Male gay sex s He licks them both out and fingerbangs them

Male gay sex s He licks them both out and fingerbangs them
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-3 years later- Rose and Mark started their own pack, still nearby to Rose's original family. Their daughter, Violet, is in her young adult stage now. She has her father's midnight black eyes, and slate grey fur.

Combined with her mother's figure and silver undertones, this shewolf is beautiful. Her human form is equally pleasing to look at. Naturally red lips and very light skin from her mother, black hair and eyes from her father. She has a thinner, more petite figure than her mother; however, she is also a great deal younger and will most likely grow into a more full body in time. Her tongue is pierced twice. One ring on each side of her tongue, instead of one throught the center.

(hehe thats one of the piercings I have :P double tongue rings ;3). She also has two piercings in her ear lobes, with a helix ring in her left ear only.

All black jewelry, of course. -Violet- I sprint into the woods, heading toward the spot I was told to go. I can't be late. I need a good first impression. Sure we talked online, tried role plays, but this is real.

-Rose- Mark stands behind me at the kitchen counter, breathing his words into my neck, "Think she will be gone long?" He playfully bites my neck, kissing and nibbling. I let my head fall back and half sigh, half moan. I turn to face him and he lifts me, placing me on the edge of the counter. I kiss him roughly and trace my hands down his chest as I bite his lip. I breath in his scent. The same bittersweet musky smell that I have always loved. It's always just on the edge of overpowering.

But not quite. He moans and I feel his dick start to get harder, pressing against my pussy through our jeans. I reach to the edge of his jeans and unbutton them, then unzip them. Finally, his jeans drop to floor and he kicks them aside. He lifts me up and I pull my own jeans off, along with my underwear.

He smiles and lays my back down along our counter island. The cold hematite top makes me moan and arch my back. He kisses my neck, down to my chest. Leaving small hickeys along behind. He lifts my shirt up over my head, then continues. He reaches my breasts and bites one nipple.

I moan loudly, his tongue ring swirling around it. -Violet- I step into the clearing. Out of breath. He is here, I can smell him. I look around and a large tan werewolf steps into the clearing. Hello Violet. What a good girl, here early.

I smile, looking up at him. hello. -Rose- I angle my hips up, giving him perfect access to my pussy.

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He groans into my skin. I moan loudly as he pushes into me, his entire length entering me in one thrust. Within seconds he is pumping in out of me, drawing moans from my mouth with every thrust. He moves back up to my neck, kissing and biting. I arch my back, pressing my body to him. I can feel the warmth and lust radiating from his skin. It only makes me want him more. I moan loudly as he starts thrusting into me harder. -Violet- I walk into the center of the clearing, careful to keep my eyes down respectfully.

He comes closer. He tells me to sit, I do. He morphs to his human form. This surprises me, but I stay silent.

He is more attractive in this form. Hazel eyes with dirty blonde hair. Light tanned skin. Very muscular. He has a six pack with full biceps as well. I find it hard to keep my eyes down.

His scent is intoxicating also. He smells like hay and pine, with a slight hint of cigarettes. He asks me, "So Violet, you are sure about this?" I nod, remembering not to look up. "Absolutely certain? Because if you go through with this, there will be no going back.

You will be mine. To do with as I please. You understand?" Again I nod, and answer to his thoughts. Yes, Luke, I understand. -Rose- I grind my hips onto mark, my orgasm getting close.

He picks me up from the counter and lowers us to the kitchen floor, with me straddling his lap. "Ride me". I hear his voice, deep and seductive.

Thick with lust. And I happily start to raise and lower myself onto his dick. I rock my hips quickly back and forth in rythm with my rising and falling. He groans and holds my hips, lifting me higher and pushing me down harder.

I lean back, taking him deeper. We both moan loudly. I start grinding my hips roughly against his, my orgasm building. He notices and starts wildly thrusting his hips. I moan and my body begins to shudder, he continues lifting me and pushing me down on his dick. -Mark- "Fuck Rose!" I groan through my teeth. Her orgasms always make it hard to not cum myself. I can feel her pussy clamping down and pulsing around me.

It's hotter, more wet. I continue to thrust into her, he pussy milking me. After a few seconds, she relaxes. I lean forward and lay over her, the whole time not pulling out. -Violet- He smirks. This makes me nervous. He turns around and picks something up from the grass, then returns to me. "From this moment on, you will be my slave. I will do whatever I want with you, whether you like it or not, as long as it doesn't permanently damage you physically. Do you agree to these terms?" I nod a third time.

He then clicks something around my neck. It looks like. A dog collar? It is black with a silver loop facing forward. "This is a special collar", he explains. "It will change size when you change forms. You will not be able to cut it, stretch it, or burn it. The only way to get it off is if I remove it from you. This symbolizes my dominance over you." I smile. My very own collar. I really am his. He tells me to change to my human form, so I do. He lifts my chin and kisses me, then attaches a leash to the loop on my collar.

He lays down in the grass. I look down at him, confused. "You will learn when to service me. For now, I want you to show me what you can do." I smile and step over him, getting on my hands and knees.

He is already hard. I stoke him, gasping. He has to be at least 8 inches long. And around 3 inches thick. There is no way. But he is my master, so I will try. I lean down and lick from the base of his shaft all the way to his tip. He smiles and I continue. I open my mouth and slide my lips over his head, rubbing my tongue rings along the sensitive area underneath. He groans, seeming surprised. "Two tongue rings?" I smirk and lick from his base to tip again, showing him my tongue.

He smiles, "Very nice". I go back to licking his head and start to push down further, taking him into my mouth. He groans and grabs my hair, pushing himself fully into my mouth and down my throat. I gag and push back against his hips, unable to breath.

He slaps my face. When I keep struggling, he slaps me across the face harder. I whimper and stop pushing back. He groans and slaps me again, resulting in another whimper. I can feel my throat vibrating around him. He starts to lift my head up and when he gets to his head at my lips, I cough and gasp for breath.

He whistles loudly, and two other men enter the clearing. Both young, late teens to early twenties. Same as me. Luke yanks on my leash, pulling me up so I'm straddling over his lap. His head is pressed to my pussy, but not inside. He smirks again. he grips my hips and starts slowly pushing me down, impaling me onto his dick. I wince and he stops. "Does it hurt?" I nod. He smiles. "Good." He then pushes me down the rest of the way, stretching my pussy to its limits.

I cry out, then quickly cover my mouth. He pulls the leash, forcing me to lean forward over him. "I think you need a reminder." I shake my head. "No. please. I won't speak again unless spoken to. I'm sorry!" He frowns. "'I'm sorry'? You think 'I'm sorry' is gonna cut it?

That's far from good enough. You are nothing more than a slut for my amusement. So say it" I look down, and quietly repeat what he said. He thrusts into me hard, I cover my mouth to keep from crying out again, tears stinging in my eyes. "I can't hear you" "I'm your. slut." I realize a second too late that I shouldn't have paused. He pulls out a little then rams into me a second time. I bite my lip to not make a sound, but tears of pain are spilling over my cheeks. "The purpose of this night is to show you your place.

You will do what I say, without question.

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Or you will be punished using pain and humiliation. So, as I have already asked once, say it. And do not disapoint me this time." I take a shaky breath, then answer loudly. "I am your slut." -Mark- In this position I can thrust faster. I begin to pump into Rose's pussy as fast and hard as I can. Rewarded by her moans and shudders, and I continue. She wraps her arms around my shoulders and I kiss her, thrusting harder with each pass of my hips.

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Her moans get louder and she let's go of my shoulders to press her hands to the cave wall, keeping me from pushing her forward with my thrusts. I speed up then pull out and groan, spurting ribbons of cum all over her thighs, stomach, and chest.

-Rose- I moan, loving the feeling of his hot sticky cum on my sensitive skin. He smiles and leans down, licking his cum from my inner thighs.

I moan and press my hips to his face, practically begging to be eaten out. He obliges. I feel his tongue glide along my pussy, up to my clit. He circles it a few times with his tongue ring, then plunges his tongue into my pussy. I arch my back and grind my hips into his face, wanted his tongue deeper.

He groans, his lips vibrating on my clit as his tongue flicks inside me. I gasp and moan loudly, another orgasm approaching. Mark continues and I arch my back further, the second orgasm hitting me hard. After it passes I collapse back to the floor. Mark smiles and scoops me up in his arms, as he did the night we became mates, and carried me to the bedroom so we could go to sleep. -Violet- He smiles and pats my face, instead of slapping it.

"Good girl" The praise makes the pain worth it. Already I have a sense of desire to please my master. Praise means I have succeeded. He then begins to quickly pound in and out of me, so hard that I literally bounce on his lap. It hurts. A lot. But this is what I wanted. This pain, this feeling. Being owned by someone. I love it. I can feel myself getting more wet just thinking about it. He notices too. He groans and pulls me down by my collar to kiss me. He presses his lips to mine, biting my lower lip hard.

I moan and realize the pain is subsiding, being replaced by something else. I moan again and start to buck my hips, wanting more. I'm so full. This is amazing. I can feel him stretching my pussy each time he thrusts in. Suddenly, I feel something pressing against my asshole. It feels small, only a finger. It's very wet.

I gasp and try to sit up as it pushes into my ass, wiggling around a little. Luke grabs my neck, holding me in place. I choke and struggle for air. The finger leaves my ass, rubbing more wetness around my hole. I relax. Then I go stiff again as I feel something much larger press to my ass. I start to panic. Luke holds my neck tighter and tells me to relax. I try to. The second I force my muscles to soften, the dick at my ass presses forward. I would have cried out, if it weren't for Luke squeezing my neck.

This hurts too. A newfound pain I haven't felt before. Both Luke and the new intruder start to pump in and out of me in rhythm. After a few minutes, it starts to feel good. I feel myself pressing back, rotating my hips in time with their synchronized thrusts.


Luke releases my neck "That's a very good girl", he groans. I moan loudly and lean back, taking them both deeper. It feels so fucking good. Both of my holes are filled to the breaking point, and I love it. Luke signals to the third man and he comes over.

Luke then tells me, "You are suck this man off while we fuck you". I answer, my voice full of lust. "Yes sir". I then hungrily open my mouth, waiting to be used more.

The third man quickly grabs my hair and pushes himself into my mouth. I roll my tongue, rubbing his dick with my tongue rings.

I moan, my lips and rings vibrating. He groans and forces himself into my throat, making me gag again. He holds tight to my head, my throat swallowing around him. The thrusting of my master and the second man push and pull me onto the third man's dick. I moan loudly, getting closer to orgasm. Luke catches this, "Don't you dare cum without permission." I moan and nod, my mouth full of the third man.

Luke begins pounding into me harder and faster, I gasp and moan, starting to shiver. I don't know how long I can keep my orgasm at bay, but I am trying as hard as I can. Like tells the second man to pick up his pace and he does. The feeling of my body being completely full is overwhelming. As one dick slides out of my pussy, another slides into my ass.

The constant sensation is proving to be almost more than I can stand. The third man cums in my throat and I moan, swallowing every drop. The man in my ass then pulls out and moves to my face, stroking himself. "Open your mouth, slave." I hear Luke's command and frown. How gross. When I hesitate he yanks on my leash, causing me to choke. I quickly open my mouth and close my eyes, waiting.

The first spurt hits my cheek, as Luke's thrusting moves me. The second spurt just misses my mouth, dripping from my bottom lip to Luke's chest. The third and last spurt however lands right on my tongue. I swallow. Then lean down to lick Luke's chest clean. He groans, then starts picking up his pace again. I moan loudly.


He continues to thrust harder and faster, my small body bouncing roughly on his dick. I feel my orgasm getting closer again and I look at him, my mouth slightly open, cum dribbling from my cheek and lower lip, moaning each time he thrusts.

He groans, "You may cum when I do. Good girl. You've done well." I smile and start to buck my hips onto his, taking him deeper and harder. He groans and holds my hips down as he begins spurting inside of my. I feel it and my own orgasm follows. My pussy tightens around him, waves of pleasure coursing through me. He cums a lot. And I look down to see it starting to leak out onto his pelvis.

He continues thrusting and cumming, which also prolongs my own pleasure. I grind my hips onto him, and moan loudly. He pulls out and spurts the last few strands of cum on my face. I gasp and open my mouth, wanting more.

He chuckles. "There will be plenty more of this, in time." Luke gets up and pats my head.

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Then he turns and leaves the clearing, his helpers following. I'm left sitting in a straddling position wondering just how much of a slut I really am.

So? What do you guys think? Sorry for any misspellings or typos.

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Writing this part actually made me wet X) comments please!