandson showing me what family was. Grandma May lived alone, but had enough room in her home to accept me as family. That first day of college I met two guys that also became my best friends, but they showed me what the word brother meant. After Grandma May died that first year Adam and Jack showed me family stays together no matter what happens. They helped me get pass her death to strive for life. Then after months and the start of our second year another came into my life my loving Jasmine.

She showed me I could love another in every way a man can love a woman. So my new family was growing and without them I knew I could not be where I am right now. As time went by our family of four turned to 7 then to 9 as before Christmas this past year I was gifted a son and nephew as Jasmine and my sister Diamond gave birth to two wonderful boys.

Family is those that you call family. Those that are actually there for you, and support you in every way known to man.

As I look upon each and everyone here I see families full of that support. As I end this speech I dedicate my degree to my father, grandmother, and to my family for not for them I would not be here on this day thank you and peace." As I finished I looked out across the countless students, families, and friends to only see tears in all their eyes.

I guess my speech impacted them in some way or fashion. Before I left the stage I grinned before saying one more thing. " GO VIRGINIA!" I said loudly as everyone stood cheering and clapping as I made my way to my place amongst my fellow students ========================================================== Authors Note's: The college years are over so comes a new start again.

I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far as the next part in Heath and his families lives now begins. And comes the confrontations of those of his past.