Bbw tattoo friend blowjob big cock

Bbw tattoo friend blowjob big cock
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17 Year Old & Wonderful Encounter It was a pleasantly warm May afternoon. So nice, in fact, that I decided to cut my afternoon classes and spend time down at the pool like any intelligent 17 year old boy would do. Okay, so it was not my pool. My family didn't own a pool. I was swimming in the pool at an apartment complex about 3 blocks from our house.

I didn't let the little fact that my family didn't actually live at this apartment complex keep me from sneaking in and enjoying the cool water. I'd long discovered that the key to sneaking in somewhere is just to act like you belong. And today was just so pleasant, I didn't belong anywhere but here. Since it was a weekday and still a time when most people were either off at work or school, I was the one of the very few in attendance poolside.

There was the grandmotherly-looking woman watching over what I assumed was her two grandkids. Another old guy was sunning himself on the deck, keeping a distance from the splashing of the two kids.

Lastly was the couple at the other end of the pool. For some reason, their presence kept drawing my attention. I assumed the woman to be in her early 40s, maybe about the same age as my mom. She was of medium stature, probably a couple inches shorter than my 5'6" height, and what I'd come to know as "pleasingly plump" in her build. She wasn't fat at all, just softly rounded and almost cherubic, and her turquoise one-piece bathing suit showed her curves in a most positive light.

Her hair was a medium brown and fell straight to just between her shoulder blades. But what kept me interested in watching her were her very ample breasts that strained at the upper half of bathing suit, swaying softly as she walked over to climb into the pool. And especially fun to watch were the hardened nipples that were revealed when she pulled herself back out of the cool water.

The man was maybe in his late 40s or early 50s. I estimated him to be about 6' tall, with a medium build, save for the little extra soft roll around his mid-section. His hair was thin, gray-black, combed straight back.

He has a fairly thick patch of dark chest hair that trailed down his stomach and into his navy blue Speedo swimsuit. And the way that tight swimsuit highlighted his dick and balls with its clingy material drew my attention as much as his companion's bouncing breasts.

I wasn't sure why, but a nice size cock always aroused my curiosity. As I swam in the pool, or got out just long enough to dive back in, I found myself stealing glances at the both of them, if not periodically just staring at them.

Maybe they noticed my visual visitations on their physiques, maybe not. At least, if they had any problem with it, they never let on. If nothing else, it seemed as though they might even be aware of my focused attention, given the sometimes almost obvious way in which the busty woman would bounce in her step, or would adjust her massive breasts.

And even the guy seemed to have a need to adjust his manhood within the tight confines of his Speedo. Not having anyone else to distract my attention, I was able to watch these small displays and let my fantasies drift unimpeded through my mind. I felt very comfortable in my bisexual curiosity, and I was equally as excited over the images of pleasant sexual play with this man and his well-defined dick as I was with the woman and her ample tits and full rounded body.

As I played more and more of the fantasies in my mind, their effect was starting to play havoc with the fit of my gym shorts that I was using for swim trunks, as well.

They would not be able to hide an erection, especially given that they were a tad baggy on my thin frame, which would only serve to create an obvious tent over my stirring member.

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Jerking off in the pool was not possible, much less even a good idea, although if I kept my thoughts going like this, it would soon become a serious need of a release. In the distance, I heard the unmistakable diesel rumble of a school bus.

Damn. It was time for me to get out of the pool before a possible schoolmate or parent that might recognize me came home to their apartment. I got out of the pool and shook off as much water as possible, given that I did not have a towel to dry with.

I grabbed my gym bag and headed to the small cabana so I could change back into my street clothes, then turned to take one last look at the couple that had been the center of my afternoon fantasies. A brief smile from the buxom woman made me wonder if they hadn't noticed my interest after all. I turned away and into the small men's restroom that would serve as my changing area.

Once inside, I pulled off my wet shorts and stood naked near one of the two bathroom stalls so I could get as dry as possible before pulling on my clothes. The memories of the two attractive people still fresh in my mind, I was tempted to go ahead and whack off my meat then and there, and had there been a door on the stall, that would have been a guarantee. Any further thoughts of instantaneous self-gratification went out the window as soon as the door to the restroom opened again.

With that, I stepped fully into the stall and focused my attention to appearing to use the toilet. Someone stepped into the stall next to me who seemed to struggle with something for a second, after which a wet swimsuit was placed over the stall wall next to me. I tried to remain nonchalant, but when the sound of someone pissing hard into the toilet followed next, I sneaked a peek at the suit on the stall wall.

A wet, navy blue Speedo. "She's a looker, ain't she?" came a voice. "Huh?" was all I could manage. "My wife," came the voice again. "I saw you looking at her." Oh, shit! Just what I need, a pissed-off husband! My voice caught in my throat, preventing me from answering. The flushing of the toilet on his side filled the void instead. I then sensed him stepping around behind me.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" he chuckled. I mustered up my courage and turned to face the man, expecting to see an angry, jealous face.

Instead, he was smiling broadly. "Are you mad?" I asked. "Mad?" the man laughed, adjusting his towel around his waist. "Hell, no! Why would I be mad?" I thought I'd melt in relief. That much must have been obvious.

"'Cuz I thought guys got jealous when you looked at their wives or girlfriends." "Only guys that have no balls get jealous when you look at their ladies. Good-looking women are gonna get looked at. Especially ones with really big hooters, right?" I laughed and nodded my head. "I mean, what good is having a pretty woman if you don't want anyone looking at her?" "I never thought of it that way," I replied. "So," he began again, "do you think I have a pretty wife?" I grinned. "She's… she's really beautiful!" The man gave me a sly smile and wink.

"You like her tits, too, doncha?" "Who wouldn't?" I answered all too quickly. Apparently my dick was answering for me, too, because that's when I noticed that I had the first stirrings of a hard-on again.

That's when I also came back to reality and remembered that I was standing there totally naked. My excitement wasn't lost upon the man, either, as I caught him giving my pulsing dick a looking over. "Yeah, I guess you do," he smiled, looking back up at me. "So, do you play?" "Play?" I repeated. Our eyes locked, the man reached out and took my prick in his hand.

It grew in firmness instantly in his strong grasp. He gently pulled on it a couple times, and raised one eyebrow in silent query. I swallowed hard. "Yes," I finally croaked out. The man smiled knowingly. "I thought so." He stripped his towel from his waist and handed it to me, exposing his thick cock. "Here, dry off." I did as he asked while we both eyed each other's bodies, then I handed the towel back to him.

"Get yourself dressed. If you wanna play, drop by apartment D-15." I wasn't sure what to expect, or what was going to happen as I wandered through the complex, my heart trying to beat its way out of my chest, looking for apartments that started with the letter 'D'.

I was beginning to think that the man had simply played a joke on this oversexed teenager, and was hiding somewhere, laughing at my hormone-driven wanderings.

I finally found 'D' building at the rear of the complex, near the sound wall overseeing the shopping mall. D-15 was the furthest back on the lower level. I walked up to the door on trembling legs. I had barely knocked on the door when it swung open.

There was the man, wrapped in a tan terry robe. He extended his hand in greeting. "Glad you could make it," he said cordially as I took his hand. His handshake was firm, and he was not only shaking my hand, he was also gently pulling me into the apartment.

I followed his lead and stepped inside. He slipped out of his robe and laid it on a chair.

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"Your turn," he said. Even though I know he had already had an eyeful of me from the restroom, I was still nervous as I stripped under his scrutinizing gaze. When I was finally as naked as the man, he stepped up to me and stood close, softly running his hands all over my smooth body, leaving tingling traces wherever his hands made contact.

"Very nice." His fingers ran through my shoulder-length dark blonde hair, then down the length of my back until both of his hands were cupping my small, tight ass. "VERY nice!" he repeated. He pulled my body to his, his stiffening cock starting to press my abdomen above my own hardening member, and he bent his head down to kiss me softly on my mouth. "How old are you?" he finally asked. "Seventeen," I answered softly. "Good age… and what's your name?" "Donny." "Well, Donny, my name is Ray." "Hi, Ray," was all I could think of saying as he bent down once again to kiss me, his tongue parting my lips and probing my mouth as he encircled my thin body and held me tightly.

By now, my dick was completely hard, probing between Ray's furry legs, almost as a perch for his testicles that now rested upon it. He drew back from me and looked down at my erection, taking it once again in his hand. "That is a nice looking cock you have there, Donny." He dropped to his knees and pointed my prick into his mouth, where he started to suck on it.

My legs went wobbly and I thought I was going to lose it right there. He stopped after a moment and stood upright again, smiling, his gaze still on my dick.

"You're gonna do just fine," he whispered. "Come with me." He took me into the small hallway, placing his hand on the bedroom door. He stopped like that and kissed me once more, then called through the door as he opened it. "Baby, we have company!" He ushered me into the room, where the beautiful, busty lady I had eyed so carefully at the pool was sitting in bed, completely naked. She looked up and smiled brightly.

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"Honey," said Ray, "This is Donny. He wants to play with us. Donny, this is Wanda." Wanda got out of the bed and bounced, literally, up to me, completely naked as I said. She swept me up in her arms in an affectionate hug, her full soft boobs smashing against my body, her pelvic bush tickling my cock.

"Oooh!" she squealed. "You are a cutie!" I had just gone to heaven. Here I was, my dick had been sucked on by a very nice man, and his absolutely gorgeous wife was hugging me and smashing her big titties against me while my hard-on was probing her pubic hair, just fractions of an inch from maybe slipping into her pussy, and… I came on her leg.

I couldn't help it, I was so wound up that my balls let loose with a small burst of my cum on her milky soft thigh. I was so embarrassed I could have died right there. "I- I'm sorry!" I blurted. Wanda drew back and looked down at the small puddle of white cream that I had deposited on her, scooping it off with two of her slender fingers.

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She eyed it, then smiled at me. "This your first time with a woman?" she asked in an understanding tone. I nodded. "I- I've played with some… girls. But, this is the first time I've ever felt a… real woman." "It's good to know I can still have that effect on someone," she said, winking at me. "Don't worry, Donny… I'm sure there's lots more of that where that came from." She licked my cum off one of her fingers, and I could have sworn she was savoring it like a taste of fine wine.

She lifted her hand to Ray's mouth, slipping the other sperm-laden finger into his mouth, whereupon he sucked my cum into his mouth, too. She then leaned up to me, those wondrous breasts once again pressing against me, and kissed me on the mouth like Ray had done, sharing a taste of my own sperm as she kissed me tenderly.

"Well," Ray said, "let's get it on, shall we?" Wanda took my hand and led me to one side of the bed, while Ray headed for the other. Together, they pulled back the covers and climbed onto the bed, laying back comfortably.

Wanda patted the mattress next to her. "Come on and join us." I was sure my face was about to split from my grin as I settled in next to Wanda. She gave me another sweet kiss, and then turned to Ray and locked lips with him in a deep French kiss as she reached up and slipped a hand behind my head, directing my face down to her tit.

I instinctively opened my mouth as wide as I could and began sucking on her large nipple. I then placed a hand on her massive mound and squeezed the pliant, tender flesh as I began to really get into sucking on her titty.

"Mmmm… your mama must have had a hard time weaning you," she sighed to me between kisses with Ray.

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Ray then leaned over a bit and began suckling at her other nipple. "That's it boys… drink from Wanda's titties!

Suck them big titties all up!" By now, I had both of my hands working Wanda's left breast while Ray focused on her right. She then reached down and took our dicks in each of her hands.

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To my surprise and delight, I was already starting to get hard again. She started to jack us off with her talented fingers, getting a rhythm going as Ray and I feasted upon her beautiful titties.

A few moments later, Ray stopped sucking on his side and spun around until his head was towards the foot of the bed. Between licks and sucks on the nipple in my mouth, I watched as Wanda turned her head to face Ray's throbbing cock that was now pointing right at her face.

She eagerly drew his cock into her mouth and started sucking it as deep as she could. The sensations in my own dick changed dramatically as Wanda stopped jacking me off, instead holding the base of my shaft while Ray's mouth drew me in and his lips surrounded my cock head. Her hand deftly fed my cock into her husband's mouth, bringing me to full hardness in an instant. Ray reached up and took my left hand away from Wanda's tit, guiding it to her moist, burning pussy. My fingers played through her soft pubic hair, automatically searching further as she gently spread her thighs, revealing her swollen labia to my exploring fingers and quickly coating them with her slick juices.

Ray's mouth started bobbing up and down on my cock with greater speed and intensity while Wanda continued to hold the base of my dick with just enough firmness so as to give Ray full hands-free access to my meat. The headiness of the whole circumstance had me nearly floating off the bed: my mouth sucking away on a beautiful tit, watching the woman suck her man, my fingers playing with her willing, soaked pussy, and my cock being expertly sucked.

I felt like I was turning inside out as my balls tightened like stones and my prick burst forth with a "load of fuck cream" once more into Ray's sucking, driving mouth.

It was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. I moaned deeply into Wanda's tit flesh, stifling what were nearly screams as my guts convulsed in absolute pleasure.

Ray continued sucking and swallowing as fast as possible, then his efforts became a little softer, until he was confident that I was fully spent. I finally rolled onto my back, trying to catch my breath; my saliva smeared on my cheeks from the intense sucking I had been doing on Wanda's huge breast.

"He's even better fresh from the spout," smiled Ray as he spun his body around once more. Wanda drew her knees up and spread her thighs wide while her husband took position between them. I watched as she reached down and grabbed his thick tool, quickly guiding it into her hungry pussy. Ray began with short, direct strokes, and then picked up the tempo. I focused my gaze on the erotic image of his hard cock sliding in and out of his wife, her pussy juice glistening his entire cock.

"Oh, Ray…" she moaned. "I'm cumming, baby. I'm cumming…" Ray's pace never changed as I watched him softly hammer into Wanda. Suddenly, her hand grabbed the back of my head, forcing my mouth onto her nipple once more. "I'm cumming!" she barked again, punctuated with a soft squeal. Ray slowed his pace, but didn't stop pumping.

"Ever taste a sweet, wet pussy? Donny?" he asked me. My mouth still full of nipple, I shook my head. Wanda's hand then pushed my face off of her tit, down towards her pussy. I could smell the scent of sex all about. Ray drew his cock out of his wife, and offered it up toward my mouth as Wanda pushed my face onto Ray's throbbing cock.

I instinctively opened my mouth as his cum coated cock slipped neatly into my throat. "Oh, yeah," sighed Ray. "Suck it, Donny." Ray held a hand down to cradle my head while Wanda's hand stayed at the back of my neckguiding me into the same bobbing motions that Ray had so deftly used in satisfying my young inexperienced prick.

Before long, I didn't need any encouragement, eagerly sucking Ray's thick, veined cock as deeply as I could, trying to give his pussy-flavored prick the same attentions that Wanda's cunt had done only recently.

I wanted my mouth to be a perfect pussy replacement. "Oh, geez!" growled Ray. "This kid's a natural-born cocksucker!" Wanda was masturbating while I sucked her husband's delicious prick. The scent of her pussy filled my nostrils as deeply as Ray's cock was filling my mouth.

"I'm about to cum" groaned Ray. "This kid's about to blow my wad!" "In me, Ray!" shouted Wanda.


"Cum in me!" Obedient to his wife, Ray quickly withdrew from my mouth and plunged his cock deeply into Wanda. Within seconds, he had the bed rocking as he fucked his gorgeous wife, pounding that huge dick of his into her dripping cunt, her perfectly shaped titties rolling back and forth on her chest like waves on water.

The two of them then seemed to melt into each other as Ray let his weight fall onto Wanda while she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. Their moans were like a chorus, their orgasmic exclamations bursting from their mouths in harmony. It was beautiful to behold, and I felt privileged to have shared in it, even if there were twinges of disappointment at having not been the recipient of Ray's warm cum slidinmg down my throat. My disappointment was short-lived as Ray pulled himself off his wife, and he pulled my face to his.

He kissed me deeply then without another word, he guided my face down between Wanda's thighs. I instinctively turned my body and settled between Wanda's out stretched legs, finally staring into my first-ever live freshly fucked pussy.

Wanda reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face into her cum-filled cunt. I quickly responded by licking all about her swollen labia, lapping up the sweet and salty nectar comprising of Wanda's slick pussy juice and Ray's thick, gooey cum. I licked and slurped and sucked and swallowed, and probed for more with my tongue while eagerly smearing my face with the wondrous mixture of human sexual juices. Meanwhile, Ray had settled behind me, spreading my butt cheeks with his hands and rimming my ass and probing my young bunghole with his tongue while he fondled my balls.

He moved on to fucking my butthole with his tongue, poking it in and out like a small prick. I took his cue and made the same efforts on his wife's cunt, which seemed to start her hips rocking even more on my face.

"Oh, honey… this kid is a "natural" he truly knows the art of licking a pussyr, too!" she said. When I could feel Ray's saliva drenching my ass and running down onto my balls, I felt him push my legs wide as he grabbed my hips and pulled my butt into the air.

Probing my ass with his semi-hard, cum-slickened cock, he pushed and poked with it until my anus gave up resistance and his cock finally slipped into my ass. I sucked in a deep breath of air as his manhood filled my rectum. Thankfully, he wasn't his usual full size, or I don't think I could have handled it at all, much less have survived the kind of pounding that he had given his wife's delicious cunt.

Each thrust of Ray's hips against my ass, each stroke of his cock in my ass, drove my face into Wanda's pussy. Wanda reached with her fingertips and found the edge of my jaw, and she guided my head slightly upwards until I could feel a small, bud-like protuberance fall into my lips.

I began sucking on it, like a little cock, and Wanda suddenly started bucking her hips, mashing her pubic mound hard into my face and making Ray's thrusts more prevalent. "Oh, yes, baby, suck that clit between your lips and "bang" it back and forth, up and down, with your tongue. He's gonna make me cum again, Ray!" groaned Wanda breathlessly.

"I'm there, too, baby!" chimed Ray. His hands dug hard into my hip bones and I could feel his cock throb within my rectum, all while Wanda squealed in delight once more and her cunt let loose with a rush of sweet juice that ran down my chin, and some, even down my throat.

We all lay like that for a while, exhausted and satisfied, until Wanda curled up on her side into a fetal ball and went to sleep.

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Ray withdrew his well-worn cock from my asshole, and helped me up and to the bathroom where we showered together. There under the spray of the water, Ray knelt down and sucked me off once more as I leaned against the cool tile wall for support, and I came in one last dry orgasm.

I dried off, told Ray "Thank You" and got dressed, and got one last deep kiss from Ray before he sent me out the door into the fading daylight. I had happily fed at the trough of bi-sexual pleasure, and spent one wonderful afternoon in heaven. The End