Naughty hunk pornstar Austin Wilde

Naughty hunk pornstar Austin Wilde
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Lisa admits she has never had an orgasm with a boy, only while masturbating alone. Tina admits she had an orgasm once with a boy, but no problem having an orgasm masturbating alone. Yes, Brett admits he masturbates, but Tommy admits he has played with himself, but never got off. Lisa is dared to lay back on the couch, put one hand up her shirt and the other down her pink panties and show them how she masturbates, Tina was the one the gave the dare.

Very embarresed, especially in front of her little brother, but yet so horny she leans back on the couch. Reaching up inside her shirt she fondles her 32B tit, reaching down her panties she starts rubbing her clit. She is so horny, her eyes close. Tina then reaches over and pulls Lisa's shirt up, exposing her breast. The boys see the firm little breast, the very hard nipples. Lisa spreads her legs more, rubbing her clit, the boys eyes zoom in, seeing the trimmed bush.

Lisa then snaps back to reality, removes her hand and pulls her shirt down. Brett says he will be right back, he needs to go pee. As he stands, Lisa dares Tina to go into the bathroom with Brett, to make sure he does pee and not to jack off.


They all laugh except Brett. He insist he is just going to pee. Tina gets up and follows. She stands behind him while he pees.

The both return. Lisa ask "well"? He just had to pee. "Ok, but"? "But what" Tina ask. "Ok I ask, how big"? "I stood behind him, didn't see it" says Tina. Tina then dares Lisa to go over to Brett, reach in his boxers pull it out and show us how big.

Brett is in the recliner, not real sure but leans back. You can see how excited he is, tenting the boxers with his hard on. Lisa reaches in, wraps her hand around his hard cock, pulls his boxers down in the front and then let's go of his hard 5 1/2" cock, surrounded by the dark pubic hair. She walks away and Brett places his cock back in his boxers.

She can't believe her next dare she orders her little brother. "Tommy, I dare yo to stand right in front of Tina's face, drop your boxers to the floor and show her your hairless thing.


I bet it is small since not hitting puberty yet, but I can tell its hard in those boxers". Embarresed but very horny, Tommy walks over in front of Tina.

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With his crotch in front of her face he pulls down his boxers and then stands straight up. His 4 1/2" hard, hairless cock and little balls are right in front of Tina's face. His little cock is straight out staring at Tina. Tina looks up, smiles and tells him its not that small after all. Lisa looks at Tina staring at his pecker.

"Go ahead I dare you". Tina then reaches forward, kisses the tip of his cock.

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Licks it the takes the head in his mouth. She reaches up plays with his balls as she takes more if his cock in.

She let's go, sets back and ask what he thought about that. Tommy smiles and says "wow, that was amazing". He sets down, "ok Brett dare you to walk over to my sister and you to do the same thing". Brett is more than happy to after seeing how Tommy enjoyed it.

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Lisa is more than ready, leaning forward. Brett drops his boxers. Lisa grabs his rick hard cick, takes the head in her mouth. She starts going up and down, she the holds his cock up, licking his cock, going down and then licking his hairy balls while stroking him. She then moves back up and takes his cock back in his mouth. Tasting a little precum, she then stops, not wanting him to cum. Tommy looks at Tina, "since neither one of us has went down on a girl I dare you to show us how on my sister".

The girls look at each other and nod. The both tell us they have never done this, but what happens here stays here. Lisa lays bays back and Tina slowly pulls Lisa's panties down. The boys finally see the entire bush if Lisa's. She spreads her legs, Tina stick out her tounge and licks the top of her slit.

Finding the clit she starts licking. She then slides one finger in Lisa's wet pussy. Lisa lays her head back. Tina keeps fingering and licking. She then moves back, spreads Lisa's lips and gives us a great view of her pussy. Tina then burries her tounge in Lisa's pussy and starts tounge fucking her.

She then moves back to her clit and works her clit. Tina stops before Lisa has her orgasm. "Let's stop, see how horny you are and what you'll do orgasm". Tina sets up Lisa pulls up her panties. Ok Brett, your turn.

He smiles, thinking he gets to taste his first pussy. "Tommy I dare you to get completely naked, stand in front of Brett. Then Brett will give you a blow job" "I'm not gay" says Brett. "I'm not either, but I ate her pussy" says Tina. "Your right" says Brett "but we can't end the game after this". Both girls agree saying they have five more hours to play until the parents return. Brett tells Tommy to come over there.

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Bithe girls move to get a better view. Tommy strips and stands in front if Brett with his hairless hard cock. Brett takes the head in his mouth. Tina pushes the back of Brett's head while Lisa takes his hands and places them on Tommy's little balls.

Brett then gets into it. Licking and sucking his little cock, rubbing his balls. "Stick your tounge out, take all Hus cock and and lick his balls". Brett takes all 4 1/2" in and starts licking Tommy's balls. The girls say stop, he doesn't need to cum yet. The boys not seeing Tina's bigger 34B tits she is dared to let Tommy suck on them. Tina having the kinkier dares for now looks at Lisa and smiles. "Brett, neither of us has experienced this but heard it feels good. Neither have done anal either.

Lisa I dare you to strip, get on all fours and have Brett rim your ass" Brett gives a confused look. "Rim means lick and eat her ass" says Tina. Brett looks at Tommy funny. Tina says "try it we all just took a shower and are clean". Lisa takes her panties off, gets on all fours. "Show him that hole Lisa" says Tina. Lisa grabs her tiny ass cheeks and spreads her ass. The boys both see her tiny tight hole, the notice her pussy lips lower and some pubuc hair.

Tommy didn't have to be told again. He got behind Lisa, kissed her little ass cheeks then licked her tight little ass hole. Lisa moaned. Tina tells him to keep going. Brett keeps licking her hole.

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"Stick your tounge in it" says Tina. When lisa heard that she spread her cheeks more. Brett parted the tight hole. Burying his tounge in as deep as he could.

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As he tounge fucked her Lisa started rocking back and as she moaned. Tina noticed Tommy with his hand in his boxers. "Ok, Tommy you done the dare, not time for anyone to cum yet". She smiled at Tommy.

"Well Lisa". "That was the best feeling" responds Lisa. Brett says "my dare is Tina has to answer door for pizza guy in only T-shirt when we order it and if its a female Tommy has to in only a t- shirt.

Deal they say laughing. "Tina I dare you to take off you panties, lay back, hold you legs up, let Tommy rim you while Brett fingers you" "If it feels that good I'm ready" Tina pulled her little panties off, revealing very this patch of trimmed pubic hair. She laid down, pulled her legs up and spread them. Tommy laid down and went right to her little closed hole. Tina moaned at the first touch of his tounge.

Brett reached down and felt how wet her pussy was. He slid a finger in as Tommy licked that sweet little ass hole. Tina starred humpiing. Lisa told her brother to tounge fuck Lisa's ass good. Tina got louder. Use your finger now easy in place of your tounge Lisa said to her brother. As he slowly slid his finger in her tight ass, Brett kept finger fucking her pussy. "I want to cum, I want fucked" yelled Tina. After another minute Lisa told the boys to stop.

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