Amateur wife gets anal penetration

Amateur wife gets anal penetration
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Senior Moments Ch.5 By Jax_Teller David and I had become best of friends and cohorts in spying on his mother and aunt's sexual adventures. I had set it up so if David would be open to a bisexual encounter, I would be there for him. It turned out that a small gesture on my part motivated him to take the chance and make a move on me without my consent. I was very happy to wake to David sucking my cock, not just for the blow job, but that he was getting something sexual.

David and I showered together mostly watching each other, short of a few soapy hand strokes of each other. David said wholly fuck your cock is fucking huge, I told him his cock felt so smooth. We left it at that when we heard the ring tone of his mother on my phone ringing.

I had hoped to do more with David while we were naked by ourselves but that was not going to be right now. I let the phone go to voice mail, and then as we were toweling off I heard the message tone.

Nikki had texted me to get up because she had fresh made bacon, egg and cheese biscuits waiting for us. We rushed getting dressed and went over to his house. The house smelled of bacon and coffee and then Jenny walked up to me and gave me a hug.

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Suddenly the smell of food was replaced with that scent of an aroused woman. It was also at that moment that I realized Jenny was bare ass naked. She turned and hugged David after he took his coat off. She rubbed her hands over his chest and said my you are getting big, drawling out the word big as she looked down to his crotch. She was openly and very obviously flirting with him. Usually the nudist folks tend to be puritan in that their nudity was not a sexual invitation.

I knew and understood that nudity does not equate to consent. Jenny's actions though made it very clear that she was if not aroused, she was openly flirting. I almost fell over when Nikki came out from the kitchen and she too was bare ass naked. David and I both just stood there for a second taking in the sight.

We both snapped back to reality and we both gave her a hug at the same time. As we hugged her I pulled David's hand down and we squeezed her ass cheeks. As we three broke the hug, Nikki said so you Boys hungry?

It wasn't her words but the twinkle in her eye that told me there was more to that comment then a query about our nutritional intake. I watched as Nikki and Jenny walked back into the kitchen, with a very obvious wiggle in their walk.

I thought for a second and then I motioned David over to the couch and began taking my clothes off. David took the hint and did the same until we were both naked. We walked in the kitchen our cocks at half mast, entering the room seconds before us. We went to the table and sat down as Nikki and Jenny watched. Their reaction was priceless. Nikki looked away from David for a second and then peeked, all to long at him.

Jenny's mouth about hit the floor drooling looking at me. I could see her skin get red, and she waved her hand as if she was over heated. They sat down and we all ate in relative silence. David kept looking over at the breasts rubbing the edge of the table.

I could tell he was getting hard and I swear I heard is cock thump the underside of the table. Nikki was the first to speak up and asked if we had a good night, playing games. David spoke up and said oh yeah he had a great time. Again it wasn't his words, but I got the feeling the girls could imagine him making the cock in the mouth blow job motion.

I said yeah it was surprising how good it felt. David looked at me and cracked up giggling like a little girl. It was great for me to see him on the inside of the knowing.

Nikki picked up on the overtones and said what? I looked at her and paused for effect to get all the attention and then said well your little boy here has quiet the hot mouth and really knows how to suck a dick. I could see Nikki processing what I said as David coughed up part of a biscuit. Jenny said oh my god that's fucking hot. I said well yeah, almost as hot as Nikki here fingering you to bliss last night. Jenny's jaw dropped at my comment processing how I would know that.

David, Nikki and Jenny all looked at me at the same time with a dumb founded look on their faces. I said ok, here's the thing, I jacked into the cameras in the house last night before David came over to my house. David and I watched you two talk and then in the bedroom.

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David was so over come with lust that he jerked off in front of me. I cleaned his come off him and he blew me this morning and then we showered together.

Now if any one is upset let me know. Nothing was recorded, and I did it to bring us all together. There was a silence for a good solid two minutes.

I broke the silence by saying breakfast was great and thanked Nikki and Jenny for that. I said so anyone want to go watch a movie? I looked at Nikki as I said that with a look. She picked up on my look and knew what I meant. She popped up from the table and took over saying yeah lets go get comfortable.

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Nikki went to retrieve her private stash of dvds. The mood went from tedious to festive in a Milli-second. Jenny sat on the couch next to David and lit a joint.

She took a drag on it and passed it to David. David had never even seen pot and didn't know what to do next, a look not lost on Jenny. Jenny said just put it to your lips and suck lightly on it. Her words were so filled with sex that David giggled and did as he had saw her do.

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Nikki came into the room with a handful of dvds, I recognized as her porn collection. She looked pissed that David was toking on the joint and then said oh what ever, going with the flow.

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I took the joint from David and took a toke holding it in and then letting some out I took another full toke before passing it to Nikki. I took the dvd she had picked out and put it in the player. I turned around and sat on the floor in front of Nikki as the couch was full. I felt Nikki petting my head with one hand as she used the remote to skip through the previews. The dvd she picked was a threesome and the plot moved very quickly to the female getting double penetrated by the two muscle cock jockeys.

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As the scene on the screen ended Jenny said ok who goes first? Nikki and Jenny started playing rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock to make the determination.

Nikki won and she said that she wanted to record it if everyone was ok with that. We all said sure why not as long as we all get a copy. I asked David if he minded fucking Jenny's pussy first, he smiled and said I can do that. Nikki went to get her video camera and lubrication. Jenny dropped to the floor and I sat on the couch.


Jenny slipped her mouth over the head of my cock while David slipped behind her and began rubbing his dick into the folds of her pussy. Nikki came back in and put the tube of lubricant on the couch and started videoing. David looked over at Nikki his mom and said you want to get my first penetration on video.


Nikki moved in close and videoed David's first pussy penetration. David's cock was all ready lubricated with Jenny's pussy juices, and He thrust his cock into her.

Jenny stopped sucking on my cock long enough to look back and smile for the camera. Jenny really put a lot of theatrics into sucking my cock, but did little for me. It was fun seeing her acting like a porn star. David was finally getting pussy which made me happy and I sat forward and high-fived him. Nikki said you guys are too much, laughing. After a few minutes David said can I take her ass now? Jenny said sure hold on, and she got on my lap facing me.

She took my cock in her hand and guided me into her pussy. Nikki told David to get the lube and finger some into Jenny's asshole. David looked at her with disbelief and said I know mom ! He did as he was told and I could feel it when he stuck the second finger in her asshole. Jenny was busy getting used to the size of my cock in her cunt, and David fingering her ass. I took the opportunity to kiss her and play with her nice little titties.

David said ok here we go,and I could feel him step in between my legs and then his dick inside of Jenny. Finally Jenny began to rock on my cock working our cocks at the same time. It wasn't two minutes later when I felt her coming and she bit down on her lip looking me right in the eye.

Her Body convulsed and shook and then I felt David's cock throbbing and spewing his first load of come into her ass. Jenny stopped moving my cock buried deep in her, I could feel the last jolts of her orgasm shuddering on my cock.

She collapsed forward on to me, giving me a hug.

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David sat next to us on the couch and Nikki put the camera on the TV stand. She knelt in front of David and sucked his cock until he was hard again. Jenny backed off of me and laid on the floor spreading her legs fingering herself, playing with the come dripping from her freshly fucked holes. Nikki worked David's cock until his was rock hard again. I was knelt behind Nikki and slipped my cock in her pussy and pushed in her as hard and deep as I could in one thrust. Nikki moaned loudly while keeping her mouth on his cock.

I pulled out and began slamming her pussy hard and fast. I took a hand full of her hair and began fucked David's cock with Nikki's mouth, holding head down on his cock for twenty to thirty seconds at a time. David looked like he was getting close to coming again so I let go of Nikki's hair and said switch please.

Nikki stood up and slid forward taking David's cock into her pussy. Nikki was rocking on his cock, forward and back, side to side. I watched her fucking her son with reckless abandon and I felt a stirring in my nuts.


I thought about sliding up behind them and stuffing my cock in her ass but then I had an Epiphany. David didn't look like he was going to last long, and Nikki was moaning like a cat in heat.

I stoked my cock waiting for the right moment as they were obviously close to orgasm. I stepped up on the couch next to them and stroked my cock getting closer to them as I did. As they noticed me they both reached forward with their mouths open. I slid my cock between their mouths and they took a side stoking my cock with their mouths on either side of my cock.

I pulled back for a second and they both opened their mouths looking at me and I squirted my load all over their faces and into their waiting mouths. I stepped back and watched as Jenny came up along side me with the camera. Nikki and David kissed each other tongues twisting surrounded by my hot load and they both came, lips locked covered in my come. Jenny said wow that was fantastic. Nikki slid off of David and sat on the couch next to him and between us both.

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Jenny said well that's a wrap folks and turned the camera off. The next two days were spent fucking and sucking and draining all the come from our bodies faster than we could make it.

The truth be told my cock was getting raw, and I swear David looked so happy he looked like he would burst if he were any happier. Jenny went back to college and I spent new years with my father, who rolled in the day before.

We spent most of the time just hanging out together and then he had a load going west. With the winter storms at this time of year I knew it could be another month before I saw him again.

I guess, I would just have to visit the neighbors for company. The end Ch.5