Dirty dreams of a sexy legal age teenager get implemented at last

Dirty dreams of a sexy legal age teenager get implemented at last
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Morning, Well I can only assume it's morning, Can never tell as of late. Hi my name is Alex and last I checked I was fifteen years old, Sort of debatable though at this moment in time, You see a few nights back I lost my life in an unfortunate accident.

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Before we go any further How about we take a step back and tell you how I died. It was early one afternoon, I was out with my best friend Alice, Little heads up, I might of had a little crush on her but that's the past, Anyways we were both walking through the park when out of the blue she stopped, Of course since she stopped I felt compelled to do like wise, When I turned to face her she had this smile on her face that any guy would kill to see just once in his life, I was lucky, I got to see it most day's, Well she soon dropped the smile when she sort of noticed me staring at her with a confused look on my face *What you looking at me like that* She said.

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*No reason, You just stopped and stood there smiling, Just wondering if you're okay* I replied, Of course there was a reason to why I was staring at her but of course I would never of told her. *Okay well come on, You promised to walk me home remember* She said as she walked right up to me and took my hand, That's normal for her, Whenever we were out together she would always hold my hand.

*Yes I remember, Don't I always walk you home though little missy* I said back, Yeah I know you people are wondering about the name, Well she sort of hates it as you are about to find out. *Hmph, Thought you said you would stop calling me that you jerk* She angrily replied, Luckily for me I had hold of her hand otherwise I know I would of ended up been slapped.

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*I'm sowwy* I said in a half hearted childish tone, Yeah I know sounds stupid but she was always a sucker for the whole baby/childish talk. *Hmm, I guess I forgive you* She said with a little laugh, With all said and done she began walking away dragging me along with her It took us a good ten minutes of walking before we finally got back to her place, She lived in a two bedroom apartment with her mother, We won't bother mentioning her father, Let's just say deadbeat of the century belongs to him, All the time we spent walking we had general chit chat, Always the same stuff though, School, Friends, Why I was single, Like I would tell ever tell her the truth of that, Just usually made up some whole no girl in the school interests me lie which she never really seemed to buy, Well back to the story, Me walking her back to her apartment didn't just mean walking her to the front door of the building, It also meant I had to walk her all the way up three flights of stairs and down the corridoor all the way to her front door, I guess it was worth it though cause for everytime I did that I was rewarded with a hug, This time was no different, I recieved my usual hug that didn't seem to end followed by a swift smile and a door been shut in my face, That was normal.

Okay so there I was I had just left her apartment building and was waiting to cross the road to get back to the park I had just walked through, Had to go back through it to get home, That's when I heard sirens that seemed to be coming towards where I was, I watched on as a car sped past me followed by two police vehicles, Okay I know you probably think that part has nothing to do with the story, Well you're wrong, Seeing that the police had passed I dubbed it safe to cross the road, Little did I know that would be the last mistake I would ever make.

Too late did I realise the traffic lights were still green, Too late did I notice the car coming towards me, In that split second before the car hit me my life chose to flash before my eye's, What a boring life it was, Well that was all I remember, Next thing I know I wake up in a dark room all alone, I saw a door on one wall, It seemed to be glowing, I chose to walk over to it and open it, Then would you guess it, I was back in the spot I died.

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*So I'm dead, Yeah that sucks* I said to nobody in particular even though I am sure nobody would of even heard my words anyways Yes I did just sort of accept the fact that I no longer had a life, There was one little niggle that did bother me then and to this very day (even though it's only been a few of them) still does, The same question I keep asking myself over and over again *Why haven't I moved on*, Yeah so that is still something I would like to know but we will leave it for now I guess you are probably wondering what I did for the next few days that would bring us to this present day, Well I know you will call me crazy but I did the only thing that seemed natural to do at the time I chose to carry on with my normal life, That of course included going to school, Yes I know it seems pointless for a dead person to attend school but don't judge me, I spent a lot of time with Alice even though she had no clue I was there with her, I would walk her home then hang around her apartment till she went to bed just so I could keep an eye on her even though I don't know what I could of done if anything had of happened to her, After that I usually went home and walked around the house I lived in with my mother and half sister, Always seemed so quiet when I would walk in the house, Probably because my mother and half sister were usually just sat in the living room comforting each other or they were in bed asleep, Well that was pretty much all I did for the past few days which brings us back to the present day.

As I said at the very beggining I will once again say now, Morning I assume, My name is Alex and this is where the story is about to get a little more interesting.

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