Gay movie The desperate little youngster gets on his knees to fellate

Gay movie The desperate little youngster gets on his knees to fellate
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I woke up to the sound of my mother having a orgasm, so I got up on my dresser and looked through the air vent in my bedroom that also went to her bedroom.

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I new what I would see, this was Wednesday so she would be fucking the guy with the monster cock and his friend. Monster cock was fucking Mom and the other guy was stroking his cock waiting his turn. monster cock started to have his orgasm, I knew because I watched him several time in the past.

Monster rolled of mom and she went down and sucked his cock then the other guy started to fuck my mother doggy style. When he got done he left the room and next thing I knew he was in my room.

He took me by the arm and pulled me down and put his hand on the back of my head and forced me to his wet limp sperm covered cock.

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I could taste sperm and what must have been my mothers cunt juice. This was the first time I have ever tasted pussy juice, as he got hard he slid his hand down my body and into my shorts and felt my soft white cock, the more he rubbed my cock the closer he got to his orgasm. When he came in my mouth he said swallow it and I would have with out being told to. This wasn't the first time I had a cock cum in my mouth as I have been experimenting with two friends one white like me and one was three years older and black.

That's pretty much is the way things went all the time as I grew up in Saint Louis, but in High School I had girl friends.

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Mom did work at a gas station and restaurant and she also turned tricks. She was crazy to have sex with black men and even at times women and I would watch every chance I could. I also worked at MC Donald's and in the summer the day shift at Hardy's, both being part time jobs My senior year I came home from work and seen four young black guys come out of our apartment building and they had gang colors on.

I had a bad feeling about this and ran up to our apartment to find mother laying on her bedroom floor she had a big burse on her check and a trickle of blood from her mouth.


I got her sitting up and held her in my arms, she said she would be ok she would just need some ice. I took her to the bathroom and got the ice as she washed the blood of her face. She had cum running down her thighs as I helped her back to her bed.

In her room I held and hug Mom and being that close to her naked body was getting me hard I laid her back on the bed and kissed her gently on the mouth and she responded. I kissed and worked my way down her beautiful body to her toe's and back up to her sperm filled cunt and gave her head until she had a orgasm than I put my cock in mom's wet and well lubed pussy and added my cum to all that was still in there.


We spent the rest of the night making love and just plain lustful fucking. In the morning Mom said we should not have done that last night that it was wrong and that we could not do it any more. I told her that I liked it and wanted to do it for a long time that I jerked off all the time thinking about her and I tried to take her in my arms but she said no and she would be late for work. That night when I came home from work Mom was in the kitchen and told me to sit down and have some coffee that we needed to talk.

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She said she decided we could share the same bed but there would be times that she would want to have some friends over that I would just have to accept that. I said " that was ok and I didn't mind eating her pussy after" " I thought that after what you did last night" " would you mind if I had a friend join or two at times" "Only if their black" "Ok one is and he has a friend or two also" That night we made love and fucked like crazy Kids and mom let me know that Friday night she had a surprise for me.

Friday night I came home and Mother was in her bedroom naked and it was obvious she had friends over when I was at work and they must have just left. There was a gob of cum on her pussy and she invited me to eat hey pussy I stripped and gave her head until her orgasm filed my mouth with her juice and her earlier partners sperm.


We where hugging and kissing when there was a knock on the door, she jumped up and let in two guys. One was the guy that came into my room that night and fucked me in the mouth and the other I didn't know. they wasted no time getting naked. One started fucking Mom and one put his cock in my mouth and than they switched and then I was taken into the bathroom and ordered to do a enema.

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Back in Mothers bedroom I had to suck a sperm covered cock then eat Mom out to a orgasm then put my cock in Mom's pussy. Mother held me tight in her arm's as I got a big black cock fucking my ass when he came the next guy fucked me I could feel the cocks jerking in my ass when the came. They left then and Mom and I made love the rest of the night and giving head to each other head.

Saturday we both went to work and I couldn't wait to get home because I was really loving all the sex and being open about my sexuality with Mother and I think Mom was loving it too. it was only a matter of time and I was in my bedroom with four guys and Mother was in hers with four or five guys and when they left I was in her room