Two German MILF Seduce Young Boy to Get Fuck in Threesome

Two German MILF Seduce Young Boy to Get Fuck in Threesome
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About six weeks after Angie and I had our first night, she brought home a surprise for me one. I was alone, I had broken up with my girlfriend a few days after Angie and I had our first time together. It was no great loss, I didn't much like her and, with Angie, I didn't need her for sex. So I was laying in bed, naked, smoking a fat doobie when I heard Angie's key in the front door lock.

She walked in carefully, to avoid the squeaking floorboards and headed to my room. I threw the sheet over my nakedness -- just in case it wasn't my girl. But it was. And she had company. Looking at the girl I knew, right away, that this had to be Amber. Both girls wore heavy coats that covered them from neck to knee. Both girls looked at each other conspiratorily and giggled. Then both flopped their jackets off. I gasped, letting our a huge hit that nearly made me choke. Angie had on the red bustier that I had bought her.

It emphasized her small breasts and her tight, oh-so-lovely ass. Amber was an entirely different story. She was short, blonde hair which fell in thick curls to her shoulders. Her eyes were grey and, to me looked, stormy. I knew it was Amber when my eyes got down to her breasts. They were already full Ds. For a seventh grader they were amazing. And they were straining at the fabric of a tank top that had been crudely cut right below her breasts.

Those lovely monsters would have the material screaming if they'd been alive. I could see her rock hard nipples poking through. She was only 4"10--two inches taller than Angie--and the fact that her tits shook with each giggle as they girls watched my sheet tent pole as my ten inches lurched to life.

"What's your bra size, Amber?" She blushed. "30 D," she said. She looked incredibly sexy, her enormous tits straining against the thin, cotton fabric. "C'mon," Angie said, "we're wasting time!" She put her hands on Amber's shoulders and turned her around and kissed her on the lips.

Amber responded by opening her mouth and the two exchanged a torrid french kiss, Angie's hands going to Amber's tits and caressing them gently. Amber moaned. They stopped kissing and Amber climbed onto the bed. I inhaled another huge hit from my doob and passed it to the hot 13 yr old climbing on my bed. She took it and inhaled, passing it back to me. I laid it in the ashtray and flipped the sheet off.

Amber gasped as she say my cock. "Jesus! It's freakin' huge!" Like a kid in a candy store, she took it in one of her tiny hands, squeezing the shaft and giggling when my cock swelled in response. "Can I touch it?" she asked. I nodded and she reached a small, soft hand and wrapped around my shaft. "Wow! It's really warm! And it's throbbing!" I thought she was going to squeal she had such a look of delight on her face. "That's my heart-beat, Amber." As explored my cock, especially the head, I could see her tan was deep and all over, a perfect match to her honey colored hair.

"Oh! What's that?" My cock was dribbling pre-cum. I took my finger and dabbed a bit of it and wiped it on her lips. "That's called pre-cum, is the first time you've had man juice on your lips?" She blushed even more deeply this time and shook her head. She wasn't a virgin! "And it means I'm ready to fuck. Do you wanna fuck, Amber?" "I know I do!" Angie said, stripping off her nightie--which, as always, ended up on the floor. I looked at her body.

She was such a contrast to Amber. Where Amber was luscious all over, Angie's body was neat and trim, her breasts small but beautiful and her small heart-shaped ass was about perfect.

Amber released my cock and leaned forward and tongue kissed me. I took her in my arms and kissed her hard, pressing her boobs into my chest. After kissing passionately for several minutes, I broke the embrace and she came to sit on my thighs.

"Ok, time for Amber to get naked." She smiled a wicked smile and stripped off her tank top. Her breasts were everything they should have been: full D cups, perfectly shaped and so firm they barely moved. Her areolas were the size of silver dollars but so pink I could barely see them against her tanned skin. And I had been right: her tits were a golden brown as the rest of her body. I slipped my hand into the g-string panties and loosened them, throwing them on to the floor.

I pulled her toward me and took her right nipple into my mouth. She moaned as I alternated flicking the nipple with my tongue and sucking it hard. I could feel her pussy getting wet, she rubbed it intently on my thigh. Jesus this teeniebopper was ready to fuck! I controlled myself and continued to make out with her for a few minutes before easing her onto her back. I broke our kiss and gently nudge her lovely legs wide.

Unlike Angie, Amber had enough ass to angle her pelvis toward me. She obviously wasn't' a virgin because her twat was at the perfect angle. "How long you been fuckin'?" I asked. "Since I was twelve," she said, "my stepbrother." I said no more and lifted myself up on my arms, allowing my raging, engorged cock to find its way to her honey pot. Even the head of my dick looked huge next to her drooling woman lips. She may have been a seventh grader, but she was fully developed sexually.

A fine mass of curly, blonde pubes covered her mons; but she had carefully shaved--a bikini line. When my cock was resting against her lips, I pressed down until my glans was right at her vulva, nuzzling the wet, wet lips. With a small effort I slid the head inside her. She was tight! However much her stepbrother'd been fucking her, she was still tight as hell to my 10 inches. I was only 3 inches or so inside her but the velvet vise of her twat was already driving me mad.

It was all I could do to restrain myself from plunging all 10 inches into her tiny cunt. Her face was a mask of concentration and pleasure. I began thrusting gently, not trying to ease any more cock inside her, just stroking gently with 3 inches or so.

She was really getting wet, my cock was slipping and sliding nicely. I looked down and could see my cock coated with her lube. I had to get some real guts. She kept her closed and was moaning softly, when she suddenly opened her eyes, misty with pleasure and lust, and said, "Give me more! I've taken my stepbrother's 8 inches!" I didn't have to asked twice: I slipped several more inches inside her.

She gasped, "Jesus! Your dick is big!" I now had about 7 inches in her and was still in cruise control, giving her pussy time to adjust to new thickness. And she came. Not a huge one, but enough. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" she moaned as her pussy flooded and made my cock even slicker. I took this as my cue and, slowly but firmly, I dipped my cock to the hilt.

Once all 10 inches were inside her, I stopped. She opened her eyes again and smiled at me. I gave her several moments to adjust to the monster that had possessed her womanhood. "Wow, you are SO much bigger than my stepbro!" she said, at the same time, moving her ass in a very nice way.

I shivered and began stroking again. I could hear the squelch of her cum and pussy juices as I forced them out. I could feel a wet spot starting to form beneath us--but I didn't care.

Her pussy! God it was good. As I fucked her, Amber moved her ass is in slow circles, her stepbrother has obviously taught her well. And Angie! I'd forgotten about her as I fucked her friend. But she found a way to remind me she was there.

I suddenly felt a warm little hand on my nut-sack then I felt her finger brush my asshole. And I lost it. I started thrust strong and hard, if not wildly, into the pussy of the 7th grader beneath me.

I knew it wouldn't be long before I filled her with spunk.

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I stopped thrusting for a moment--I wanted to get as deep as possible--in missionary position. I kissed her deeply, the sweat of exertion and pleasure made her flushed face shiny.

I gently pushed her legs forward until her knees were almost flat against her chest--all the while my cock was still balls deep and each slight movement caused her to moan and coo with pleasure. I put my legs outside of her arms and stabilized myself for what was next. Her ankles came to rest on my shoulders (she was taller than Angie whose feet rested on my shoulders when I pile-drivered her), and I eased my thickness all the way to the balls--then I began thrusting.

At first I was relatively calm but the shocks of pleasure that shot up my cock, down to my feet and to the top of my head, made me lose control. Soon I was pounding her as if she had three kids. My dick pistoned like a machine in and out of her, I could the squelch of liquid as some of her came flooded out around my hardness. It was getting to be too much, her moans were getting ragged like screams, I knew she wouldn't be able to take much more.

And she didn't have to. As I was wildly thrusting in and out of her my cock exploded. I hammered down hard into her little pussy, cumming huge gouts of jiz inside her small body. After what seemed like two dozen strokes, I finally stopped orgasming and collapsed on top of the 7th grader. I felt the hard buttons of her nipples as my chest pressed her tits almost flat. We were both sweating hard, and our groins, where we were joined in sloppy, soupy union.

But we were too tired and spent to do anything about for the moment. I moved my head so I could kiss her. Her eyes smiled as she kissed me weakly. I started to tell her how wonderful it had been when-- --the doorbell rang! "Oh shit!" I practically yelled, rolling off of Amber. "Angie you and Amber get in the hiding place I showed you!" Angie moved quickly, taking Amber by the hand--and I had the very pleasant site of seeing two beautiful, naked teenaged girls disappearing into my huge closet to hide in a secret compartment I'd only found last year after I'd bought the place.

Already on my feet, I grabbed a half bath robe that came only to mid-thigh. The doorbell rang again--a big bonging sound, I'd have to change that! I reached inside my robe and forced my still erect cock--that was pretty amazing by itself that, at forty, my cock didn't deflate--downward so that it didn't tent-pole the light fabric. I walked the short distance out of the master suite to my front door.

I took a deep breath, unlocked and opened it. Aggie! Angie's big sister. Shit! The 5'4", 125lb, 15 year had an amazing body, very different than her sister's trim, athletic build. Aggie was voluptuous and had curves far beyond what most 15 year old girls dream of. Her breasts were very, very large, even bigger than Amber's, 34DDs. Her ass was big and bold and sassy, nearly 40 inches! A small pot belly only made her than much sexier.

I had lusted after, and jerked off over, this little hussy. And now she was standing in my doorway wearing a tiny, tiny bikini, one that didn't even cover the basics. I could see part of one of her areolas that the slender fabric didn't cover. I was betting on a thin strip of butt floss was the "bottom" of the suit.

I just wanted to get my hands on that bottom! "Is my sister up here?" she asked me. Then, without asking, she stepped inside the door. Out of reflex I stepped backward to make way for her and she closed the door behind herself. Suddenly I realized, as she giggled, that she was looking at my crotch. I had failed to hide my rampant prick: it was totally tent-polling right in front of another adolescent hottie.

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"Wow," she said, "it IS big!" And again without warning she reached over and whipped off the sash of my robe so that it fell open and my naked cock popped out.

Aggie dropped to her knees and took my cock in one of her buttery soft hands. She looked up at me, her black eyes matching her long, brown mane which fell to her wonderfully out-side ass. Having corralled my cock with both of her hands, she suddenly put the head in her mouth. I was too shocked to stop her. And she was quickly and expertly sucking the head of my cock.

I felt a tremor in my legs, soon I'd be weak in the knees! She spared me from making an, ah, premature declaration of my gratitude. "Hmm, smells like you got laid," she smiled at me. "And tastes like pussy too! Who did you fuck?" She didn't give a chance to answer, instead, shoving my slick cock back into her mouth.

She only took about four inches, but it was enough to make me moan aloud. While she inflicted sweet torture on my rod, I reached behind her back and loosened her bikini top which then fell open down to her waist, exposing her boobs completely. I tweaked and flicked her nipples, occasionally groping one of her big melons. She moaned when I did it, sending vibrations up my shaft that truly did make me weak in the knees.

Also it was obvious this wasn't the first dick in her mouth. She was clearly experienced. While getting knob bobbed, I checked her body. She was so luscious she was probably going to be fat if she wasn't careful. But I didn't care; that wouldn't be for years and for the next few hours I didn't care if she ended up weighing 300 lbs. Without warning she released my cock from her oral intensity and stood straight up.

Her thighs were smooth and her knees very sexy. "Ok, you've had the fun," she said, "now I want to fuck. You can tell Angie to come out of the closet." And she flitted by me into my bedroom, discarding her bikini on my floor. The last thing I saw her big, heart-shaped ass. I followed, starting to mouth denials about Angie when I saw that she an Amber--still naked, but their lips were red, apparently they'd been having some fun of their own. Aggie squealed a giggle when she was her butt-naked sister.

"Yes, I knew you were fucking him!" I stopped. What could I say? I'd just had a 15 year old sucking my cock and she now found two 13 year olds completely nude in bedroom. Instead I said, "How'd you know?

Angie's supposed to be keeping it a secret." Aggie smiled her wicked smile. "I heard my sis talking Amber into having, ah, fun with you. Plus, a couple of times, she's moaned your name while she was sleepin'. And I see I'm right!" "Yeah," Angie said, "you are. And I'm guessing, 'cause you're naked, you ain't gonna tell Mom." Aggie nodded. "Hell no! I'm not telling. Your man is going to fuck my brains out!" I was? "Are you--" I started to ask. "Yeah, I never had sex before, but I used to give my ex-boyfriend bj's everyday after school," Aggie said with a laugh, "even though he was only half as big as you, I learned how to make him come--any time I want!" She started to lay down on her back when I stopped her.

"I want something a little different, like that phat ass, Aggie!" I said. I didn't have to tell her what I had in mind. She rolled over onto her hands and knees and raised her ass lewdly. "I know what you want!" Indeed she did. Her big ass was right before me in all its glory. She was only 15 but I could see her rump bumps were more like mountains and had reached that stage right before they go to sloppy cellulite fat.

Yes! Her heart-shaped ass gaped open even more than it did normally, exposing her woman-lips, fat reddish-purple ones, the same color as her sister, but much more prominent. Apparently her pussy was slutty even if she wasn't. I walked to the edge of the bed and reached forward, grasping the curves of her hips and pulling her backwards until her ass cheeks were right at the edge.

She was beautiful! Unlike Amber she wasn't tanned, she had the same alabaster white smoothness her little sister did. I groaned, taking my cock in my hand to aim it at her already wet pussy.

"Hurry up!" she said mockingly, shaking her ass, making her cheeks quiver delectably. I was going to fuck this minx as often as I could in case she surrendered to Doritos and ice cream. Using my left index finger I tested her twat. Perfect. I placed the head of my schlong at the mouth of her vulva, easing it until just the head was inside her. She was tight, not as tight as her sister and Amber, but good enough. She'd probably been making love to cucumbers, or perhaps a dildo: she seemed to take the first, test inches in stride.

Soon I had 5 or 6 inches inside the 15 year old. Then, with a slick motion, I put my entire cock into her. "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" she moaned outloud and collapsed her arms so her face hit the matress. "So much better than a goddamn cucumber!" I'd been right. I didn't hesitate, knowing that she'd been stretched out before, I plunged it with long, deep strokes, her de-virginized pussy spasming on each inch of cock I fed her.

I gripped her wondrous ass cheeks, spreading her wide until I could see the pink pucker of her ass (a hole I intended to have on my belt before the sun set!).

I massaged it my right index finger. She ground her hips against me in an even more suggestive way. Feeling that, I put the first knuckle in her ass. The reaction was immediate: she thrust her big butt back at me, taking all 10 inches, until her cheeks rested against my belly.

"You okay?" I asked. Aggie turned her head to look at me. There was sweat on her forehead and her cheeks were flushed. "Ev--everything's fine. That's a big fucking dick you've got there. Way bigger than Brad's!" Brad: the skinny blond guy who'd gotten all the oral attention. I focused back on the adolescent ass I was massaging and the teen twat I had buried my manhood in. Ok, I thought, fuck it, I'm gonna cum.

Then I'm going to fuck Angie before butt-fucking her amazing sister. I began stroking deep and regular, stretching her out, some of her moans were a little sharp but she didn't say anything so I kept slamming away.

Her hips made a "plopping" sound each time my body collided with her hips. I could feel her juices soak my balls--adding themselves to Amber's. This just spurred me on until I was fucking her like she was 30 years old. It didn't take long. I pulled my cock out, gripping it tightly. "Girls, get down on your knees!" I managed to blurt out. The girls, including Aggie who hopped off the bed, got down on their knees before me.

I only had to jerk it for a minute before I erupted. Long stringy gouts of cum shot out, along with moans torn from my throat. The spunk slapped each girl in the face, as well as Amber and Aggie's tits. After ten spurts, the girls were splashed, each getting the full monty.

I sagged down to the bed, looking at the faces of the three teen girls. Jism ran down each of their faces--they looked so beautiful. And I was amazed I could produce that much cum so soon after filling Amber's tight little cunt. But there it was--right on their faces. Not wanting to get too extreme, as the girls giggled and touched my curds and whey on their faces, I decided not to ask them to lick it off.

Instead I suggested we all take a shower together before round two. They squealed and went to my big shower--with two showerheads and it was big enough to fit all three of comfortably. We had a lot of soapy, splashy fun. And I washed each girls butt crack, making sure to clean their assholes. The girls cooed and moaned and looked at each other knowingly. I sagged against the shower wall as the girls were tasting each other's nipples, seeing how sensitive they were.

I was tired and I needed to fuck at least three more times. Surprisingly, as I watched the girls happily playing grab-ass, my johnson came back to life. Angie was the first to notice it and she slipped past her sister to grab it and slowly jerk me off.

"It's mine! I want you to fuck my brains out!" The 13 year olds squealed together. "Ok, let's hit the bed," I said. Before the old man hits the wall. We got out of the shower and the girls toweled off, scampering ahead of me into the bedroom. Once I was dry, I went into my bedroom. I found the three of them, totally naked, lying in row, with Angie in the middle, with her slender, toned legs spread wide. Aggie looked at me. "You're gonna fuck Angie and we're gonna help you!" Shit! Help me to cream right where I was.

Angie's smooth, white body, so athletic, was between the two buxom girls. The site of two sets of very large breasts made my cock shudder. I then climbed onto the bed on my knees and stopped between Angie's spread legs.

Her pussy looked like a smaller version of her sisters, fat reddish-purple lips, completely and lewdly exposed. These girls' pussies did not hide. I got ready to fuck Angie missionary--her favorite position.

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Bending my knees to use them as a fulcrum, I lowered myself on my arms and kissed my dark-haired little angel. With tongue-danced for long minutes as she gently kneaded my hardening schlong. Finally I felt fully, almost painfully, erect and she nudged my cock head inside her pussy then lifted her legs, I lifted each arm and she rested her wonderfully toned legs on my shoulders. She wanted the deep fucking like Amber had got. Speaking of.I looked to my side and Amber was now laying face-to-face with Aggie.

The girls were kissing and fondling each others huge melons--with Aggie's being rather larger than Ambers. I left them to their explorations and began thrusting deep into Angie.

She grunted, squeaked, cooed and moaned as we fucked.

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The position she was in opened her pussy up as wide as it was going to get in this position. The fuck was adventurous and fun. I varied my strokes, sometimes thrusting all the way in, then pulling out until just the head was in, the stroking in about half-way.

I could feel her little hand on her clit, frigging away. She came several times, soaking my cock and my sheet. After 25 minutes I'd had enough and I wanted to come inside her incredible teen pussy. "Oh shit, oh shit!!!" I grunted, my cock exploding in pleasure as my spunk filled her tiny pussy. With the utmost self-control I pulled my cock out until only the head was in and my balls sprayed jizz into her pussy. After about 10 spurts I was done and I rolled to the side and collapsed next to her.

She lowered her legs and turned to me, kissing me gently, looking at with the insanely blue, lustful eyes. "I love you," she mouthed at me. I was rather taken aback. Surely it was just the fuck talking? I heard both Amber and Aggie groan together as both girls came.

They'd been 69ing. But now they just laid next to Angie and looked at me. "What time do you guys have to be home?" I asked. "None," Aggie said, "our parents are still out of town.

We're staying all night." "And you Amber?" She shrugged which made her D cup melons shake. "Dunno, Mom said 'bout 6, I guess." I looked at the clock: 10:30AM. Bitchin'. "Ok, it's only 10:30. Lets sleep for a while, we've cum our brains out. Then we'll have some lunch and fuck each other silly." They nodded. I grabbed the sheet that had hit the floor and threw it on the bed. Then I crawled into the center of the teen girl sex storm and we all slept until.

.12:30 when I woke up. I felt tired, but good. Like I'd fucked my brains out all morning. I gently eased Angie off of my chest--I didn't remember her falling asleep there. Looking at the girls, Amber was laying partly across Aggie's body, her big knockers had been forced to the sides where a lot more than half of each was showing.

God-DAMN that kid had big tits. One of her hands rested between Aggie's even bigger tits. Ahhh.if Heaven's anything like this. I gently awakened all three of my little angels and I heated up a pizza. Not some lame-ass frozen pizza, but a pizza frozen by the real-life Italian-American in his real-life Italian deli. And it was delicious. Part 3 -- Aggie's Secret I didn't even have to ask the girls when Angie took my hands and we rushed back to the bed.

Angie was an eager beaver (who's beaver I was going to tap again). "I wanna do the Naughty!" she said with a giggle. Aggie cocked an eyebrow, "'The Naughty'?" Angie nodded eagerly.

"I don't know about that, hon," I said. Jesus! I called her 'hon'! "It's okay, Jeff," Amber said. "She wants it in the ass, I know, she told me awesome it is. Hope I get to find out." Jesus! The little blond minx was staring at me and she almost looked like an innocent little 7th grader about to get her first dicking.


But I knew better. She wanted to take it in the ass! "Angie first, kay?" Aggie and Amber nodded adn both smiled at the same time. I knew what they'd be busy doing while I reamed Angie's asshole.

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I sighed to myself, Aggie's ass would wait. I had Angie get on the bed, on all fours. I climbed on the mattress and position myself, on my knees, right behind her deliciously tight little ass. I had her reach back and stretch her butt cheeks open, presenting her tiny, pink asshole right above the wine-dark, purplish-red lips of her pussy. Smearing Crisco on my rampant cock, I put a small plug into her bung hole.

Then I placed the head of my dick against that little bud. "You ready, Angie?" I asked. She nodded stiffly. Here we go, I thought. I pressed my weight forward and my glans broached her sphincter, sliding several inches easily inside her. She groaned a long, loud groan; she grunted when I started to withdrawal. "Easy!" she said. "Let, let my asshole get used to it!" I held my position, allowing her tiny rectum to get used to the man meat jammed up in it.

After a decent interval, I began slowly fucking her 13 year old ass. I was slowly, deliberate, patient. The urge was to slam her to the mattress and fuck her like no tomorrow. However hard that would get me off, it would hurt her.

The slow, steady approach was the best. She was moaning, groaning, gasping and grunting while I held my concentration. With every thrust I urge a few millimeters forward until, after long minutes, she was taking all of my 10 inches up her ass. The sight of her tiny asshole, stretched obscenely around the massive prick that was violating her teen anus nearly made me cum.

But I saved it, and got some long strokes in--finally! Her face was a mask of concentration as she took the hard fuck I was giving. Eventually, it was only about 15 minutes, I couldn't take it any longer. The meat vaccum of her ass overcame my dick control: shots of thick cum erupted.

Her ass was so tight that my spunk had nowhere to go and came leaking past my cock, stationary, implanted deep in my teen lover's bung. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I groaned as the last my curds painted the inside of her large intestine. I pulled my cock out. My 4th orgasm of the day had been as good as the first. I looked at Aggie, who had been lezzing with Amber. "Let's take a shower," I said. She perked up and smiled.

Angie lay on the bed, a few feet from me. She was holding her toned, sexy legs to her chest, rocking back and forth, gently lost in the post-coital glow.

She rolled to one side and looked at me and her sister. "Fuck him real good, sis, he's worth it." Aggie led me by the hand to the bathroom. I got the water going and we both stepped into my big shower. I looked at her. Her alabaster skin, set off by her dark, brown hair, her large, perfect breasts and the light pink nipples which, unlike Amber's, actually stood out against her milky skin. Skin identical to her kid sister's. This 15 yr old was absolutely gorgeous.

Without further ado, as I admired her, she sank down to her knees and began sucking my hard-formed hard-on. She gave me several minutes of loving suction--getting me rock hard in the process. Then, once I was raging, she stopped and looked at me. "Jeff, I got somethin' to tell you." Before I could say anything, she throated half my cock. I nearly fainted. "Uh, yeah, honey?" "Me and Angie are alone," she said, her eyes suddenly sad.

"Alone? But Amber and I--" I was confused, my head still light from the killer weed and the three teen bodies that had been abusing my sanity for hours. She stood up. Though she was 6" taller than her sister, she was only 5'2". I admit, it was hard to keep my eyes off her killed tits.

"Our Mom's gone," she said. "What?" She stood against me, my cock almost touching the bottoms of her tits. "Our dad died, like, 10 years. And, last week, our Mom disappeared." "Have you told anyone--" She shook her head. "Can't. Mom said going to the cops, or anyone in the family would get us killed.

Angie's all I have left. My Mom said we gotta leave town. But how can we? We don't have much money!" She was shaking and I held her close.

A long, slow love-making session was what she need--and my cock!--but not right now. "Why's your Mom gone?" "She left me a message, but she didn't say.


Only that the people we'd been running from had found her and she had to lead 'em away from us." My head was clearer--but my cock was still raging for attention. "Ok, you guys are in danger?" "That's what Mom's message said. Said it would take them a few weeks but they'd find us. Please, Jeff, can you help us." "Did your Mom tell you to come to me?" I asked. She shook her head. "No, but I know that you're rich. Real rich, Mom said." Holding the sexy, shaking 10th grader I knew the one place I could take them.

I wasn't going to get a chance at Amber's body again. A bad thing. "Ok, Aggie," I said. "There's a place of mine we can go. Nobody'll come up there and nobody'll think anything if I'm up there for a couple of years. But you have to get rid of Amber.

Don't care what you tell her, just make sure she's happy." I cut off the water and got us towels. Had to do a few things, organize some transportation. A windowless van would do it. "Once Amber's gone, you and Angie go down to your apartment and get any medication and any other absolutely necessary stuff. Don't bring your stuffed animal collection. We'll be able to get stuff like that later. Then come back up here as soon as you can. But don't turn on any lights and stay away from the windows."