At last sexy milf reaches orgasms hardcore blowjob

At last sexy milf reaches orgasms hardcore blowjob
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Our parents had been taking vacations more frequently lately for longer periods of time leaving me to watch my younger sister Shannon. She wasn't bad to watch, but I didn't like to have to watch her all the time.

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She was a pretty girl, about 5 foot, with long, mid back length, red hair, and beautiful blue-green eyes, her breasts were small enough she didn't wear a bra yet but she could have used one sometimes around the house, they were probably A's almost B's but she never seemed to mined not wearing one, of course she did have a nice body for only being 13.

I'm Rob by the way, I'm 6'6, I weigh about 225, I'm 23, I'm rather slim in the middle and muscular on top around my shoulders and arms, I try and stay in good shape, I have short red hair, and green eyes, this particular evening I was as horny as a jack rabbit in spring time, seeing that I hadn't been laid in more then 6 months, but only because I've been home for a while and can't go out and pick up a random girl, I mean what would that say about me to my sister.


I was sitting in a leather chair, reading, the T.V. in the stand infront of me was on MTV, but no one was watching, Shannon was sitting with her knees against her chest, and her laptop rested on them.

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The shorts she wore pulled tight to her body, and her shirt was so tight around her tits and stumach she just looked so hot. Anyways I was sitting in the leather chair and I glanced up at her and my eyes were quickly overted to the sight between her legs, her shorts had ridden up so high I could tell she wasn't wearin any panties, her pussy lips were seperated by the shorts, and they were as blad and beautiful in all their glory.

My cock started to instantly stiffen, and I did my best to hide it with my book, not that it did any good. I started to slowly rub the head threw my pants hopeing she wouldn't realize it, she jumped up of the couch sending the lap top to fall to the couch, when she came back, she had a blanket in her hand, and she crawled back onto the couch in the same position she was in before, though she hide her pussy this time, I sat there wondering why she needed the blanket when I started to notice her arm under the blanket begin to move, I could hear small gasps and moans escape her lips.

"What are you doing?" I asked her in a questioning tone "nuthing, just reading" she said with a breathy expression "that doesn't sound like nuthin" I shot back, "show me what your doing" Shannon peered out from behind the screen, he face red, and she was breathing heavily, she pushed the computer onto the couch and pulled the blanket away, and what I saw next was beyound my reculection but I do recall, as she held a small viberater over her clit, and it buzzed as I got up to the couch forgetting that I was hard.

I stood infront of her, her face was still red with embaressment, and I knelt in front of her pushing her hand away gentlyI could see her juices clearly, there was alot, I moved my hand slowly up her leg and inner thigh, placing the palm of my big hand right against her pussy, she moand slightly, and pushed her hips towards me.

I slid a finger in between her lips and searched for her opening, while leting my thumb rub against her clit.


When I removed my hand Shannon had a look of disappointment on her face, which was then replaced with joy as I shifted her further down onto the couch bringing her pussy to the edge of the couch and I let my face slid between her legs. I blew gently on her pussy, which gave me a nice reaction of a gasp, and as I licked her lips she moved her hips to meet my face, and I began to slid my tongue in over her clit, making her moan loudly, and squirm under me.

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I parted her lips with my fingers and sucked her clit into my mouth, sucking hard and making her scream with pleasure as she entered her first orgasm she jerked and bucked, which was quite ammusing to watch or in this case feel, but definitly not her last.

I withdrew and when back to my seat my 9 inch cock trobing from what I had just done for her, but not expecting anything back, I picked up my book to read, licking my lips, but I hadn't noticed untill she appeared between my legs what her intent was, and she reached up and started to undo my belt, and zipper, and button, Shannon then helped me out of my pants, and began to rub my cock the way I had.

"lick it Shannon" I encouraged her She complied and licked it, I moaned in response, and she spent the next 5 minutes just licking "Now suck on it for baby sister, suck on it hard" I exclained Again she complied, sliding it into her mouth licking and suckin it like her life depended on it, making me moan and gasp and cry out with pleasure. I put my hand on the back of her head pushing more in with each thrust of my hip against her face, I looked down in disbelief, as my inocent little sister was working her hardest to suck it all into her mouth, she pulled off and looked up at me a little pre cum on the corner of her mouth.

"Rob" she said in an inocent voice, taking my hands and pushing them under my thighs, "I'm going to make this fun, I want you to sit on your hands, you aren't allowed to touch me, and if you do I'll stop and leave you just like that. Oh and your not allowed to move eithor, you have to stay perfectly still cuz if you move I'll stop and leave you like this" and as she finished her sentence she gave me a stern look.

I slid my fingers under my thighs and sat perfectly still as she used one hand to help her work on my shaft and her other to play with my loose hanging balls that were starved for attention. But I could feel my orgasm fast approching. "I'm gunna cum" I said but it took all my will power not to move, but just as I came I grabbed the back of Shannon's head catching her off guard, and shoved her head right down making it slid right down into her throat, and held her there till I was done.

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I released her head and looked at her face, cum covered her lower lip and was sliding down her chin, she was gasping and breathing hard. "I.told do.that" she panted "you started it" I said as I sat there naked from th waist down, she sat on the floor catching her breath for about 15 minutes, I guess I knocked the wind out of her. I reached down and grabbed her arm pulling her to me and making her sit on my naked thigh.

"let go" she said as I held her in place "ready for round two" I said with a grin "LET ME GO" she yelled "look you little whore you started this and now your gunna finish it" as I said it I took hold of her nipple and pinched "NO, LET ME GO" she shot back I pinched and twisted and pulled at the same time, she cried out in pain "you gunna finish" i said in a calm voice "YES YES PLEASE STOP, YOUR HURTING ME" she wailed "now get on the desk and take off your shirt" I demanded and she sis as she was asked tears still streaming down her face.

I pulled her legs up and spread them far, making her pussy perfectly visable for me. "are you still a virgin sis?" I asked politely she didn't respond, I reached down and found her clit and with my finger and thumb lightly squeezed, "are you a virgin sis?" I asked again, and sitll no responce evcept for her sobbing, I pinched as hard as I could causing her to scream in even more pain, "ARE YOU A VIRGIN?" I yelled, this time she responded with a wimpering "y-y-yes" I positined the head of my cock at the enterence of her pussy, and slid just the head in, I could see the distrot look on her face, because she was so tight, I had actually had a hard tome getting in her at first, the feel of her pussy wrapped around my cock was amazing, but I assumed that was from lack of sex in my part, and for no reason I went wild and know exactly how I wanted to breaker, hard and fast.

I removed my cock from her, she looked at me with a puzzed and releaved look, I took hold of her sides and picked her up putting her on her stumach, she lay flat on her stumach and I could see her tits flat against the deck top, I placed the head of my cock back into her opening.

"you might wanna grip the edge of the desk" I said as a suggestion, not caring if she was hanging on or not. I grabbed her shoulder's and with out making a sound I slammed into her as hard as I could using all of my streangth. She screamed bloody murder, as my cock broke threw her hyman, and touched her cervix, she twisted and jerked under me, stuggeling to get me off, but I hold her there and waited a few moments, she was so tight around my cock and it felt amazing, I mean to have a virgin pussy for the first time was by far the most incredable thing in the world.

I started to withdraw, leaving only the head in her, and I shoved back in causing her to scream again and again and again, because I did it over and over, but then started to make rythem, pushing it far and slow, and pulling out slowly, leaving only the head in her, ths went on for about 20 minuites of slow fucking. I was pleased when she stoped crying and more pleased when she moaned loudly "OH ROB" Just before I came I pulled out of her and pulled her to the floor and onto her weak knees, I displayed the wet, and blood soaked cock to her "now suck it" I said pushing it to wards her, as she tried to pull away I grabbed her hair, "suck it" I demanded, she kept her lips pressed firmly together, I grabbed her nose with my hand causeing her to open her mouth for breath and I shoved it in.

I rocked her head up and down in it, making her suck her blood from my cock, "OH SHANNON I'M GUNNA CUM, OH I'M GUNNA CUM AND YOUR GOING TO SWALLOW ALL OF IT, EVERY LAST DROP BECAUSE YOUR MY LITTLE SLUT NOW ARENT YOU" I said loudly not caring who heard. and then I came right in her mouth it was to much for her, and she started gaging and swallowing at the same time, cum leaking from the corners of her mouth.


Six hot long blastes of cum right down her throat, I fell back into the chair then she was finished swalloing and she has collapsed onto the floor, there it was a little red pubble of her blood on the clean floor, "look at that" I said with a smirk, "you've made a mess, now clean it up, I want you to lick it off the floor" She looked at me funny "go on" I encouraged her, "or I'll hurt you more" and she did it she got on all fours and licked her pussy juice and blood off the floor, causing me to get hard again.

.To Be Continued

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