My Big Ol Black Booty

My Big Ol Black Booty
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"Damn! I'm running late again. Better get some shortcut." Brian jump from the fence to go inside sa cementery. Even Brian got a small body, he is strong enough to climb fences or walls 6 feet tall. He hopped through the tombs and jump pass to the wall. He bump into a guy when he is landing from the jump. "Sorry, I didn't see you." Brian says.

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"It's okay, Brian." th guy said. "How do you know my name?" Brian asked and confused at the same time. "It's indicated on your ID, you idiot." he said. His head suddenly bleed from the impact. "Shit! Your head is bleeding! What should we do?" Brian panicked.


take me to the hospital, you idiot." After they left the hospital, "What should I do? I'm absent again." Brian said. "It's a small problem man. Why? Are you a scholar? " "Yeah, I need to go.

I might get lucky and consider me." Brian is preparing to go when the guy suddenly hold his arm. "Wait, you can't. After what you did to me." Brian looked confuse. "Why? Who are you?" "I'm Jason, the son of the president in our school, and you won't get an scholarship after you injured his only son." "Holy shit men!

I didn't mean to hurt you. Please, reconsider my scholarship. My mom is sick and my dad passed away when I was a child. I can't afford to worry my mom more." Brian pleaded. "Don't worry, I won't let you lose your scholarship. But first, you need to resign from your jobs and be my bodyguard. I'll pay you double from your current job and give your mom a free access in our hospital.

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"jason said. "How do you know I have a job?" "You said your dad died and your mom is sick. It's a common sense that you have a job you idiot." jason stand. "Now, take me home. I'm not feeling well from what happened. I'll just call the school for your excuse." Brian can't do anything so he comply to what jason asked.

Jason call the school and somebody to picked them up. "Come. Our ride is waiting for us." Brian help Jason to stand up. To his surprise, their ride is a black limousine. A man in a black suit approach them and help Jason to go inside the limo. "What are you waiting for? Come inside the car." Jason commanded. "Ye.yeah." Brian immediately get inside the car. Jason pushed a button to locked the car and close the window. "Here's my calling card and give me your phone." Brian take the calling card and put it in his wallet and then gave his phone to Jason.

"Here, I saved my personal number for me to easily contact you." "So, where do you live?" Brian asked. "I live in the top floor of Hemphis Hotel." He looked in his watched.

He contact the driver and tell him to just go around the city. "It's still early. Want to do something exciting? "Jason grin. "What do you mean by exciting?" Brian asked. 'I have a bad feeling about this.' he thought. "How about a stripping game? I have a deck of card here with me." "No way man!" "What?

Are you afraid you gonna lose?" "No, I'm not. It's just that, I don't think it is a good idea." "Why?" "Why!?

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It is because we are both guys." "And? What are you thinking Brian?" "hmm." Shit! What am I thinking? "Just tell me Brian." Jason get closer to him. "What do you want?" Jason said with a lustful eyes.

He hold the cheeks of Brian and looked in his eyes. Fuck!

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What is happening to me. I can't move. Move! Move! Jason gives a kiss to Brian. Shit! It's my first kiss and this damn faggot just stole it fom me! As their lips are on each other, Jason hands starting to undress Brian. He slowly kiss Brian putting his tongue inside the mouth of Brian, exchanging saliva with each other. Why is my body responding?

Why is this happening to me? Damn shit! Jason break their kiss and keeping up with their breath. "Wondering why your body don't follow you? It's because of my ability. I have touched you by my hands. Anyone I touched would be my slave in my command.


Besides, I'm picky to whom I picked. Now, take your shoes off." Brian started to take his shoes off.

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Shit! The fuck! I'm doomed. I'm done! I'm- "No, we're not done." jason smirks. How do you-! "How can I read your mind? It's part of my ability. Now take off your pants!" Please! Don't do this to me. Brian slowly take his pants off. "And your boxers." Jason pointed on his pants. No! Please.Jason, don't do this to me. "I can't, I just fell inlove with your small body.

Besides, you looked like a girl.


Small, a huge ass, slim body." He touch the parts as he tells him. "Even you don't have a breast, I don't really mind. You're just gorgeous. I can't help imagining putting my big dick inside your ass." He kissed Brian again while exploring his body. "I'm giving you a free will for this.

If you moan from what I'll do, I'm gonna fuck your ass and you'll be my slave forever but if you don't moan, I'll let you forget what happened today and gave you a scholarship until you graduate college plus your mon gonna get a free check-up and meds from the hospital." He smiles, "Now, let's begin." He snaps his fingers. --- I hope you like this guys!

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it's my first time writing something like this. I'm sorry for the long introduction. Wait for the chapter two of Trapped in my Magic. Bye! :)

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