Aria is a pole dancer

Aria is a pole dancer
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Rachel Fucking the Tourist My name is Rachel; I'm from London, England. I moved to the United States to start a new beginning. Living in Sunny, California I thought I'd see movie stars everywhere I went.

I was wrong, but not disappointed many of the people here in the San Francisco, Bay Area are nice, and fun to be around. One night, I ran into a fellow Britt named Peter. He was asking for directions to get back to his hotel. I knew how to get him to his hotel, but I wanted to take him home with me.

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I haven't fucked another Britt since I left home, and Peter was hard to resist. I told him that I'd give him a ride to his hotel.

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As we got into my car and started driving, we started talking. He asked why I moved to America, I told him that my parents didn't approve of my lifestyle of heavy partying and so I left. As we turned onto the road that Peter's hotel was on we saw that the road was blocked because of a fire. I told him that I live a few blocks away and he can say at my place. Peter had no other choice, it was my place or sleeping on the street. When we got home I made some hot chocolate and started to talk more, then we started to flirt, Peter put his hand on my thigh and I snuggled with him as we watched TV.

After a while of flirting I gave Peter a kiss, after I broke the kiss he kissed me back. We made out for what felt like an hour, I got up from the couch and led Peter into the bedroom where took off my shirt. Peter put his hands on my breasts as I forced him onto the bed. I told Peter to suck on my nipples as he does so, I could feel his cock get hard. I then unbuttoned and took off his nice shirt, and started to kiss his chest.

Peter flipped me over and took off my pants. He noticed that I wasn't wearing underwear; I laughed and told him I never wear any kinds of underwear. He smiled and said "Less work for me." As he started to eat my pussy. His tongue felt extremely good on my pussy almost making me cum.

I told him that he's going to make me cum, so he got up and took off his pants and underwear and puts his big cock into my tight little pussy. I love this feeling Peter fucking me feels too good!!! Every time I moaned Peter would fuck me harder. Soon, Peter was fucking me as hard as he could, making me have the most powerful orgasm I have ever had.

After I came, Peter kept fucking me cumming a minute later and collapsed next to me. I started to suck Peter's cock cleaning it off of my cum and pussy juices. Peter then sat up with a smile on his face. I rolled on top of him and gave him a kiss, and started to ride his cock. Peter put his hands around my waist and made me fuck him harder.


Every time I moaned Peter would make me fuck him harder; soon I was fucking him as fast as he can make me. I soon started to cum and Peter somehow found the energy to make me fuck him faster, I continued to cum in a massive, powerful, explosive, double orgasm. Peter however didn't stop; he kept pounding me onto his cock until he came.

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I collapsed off of Peter, and lied back next to him giving him a kiss. After breaking the kiss, Peter guided his tongue down my neck to my beasts sucked on my nipples. Followed by a series of several kisses down my body to my pussy. Where Peter licked up all of my juices and cum. I pulled Peter up to me and started to kiss him.

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As Peter drifted asleep I kept him snuggled with me. In the morning, I wake up to Peter giving me a kiss on my forehead. As I got my head together we talked about what we did last night. He told me that he was flying back to London tonight and was sorry that we couldn't spend more nights together.

As he got up and started to walk to the bathroom to take a shower, I grabbed his arm and threw him back onto the bed, and told him that he's not done yet and started to kiss him making him hard. After a while I started to suck his cock; doing so made me wet. Peter rolled me over onto my back and gave me a long passionate kiss me.

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He then started to kiss and lick his way down my body to my wet pussy. As he started to eat my pussy, I couldn't control myself I grabbed his head and pulled him in until his entire face was in my pussy. His tongue felt so good in my pussy, it made me cum in a minute in a powerful orgasm, squirting my cum and juices into his mouth.

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Peter then inserted his cock and started to fuck me. As I started to scream in passion, Peter fucked me harder making me cum again in a minute.

Even after making me cum twice in just as many minutes, I didn't want Peter to stop fucking me.


Peter told me that he wanted to fuck my asshole. Peter flipped me over so that I'm face down on the bed, and Peter with one firm thrust, put his cock in my asshole. At first it hurt like hell, but after a minute, I got used to his cock in my ass. Peter started to fuck me very slowly, a minute later, Peter started to fuck me a little harder, I told him that his cock in my ass felt better than I thought it would.

Soon he started to fuck me harder, and I told him that I was starting to like this feeling of his cock in my ass. He then started to fuck me a little faster. I never thought that a cock in my ass would feel this good.


Peter then started to fuck me harder and I screamed out passionately "Yes! Peter! Your cock feels so good in my asshole! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Just then Peter started to fuck me harder. Catapulting me into a massive, most powerful, most explosive, double orgasm I have ever had; making me squirt my cum and pussy juices all over the bed.

Peter kept fucking me, until he came a few seconds later.

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After resting a while, we got out of bed and took a shower, got dressed and I took Peter to his hotel. Peter and I both had to admit that we had the best sex ever. After Peter checked got his bags and checked out of his hotel, I drove him to the airport where we finally had to say goodbye.

Peter got on his plane and flew home to London. 2 days later he sent me a text message of a photo of Big Ben with a caption saying "Wish you were here!" I then sent him a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge with a caption telling him that I wished he was here…

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