Fresh Fish Up Her Asshole

Fresh Fish Up Her Asshole
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SERENITY VALLEY CHAPTER TWO COPYRIGHT( FEBRUARY 2002 BY DAHKME Everyone went their own ways. Chantell and Sierra went into the den to relax and get to know each other and Dianna went to the guesthouse to clean up. Dianna took a nice long relaxing shower. Washing all the grease and dirt off. As she was drying off and looking in the mirror she admired her body.

She always looked very manly in clothes. It was just her style. She was more comfortable in jeans and a tee shirt. Her breasts were huge and she really hated them. They were 48ddd's and caused her no end of back problems. But man were her nipples sensitive.

Her wife knew just how to suck them and she was known to cum just by having her nipples sucked. She pinched her nipples, teasing them until they were hard and firm. She ran her hands over her belly and soon found her way down to her pussy.

Just thinking of her sexy wife lying in bed was enough to make her pussy moist. She took her forefinger and massaged her clit. She could always cum by masturbating but what she really wanted was her wife fucking her with the dildo they used.

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It wasn't long before she had a small orgasm and decided she was hungry. She found a robe to put on and put her clothes in the washing machine. She went to the refrigerator and looked inside for something to eat. She fixed a ham and cheese sandwich and found some chips in the cupboard. She went back to the refrigerator for a glass of milk, but couldn't find any. She thought she would go to the main house and get a glass without disturbing Chantell and Sierra.

Chantell and Sierra were in the den. Sierra was sitting on the couch and Chantell was just looking around the room. She looked at the bookshelf and found about fifty books there. "Did you write all of these? "Yes, I wrote them all over about three years." "Are they based on personal experiences or fantasies?" "A few of them are personal but most of them are fantasies.

I never make any notes or do any research on them. The words just kind of flow out of me." I also have a very good imagination. "Well I can see that you are very erotic and sensual and I bet that comes through in your writings, among other ways," said Chantell.

Sierra stood up and walked over to Chantell. Grabbing her by the waist, she hugged her tight. She was already feeling the heat from Chantell's body and wonder if Chantell would be up to a little game. She told Chantell to close her eyes and Sierra led her to the center of the room.

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Chantell was just a little nervous about what was going to happen when she felt something soft around her eyes. She put her hands up to stop whatever it was.

Sierra just said "Shhhhh baby, I wont hurt you I promise. I just want the blindfold to enhance your other senses. Do you trust me? "I. I. guess so, yes." "I want you only to feel, touch, smell and taste. If you get frightened, just tell me and I will stop immediately." "Um yes ok, whatever you want," she said hesitantly. Sierra put the blindfold over Chantell's beautiful eyes, and gently kissed the back of her neck.

Chantell quivered at the touch. Sierra walked to the front of Chantell and started unbuttoning her shirt.

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Each time she unbuttoned a button she would kiss or lick the exposed skin. She left the shirt open and proceeded to Chantell's shorts. She grabbed the waistband and used only her teeth to pull them off her. Her long red hair was caressing Chantell's skin, causing her to squirm and giggle. She put a finger in Chantell's cunt and found it to be quiet wet. Chantell jumped at the suddenness of Sierra's finger but quickly relaxed. She put her finger up to Chantell's nose and let her smell her own juices.

She ran her finger down to her lips and ran her finger across Chantell's lips. Chantell licked her lips and tasted the sweetness of her own pussy. She had never done that before and found it highly erotic. Sierra walked behind Chantell and removed her blouse, planting feather-soft kisses between her shoulder blade and ran her tongue up and down her spine. She took off her own blouse and smashed her breasts against Chantell's back.

She ran her nipples against the creamy white skin, causing her nipples to stiffen. She reached around and grabbed Chantell's nipples and began teasing them with her fingernails. Chantell moaned and leaned back into Sierra. Sierra thought she heard a noise but couldn't be sure so she just ignored it. She let go of Chantell and walked over to the desk in the corner. Chantell could hear the drawer opening and wondered what Sierra had in store for her.

Dianna meanwhile had walked to the main house. She opened the back door quietly and went straight to the kitchen. She opened a cupboard and got a glass, fully intending on getting the milk and leaving. She heard a small moan and curiosity got the better of her so she went snooping.

She made her way towards the den and peeked around the corner. And what she saw excited her. Chantell was standing in the middle of the room naked and in a blindfold. Dianna just gawked, unable to move. She looked at her pert, taut nipples looking as if they begged to be sucked. She could see her pussy glistening with sweat or pussy juice, she couldn't be sure. She really wanted to find out, but had thus far remained faithful to her wife of 4 years and she wasn't about to blow it for some quick sex.

Sierra had noticed Dianna staring at Chantell lush body and grinning lewdly. Sierra coughed and Dianna looked at her blushing.

Sierra just held a finger to her lips and motioned Dianna to sit in the chair in the corner. It took about one second for Dianna to get to the chair. She settled in for the show. Sierra walked back to Chantell and kissed her softly on the lips. Then stepped back a step or two and told Chantell to lay down on the floor.


She also told her to put her arms over her head and spread her legs wide apart. Sierra then stepped to the side of her, giving full view of Chantell's cunt to Dianna.

She had gotten a few items from the drawer and she was about to use the first one. An eagle feather. She ran the feather up and down Chantell's arms. Caressing every inch of skin. She ran it under her arms to her armpits.

Down each side and back up again. Ran it across her stomach and down the inside of her legs. She stroked the feather across the bottoms of her feet, sending Chantell into giggles. She straddled her legs on each side of Chantell's head and lowered her pussy to Chantell's face.

Not close enough to touch but close enough to smell. Chantell's nostrils flared and her pussy contracted. Chantell tried to reach up with her tongue but couldn't reach it. She lifted her head up and Sierra simple stood up out of reach. The disappointment showed on Chantell's face and Sierra just grinned.

She took the feather and continued to caress her skin with it. Every once in awhile she would scrape the tip of the feather across her nipples or clit.

Each time she did, caused Chantell's ass and hips to be lifted off the floor. Dianna, sitting quietly in the corner, was getting very turned on. She reached her hand inside her shirt and started playing with her breast and nipple. The other hand was working its way down to her pussy. Sierra set the feather down and brought out the next item, a small vibrator. She turned it on slow and ran the tip of it over Chantell's nipple causing her to have another orgasm.

It wasn't a mind blowing one that was going to come later. She put the dildo to Chantell's lips and Chantell eagerly licked it and began to suck it.

It was about the only thing her ex-husband thought she was good at.


It was just instinct that she started sucking it as if it was a real cock. Sierra pulled it out of her lips, and ran it down her stomach in a direct path to her clit.

She took the head of the dildo and thrust it against her clit, grinding the clit with it. Chantell moaned and wriggled her ass on the floor.

She carpet scratched against her sweet ass causing another new sensation. It was a mixture of mild pain and intense physical pleasure. While Sierra was massaging her clit with the dildo, she took another one in her hand. She glanced at Dianna and smiled when she found her playing with herself. Dianna didn't even notice Sierra looking at her.

Sierra was tempted to ask Dianna to join in, but she felt that if her and Chantell were going to have any kind of a future together, Dianna should just sit back and watch. Sierra focused her attention back onto Chantell's pussy. She continued with the dildo vibrating against her clit and put the head of the life-like dildo into Chantell's pussy and turned on the vibration to speed eight.

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This was an unusual dildo, it had ten pumping speeds, ten circular speeds, and ten vibrating speeds, it also could shoot any liquid that you filled it with.

Sierra had another one that she received while doing research for a book that not only had all the features and had the added touch of electricity. It could send a very small charge, sort of like a static shock that you get from carpets or an even larger charge, which she had only used twice. Her ex-girlfriend had brought out the Dominatrix in her but decided that she would go slow with Chantell and see where it goes.

Chantell was moaning and squirming on the carpet, wanting the dildo to go deeper in her. Sierra positioned her pussy over Chantell's face and lowered herself onto Chantell's hot mouth and tongue.

Chantell eagerly took Sierra in her mouth, she would do anything for her if she would only fuck her with the dildo that was in her moist, tight cunt. Sierra started to slide the dildo inside Chantell inch by inch. Teasing her cunt by pushing a little and then stopping. Turning and pushing and then stopping again. It was driving Chantell mad, (if the way her tongue was working Sierra's cunt was any indication).

But Sierra had control of the situation well in hand, actually both hands. She continued teasing the hot box now steaming under her control. She pushed the dildo in to the hilt and that caused Chantell to have yet another orgasm. Sierra pulled the dildo all the way out and rammed it right back in. The dildo on her clit was turned up full and she turned the dildo in her cunt to ten on all settings.

She was working feverishly with her hands now, oblivious to everything but the tongue working her pussy and the sounds coming from Chantell. Dianna was also working feverishly with her hands, these girls were making her hot and she wanted desperately to join in and probably would have if she were single.

But her and Corliss had been through a lot together and she wasn't going to risk losing her for one night of passion with two incredibly sexy women.

Dianna had her right hand deep inside her pussy, she had four fingers in and was busy trying to get the fifth one in.

Her left hand was holding one of her enormous tits in her hand and was busily sucking her own nipple. She too was oblivious to anything but getting herself off. Sierra worked the dildo in and out of Chantell, going deeper and deeper, faster and faster, harder and harder. She twisted and turned it, hitting that spot we all know is deep inside us, and thrilled when our lovers find it. Again she pulled the dildo all the way out and ramming it back in. Sweat was pouring down her face dripping onto Chantell's breast.

None of the ladies were going to last much longer. Faster, deeper, harder went the hands and dildo. Faster, deeper and harder went the tongue. "Cum for me my love, let me taste the very essence of you," screamed Sierra. "Cum for me my beauty." Chantell was the first to scream in ecstasy. She screamed Sierra's name over and over and over. Sierra was next with a very loud moan that sounded more like a howl from an injured animal, her juices flowing out of her and into Chantell's mouth.

Chantell licked and sucked Sierra's clit, gently nibbling it as she tasted the sweet cream. Dianna looked at the couple just seconds before she too had an orgasm, she had to bite her lip to keep from making a sound.

She looked at the two women, panting and glistening with sweat for a few moments and then composed herself. Dianna saw Sierra was watching her leave, so Dianna blew a kiss to Sierra and slipped quietly from the room. She returned to the guesthouse.

She had a call to make. Sierra gently pulled the dildo from Chantell's cunt and grabbed a blanket off the couch. She took the blindfold off Chantell and kissed her deep and passionately, their tongues dancing and searching. She lay down next to her and covered their sweaty bodies.

She wrapped her arms around Chantell and gently rocked her to sleep. Once Chantell was asleep, Sierra closed her eyes and slept peacefully for the first time in years. Dianna rushed back to the guesthouse and immediately called home. "Hello darling," she said. "Hi sweetheart, I thought you'd be in bed with such a long drive tomorrow." "I was just getting something to eat and thought I would call you." "That's good. I wanted to tell you goodnight and I miss you." "I miss you too baby, more than you know.

I am so horny I am about to jump out of my skin." "Why are you so horny?" "Well I don't want you to get mad at me, but I have never hid anything from you before." "And.?" "Well, I. I. sort of, well I guess the only way to do this is come out and say it." "What's wrong baby?" "Nothing is wrong baby. I am just horny.

You see I went to the main house to get a glass of milk and" "And.? "Baby you have got to see this place its gorgeous." "But that's not what's wrong." Well, I. I. kind a walked in on Chantell and Sierra making passionate love on the floor in front of the fireplace. "And what did you do? You're making me awfully suspicious." "Baby, you know I love you." "You say you love me all the time and I love you too, but what is going on." "I really didn't do anything.

I just sort of." "Sort of?" "Masturbated while I was watching them. Baby what do I always thinks of when it comes to sex?" "Well as long as you were thinking about me, I guess it's ok." "That's one of the reasons I was calling you in the first place. Remember when we first met on line? The deep and meaningful discussions we would have." "Of course I do baby, but I don't think you are wanting a deep and meaningful conversation are you?" "I was thinking about the other kinds of conversations we had, hint, hint." "Oh, those conversations.

Hmmm! I suppose you want me to do something about your horniness over the phone like we used to?" "Yes, baby, I really do! Please baby, Chantell and Sierra got me all worked up and I just need to hear your sexy voice talking to me like we used to on the phone." "I suppose we could have a bit of a talk.

Tell me about what you saw tonight." Dianna proceeded to describe in the exact details of the erotic events that occurred earlier. Corliss could hear Dianna's breathing become heavier with each sentence. She described the dildo and Corliss wanted her to check to see if there was any in the guesthouse.

Dianna said she wasn't going to go snooping but there was a long handled brush in the shower. Corliss told her to go get. "Why don't you strip your clothes off," she said sexily.

"Do it slowly, pretending your hands are mine, unbuttoning each button and slowly moving it off your shoulders. As my hands run down your arms, down your back, circling around, down your breasts, circling the nipples but not touching them.

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Watching them harden in anticipation, kissing your soft lips, running my tongue over your teeth and into your mouth. Our tongues dancing together. As I pull you close, my feather soft kisses all over your face. I work my way around to your ear, sucking your earlobe into my mouth.

Sucking and lightly chewing. Dianna let out a moan at this, her ears were as sensitive as her nipples. "Feeling your body shudder against mine as you have your first orgasm, the beginning of the building. I move down your body with my mouth, licking every spot until I reach your nipples. I circle your nipples with my tongue not touching them. Until finally I flick my tongue across your nipple and then blow on it.

You shiver as I move to the other breast to do the same. Then I suck that nipple into my mouth.

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"Oh god baby, you know what your mouth can do to my nipples." "Yes I know!" "While sucking on your nipple.

I unbutton your pants and slide them over your hips. Squeezing your ass as I push them down your legs and you raise your right foot and then your left as you step out of them.

My mouth finds a trail down your stomach and I push you back onto the bed. Climbing up next to you, I kiss and lick and nibble all the way down your body. Down your leg, down to your foot and I take your big toe in my mouth sucking on it.

I treat each one of your toes the same." A small moan was heard across the telephone lines. "When I am done with that foot I move to the next and suck each toe in turn. I move up your leg, towards your hot, moist center. As I get closer I blow on you and you shiver and raise your hips. I lick each lip already tasty from your fluids.

I circle around your clit, refusing to touch it, Until I have you a mass of quivering flesh, and then I dive for your clit, I suck your clit into my mouth and hang on for dear life as you buck against my face.

Just as I feel you're about to explode, I back off." A groan could now be heard over the telephone lines. "I hear you begging me not to stop. But I let you come down a little bit, kissing the inside of each leg, running my fingers through your pubic hair and blowing against your clit to cool you off. Just as I feel the quivering slow, I push two fingers inside of you and start pumping. I add another finger and start flicking my tongue against your clit.

Then I suck it into my mouth, pumping my fingers harder, faster, deeper. Suddenly, the fireworks go off and your juices soak my fingers and my face as you achieve another orgasm." "As your muscles relax.

I move my hand to floor and reach under the bed and pick up the vibrator, turn it on, and inserted it in your hot, wet pussy." Dianna took this as a cue to insert the brush handle into her pussy, which was, in fact, hot and very wet.

"Starting off with the vibrator on low. I operate it with one hand while reaching up and playing with your nipples.

Pinching and tweaking them. As I feel your body building towards another orgasm, I turn the vibrator higher. It eventually goes to the maximum setting. Your body is quaking and your juices burst out of you." A scream of passion could be heard over the telephone lines, along with some very heavy breathing.

"Slowly moving the vibrator out of you. I crawl up besides you and hold you in my arms, until you are calm again." It was a few moments before Dianna could speak. "Oh god baby, you are the greatest. I fell in love with you since the day we met, and I love you more and more each day. I wish I were home with you so I could make love to you all night long." "Shhhhh baby, just get some rest and we can spend tomorrow night making love all night long." "Ok darling, I love you and will kiss you goodnight." Dianna hung up the phone, and said a silent prayer, thanking the goddess above for bringing Corliss into her life.

She contentedly fell asleep in just a few minutes. The next morning when Dianna woke up, she got dressed and went to the main house. She wanted to thank Sierra for letting her stay (and for the show).

She found the two lovers sitting side by side in the kitchen. "Well, Good morning. Did you sleep well," Sierra asked? Yes, I slept wonderful, after watching a show and calling my wife. A small grin crossed Sierra's lips. "What did you two ladies do last night?" Together they both said, "We got to know each other better." "I'll just bet you did." Everyone let out a little laugh. "Is there someplace you want me to tow your car?" "No that's ok, Alice our resident mechanic is gone for the weekend fishing.

She can tow it Monday when she gets back. Is there anything you need before you go?" "No, but I did want to thank you for allowing me to stay.

I just wish I had more time. I would love to have a tour of the place." "Why don't you and your wife come up next weekend! I have plenty of room and wouldn't mine the company." "You know we could use a break and she just loves horses.

I may just take you up on that! Well I really must go. It was very nice meeting both of you." The three women stood and kissed each other and Sierra and Dianna hugged.

Sierra whispered in Dianna's ear, "I hope you enjoyed the show!" Dianna whispered back, "I sure did, maybe next show my wife will be here as well!" Then Dianna walked out the door and got into her truck and headed home. She couldn't wait to get into her wife's arms. Author's note: Dianna and Corliss are real people. In fact, I am Dianna and my wife is Corliss. Although I've had several readers respond to Chapter One that Dianna should have a three way with Sierra and Chantell, I felt that I could not do that.

Even in words, it would have felt like cheating. The phone conversation between my wife, and myself was real.

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She spoke that same type of conversation many times during our long distance relationship. For those of you wanting some group sex, I think you will find those in Chapter 3 or 4.


Thank you for reading my stories. Corliss, my darling, I love you.