Teen Kiley Kay punished and deepthroated by thick cock

Teen Kiley Kay punished and deepthroated by thick cock
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Fantasy #1 It's a fairly atypical Friday night. My two friends and I decided not to go out on the town tonight, and instead decided to just laze about my place watching movies and shooting the shit.

At around midnight, on of my friends decided to go back to his place, leaving me and the (unfortunately) straight guy I've fallen for, alone at my place. He's by far the most attractive guy I've had the pleasure of being friends with. Stunning body, dark blonde, short cropped hair, and a smile that could melt ice. "Hey man, I'm getting pretty tired too, I think I might head to bed." I say. "Yea," he agrees, "I'm exhausted.

I don't really feel like driving home tonight, mind if I crash here?" "Yea not a problem." I say trying to keep from looking too eager.

This isn't the first time he's stayed over, so I know exactly what it'll entail. We will both get changed into nothing but gym shorts, hop into the bed, and cuddle all night. I love cuddling with him.

His body temperature is always lower than mine so he keeps me cool while I keep him warm.

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He caught me off guard the first time we cuddled, because not only did I have this Adonis of a man in my bed, but he's a little spoon. Not that I was going to complain, but it was unexpected from such a masculine straight guy. And that's exactly how we proceeded. We got into our shorts, and climbed into bed. "HEY! Make sure your alarms are off!" I say to him as I'm doing the same thing on my phone.

"I dont want to be woken up in four hours." "Oh shit, might be a good idea" he laughs. A couple silent seconds go by as we shut our alarms off and plug our phones in. "Hey Alex?" he says, sounding kinda nervous. Or sleepy. I can't really tell. "Yeah?" I give him a puzzled look. "I uh. kinda wanna do something a little different tonight." he says, not looking at me, just fiddling with his fingers.

"Well, what would you like to do?" I ask in the most comforting tone I can, sensing his nerves. "I uh. I kinda. I. fuck it." he stammers. I don't even have time to say anything before he has one hand behind my neck and pulls me in for an awkward kiss. At this point my heart and mind are racing. 'why is he doing this? I thought he was straight! He's told me he's straight. What the hell!' I reluctantly, gently push him away.

"What. Why. But I thought." apparently it was my turn to stammer "I'm sorry." He says, blushing so bright I can see it through the darkness. "It's just, lately I've been getting. an urge to do that." "Just that?" I ask jokingly, having recovered from that initial shock.

"Well no, but I didn't know how to go about asking you for permission to do that. so I just went for it" I can tell by the tone of his voice that he feels like I didn't want him to, and is a little upset. So I place one of my hands on his hip, and the other gently on the side of his face, which gets a little gasp out of him in response.

"You never need permission." I say softly as I pull him closer so our foreheads are touching. "And we don't have to talk." This time, I pull him in and gently place my lips against him. The tiniest little moan escapes his lips as he returns his hand to the back of my neck, and places the other on my lower back. I gently push his lips open with mine so we can kiss more deeply, carefully, feeling for any resistance in his lips or the rest of his body.

The last thing I wanna do is push too hard, too fast and scare him away. I am pleasantly surprised to find the opposite. He feels what I'm doing, and uses the hand that is on my back to pull our bodies together as he finishes allowing me to open his lips. I can feel my heart beat a thousand miles an hour, and I can feel his beating just as fast through my hands. Our kisses are no longer timid, but deep and firm. I feel like I'm in a daze. He is just as good of a kisser as I've imagined many times in my head.

His lips are soft yet strong, and his tongue tastes sweet where it flicks across mine. My nerves are in a euphoric inferno where his skin touches mine and I feel like I'm floating. I can barely take it.

We eventually slowly break apart, and we're both panting. He looks into my eyes, and I can't believe the look they have. His eyes look like they're imbedded with a million tiny diamonds as he looks at me with such a look of joyous satisfaction. We don't say anything, just smile like we can't help it, and allow our heads to rest against each other as we breathe each other in.

His hands are tracing circles on my back, as mine are on his, as he pulls me back in for a light kiss. No. Not enough anymore. A chuckle leaves his lips as I lean into him, gently rolling him onto his back. I tie our legs together and lay half my body onto his and pull us tight together as I plant my lips on his. I feel his body melt like butter under the touch of my lips, the weight of my body on his, and the brush of my hand along his torso.

Finally he's finished letting himself go. I hear him moan as I grab at the back of his neck to kiss him even deeper. It makes me chuckle against his lips. He grabs my body and firmly plants me on top of him. I giggle like a fangirl as he does it.

I've now got one leg on either side of his waist, our bodies are as close as they can possibly be. His hands around my back are like iron bars wrapped in silk.

Strong, immovable, but gentle and comforting. I take the opportunity to push a little further. I push his head to the side with mine, exposing the side of his neck.

I start at my favorite place. Right behind the ear. I feel him gasp and feel his fingers tighten their hold on my back. I don't let up. I keep kissing all the way down his neck until I get to his collar bone. This time I plant a little nibble. Just enough teeth to excite the nerves, but not so much as to hurt or leave a mark. At this he moans, and I feel him lean into the bite as I turn it into a kiss. I lightly brush by lips all the way back up his neck.

I feel his whole body shudder underneath me. I pick my head back up, allowing him to turn his head back and look at me. He's in a daze. His eyes are almost predatory. Good. I settle down a little further on his waist as I lean in for another go.

but before I can. I feel something poking me. "Oop." I exclaim, giggling a little as I do, "someone's excited." "Well. yea maybe a little bit." He smirks. "Want me to take care of that for you?" I say as I lean my head next to his, my lips lightly brushing his ear.

"Mmm, yes please." he moans, still sounding breathless. Now the show can really begin. I reposition my body as to prepare for one, long, uninterrupted trip down the length of his body. He has no idea what pleasure he's about to experience.

He has unwittingly found himself in conversations with me about foreplay, euphoric zones, turn ons and turn offs. Not that I ever expected this moment to happen, but I retained all that information just in case, as well as putting my knowledge of the male body into it. He's going to lose his mind. I plant one more deep kiss on his lips before I begin.

I pull his chin up with my fingertips, and gently kiss from the top of his adam's apple down to his chest. I already feel his body pitching and writhing underneath mine in a sensual high.

Once I get to his chest, I first lightly trace the ridge of his pecs from one side to the other, planting a deep, firm kiss on either side and in the center of his chest. As I'm doing this I'm tracing my hands down his sides and teasing my fingertips under his waistline. He sighs and groans with every move I make, tightening his grip on my upper back. From there I lightly run the tip of my tongue along his stomach, directly in the middle of his abs. I feel them flex as I go down. Once I get to the bottom, right at his waistline, I grab his sides so my thumbs are well inside his shorts, at the base of his Adonis v.

I dig my thumbs in with more than a little pressure, knowing I need that much to stimulate those nerves, and run my thumbs slowly up to the top of his v.

At the same time, I'm kissing my way back up the groove between his abs. I feel his body pitch under me as he moans.

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not softly, and I can't help myself. I look up at his face, resting my chin at the top of his abs, my hands on his sides, still applying a small amount of pressure to his v, and the look in his eyes is desperate.

Almost pleading me to let him release. Not yet. I give him a little wink as I move my head off center, and start kissing my way down his obliques. His body pitches under me again as I get to the point where his obliques meet his v. In that moment I know all of his nerve endings are screaming. I pull the waistline of his shorts down just enough to expose the base of his v, not yet revealing his dick.

I gently place my lips against the base of his v, and he releases a little gasp. I plant a firm kiss at the base of his v, and brush the tip of my tongue along it's length, hearing him pant and feeling him pitch the entire time.

Finally, it's time to take those shorts off. I kiss my way down the other half of his v, as I wrap my fingers around the waistline of his shorts and start to pull them off. At the base of his v once again, I work my legs between his, pull his shorts the rest of the way off and throw them across the room. His dick is beautiful.

Thick, a good 8" long, and a nice graceful down curve. All the better to deepthroat with. Time to give him the pleasure he's been dying for. I brush my fingertips down the length, from head to base, as I lean in and plant a deep kiss right on the base of his v once again. I'm returned with a moan and I can feel his hips rotate under my touch.

I then gently cup his balls in my hand, and lift them so I can plant a kiss under his balls. He gasps in surprise initially, then sighs in relief. I brush my tongue up the length of his dick and take just the head into my lips. The feeling for me is just as pleasurable as it is for him. I hear him groan as I take his dick a little deeper in, running my tongue in circles around his head, making full use of my tongue ring.

It's driving him mad, I feel him thrust his hips to try an get it the rest of the way in, but I raise my head in tune with the motion of his hips. I'm not done teasing yet. I return to running my tongue up and down the length of his dick repeatedly, savouring the taste as I drive him mad. I myself can't take it anymore, and I need to finally stop teasing him.


I grasp the base of his dick, so his head is less than an inch away from my lips. I open up my lips, and slowly work my way down until my lips met the base of his dick. He was moaning and gyrating the entire way down.

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He's loving this just as much as I am. I wrap one one hand around his thigh, and the other under his perfect little ass, maintaining a nice firm grip on both. I soon adopt a steady rhythm, all the way down, all the way up, twisting my head to either side, allowing my tongue ring to excite every inch of him.

It doesn't take long before his moans get much louder, and I can feel his head swelling in preparation to cum. At this point I feel him place his hands around my arms as he pulls me back up so our faces are pressed together again. His skin is flushed, he's panting, but his eyes on mine are steady. "I. was that." I stammer, but I'm interrupted by him pulling me in for a kiss. "I just don't want to cum yet" He says quietly against my lips. "OH?" I ask, bewildered "did you have something else in mind?" "I.

well. you bottom. right?" he stutters "Ahh. I got you" I say as I plant another deep kiss on him. I roll off of him and help him pull himself over me. He expertly takes my shorts off and throws them next to his. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his back and pull him onto me. Feeling his weight on me is exhilarating. Our kisses are deep and forceful, our hands on each other are unrelenting. My heart feels like it's about to explode out of my chest and I can feel his heart through his back.

"I've never done this before" He says. "I know," I say cooly "I'll take control if I need to." "Okay" He says as he reaches for the lube I keep behind the lamp on my night stand. "Now how'd you know that was there?" I laugh. "Don't worry about that." He laughs back as he kisses me again.

I help him lube himself up as well as myself. The suspense is killing me. I just want him. I pull his face to mine as he gets ready to go in me. "Let me know if I do anything wrong, ok?" He says.

"You won't" I say as I grasp the sides of his face and kiss him deeply. At that, he leaned into me and I felt him start to enter me. I can't help myself. I grab him by the thighs and pull him the rest of the way in. We both end up gasping then moaning at the same time once he's all the way in. He looks down at me, and that predatory look in his eyes is back. He leans down and pulls me into a kiss as he starts slowly moving his hips in a strong, steady rhythm.

We have our faces buired into each other and are both gasping and moaning into each other. He feels amazing. He's big, but not too big, gentle but not too gentle. He keeps one hand on the small of my back to keep me where I am, and his other hand is all over my body from neck to thigh and back again. My hands are all over his back, grasping him everywhere as if he's the only thing keeping be from floating into space. My whole body feels electric with every move he makes, and I can't take it much longer.

But I wanted to. "Hang on a second." I say as I grab him by the hips and push him out. "What's wrong?" He says, confused "Oh believe me," I say as I sit up and kiss him on the chest, "nothing, is wrong. I just want to try a different position." "OH?" he smirks. "Oh yes." I say as I kiss his lips.

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"One that'll cater to your downcurve a little more." "Oh ok." I says interested. I roll over onto my stomach and spread my legs, using my knees to lift my ass into the air a little bit. "Ohhh," he says as he lays on top of me, "I like this." he whispers into my ear. I like it too. I can feel his weight pushing me into the bed. His legs are against mine, keeping them open. His dick is right between my cheeks.

I feel his lips on my upper back, right between my back and can't help but moan a little and lift my back into his touch. I feel him chuckle into my back, and the motion of his laugh is making his dick slide against my hole. It's making my body scream for him even more. He leans back and starts sliding the head of his dick across my hole.

time and time again. I have to bury my face in the pillow to quiet my moan as just the head of his dick slips in and he pulls it back out to keep teasing me. Suppose he deserves a little revenge. I feel him lean over and expect to feel his weight as he lays on me again. Instead, I feel his lips on the small of my back. It sends a shockwave of goosebumps across my back. He then runs his tongue along my spine, all the way up to the base of my neck.

I have to bury my face once again. Finally, I feel him place his head against my hole as he readies himself to go back in. I crane my neck and turn my back so I can look at his face. That predatory look that turns me on so much is still there. I grab him by the back of the neck and pull his face to mine for a kiss. As soon as our lips touch I feel him push as his dick works it's way into me. My fingers tighten along his neck as I moan into him.

He kisses me deeper as he starts rotating his hips. I can't help but moan every time I feel his head slide along my prostate. I hear him moan every time his balls smack against me when he pushes all the way in. Eventually, our necks start hurting, so we separate our faces to allow them to rest. He stops rotating his hips, mid thrust to massage his neck with one hand, the other on the square of my back to hold himself up, pushing my body into the bed at the same time. He shouldn't have stopped.

My turn to take control. I hear him gasp as I start rotating my hips in a small circle, pulling him almost all the way out, then all the way in, giving each side of his dick more pressure individually as I complete each circle. I feel him lean his body back and take the opportunity to look at his reaction. He's got his head leaned back, and his arms in the air with his hands on his face. I hear the muffled sounds of satisfaction as he moans into his hands.

He takes his face out of his hands and looks down to watch his dick going in and out of me. After a few seconds he looks up to see me looking at him. His eyes read disbelief that I'm making him feel so good, but the smile on his face reads don't stop. So I don't. I keep going even as he leans into me and kisses me deeply again.

Moaning into my throat with every motion of my body. He leans back once more, but this time he wraps his hands around my hips, digging his hands into my obliques and Adonis v. I know he's about to take control. I know that, even if I wanted to, I'd be powerless to stop it. Good thing I don't want to. I lean my face against the pillow, and spread my arms to brace for what's to come. I feel his hands tighten on my sides as his rhythm increases, until he's just fucking me like an animal.

The feeling is electrifying. I feel him in his entirety as his dick is slamming in and out of me like a jackhammer. His balls make a clapping sound against me with every in thrust. his hands digging into my sides are sending chills over my entire body. My hands are clawing into my sheets to the point where I think I might tear them.

I can't help but groan and moan in ecstasy with each thrust, and I hear him doing the same.


He slows his rhythm and collapses into me in exhaustion after what felt like one, heavenly eternity. The sweat from his torso is making our bodies slide along eachother gracefully with every slow thrust he makes.


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my. god." He whispers into my ear, breathless. "My thoughts exactly." I agree, barely able to keep my voice from shaking, as my nerves are still screaming. "Have you cum yet?" "No, but I'm about to." He moans into my neck as he plants a kiss. "Me too," I gasp, "help me flip over, I don't want to have to change the sheets" "Good idea." He chuckles. Flawlessly, without pulling out, he helps me flip over onto my back, my legs once again wrapped around his hips.

I chuckle, "You might not have done this before, but you've done that before." "Sure have." He confirms, the slightest cocky grin on his face. I pull him down for a kiss as he resumes the slower, but still powerful rhythm that I love so much.

I taste sweat on his lips too, it's almost sweet, as sex sweat usually is. His breath is hot against my lips from exertion, as he gasps into me with each thrust. I know he's not going to last much longer.

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Neither will I. "I'm not going to last much longer" I say in between gasps. "Me neither, I'm going to cum" he says breathlessly. "Do it." "Where?" "In me." "You sure?" he says startled.

"Yes." I moan as I pull him into a kiss. He leans back and his rhythm becomes more rapid and forceful. I can't take it anymore. I can feel his entire dick once again as he slams into me time after time. I can see his muscles flexing and relaxing with each thrust. I can see waves of pleasure play across his body, changing his facial expressions as he gets closer and closer to his climax.

My nerves are screaming in pleasure, my head is lost in a daze, and I can't hold back any longer. "I'm going to cum!" I exclaim. "Me too." he gasps. At that moment, we both lose control. I can feel his dick pulsating inside me as I spray cum all over my chest and stomach.

I swear I've never cum so much in my life. He moans and keeps driving his dick in and out of me as he empties his load in me. Each thrust drives another shot of my own cum out and onto my stomach. He pulls out and collapses on top of me with his head on my shoulder as we both breathe heavily in this high of passion.

I'm so numb from this euphoria. I can't feel anything, but at the same time, I feel everything. I feel his head on my shoulder, his breath hot and heavy on my neck. I feel his body on mine. I can feel his muscles contract and release with every breath. I feel the muscles in his back, tight to keep himself on top of me, his skin slick and soft with sweat. I feel his dick against mine, slowly going soft at the same time that I am. I feel our legs tied together, keeping contact all the way down to his feet.

I could lay here with him forever. But. "You just laid in my cum." I laugh after recovering enough to speak, barely. "Heh, that I did." He smirks, lifting his body from mine, spider-webs of cum between us.

"Let's go shower." I say as I kiss him and start working my way out from underneath him. "Sounds like a plan to me, be in in a minute." Clearly he's gotta recover a little more before walking. I go get in the shower and prep it just the way he likes it, hot to the point of almost hurting. I step under the water with my hand against the wall in front of me to keep my balance. I probably shouldn't have gotten up so fast either. I can't help but have a giant smile on my face. I can't believe what just happened.

I still feel him. I still feel his body on mine, I still feel his lips on mine, I can feel his hands everywhere they were, and I can still feel him in me. My nerves are still yearning for more of him.

So much so that even the water rolling down my back is setting my senses ablaze. Finally. The guy I so desperately wanted. And he just had his way with me. It was even better than I thought.

In the midst of my disbelief, I feel his hands wrap around my waist, and I feel his lips on my upper back. "Hey you, didn't hear you come in." I say sleepily, jumping a little bit as I'm snapped out of my daze. "Didn't mean to startle you." He says as he spins me around to face him. I wrap my arms around him and draw him in for a kiss.

"I don't mind being startled by you." "Oh really now." He giggles into my lips as he turns us around so he can be under the water. "Yes really." I say as I stealthily take one of my hands from his back and use it to turn the water to full cold.

I barely have time to take my hand off the knob before he picks me up and scampers out of the cold stream of water. We stand there panting in shock before we bust out laughing. "Sorry," I laugh, "didn't mean to startle you." He looks at me, his eyes bright with amusement, that ice melting smile on his face.

It makes by heart stutter. "You're an ass!" he laughs as he pulls me in and kisses me again. "Mmm, you act like this is an uncommon thing for me." I chuckle "You should know better by now." He pushes me into the still cold water, making me yelp. "Oh I do." He says laughing.

"But so am I." "UGH!" I exclaim as I turn the water hot again. "Come here, you." He comes over to me and wraps me tight in his arms as we kiss. The touch of his lips still making by heart race.

We stay like that for what feels like hours under the water.

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Letting it wash what's left of the sweat, cum, and lube off of our bodies, and relaxing our sore muscles. "We should head to bed." I mumble against his lips. He chuckles against me, "Yes we should. I'm definitely exhausted now." We reluctantly unwrap as I turn the water off, and step out to dry off. After drying off, I open up the window to let the cool night air in, and we climb back into bed, not bothering to put our shorts back on.

I think we're well past the point of needing to be 'decent' around one another. He lays on his back with his right arm out, and gestures for me to lay my head in the crook of his shoulder. I happily oblige. His shoulder is like a firm pillow of muscle, I find no trouble getting comfortable. I press my body against his, which is still hot from the shower, and wrap my leg around his.

We fit together like matching puzzle pieces. "Comfy?" He asks sleepily. "Oh yes." I whisper sleepily.


"How about you?" "I'm always comfortable when we cuddle." He whispers as he kisses my forehead. "Hmm good." I say as I lean up and kiss him deeply once again before we pass out. I settle my head back onto his shoulder and wrap my arm around his torso, lightly tracing circles on his ribs. "That was amazing by the way." He chuckled.

"Good." I sigh, relieving the little worry I had. "You were incredible. I was a little worried about what you thought." "Oh plan on doing this again." He yawns. "Not going to complain about that." I say as I run my hand along his obliques. He wraps his right arm around my shoulders and holds me tight against him. After a few seconds, I hear his breathing fall into the slow, steady rhythm that follows sleep. I look up at him. He's always cute when he sleeps.

Tonight he's falling asleep with a little smile still splayed across his lips. I smile too, as I close my eyes. I know I made him happy tonight. And I can't wait to make him feel happy again. It takes me no time to fall asleep. Smile on my face. Smile on his. Wrapped in each other's arms. I had never slept better in my life.