Sex in der schwimmhalle

Sex in der schwimmhalle
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My Sister, My Lover My parents were divorced when I was 5 years old and my sister, Amy, was 3 years old. I went with my father and my sister went with mother. It would be 4 years until next I saw my mother, when I was 9 years old. It was one day before school holidays, when my father told me that I would be going to stay with her for 2 weeks. I didn't know my mother and when I met her, it was at the local park.

My father pointed out my mother to me on seeing her. I saw a beautiful woman, tall, long blond wavy hair and she walked with poise.

All those memories of her, before I was 5, came flooding back. I wasn't sure why but my father decided that this was the best way to meet in a neutral place.

He said, "This way she didn't know where we lived and I can introduce you in a pleasant setting." On meeting mother, I saw this little girl with her. I asked father who she was, He told me that she was my sister and she would be staying with him for the two weeks. I didn't want to go at first because I thought I wouldn't see my father again.

But he told me that it was for two weeks and at the end I would be coming back. Well the two weeks was sort of good, but I wasn't allowed to watch TV, go to the park or talk with my friends. By the end I was handed back to my father and the little girl, I saw, was given back to mother. My father asked me all about my stay with mother, but I told him that I didn't like it and I didn't want to go back. He told me that I would be, the following year and every year after that.

Well as he said it happened every year for the next 9 years. I started to like seeing my mother, who I found out was very strict. The only disappointment was, I never met my sister, though I saw her on each exchanged. I noticed my sister, who grew up from a little girl with long silvery blond hair to a beautiful girl with long golden blond hair, with a figure that would some day be slim and beautiful.

She had a pert smile, with that was sort of cheeky lift in it. Each time I saw her, she'd smiled at me which seemed magic, only for a moment, but then she'd drop her eyes so I wouldn't see her blush.

Her long blond hair was wavy, as it was, but as she grew so her hair became a very prominent feature to her beauty. The last point of her beauty was her eyes. They were crystal blue and brilliant, something that stood out as an attractive feature and led to my love for her. As I said we never met properly and we never said anything to each other. I don't know why and I had tried to speak with father several times about that. But, he would not comment and said little about her. I do know that he loved her as I would catch him talking to her at special times, like Christmas, Easter and I think her birthday which was in April.

Anyway she was a complete mystery. As I said from my 9th birthday till I turned 18, I always spent 2 weeks with mother. It was after I turned 18 years old that I was allowed to determine how and when I spent my holidays. When I was 19, my father asked about staying with my mother I told him straight to his face that I would be looking for work and making money before university. He was angry with me, which was a seldom emotion that he displayed, but he was actually angry at my decision.

It turned out that my sister wouldn't be staying because of my decision. I knew where my mother lived so I drove to her residence and went up the drive to the front door.

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One thing about my parents they were rich, very rich. I knocked on the door and waited. Then I knocked again and waited. I was about to knock a third time when I heard this young female voice, above me say, "You'll have to come around the back. I'm busy." I looked and saw a small speaker to my right about head high. The voice on the other hand sounded quiet posh. So I looked around and saw the side gate, which I took and made my way to the rear. At the rear was a door into something like a hall.

As I knocked on door, it opened and I heard a voice say drop it behind the door please. will you, I'm busy, thanks." I thought it was a maid speaking and I knew that she made a mistake. So, I entered and knew when she saw me she would know who I was. I walked in and discovered a short hallway and the smell of chlorine. As I walked up the hallway I saw the pool. I knew mother was thinking of building a pool, but the last time I was here it hadn't been started.

Then the area opened up and I saw the pool which must've been about 25 meters long and 5 meters wide. As I looked around it was the woman in the pool that made me smile.

The girl was naked and laying on her back enjoying the water. I coughed and coughed again. It was then I realised it was Amy. She stood up, on realising I was a man she cover her tits up with both hand. The water was deep enough to only hint at her pubic region.

I smiled and stood there with my arms folded and said, "So skinny dipping, that would be nice today." She looked at me and then she said, "Who are you, wait I know you don't I?" I said, "Yes I think so. I'm Patrick. You know you stay with father and I stay with your mother, once a year." Then as if she recognised me, she said, "Yes.

I know you now. Why are you here?" I looked at her and then at the water and I said,"Well we were suppose to be swapped this holiday. I'm not going to because I have a chance at working full time during the holidays and mother won't let you go over to father's place." She said, "Oh." and looked at the water. She looked sad and it was now she forgot about being naked, dropped her arms and started playing with the water.

I said, "The water looks nice." She looked at me and said," Well come in then." I said, I don't have any swimmers." She said,"Well no one ever swims here with clothes on, so jump in." I wasn't asked twice, so I stripped and jumped in.

Just before I did, I saw Amy was intensely watching me as I stripped down. After I surfaced I waded over to Amy and said, "Well I'm Patrick, we've never talked have we?" She said, "I don't know. I only see you in the park with father." I just nodded, it was then that I splashed water, not at Amy, but it did hit her. The next thing we were splashing water at each other. Then she was tickling me and so I started on her and we were both laughing as hard as we could.

Amy started pushing water at me so I grabbed her around the waist. It was then that Amy kissed me. I stopped and looked at her and said, "Why did you do that?" She said, "Because I knew who you were straight away and I always wanted to kiss you." I said,"But Amy I'm your brother." Amy shook her head and replied, "No, you're not.

Your father's son from his first marriage and I'm mother's daughter from her first marriage. That's what mother told me." It made perfect sense how we were separated. I looked at Amy, grabbed her and kissed her. I said, "I always wanted to kiss you too, but thought it was wrong. But now I know different." Amy threw her arms around my neck and kissed me back.

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opening her mouth and slipping her tongue into my waiting mouth. As her tongue entered I played with it with my own. She explored my mouth and tongue and then allowed me to explore hers. We were getting hot, when my cock went rigid, pressed up against Amy's belly.

Amy took hold of me and started stroking me. I stopped her and said, "Where's your mother." It was then Amy jumped up, reaching out towards her towel. She grasped her watch and looked at it.

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She said, irritably, "Oh shit she's almost home, we better get dressed. She'd kill us if she found out what we were doing." So I jumped out dried off and got dressed. Amy got out and it was then that I saw that she was shaved between her legs.

She caught me looking and she stopped turned and said, "Have a good look." I saw her vagina shaved, then she scooped her bathers up and dropped them in the water. She pulled them out and got dressed, then wrapped a towel around herself. It was then that I heard a car driving outside and what sounded like a roller door going up.

Amy said, "That's mother." I was starting to leave by the rear door, when I stopped and said,"Want to go to a beach tomorrow?" She replied "Yeah sure, pick me up about 9.30am?" I said, "Sure, see you then." I left through the rear door smiling to myself. The next day I got up, showered, dress very casually, got my gear together, including a blanket and went down, getting into my car. I drove over to Amy's place and as I drove up the driveway she was sitting on the top step waiting.

I stopped next to her, she immediately opened the door, jumped in and sat next to me. Then she leant over and kissed me on the lips, so I kissed her back. Then I drove off and head for Lighthouse beach. We arrived, left the car, walking down the path on the cliff face. When we stood on the beach I touched Amy and led her to a place that I knew behind the sand dunes.

There was a small grass clearing, where we undressed. I was going to put my board shorts on when Amy said, "Common live a bit lets skinny dip." then she ran off naked, as the day she was born.

I sighed and stripped my sluggos off and ran after her, just as naked. We ran into the water and I dove after Amy. By the time I surfaced I had caught up with Amy. We started playing splashing, tickling each other and laughing.

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We were like a couple of kids, until Amy grabbed my cock. I stopped and let Amy start to rub my cock up and down. I held each of Amy nipples in my hands and started rolling them between finger and thumb.

Amy was starting to moan so I reached down and grasp her clit, with my finger and thumb, which I started to stroke with my thumb. Amy just started mewing in her throat. So, I let go, took her hand and led her out of the water to the small grassy clearing. As we wandered into the clearing, I got the blanket which I brought and laid it down, I led Amy and laid her down on the blanket, then I laid next to her. Amy was looking up at me when I bent down and kissed her on the lips.


I made it tender, light and let the kiss linger. I then move my head down to kiss her neck and from there I started planting a trail of kisses leading up to her ear. I also started touching Amy, taking a nipple between my finger and thumb and rolling it. This brought renewed mewing from deep within Amy's throat.

I kept pulling and rolling each nipple which made Amy pant even more. I started to move my head down to her right breast, when Amy said, "Patrick please be gentle, I've never really had a man before." I was stunned by this, but this didn't deter me.

I took her nipple between my teeth and gently pulled and sucked on it. Amy was moaning from my touch, when I moved to her other nipple and repeated the performance.

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I let my fingers wander down to her groin, where I first played with each lip of her pussy, running a finger up and down. Amy said, "Oh Patrick I like you touching me, it sooooo gooood." I knew what would be better so I started kissing my way down her body, first stopping at her navel, which I rimmed and stuck my tongue into. Amy appeared to almost faint at the delight. Then I continued on until my nostrils were above her sex. I could smell the fresh scent of virgin pussy. I could smell a sweet aroma that seeped from her cunt.

I leant down and licked the hood to her clit and could taste the sweet womanly juice that I spread around the lips of this flower. I was intoxicated by the smell of her aroma, by the taste of this delectable juice that flowed from her and by her beauty.


I couldn't wait any longer so I manoeuvred myself between Amy's legs and started using my tongue to rim her womanhood. At first Amy giggled, but then moaned as I suck on her clit.

Then I was lavished by her juices in copious amounts, they flowed over my tongue and face, I couldn't keep up with the flow, but sucked down as much as I could. Every so often I would allow my tongue to rim the inside of her carnal tunnel, paying special attention to the area just past her pee hole. This usually was the most tender and the big G spot for a woman. My attention was justified because soon Amy was pushing my head into her pussy while her legs were locking my head against her body and her body froze.

I thought if I was too die it wasn't the best place to die. Then all of a sudden Amy stopped and was panting deeply, letting my head go. I rose above her and made my way up until I was looking down at her. Amy's eyes were closed, she was panting slower now and she had sweat running down her head. I looked at her and bent down and kissed her lips. Amy opened her eyes and looked at me and said, "Patrick that was.(pant) so wonderful.(pant).I'd never had an orgasm.(pant).like that." I kissed her lips again and laid next to her.

I said,"Honey I though you must have because you were stroking me." She said,"No.(pant) I'd seen it on a porn movie once and (pant).always wanted to touch one, yours was the first." At that she blushed. Then Amy rolled against me and I put my arm around her. She kissed me on the cheek, so, I turned my head and kissed her back. Amy then reached down and started rubbing my cock up and down again.

This brought it back to full rigidity. I reached down and grabbed her clit between finger and thumb, then started to rub the clit with my thumb.

As we were kissing Amy stopped and looked at me and said, "Patrick you're my first and I'm a bit scared." I said,"Honey it will hurt a little, but I will take my time and be gentle as I can. Okay?" She just nodded. I rolled Amy onto her back and got above her.

I said,"Put me in." She reached down took hold of my rigid cock and placed me at the entrance of her carnal delight. Amy was still juicy from her previous ordeal with my tongue. I told her to rub the head of my cock, up and down, at her entrance. Soon I could feel the juice over the head of my cock and I pushed forward slowly.

Amy let go of it and placed her arms around my shoulders. At first I let my cock slip a short distance in then pulled out, with just the head still inside. The again I pushed slowly in and allowed her juicy walls surround me.

I took my time, but soon I touched her virginal barrier and felt the slight resistance. I pulled out and again pushed in slowly until I touched her hymen. I looked into Amy's eyes and I saw that she was ready.

I pulled out until only the head of my cock was in then I pushed a little harder this time and instead of stopping at the hymen, I pushed through and felt the tightness of her inner core. I pulled out and then pushed all the way, till my cock bottomed out at her cervix.

I rested at that point, feeling Amy's cunt tighten around my cock. I couldn't believe how tight and warm she was. I could've shot my load then and there, but I waited. Amy had clenched her teeth, and I saw tears running down her cheek. So, I bent down and started nibbling on her ear lobe, then her neck. Every so often I would bite down a little harder and this helped a bit more.

Then when I thought that she could stand the pain I started to thrust and pull out of her cunt. Soon, Amy wasn't crying, but seemed to be enjoying my cock, with her mewing and groaning, I whispered into Amy's ear, "hook your legs around my waist honey.

It'll feel a lot better once you do this." Amy lifted and placed her legs around my waist, which enabled me to put added pressure on her groin, mainly on her clitoris. As I started to thrust into Amy, I felt Amy use her heel to push down on my arse. Now as I rammed into her, Amy was pushing up.

Her carnal tunnel of delight was getting wetter by the second and felt velvety against my cock. I could feel Amy trying to thrust up and mash her cunt into my pubic bone. So, we were now thrusting against each other. I could feel her mewing softly, which soon turn louder and louder. Her tunnel was tightening and I could feel that sensation rising from my balls.

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Soon it was rising faster and faster, and I knew I couldn't hold out very much longer. Then Amy screamed and her cunt tightened like a vice. I rammed as hard as I could into her pussy, I felt the head of my cock slip past the cervix entrance and into her womb. The sensation being placed on my cock made me pass the line to hold back.

Then, I ejaculated my seed. I shot stream after stream into Amy womb, filling every inch of area there. As we lay there in ecstasy, I had never had shot my seed as hard as it did, Amy was certainly special. I was on top of her trying not lean against her. Soon I extricated myself from her body and lay next to her on the blanket.

It was then Amy giggled. I wondered what she was laughing at when I turned my head towards her. She looked at me and said, "I can feel your stuff leaking out of me." I got up and looked at her well used cunt and saw my seed leaking from her hole.

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I laid back down and Amy leant against me and wrapped her arm around my chest. I turned on my side and wrapped my arm around her, pulling her into my chest. As I lay there I just drifted off and slept. PART 2 After Our Nap