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Lesbensex kostenlos anschauen
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You guys all know that Anne Marie is a self-admitted slutwife. You know that she very rarely misses the opportunity to get her mouth; pussy and ass stuffed with new cock.

Most of the time however, her sexploits are planned out in advance (such as when she gets together with my best friend) or at least when we go out "looking for action".

Some of the hottest times though, seem to come completely out of nowhere; and that was the case with her last experience. At 39, Anne Marie is stunning.

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5'7" or so; 123 lbs; long wild brown hair with blonde highlights. Her lips were made to suck cock and her shaved pussy tastes like peaches (no lie). If you ask me, she looks hotter today than when she was 25, and her sex drive is insatiable. For the last few months, Anne Marie has really started craving young cock. She usually talks about finding a 24 or 25 year old to service her every need; but finding the right "boy" had proven to be a challenge.

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In the neighborhood where we live, we used to have a 19 year old boy who lived next door to us, with him mom. Zack was your prototypical "surfer boy". He was about 6 feet tall, with a long lean but very well-defined body. He had a perpetual deep bronze tan which was the result of all the hours he spent at the beach.


He had long, messy blonde hair and Anne Marie had always described him as being a "pretty boy". He was really a pretty cool kid.

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He was handsome and smart, and he knew it, so he had a bit of cockiness about him; but he was always very respectful to me and my wife. I always enjoyed talking with him, and I knew that Anne Marie always enjoyed looking at him. Zack and his friends were always having cookouts and outside parties (his mom was never home) and a few times Anne Marie and I had wandered over to hang out a bit. She absolutely loved all the attention the young boys would give her, as well as the "MILF" whispers we would always hear.

Zack was certainly not shy. He would typically be dressed in nothing but a pair of surfer shorts with no shirt (as were most of the boys).

Anne Marie of course, loved going over there in a pair of daisy dukes and a bikini top or something of that sort. Nothing ever really came of it except some innocent flirting, but I could tell that she was more and more lusting after our young neighbor. She had fantasized about him (during our love making) from time to time, and for a while had taken to screaming out Zack's name when she would orgasm.

We both knew nothing would ever happen, as it was literally just too close to home, but it was a smoking hot fantasy. Alas, summer ended and Zack went off to college. His mom wound up moving out of state, and I figured we had seen the last of him.

That was until last Sunday Night. It was about 8:00 PM and Anne Marie and I were just winding down the weekend out on our back deck. Luckily it is somewhat secluded, so she was only wearing a pair of "boy short" underwear from Victoria's Secret and a very see through thin white shirt. We were drinking some Sangria, and I was starting to really appreciate watching her suck on the booze-soaked fruit. She knew she was teasing me, but I could tell by her clearly visible nipples and the wet spot on her underwear that she was thinking what I was thinking: "Let's go inside and screw." Just then I heard the doorbell ring and we both groaned.

I told her not to worry about it and that I would go get rid of whoever it was. I walked through the house and opened up the front door. There stood Zack. True to form he was bare-chested and wearing nothing but his surfer shorts and a pair of flip-flops. As I let him in, he explained that he was out of school for the summer, and in town visiting with some friends. As he was driving by, he decided that he would stop in to say hello and tell us all about school.

As I walked him through the house to the back deck, he said that he couldn't wait to see Anne Marie. I told him that she would be very pleasantly surprised to see him and that she just might not let him leave. I thought about warning her as to his arrival, so she could change into something a little bit more appropriate, but then I figured, "What's the fun in that?" As we walked through the back door, I said to Anne Marie, "Look what the cat dragged in." When she saw him, she let out a squeal.

"ZACK, baby. Look at you. What a surprise!" Anne Marie jumped out of her chair, ran over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

She got up on her tippy-toes and gave him a quick (but not entirely dry) peck on the lips. Zack slipped his hands around her waist and pulled her close to his body. As they hugged hello, I was completely aware that her nipples (the right one is pierced) were up against Zack's bare chest, with nothing between them but her "barely-there" tight shirt. As my wife and the boy separated, you could clearly see her nipples and the outline of her nipple ring as they fought to break through the thin material.

Just then, I guess Anne Marie remembered what she was wearing (or not wearing), because she looked down at herself and said that she should probably go change. I quickly chimed in that it was so hot out and besides, Zack had seen her in a bikini before so what was the difference?

She said, "Well, alright. If you boys don't mind I'll leave this on." Zack laughed and said that he certainly didn't mind and that she looked fantastic.

Anne Marie sat back down and Zack and I took the two chairs directly in front of her. I offered to get him something to drink, and Anne Marie teased that he wasn't 21 yet, so he couldn't have any of the Sangria.

She said if he was a good boy, maybe she would let him suck on the fruit. He looked her directly in the eyes (forcing his glaze away from her breasts) and said, "Oh, I'll be a good boy." With that Anne Marie stuck two fingers into her glass and pulled out a Sangria-soaked orange.

She handed it to Zack and he immediately put it between his lips and sucked the fruit from the peel. The juice of the orange trickled down his mouth and onto his chin, and Anne Marie took her finger and starting at his lips, slid it down to his chin to wipe it clean.

She then took the same finger and put it to her own mouth, sucking down the last of the juice. It was amazing, in a matter of minutes, the sexual tension on that deck was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. The three of us just sat there for a few seconds, none of us really knowing what to say, when Anne Marie broke the tension by telling me to get the boy a glass and to pour him some Sangria. She told him that he better not get drunk or he would have to sleep on our couch.

Things seemed to settle down a bit, as we were just hanging around, sipping Sangria and talking about some of the stuff that had transpired since the last time we had seen him.

Zack talked about his classes (they all sucked) and about the fraternity he had joined. At some point during the conversation, Anne Marie had stretched one of her legs out to me and I was massaging her foot. Every once in a while, she would let out a soft moan and tell me how good it felt. After about ten minutes, she said that I just had to massage the other foot (because it was jealous), but try as she might, she just could not get herself in a comfortable enough position to give me access.

She finally looked up at Zack and said, "Hell, you don't mind." With that she stretched her leg out to him and rested her foot on his thigh. We now had her "wishbone" style, with her legs spread and one of her feet in each of our laps.

We tried to keep the conversation going, but having two men (or one man and one boy) rubbing her feet was giving her too much pleasure to allow her to concentrate.

She now had her head draped back over her chair, and was outwardly purring at our touches. Zack commented on her ankle bracelet and she and I had a laugh when she told him that he would really love it if he only knew what it meant.

I noticed that the pitcher of Sangria was empty so I excused myself to go mix up another batch. Before returning to the deck, I decided to sneak upstairs to get a glimpse out the back window of what was going on in my absence. I was treated to an incredibly erotic sight. Anne Marie now had both legs stretched out towards Zack. She had moved her chair closer to him and he was caressing her thighs. He spent extra time on the inside of her thighs. His fingers would roam to the very top of her thigh and then just before he would reach her pussy, he would work them back down to her calf.

One of her feet was now clearly resting in his lap. She curled her toes and brushed it along the outline of his cock; all the way down the shaft to his balls. I could see him trying to adjust himself to give her better access, and by now both of their heads were hung back over their chairs. I watched this unfold for a few minutes and noticed that my own cock was rock hard. I actually unzipped my pants and started rubbing myself while watching my wife rub this boy's cock and balls with her foot.

Anne Marie then took both her feet and placed them on either side of his dick.


She was now all but jerking him off through his shorts with her feet. I knew that if I continued to watch my wife showing our ex-neighbor what a slut she really was, and if I continued to rub my own cock, that I was bound to cum sooner rather than later. So, I zipped up and rambled back downstairs and out to the deck; hard-on and all, with a fresh pitcher full of Sangria in my hands. They must have both completely forgotten that I was alive, because I obviously startled them when I made my return.

Anne Marie literally jumped and pulled her legs off of Zack so that her knees were up against her tits. Zack, for his part made no effort to hide his erection.

I almost did a double-take as I saw the size of his cock through his shorts.

At that point I knew there was no way that my whore was going to let this boy leave without fucking her. I looked at my bride and commented that she looked mighty thirsty, as I poured all three of us another glass. Anne Marie was quite flustered. Her breathing was shallow and her face was beet red. When Zack reached for his glass, Anne Marie looked at me and just sort of shrugged her shoulders as if to say, "Sorry, honey. I just have to have him." She then turned to Zack and said with a devilishly slutty look, "Want another one of my oranges?" With that she deftly lifted her shirt over her head, reached directly into the pitcher for an orange, and squeezed it onto first one and then the both of her nipples.

Zack's mouth dropped open and all he could say was, "Wow!" He looked over at me and I gave him "the nod". He went for the pierced nipple first, gently tracing her areola with his tongue and then sucking the entire nipple into his mouth.

He gave her other tit the same treatment and while doing so he reached down and rubbed her pussy through her boy-shorts. Anne Marie pulled his head into her cleavage and let him lick and suck both of her tits. She then guided his lips to hers and began sucking on his tongue.

They were both standing now, and Zack's hands were all over my gorgeous wife. He had one hand down the back of her shorts and was grabbing her ass, while the other hand was down the front, stroking her pussy. They were making out like high school kids.

Anne Marie was tracing his lips with her tongue and playing with the snap on the front of his shorts. She looked him straight in the eyes and said, "You know baby boy, it's only fair that since I let you suck on my fruit that you return the favor and let me suck on yours." He stammered a bit but reached down into his glass and came out with a slice of apple.

He presented it to Anne Marie, but she just shook her head and said, "Not really what I had in mind." She then proceeded to get down on her knees right in front of him and slide his shorts over his ass and down to his ankles.

He was not wearing any underwear, so as she released his 20 year old cock, it sprung up and out and slapped up against her cheek. I was right; his cock was incredible. Now I didn't measure it, but it had to be eight inches long and as thick as my wrist. She reached for her glass and poured about half of her Sangria over his cock and balls.

She then started doing what she does best. Suck dick. She would rotate from teasing the tip with her tongue to totally deep throating him down to his balls. She had one hand on his ass, running her fingers up and down the crack and one hand gently milking his balls into her mouth.

Zack had his hands on either sides of her head and was starting to get into a rhythm of fucking her face. He said that she had no idea how long he had fantasized about this, and Anne Marie rewarded him by dipping her head below his cock and taking his huge set of balls completely in her mouth. Watching her lick and suck this kid's balls was almost too much for me to take.

I literally had to turn away before I came in my pants. She looked up into his eyes and told him how fucking good he tasted. She then put the tip of his cock onto her outstretched tongue and started stroking him into her mouth.

Then, she said those five magic words: "Please, cum in my mouth." I saw the pre-cum start to build on the tip of his dick, and my slutty wife licked it up as if she hadn't had a drink in weeks. Then the head of Zack's cock got huge and with no warning he started to cum in buckets.

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Anne Marie caught the first few shots directly in the back of her throat as she continued to jerk him off into her mouth. She drank him down until he pulled back a bit and continued to cum all over her face and then her tits. He came for what must have been 45 seconds straight, and when he was finally finished Anne Marie was a mess.

She had his cum in her hair; on her forehead; on her lips, chin and cheeks. His cum was dripping down her tits to her belly. Just for good measure, she put his still hard cock back into her mouth and cleaned him with her tongue. It was a glorious sight. Without wiping herself off, Anne Marie finally stripped off her underwear and was now standing in front of her young stud completely naked.

She said, "It is SO my turn." Then she sat back down on her chair, put her legs up on the both of the arms and told him to lick her pussy. Zack got on his knees and buried his face in my Anne Marie. He must have had a lot of practice in college, because he was a master. He would nibble on her clit while putting a thumb inside of her. He had his hands underneath her ass and was pulling her onto his face. He would gently lick her ass and thrust his tongue in and out of her pussy until she was on the brink of orgasm.

She put up with the teasing for a bit, but soon she grabbed him by the back of the head while thrusting her pussy up towards his mouth. As she began to cum all over his face, she screamed and moaned so loudly that I was afraid that someone would call the cops. He licked and slurped up her juices as she shivered and shook with excitement. Before I knew what was happening, she took Zack by the hand and they both entered the house.

As I followed, Anne Marie looked back at me and said, "He is going to fuck me in our bed, honey. Come watch." Once in the bedroom, Anne Marie had Zack lie down on his back on our bed. She reached into the nightstand and came out with a condom which she rolled over his thick cock. Facing him, she climbed up on his thighs and guided his hardness inside of her.

As each inch of his cock disappeared into her pussy, she would let out a deep moan. She told him that she was going to take him balls deep, and before long that's exactly what she was doing. She was now bouncing up and down on his cock; riding him like a mechanical bull. He had his hands on her tits, playing with her nipples, and she was reaching around and teasing his balls with her fingers. Anne Marie bent over him so that her tits were now in his face, and Zack responded by sucking her nipples yet again.

Anne Marie started to increase the pace and after about five minutes or so she started her second crashing orgasm of the evening. She told him that she was cumming all over his big cock. Her entire body was convulsing in what looked like lightning bolts of ecstasy. Zack slid out from beneath her and turned her on her belly. He made her get on all fours as he entered her from behind. He fucked her like this for almost an hour. He would fuck her slow and deep for a while and then he would pound her hard.

All the while she was begging him not to stop. He would slap her on the ass from time to time and when he asked her if she liked being fucked like a slut, that set her over the edge again. As she started cumming for the third time, he pulled out of her pussy and slipped his cock into her ass.

I could not believe how easily she took his entire cock deep into her ass. The orgasm she was in the middle of took on epic proportions. I can honestly say that I have never seen my wife cum so long; so loud; and so good. As she continued to shudder, Zack pulled out of her ass and pulled off his condom. He started to cum all over her ass and thighs. He came on her back and it even shot all the way up to the back of her neck. They both collapsed on the bed; completely worn out.

The little whore had outdone herself again, and Zack was about the happiest guy I ever met. We hung out for a while longer, but he wound up leaving an hour or so later. I'm sure to tell his buddies about his latest conquest. Anne Marie is pretty turned on by the fact that by now, there are a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds around town who definitely know that she is a hotwife and a slut; and that anything is possible.

Oh by the way, we have invited Zack to spend some of his summer break with us.

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Anne Marie can't wait. Although this time he was camera shy, I'll see what I can do about getting some pictures next time around.