Fode minha buceta por favor

Fode minha buceta por favor
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************* Chapter Eleven: Rough and Gentle (M+/f, F/f, blackmail) ************* Tina awoke screaming. Ice cold water was spraying down on her body. She lashed about, trying to keep the water out of her face, but strong hands restrained her. She gurgled as water rushed into her mouth. She couldn't move, couldn't get up from her sitting position. Her strong slender legs flailed about helplessly as someone laughed gleefully at her plight.

She was in the shower, at home at her trailer, she realized through her panic. Someone had brought her in here while she had slept. But who? Suddenly the water was turned off, and her arms were let go.


The teenage girl spat more water out of her mouth, and rubbed her eyes frantically with her hands until she could open them and look up to see two amused men staring down at her. It was Don and Larry, the loan-sharks. Tina's stomach churned. "Good to see ya awake," said Don, the taller of the two. He was dressed more casually than he had been on Thursday: loose tweed slacks and a simple black shirt, its top few buttons undone to reveal a mass of hair on his chest.

Larry, in contrast, wasn't even dressed that nice. The short round man wore ratty blue-jeans, a red shirt, and an old leather jacket. Tina sputtered at the sight of them, feeling sick all over. In a sudden rush the memories from the night before came flooding back to the girl: The party at Michelle's sister's house. The drugs, the beer, the blowjobs and endless sex. He slutty, shameful behavior, all by choice, all consensual. "Oh, God." the hung over teenager blubbered.

She felt like she was going to be sick. "Looks like ya had a hell of a night," Don grinned at her. "We tried everything to wake ya, but all you did was keep blathering about how ya didn't want to see your uncle again." "Yeah," giggled Larry. "An' you kept saying you was gonna be a mama." Tina took in a deep breath, and struggled to stand in the slippery stall.

It was difficult. She felt as if she'd been hit by a truck-- her whole body ached in pain. She felt dehydrated and sore from head to toe.

"I. was having a nightmare," she said to the men, who helped her step out of the shower. She was completely naked, but she didn't care. These men had already seen it. What did it matter anyway?

They were just there for the money. Hopefully. After wrapping herself in a towel, Tina followed Don and Larry out of the small bathroom as Don laughed about how fucked up she looked. "I seen crack-whores in better condition," he declared. "I bet you drank a good share of the booze in this county last night, didn't ya?" The mere mention of alcohol made Tina's stomach churn again.

"I guess," she said hoarsely. When they got to the kitchen, Larry began to make coffee. Don was lecturing her about how to avoid a hangover, but Tina barely listened. Her head in her hands, the girl sat at the kitchen table feeling utterly miserable as more details emerged in her foggy memory of her behavior the night before. I acted like a child, she thought.

I acted like the girl Uncle Rick and George forced me to be for those damned videos. What the fuck is wrong with me? "You listen' to me?" Don said. "Huh? Oh, yeah," the girl mumbled sullenly. "No mixing liquor with beer, or something." Don grinned. "That's free advice. Kid like you gotta be careful.

You dumb kids don't know how to drink, so you just chug down everything in sight. It kills a lot of ya, you know." Tina nodded her head, which felt three times larger than normal. The coffee smelled good. "Enough of that, though," Don said as he sat down next to her.

"Time for business. You owe us money." Tina looked up at him, and gave him a nasty glare. "My daddy owes you money," she said.

"I'm just paying some of it off for him.

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Get him caught up." Don and Larry both laughed at that. A cup of coffee was placed before her, and Tina gratefully sipped at it even though she had a bad feeling about the way she was being treated. Something wasn't right.

"No, girl, you owe us money," Don said sinisterly. "You wanted to save your daddy, and we agreed. Now you owe us the balance." "What?!" Tina gasped, outraged. "I, no, that wasn't the deal! I said I'd help pay his down payment, that's all! You agreed and--" "Shuddup a minute!" Don barked. "That wasn't the agreement!

The agreement was that you'd do anything to keep us from bustin' your daddy up real good, remember?" Tina just stared at him. Technically, he was right. "Alright," he said. "So we didn't do it. And we're not gonna, so long as you play ball. "See," he went on, "our boss, Mr.

Lothario, he ain't been too pleased with your precious daddy lately. In fact, when we came over the other day, we were told to give him two options. "His first option was to pay the entire amount he owed Mr. Lothario. The second was to spend the next twelve months or so in a hospital." "Or the cemetery," Larry giggled. "Larry, please," Don said, grinning. "Actually, we weren't gonna kill him.

But we knew he wouldn't have the money, so we were going to teach him a lesson. But then you were here instead, and you seemed so desperate to save your daddy. well, what can I say? I'm just a big softy, I guess, 'cause I took pity on you." "No you didn't," Tina said with a sob. "You lied to me!" "Fuck no," he said. "We kept our promise. When we saw our boss later that night, we told him that your dad had miraculously come up with the cash.

All of it. "See, we lied to our boss for you." Don sighed. "I don't like lying to my boss, Tina. But it was either that or break our promise to you, and come back here when your dad returned and, well, make an example of him." "We paid Mr. Lothario with our own money," Larry giggled, his yellow teeth flashing menacingly as he did. "Now you have to pay us back." "Larry's right," Don said.

"We paid off your daddy's debt. We lied to our boss. And why? Because we made you a promise." Tina was shaking her head, slowly. She could not believe this. With a foreboding feeling she asked, "How much did you pay?" "Nine g's," Larry smiled.

"Nine thousand dollars!?!" Tina gasped. "Now, I know a kid like you won't have that much money. Which is why Larry and I came up with a payback plan the two of us figure you'd be into." "You're gonna love it!" Larry giggled.

Tina could already envision the plan in her mind. With a feeling of inevitability she asked, "What's the plan?" "We pay you a hundred dollars a week to meet with us every Saturday afternoon for a few hours.

Either here or someplace else, it don't matter. You entertain us the way you did the other day, and in just under a couple years or so you'll have earned all the money you owe." Tina slumped her head, and rubbed her temples slowly. He head was pounding, her stomach churning. What had she gotten herself into? "Okay," she whispered. "Thought you'd like the plan," Don grinned. Just then Tina stood.

The men watched as she walked off, her small dripping body still wrapped tightly in a large white towel. She went to her bedroom, found her purse, and returned.

As the men stared at her in surprise, she counted out $500 from the money she'd earned at EZ's and placed it on the small table in front of Don. "There," she said softly. "I owe $8500 now." Don nodded, apparently impressed.

"Where'd a kid like you get this money?" he asked. "I told you," she said with a sigh, not making eye-contact with him. "I have a friend. He loaned it to me." "Good enough," Don said, placing the money in his wallet. "But the plan is still--" "I know," Tina interrupted him. He didn't have to explain to her. The girl knew all too well that she was at their mercy, now.

The teenager was used to such situations. "One afternoon a week," she finally said. "Right." "I can do that," she said flatly.

"Good," Don grinned. "Then why don't we start?" Tina frowned. Her poor young pussy was so incredibly sore, and she was so incredibly hung over, that she couldn't imagine fucking these two men right now. "I'm still. so sore from Thursday," she lied. In fact, she was a quick healer. She had fucked them Thursday, the Oilmen Thursday night, and God knew how many people only the night before at that party. Don exchanged glances with Larry. "Alright," she finally heard him say with a sigh.

"Get on your knees. You can at least blow us." Tina breathed out in relief. Finally, a break! The teenage girl got up from her seat, and without making eye-contact, got on her knees next to the table. A moment later Don and Larry were at either side of her.

Just have to make them cum, she told herself. Make them cum, then go back to sleep. Their cocks came out and were flaccid. Great, the girl thought. Slowly she wrapped her small hands around either one of them, and began to stroke. The men, meanwhile, were making jokes about cum being a hangover cure. Tina ignored them as she watched the penises grow large and erect in her hands.

She began sucking on Don's cock first, and realized her mouth was sore, too. How many cocks did I suck at Michelle's sister's anyway? she wondered. As she moistened Don's large, thick member as best she could, Tina realized how far she'd come since only a couple days before, when she hadn't believed she'd be able to take his cock down her throat.

This time she began the blowjob by swallowing down the man's large penis, feeling her throat swell as she suppressed her gag reflex and took it all the way in. "Jesus Christ," Don said above her. "We got you trained quick, didn't we?" You and about a hundred others, she thought in annoyance.

With one hand she continued to jerk off Larry while with her other she held the base of Don's cock in place. She gasped for air as she pulled it out from her mouth, and felt Larry turn her head toward his more modestly sized member. Almost immediately the teenage cocksucker took his penis down her throat, too, while she stroked Don's now slick member with her other. After coming up for air again, she was turned once more to Don's cock, and she obediently swallowed it down.

This went on for nearly fifteen minutes. Neither guy seemed interested in a "proper" blowjob-- they didn't want tongue, or technique at all. They just wanted to enjoy her tight throat. Tina let them, obviously, and soon feel into a comfortable rhythm. Inevitably, the girl couldn't help but grow excited as she was man-handled by the two men. She'd never been so carelessly forced like this to deepthroat—she thought they'd been a bit rough with her on Thursday, but that was nothing compared to this.

They were literally grabbing her head, her hair, pushing her down onto their cocks, holding her there until her face turned blue, and then letting her up to breathe once more. She was being forced to let them fuck her throat with little regard to her feelings or preferences.

She felt incredibly light-headed, but her arousal from being treated like this mercifully replaced the feeling of being hung over. She felt energized as she went from cock to cock, enjoyed the feeling of each in whatever hand.

She didn't even feel uncomfortable kneeling on the floor, or awkward that she was doing this right where she and her father ate their dinner. The only thing the 16-year-old could think about was how incredibly horny she'd become. Finally, with Don's cock nestled deeply down her throat, Tina finally gagged and tried to pull away as his member erupted streams of cum.

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She was held in place, however, and her face began to turn purple as Don groaned above her, his hands forcing her head to remain where it was as he ejaculated into her.

Finally he finished, and let her head go, and Tina gasped for air. Her throat was coated in cum, and she was gasping, reeling at the sensation of her empty stomach filling with his semen. Suddenly she realized that Larry was stroking his own cock; she turned to face it just in time to hear him cry out in triumph as he splattered her face with his own sticky goo.

Tina closed her eyes until it was over. When it was, and the men were zipping themselves up, the girl wiped away a long sticky line of goo from across her eye.

The men were chuckling. "Hangover cure, babe," Don said. "Eat mine, slut!" Larry giggled as he watched her. Tina stared into her cum soaked hand. Her heart racing, the horny girl began licking her small hand clean as the men laughed in disbelief. "You sure a dirty little piece of white trash, aren't you?" Don said. The girl ignored him. Finally, she stood up. Her towel had long since fallen off. "I'm gonna shower," she said, wanting to get away from them, wanting to finish herself off in private.

"Sure, sure," Don told the girl. "We'll see ya next Saturday!" With that Tina staggered into the bathroom, closed the door, and stayed in the shower until she managed to rub her sore pussy to orgasm.

She remained in the shower after that, but didn't wash: she just enjoyed the soaking water and her post-orgasmic state. After all the hot water was gone and her skin had pruned, she exited the stall and went directly to her bedroom where she promptly passed out. ***** Tina felt much better when she woke up.

She'd slept the entire day, and the sun had already begun to set. After taking a real shower and brushing her hair and dressing, the teenager went outside for a much needed cigarette.

As she sat in front of her trailer home the teenager smoked slowly, recounting the events of the last few days in her mind. What a crazy life she led, she determined. The thought made her grin. That sure is an understatement, she thought. As she smoked she stared at her left wrist, and the now barely visible scar left there from her suicide attempt five years before.

That life felt so far away, it was sometimes easy to believe that it had happened to somebody else. But the scar was a permanent reminder of her summer at Uncle Rick's.

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She smiled at the thought of him and George in prison. God knew what they went through, now. Tina hoped it was as bad as her fantasies depicted it. If only Don and Larry were there, too, she thought suddenly.

And Leon. And her dad. No longer cheerful, Tina stubbed out her smoke. She stood from her chair and noticed for the first time the package left next to the screen-door entrance to her home. The girl inspected it slowly. It was a cardboard box with her name written on it. Nervously, Tina picked it up.

After looking around the area suspiciously-- and noticing nothing suspicious-- the girl went back inside the trailer. She brought the box into the kitchen and carefully opened it. What in the world could it be? It hadn't been mailed; there were no stamps or anything like that. Someone had dropped it off. Tina's eyes lit up in excitement after the box opened up and she saw what it contained: it was a brand new, state-of-the-art cellular phone! She grabbed it quickly and inspected it with bated breath.

She'd always wanted a phone like this, but could never afford one, let alone the monthly plan that would accompany it. She flipped it open and stared at the full-color display screen.

Her name was on it. "Tina's Phone," it declared. That's when Tina noticed an envelope within the box, too. Putting away her new toy she tore open the envelope and unfolded a letter. It was from Razor. "Call me when you get this," was all the letter said.

"My number is already programmed in." Tina went back to the phone, and after a few minutes of fumbling around with all the menu options, discovered the address book. It contained only one name. She pressed a button and the phone dialed.

"Hey," came his voice from the other end. "You gave me a phone!" Tina cried excitedly. "Yep," Razor responded. "For business. I need to be able to get a hold of you." "Oh," Tina said, disappointed. "But you can use it for whatever, too. Friends, and whatnot. It's yours." Her face lit up again. "Really?" "Sure," he replied. "I get a good deal on these things, so don't worry about running up minutes, either.

I have you on an unlimited plan." "Razor, I--," Tina began to stammer. She didn't know what to say. It was one of the nicest gifts the teenager had ever received. "Save it," he said shortly. "It's no big deal. Look, can you work tonight?" Tina glanced over at the clock.

It was almost eight. Her dad would be returning from his trip the next afternoon, probably. She didn't really want to work. But then again, she didn't want to stay at home all night and she had no interest in seeing her friends, either. She was sure that everyone had heard by now what she'd done at that party.

Putting that thought aside for the moment, Tina said, "Sure, I can work. Can you come get me?" "No," Razor replied. "I'll call you a taxi. Remember to go in the backdoor. Sabrina will get you started—ask for her." "Okay," Tina replied. "I can be ready in--" "Yeah, get ready quick," Razor interrupted again. "The taxi will be there soon.

I'll probably see you at the end of the night." "Okay," Tina said. Razor had already hung up. Oh, well, Tina thought. He's a busy guy. She imagined that Saturdays were huge nights at a club like that. Tina didn't have to do much to get ready. She brushed her teeth, pulled her hair back with a hair-tie, and then sat outside to await the cab. She didn't bother dressing special. She knew there'd be outfits for her to wear there.

The taxi arrived shortly after, and an Arabic man who barely spoke English drove the teenage girl to her first "official" night of work at the strip-club. ***** At 2am Tina was sitting in the dressing room on the sofa, next to her "mentor" of the evening, Sabrina. Both were counting their earnings for the night, and Tina could see that she hadn't done nearly as well as her counterpart.

"How'd you do?" Sabrina chirped. "Uhm. almost three hundred," the girl replied. "Not bad for a first night!" Sabrina said. Then she turned and called across the dressing room. "Hey, Ash! How'd you make out?" The shorter woman, Sabrina's little sister it turned out, broke off her conversation with another of the girls and staggered over to the sofa.

She was dressed exactly like Sabrina again: both pretty women were wearing short, slutty Catholic school-girl uniforms. And like the other night, Ashley was clearly intoxicated. "Uhm, good, I think," Ashley said with a sloppy grin after flopping down next to Tina on the sofa, sandwiching the small teenager between the two sisters. "For not getting many black-wristers, I mean." "Me neither," Sabrina sighed. "Only three tonight." "Lucy got a bunch," Ashley said with a flip of her hair. "Of course," Sabrina sighed, rolling her eyes.

Tina listened to the exchange and then said, "I didn't get any, actually." The two women laughed. "Of course not!" Sabrina said. "Not on your first night, silly!" "Yeah," Ashley chimed in, "You have to put in your dues! You thought ya'd get blackies tonight?!" The women laughed. Tina furrowed her brow. No one had told her about this. She'd been nervously awaiting her first trip downstairs from the VIP room all night, but had never had a client who wore the ominous black wristband.

Now she knew why. "The bouncers don't allow it," Sabrina went on. "In fact, we were all surprised that Razor let you go to that party the other night. You being all new, and all." "Yeah," Ashley slurred.

"It took me fuckin' months before I was allowed anything like that." "Oh," Tina said softly. "Look," Sabrina said, lowering her voice to a whisper.

"A lot of the girls were really pissed about that. Don't worry, they'll get over it-- but I wouldn't go talking about black-wristers for a while. Or about that thing with the Oilmen neither." "Okay," the teenager said, genuinely thankful for the advice. All night she'd felt as if she'd been getting the cold shoulder from the other girls, and now she knew why. "So, what'd you think of your first night?" Sabrina asked cheerfully. Tina shrugged. "It was. fine." "Was it what you expected?" "No," Tina answered honestly.

It hadn't been what the girl had expected at all. After her tour on Thursday with Razor, she thought she'd gotten a pretty good handle on everything. But without him at her side, everything was a lot different.

First of all, the bouncers. When she first got into the VIP room wearing a sparkling thong, high clear stiletto shoes, and a tight white t-shirt, she was immediately yelled at by the large Latino man watching the door.

Apparently the girl had stepped too close to the door that exited out into the club. She hadn't been able to help it, since she'd been pushed in that direction by one of the girls trying to get through behind her.

Still, the bouncer screamed at her. "Watch it, bitch!" he yelled to the startled girl. "You ain't allowed near the door, what're you thinking?" Several of the other girls in the room had laughed at that. They were all older, and all of them worked the floor. She was the only one forbidden from going out there, she realized. After that, things got more uncomfortable for the teenager. Sitting on the bench awaiting her first client, Tina came to realize how competitive it was to get the "lappers" (which is what the girls called the men who came to the VIP room unescorted).

There were very few of them, first of all. Most of the men brought back to the VIP room came with one of the girls from the floor.

Tina, who couldn't go out onto the floor, waited nearly an hour before she got her first lapper. He was an incredibly drunk middle-aged man, and he took one look at the nervous girl and pointed a meaty finger at her saying, "You, I want you!" A few of the girls sitting next to her, who had already begun to flirt with the man, scowled at Tina as she stood nervously and took the man's hand.

She'd been able to witness how the girls brought the men back toward one of the sectioned off little areas, so Tina had done just that. Tina tried to make small talk with the guy, but she was incredibly nervous. As she undressed for him in the small space, she nearly fell over several times as she awkwardly took off her shoes, her top, her thong.

"Holy shit, you're a hottie," the man had slurred. "Come 'ere." Tina didn't so much as dance for her first client as she was pawed and man-handled by him. She tried to do what Razor had demonstrated for her on Thursday, but this guy would have none of it. He wanted to paw at her small tits, grind her ass into his lap, and breathe his liquor-soaked breath into her face.

And she let him. The young girl didn't know what else to do. After three songs of this, the man finally said, "Okay, baby, I'll give you a big-time tip to stroke me off, okay?" Tina hadn't been ready for that.

She knew it was clearly against the rules, but the man was acting as if it was a normal request. "I don't.," she had stammered. "Aw, come on," the man had said, painfully squeezing one of her small breasts. "Just a few jerks will get me off." She looked at his wristband. It was neon-green. That's when the curtain behind her flew open and the bouncer who'd yelled at her earlier bellowed, "Alright, pay the girl and get outta here.

Now!" Tina had felt saved, at first, as the man reluctantly paid her the $60 he owed. But after he left the bouncer had stepped into the small stall, closed the curtain behind him again, and yelled at the poor girl. "What the fuck are you doing!" he yelled. She didn't know what to say!

Tina had stammered a moment, before the bouncer had continued, "Your thong stays on, got it?!? You don't show your pussy to these guys, not in here, you stupid fuckin' slut!" Tears welled in the girl's eyes as he continued to berate her.

Finally he left, and Tina had dressed, wishing she could go home. When she had returned to the bench, several of the girls had smug looks on their faces. Tina stayed as far away as she could from them. Her next client had gone better, but he'd only wanted one dance.


He seemed as nervous as she felt, which made her feel a bit more confident. After a couple hours, with very few clients, Tina realized that the mean bouncer was directing lappers to every girl except her. Realizing this, the girl had made a bold decision. She went over to him, and waited next to him meekly for him to acknowledge her. "What do you want?" he bellowed at the small girl. "I. want to thank you," she'd responded softly.

He seemed surprised by this. "Why?" he asked. "That guy. he was my first one, you know? He was being really. rough. You stopped him." The bouncer had eyed her suspiciously for a long moment before looking away and saying, "No problem." "Here," the girl had pressed, putting the sixty-dollars she'd earned from that man into the bouncer's tip jar.

"Thanks for looking out for me." After that, she began to get a lot more customers. Tina was pretty sure she was the only girl working who kept tipping the bouncer. She tried to make sure they didn't notice her doing it, but after every dance she gave, the girl would place at least $10 in his tip-jar. It was worth it. For the rest of the night she pretty much had lappers back-to-back, and that's how she'd ended up earning nearly $300. "How are you getting home?" Sabrina asked Tina, who was still dressed in her small outfit.

"I don't know," she replied. The dressing room, nearly full to capacity a few minutes before, was practically empty now. Ashley had dozed off next to her on the sofa, and Sabrina had finished counting her money. "I can drive you, if you help me get my sis out to the car," Sabrina said.

"Uhm. I would, but like, I think I'm supposed to wait for Razor," Tina said. Sabrina laughed. "Razor's not even here!" she smiled prettily. "He's out with Sonya." Tina's eyes widened. "What? You mean Carol?" Sabrina nodded. "They left an hour ago," she said. "He's probably got his cock up in her right now." Tina's mind spun.

She hadn't seen her neighbor all night, and had figured she wasn't working. Then again, she hadn't seen Razor either. She'd been hoping to talk to him. But he was with Carol? After what she'd tried to do to her the other night? After he had yelled at her and sent her home? "Are you sure?" Tina asked. "Definitely," Sabrina said. "They usually go out early on Saturday, to try and recruit new girls at the local bars. Then they go back to his place, and you know." Tina felt her stomach churn. Razor had acted like he couldn't stand Carol-- he'd been on her side, not her evil neighbor's!

What could this mean? "So you need a ride?" Sabrina pressed. Numbly, the teenage girl nodded her head. "Sure," she said.

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After changing back into her regular clothes, Tina helped Sabrina half walk, half carry her sister through the building, and out the back door. The bouncer there escorted the three women through the dark parking lot to a rather nice sedan, where Tina and Sabrina placed Ashley into the backseat.

Tina gave the older woman directions to her trailer-home, and the three drove off. During the drive Sabrina confided in her, "I started when I was your age too, you know." "Really?" Tina asked. Her age hadn't been brought up specifically before, but Tina had correctly assumed that Sabrina was smart enough to realize she was a minor. "Yep," Sabrina said. "I mean, I didn't work at a club or nothing. But Ashley and I began giving private shows to kids from school when I was fourteen, and she was thirteen." "Oh," Tina said, surprised.

Then she said, "You know, I'm sixteen." "Really?" Sabrina asked, sounding genuinely surprised. "You look younger. You're lucky." "Lucky?" "Yeah," Sabrina said. "Eventually you'll be making a shitload of money there, looking the way you do. You're a rarity, you know? Guys will pay a lot for that. "Just make sure," she went on, "not to ever actually say your age.

Just say things like, 'My daddy won't let me do this' and 'My teacher is mad at me', shit like that. The guys will figure you for whatever age they want you to be, then." "Okay," Tina said. "You live with you mom, or your dad?" Sabrina asked after a moment of silence. "My dad," Tina answered. "My mom died when I was three or four or so." "I'm sorry," Sabrina said.

Tina shrugged. She lit a cigarette, and then decided to say some more. She was beginning to trust this woman-- the girl needed someone to trust. "She killed herself," Tina explained. "When they found her body, I was sleeping in her bed, next to her." "Oh my God!" Sabrina exclaimed.

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"That's crazy!" Tina nodded. Staring out the window she went on, "She'd taken a bunch of sleeping pills. My dad was on the road-- he's a trucker-- and one day, I guess, she just ingested an entire bottle of pills. She didn't even leave a note." "Wow," Sabrina said softly. "Who found you?" Tina shrugged. Exhaling slowly, the girl said, "My mom had a job at a diner near our home.

When she didn't come to work two days in a row, I guess the manager stopped by to check on her. He found me in bed with her. she'd been dead for two days." "That's insane," Sabrina said. "I'm so sorry." Tina responded, "Don't be. I actually don't remember any of it." They drove on in silence, then, for the next ten minutes.

Finally Sabrina put a CD in the car stereo, and Tina smiled when the Beatles began to play. "I love this song!" the girl beamed. When they got off the freeway, Sabrina swung into a 24-hour convenience store right away. "I need smokes," she said.

"Want me to get us some beer?" Tina looked at her. "Uhm. yeah, I guess. but it's after two. They won't sell." Sabrina flashed the teenager a mischievous grin. "Sure they will," she said. Tina watched as the woman exited the car. The convenience store was right around the corner from Tina's trailer-park, and the girl knew it well.

She stopped in often for cigarettes, as they were the one place near her that sold smokes to minors. However, they had never sold her beer. They were strict about that. State law forbade alcohol sales after 2am. Tina watched with interest as Sabrina disappeared into the back of the store, and came back up to the counter with a case of beer in her hand.

Tina watched through the window as the clerk, a tired looking man of mid-east descent, shook his head. Sabrina was smiling, saying something.

Tina couldn't hear, of course, anything but the snoring of Ashley in the backseat. And then to her surprise, she saw the clerk smile and ring up Sabrina's purchase. When she got back to the car with the case of beer, Tina immediately asked, "How'd you do that!" Sabrina shrugged. "I told him where I worked, and promised that if he comes in tomorrow I'll suck his cock." Tina's eyes widened.

"Will you?!?" "If he comes in," she shrugged, peeling the car back onto the road. "I bet he won't, though." "Wow," Tina said.

"You have to learn to use your sexuality to get what you want," Sabrina said simply. "Men are easy. Trust me." Tina pondered this. Sabrina sure knew what she was talking about. "How old are you?" Tina suddenly asked as the car slowed and parked outside of Tina's trailer home. "I'm 28," she responded.

"Ashley is 27." The two co-workers got out of the sedan and went into Tina's trailer. She was embarrassed by it in front of her new friend, but Sabrina didn't seem to care. They left Ashley in the car to sleep, and soon Tina and the older woman were drinking beers together in the living room of the small home. By 4am they were both pretty drunk, and Tina was opening up more and more to the older woman.

She was talking about Leon and Michelle, and Sabrina was listening to it all with interest. "You like this girl?" she asked, her voice sounding slurred. Tina blushed. She couldn't believe that she'd just told her about her liason with Michelle in the girls' room at school. "She's my. I mean, she was my, I guess, like my best friend," Tina stammered.

The older woman nodded. Suddenly Sabrina flipped her long hair to one side and with a michevous smile asked, "Did you have any orgasms tonight at work?" Tina blushed, then nearly spit out a mouth full of beer as she laughed.

Sabrina joined her, and when Tina had regained her composure, she said, "Sorry! I just. that's sort of a funny question!" "Well, did you?" Sabrina asked, grinning. "I don't know!" Tina said, shrugging her shoulders. "Not really, I don't think." "Bet you got close though, huh?" Sabrina smiled.

Tina blushed again, and sipped her beer. She felt her heart begin to race a bit. "Uhm, a couple times," she admitted.

"But the assholes always stopped the dance before I could finish." Sabrina sighed. "Just wait to you get the black-wristers," she explained. "It's even worse. Most of them don't last long enough to make you cum, no matter how horny you get. "Sometimes it's awesome, though," she added with a wink. Tina laughed. She felt good-- relaxed and comfortable with this beautiful woman.

She finished her beer, and opened another. "Tell you what," Sabrina suddenly said. "How about I give you an orgasm? Right here, right now? It sounds to me like you could really use one." Tina's eyes widened. Part of her had been expecting this, but to hear her say it so boldly surprised the teenage girl. "I. don't know," she said slowly. Sabrina smiled and slid next to the girl on the sofa.

"Come on," she teased. "I bet you've never had your pussy eaten out properly before. I'll be really gentle." With rising trepidation, Tina glanced over at the clock. It was almost 4:30am. She wasn't tired, but she was drunk and her dad was getting home sometime the next day. Suddenly she felt Sabrina's soft lips press against hers. Stunned, Tina froze but did nothing to stop the woman as she gently kissed her on the lips.

When she stopped, Sabrina asked, "There. did that feel good?" All Tina could do was nod slowly. She felt Sabrina take the beer out of her hand, and place it on the floor.

Then the older woman turned back to the girl and, smiling, began to kiss the nervous teenager once more. Tina felt her pussy tingle as Sabrina pressed her tongue against her mouth.

With a sigh of pleasure Tina parted her lips and accepted the woman's long tongue. She could feel Sabrina's hands gently stroking her trembling arms, sliding them down to where they rested at her side, and then back up her body, dragging them right up under her shirt. The teenager slowly raised her arms and the two broke off their kiss briefly enough to allow the woman to pull of Tina's shirt. After that Tina gently draped her arms around Sabrina's neck, and the two continued to make-out for what seemed an enternity.

The older woman knew exactly how to touch her, Tina quickly discovered. She was gentle, sensual-- running her soft hands all across Tina's body, making the teen's arousal reach epic heights before finally reaching around her back to unstrap her bra.

Tina hadn't experienced a kiss like this-- a sensual, romantic kiss-- in so long, she had forgotten how exciting it was. And when Sabrina finally cupped her hands over Tina's small breasts, the girl couldn't help but moan into the woman's mouth. Sabrina broke off the kiss at that. She was smiling into the wanton expression of the teenage girl, caressing her breasts softly and staring into her eyes. "Just relax," Sabrina whispered.

"Okay," Tina whispered back. She watched on as Sabrina slid off the sofa, her hands still tenderly exploring Tina's tits.

Tina began to breathe deeply at the sensation-- and the expectation of what she knew, and hoped, was coming. Suddenly Sabrina was unzipping Tina's shorts, and pulling them down her legs along with her now soaked panties.

When she'd finished undressing the girl, Tina parted her legs for her and leaned back into the couch. Tina was trembling from head to toe. Not even Michelle had made her feel this way before-- Sabrina had expertly seduced her, expertly brought her to a level of excitement Tina hadn't experienced in a long time. It was different than the excitement she'd been getting lately with all the men.

This excitement seemed real, deserved, almost loving. When Sabrina's tongue made contact with the girl's tender pussy, Tina gasped audibly and dug her hands into the sofa. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed. This was simply put the best oral sex Tina had ever experienced, ever. It almost made all the other times she'd been eaten out seem pointless and dull.

This woman knew exactly how to treat Tina's pussy-- her tongue was experienced, obviously, and very sure of itself. Tina writhed on the sofa as Sabrina exploited areas of pleasure between her legs she'd never even known had existed. She began to buck her hips spastically, unable to control the way her body responded to such expert attention.

The girl was moaning, gasping, and begging for more. Then, as Sabrina ran her long tongue up the length of the girl's soft labia, Tina saw stars as she came. Her body stiffened all over, and she let out a long mewing sound that filled the entire trailer.

When it was over she felt numb, and expected Sabrina to stop. But the woman didn't. She continued to eat out the 16-year-old, to the girl's utter surprise. "I. came," she said breathlessly. Sabrina didn't respond. Tina stared down at the woman's head between her legs, and suddenly began to buck her body again as Sabrina's tongue pressed deeply into her small hole.

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"God!!!" Tina cried, her body suddenly exploding into another orgasm. Still, Sabrina didn't quit. For nearly forty more minutes the woman continued to pleasure the girl, until Tina was became completely limp on the sofa, her body going through more orgasms than the girl had ever thought possible. Never had she received such unselfish attention before.

Never in her young life had anyone ever simply pleasured her-- played her body like a well tuned sexual instrument. It was one of the most amazing experiences of her life. And when she was done eating her out, she wasn't done with Tina for the night, the girl found out.

Instead Sabrina stood, stripped, and then led Tina by the hand to her father's bedroom. The girl didn't care that soon they were laying in her dad's bed-- she didn't even think to suggest her own room, with its small bed. She was completely at Sabrina's command. Tina lied down on her back, wondering what would happen next. Sabrina surprised her by simply laying atop the girl, and kissing her again.

Tina found herself actually enjoying the taste of her own juices in the woman's mouth. Sabrina wouldn't let Tina touch her. Every time the girl tried, Sabrina would push her hands away, and whisper, "Just relax, remember?" The woman kissed the girl down her neck, then, and Tina could feel the woman's large breasts drag against her skin as she slid her body against the teen's. When her mouth reached Tina's breasts Tina gasped in delight at the way Sabrina sucked gently at her nipples: first one, then the other.

She then kissed her way down the girl's trembling body, over her flat tummy, back down to between her legs where she began to eat her out again. She stopped after only a moment, though, and then kissed her way back up to Tina's mouth. As Tina enjoyed the woman's tongue against her own once more, she suddenly felt Sabrina's hand at her mound.

Just then the woman's long index finger slid into Tina's slick, tight hole, pressing up inside the girl until Tina was moaning into her mouth. Sabrina had amazing stamina. She continued making the girl cum in a varity of ways until the sun began to shine through the small dirty window of her dad's bedroom.

Tina, for her part, simply enjoyed herself. She could do nothing but enjoy herself. Never had she been treated like this!

Finally, after what had felt like heaven for so long, Sabrina broke off a final kiss and whispered, "I need to go now. I'll leave my cell number on your kitchen table." Tina stared through blurry eyes as the woman slid off the bed.

Before she exited the room Tina whispered, "Thank you." After she was gone, Tina fell into a restless slumber. She awoke with a smile on her face after about an hour.

She realized she had to return to her bedroom, now, before her dad got home. The girl stood up, and felt exactly opposite from the way she'd felt the morning before. She felt wonderful. She felt happy. She felt incredible pleasure from head to toe. When she got back to her room she lay down on her bed, and dozed off again with a smile on her lips. ===================== END OF CHAPTER ELEVEN ===================== SEE all eleven currently posted chapters, plus find reviews to similar stories I like at: .a 100% free collection and review website run by me, Shannon!

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