Lehrer fickt smalltits blonde teen

Lehrer fickt smalltits blonde teen
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My Neighbor Henry I knocked on the back door and got no answer as usual so went in and stopped in the kitchen as usual. I called out "Henry" and got no answer as usual because Henry is hard of hearing.

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But let me bring you up to date before I go any further. We have been neighbors with Henry for several years and I help Henry out doing housework and laundry and other stuff for which he pays me a little. I just turned 16 so can use the extra money.

There has never been any inappropriate behavior. But this morning would be a little different.


I walked down the hall to the family room and just as I got to the door I heard, "Fuck me, oh yes fuck me harder!" I stopped and really didn't know what to do. I decided I had to find out what was going on so peaked around the door and saw a girl getting fucked on the TV and Henry setting on the couch with his thing in his hand. I must have moved or something because Henry looked up and without hesitating motioned for me to join him. I should have turned and ran but didn't.

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Instead I followed his order and seated myself next to him on the couch. He didn't say anything but in a few minutes shot some stuff into a Kleenex and put his thing back in his pajamas. He turned off the TV and the only thing he said was, "You know if anyone finds out about this I'll go to jail for a long time, right?" I really didn't know what to do or say so I just mumbled, "I won't tell anyone." He got up to leave the room and told me what work needed to be done so I got up and headed for the kitchen.

I was really not understanding what I just saw or why I just saw it. He made no pass at me, just finished what he was doing when I got there. I worked for about an hour and then went home.


I was thinking that I probably wouldn't go back. I have not had sex with anyone, just myself playing with my pussy and breasts. I'm not particularly attractive but do have a pretty reasonable figure, nice tight body, big breasts and reasonable face. I normally went to Henry's every other day or so and decided I would put off a decision until then. A couple days later found me knocking on the back door, going in thru the kitchen and down the hall.

Once again I heard a movie playing, looked in and there was Henry with his thing in his hand and some girl sucking the thing of her boyfriend on the TV. Henry saw me and patted the seat next to him. I seated myself and watched the movie a bit and felt some tingling in my pussy. I really wasn't sure what was happening to me but didn't have long to think about it because Henry grabbed a tissue and filled it with his stuff. Then I was told what needed to be done and he left the room.

Over the next couple of weeks this happened several more times and I was getting more and more perplexed. My pussy was always wet by the time Henry was thru playing and a couple of times I went into the bathroom and fingered myself for some satisfaction. Finally one night I was playing with myself and going over what I had seen at Henry's and decided it was time to take some action.

The next morning I would push the issue a little. On the way over to Henry's I was thinking that what I would do was do whatever the girl in the movie was doing, except fuck. I was wearing a t-shirt and short skirt with no undies. I was ready for action. I walked down the hall to the family room, heard a movie going and saw Henry with his thing in his hand.

I looked at the movie and the girl was lying back on a couch with her legs spread and the guy was licking her pussy. I wondered if Henry would get the message, but all I could do was try. I sat down next to Henry and then scooted forward so my skirt was pushed up and exposed my bare pussy. I sat there for a minute or so and got no response from Henry so I rubbed my pussy and pushed a couple fingers in getting them nice and wet. Then I put them against Henry's lips and pushed them into his mouth.

After just a couple seconds he began sucking them. I looked at him and he looked at me so I pointed to the picture on the TV and then to him and then at my pussy.

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He got the message. When his tongue touched my clit I went into orbit. This was the first time anyone else had touched my pussy and it was wonderful.

Henry knew what he was doing and before long I was moaning and flopping around and so close to a climax. I decided I was just going to go with it and if he kept it up long enough I would squirt all over him. And he did. And I did. He covered my pussy with his mouth and drank at my fountain.

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I passed out. I actually passed out. I little time later Henry was wiping my face with a cold wash cloth and when I opened my eyes he sat back and said, "I didn't know what to do." "I'm OK," I told him, "You really know how to please a woman." He sat up beside me and handed me the wash cloth which I pressed to my face.

I was beginning to feel normal again. Then Henry got up, turned off the TV and headed out of the room. As he was leaving he told me I wouldn't have to do any work today.

I thought to myself here we were in the middle of some really great sex and it's over, just like that. It had been really wonderful but I wasn't done. I wanted more. I wanted to suck his thing and swallow his juice and maybe even do more. But it was over for today. A couple days later I was at Henry's working. When I got there he wasn't watching anything and I didn't know where he was. I started doing some cleaning feeling sort of bummed out because I was looking forward to some contact, if you know what I mean.

Soon Henry appeared still in his pajamas with a bulge in the crotch. My pussy tingled as I looked. I glanced at his face and saw a sort of smile realizing I had been caught starring.

He headed for the TV room without a word. Soon I heard loud moaning and knew the gal was getting fucked pretty hard. My pussy was really sending me a message as I entered the room. Henry didn't look up, just continued slowly stroking his thing while watching this big black cock pounding a little white pussy. In full view I pushed off my shorts and panties and then seated myself next to Henry. He was ignoring me so I played with my pussy a bit before deciding I would push the issue.

I placed my hand on his thigh and slowly moved it up. When my hand touched his I sort of moved it so I had a hold of his cock, replacing his hand. He sort of laid back and let me do what I wanted. The feeling of his hard, hot cock in my hand was really different but really stimulating. I stroked his cock with one hand and rubbed my pussy with the other. I was so wet and even had thoughts of his cock in there instead of my fingers. But then I glanced at the TV and saw the girl down on the floor between her guy's legs with his cock in her mouth.

I was instantly there. The first thing I did was touch the head of his cock with my tongue just to see what it would feel like.

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And I liked it. Then I started doing stuff I had seen girls do in the movies we watched. Licking up and down the shaft and around the head. Taking it between my lips and slowly into my mouth. Then fucking my mouth up and down the shaft. I really liked the feeling. If possible it seemed his cock was getting harder and bigger in my mouth.

Then he grabbed my head and pushed my mouth up and down. I know it was terribly wrong of me but I actually enjoyed getting my mouth fucked. Then I felt warm stuff filling my mouth and realized he was cumming. I swallowed most of it until he released my head and I sat back.


I sort of ran the stuff around in my mouth and although it was a bit different in feel and taste I sort of liked it. Henry got up and as he was leaving told me to go home, there was no work to do today. Over the next couple weeks I went to Henry's two or three times a week.

It was always either he licked my pussy or I sucked his cock, never both the same day. I thought this a bit weird but wasn't going to push it. One morning I got a call and the phone said it was Henry.

I had just been there the day before so I wasn't sure what was going on. He asked me to come over so I said OK. Henry was setting fully dressed in a chair on the back porch. This was unusual. I opened the door and asked him "What's up?" He motioned to the clothes dryer and I saw a $50 bill. I looked at him with a puzzled look and he said, "A friend of mine is in town and usually stays with me which he did last night.

We were talking and I told him I had a friend that comes by quite often that gives fantastic blowjobs.

And he wants one." "No fucking way," I responded. "Before you make that decision let me show you what I have in mind." He got up and led me into the house and down to the hall by the front door. He opened the closet door and there was a big piece of cardboard, like out of the carton a freezer would come in. It completely blocked entrance into the closet. He moved it aside and there was a stool setting there.

He motioned for me to set down, which I did. He replaced the cardboard and it was then I noticed a hole about 4 inches in diameter. And soon there was a cock pushed thru. I had seen this in movies Henry had been playing. I was now in Henry's Glory hole. "What do you think?" I heard him ask. I couldn't answer because my mouth was full of hard cock. I was thinking that maybe it would be OK. His friend wouldn't know me and I wouldn't know him but I'd make 50 bucks.

And for doing what I like to do. "He won't ever see who had given him a blow job?" "No, even if you come over and see him here.

He won't know it was you." "OK," I'll suck him." "Good, finish me off and then I'll get him." It took me longer than usual to get Henry's load, probably because he hadn't been watching porn all morning. But finally he started moaning and my mouth was filled with his warm protein.

After sucking him dry and licking him clean his cock disappeared. In just a few minutes I heard someone outside the closet and another piece of meat was entered in the hole. It was black and it was big. A little longer then Henry's and a little fatter. He must have been thinking about what was going to happen because he was already hard as a rock.

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I didn't touch it with my hand, just started licking around the head and up and down the shaft. This was really fun. I couldn't believe I was sucking a strange cock and getting paid for it. The time flew by as I worked his meat with mouth and hands. All too soon I felt a big load of hot sperm in my mouth.

I swallowed and swallowed but it just kept cuming. Unbelievable I thought to myself. This guy is a real cum factory. The cock disappeared and soon Henry removed the cardboard and let me out. I was told that his friend really enjoyed my efforts. I gave him a smile like telling him that I enjoyed it too. He walked me to the back door and I left for home. I looked at my watch and realized in less than an hour I had drained to cocks and made 50 bucks.

Life is good. I was surprised the next morning when I got another call from Henry. When I got to his house once again he was seated in the back porch and once again he pointed to the dryer. There was a fan of $100 bills laying there, seven of them. I was instantly excited but not sure. "Edward wants to spend the day with you, not in the closet but in the bed and wherever." Oh shit, I thought to myself, is this the day I turn in to a real slut. My stomach was churning and my pussy was tingling just thinking about what it would be like.

I looked at Henry but got no response. Finally I said yes, as if there was any chance of any other answer. "OK, I'm leaving for the day. You go in and turn on the TV. He will hear it and know everything is a go.

Have fun." Chapter 2 of this saga will be my day with Edward.