Pornstar hottie gets her ass hole pounded with fat shaft

Pornstar hottie gets her ass hole pounded with fat shaft
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August 26th 2016 It's the first day of class of my first semester in college. My first class was computer science, ugh. I wish that I didn't have to take classes I'm not interested in. There is a cute girl in the class though, her name is Megan and she has short black hair.

I don't know if this class will be fun or not. My second class is Spanish! Thank you past Alex for taking Spanish in high school, this class should be easy.

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Nothing too much to report, the teacher seems okay. Oh but there is this one girl… I think her name is Sophie. I can't tell if it was the outfit or makeup from the first day of school but she has to be one of the prettiest on campus, wayyyy out of my league.

I'll write more about her later. -Alex September 22nd 2016 I've been so caught up in classes and exploring my new city that I have forgotten to write! Luckily today was so amazing I can't help but write about it.

Today in my Spanish class our teacher assigned us to groups for a project. I got paired with Sophie! I'm getting way ahead of myself, let me start over.

I entered class and sat down at the far end of the circle formation made by the desk chairs. Everyone filed in and Sophie sat directly across from me.

I couldn't help but look at her and memorize everything. She was wearing brown sandals and a white and pink skirt that was a little above her knees.


It wasn't too tight, but it hugged her waist pretty good. Her legs were muscular but had a little bit of fat on them. She was wearing a purple blouse that looked somewhat loose, but her breasts were big enough to appear fairly vividly. She was wearing a necklace that was a circle and I think it had writing, but I couldn't tell. Her hair was brown and it ended at the tops of her breasts.

Her smile was tantalizing and her eyes were hazel. Halfway through the class, just before our groups were assigned she uncrossed her legs. She was sitting with her left leg over her right leg, but she decided to switch it up. I couldn't help but look, it was like a scene from a movie. I caught a glimpse of her panties. They looked a slightly different shade of pink than her skirt, and I couldn't tell the material, but I imagined lace in my mind.

I didn't get to see it for long, but it was amazing. Anyway I'm sorry I got carried away&hellip. She is going to be my partner! I asked her for her number so we could work together and she happily gave it to me. This should be fun.

September 25th 2016 I texted her saying we should meet up around 9:30 pm. I didn't know if it was too late, but we are in college so I figured it was a normal time. We met up in the common room to my dorm and we were the only ones there. She was wearing jean shorts and a tight v neck that was tied at the bottom right hand side so that I could see her belly button.

She sat down next to me with her notebook and said "Alright Alex let's get started. I've come up with some ideas on my laptop let me show you." She pulled out her laptop from her bag and put it on the coffee table. The lights were on in the room and the screen was hard to see, so she reached over me to turn off the lamp next to us. Her breasts were huge!

They were right in front of my face and I could smell her perfume strongly. It was some type of fruit smell and took a deep breath quietly to keep the scent in my nose. She leaned back away and smiled. She started showing me some slides on her computer bu--- this is boring you'll never believe what happened at the end of the night. She leant back over to turn the light back on and placed her hand on my leg! I got startled and moved a little and she slipped.

My face was directly in between her breasts and her hand had slipped to my very inner thigh. My instincts kicked in, I grabbed her waist. She looked down at me and took her other hand away from the light, leaving it off. She moved one of her legs around my body so that she was straddling me and pulled her hair to her left side. She let me keep my face in her breasts and said "I was hoping something like this would happen." A rush of adrenaline pumped through my body and I took one of my hands off her waist to her breasts.

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My hand wasn't big enough to grab the whole breast, but I squeezed nonetheless. I moved my head up and kissed her and she started to move back and forth. She no doubt could feel my throbbing hard cock against her stomach. She pulled off my shirt and started to kiss my neck. I took off hers and then I stood up. She came up with me and wrapped her legs around my waist.

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We were making out passionately and I pressed her up against a wall. She released her legs and quickly pulled my pants and briefs down.

I slid her out of her tight pants and she asked me to take off her thong with my mouth. I had never done this before but it didn't seem too difficult.

I put my hands around her thick ass and bit into her thong. I worked it down from side to side until it was on the floor. I started kissing her legs when I notice a tiny bit of liquid dripped form her pussy. It was soaked.

She slowly took off her bra and turned around. I pushed her up against the wall with my cock in between her legs. I slowly put myself inside her.


I felt her groan as my cock slide all the way inside her. I slowly went in and out, and she lightly fingered her clit as we fucked. Her other hand was squeezing her left breast, but I couldn't see much because I was behind her. I noticed she started to move at a faster rate, so I followed suite. She was getting close I could tell, and I was not too far off myself.

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She begged me to go harder so I pushed as hard as I could. Her ass was so soft and large, the noise our bodies made was almost like a clap. I pulled her hair back hard and her neck sprang up. She moaned my name and started to shake as her fluid shot all over my cock.

We kept fucking for a little longer, but she had had enough after a few more minutes. She looked at me and kissed me on the lips. She asked me to sit down on the couch so I did. She got on her knees and grabbed my cock with her right hand. She spit on the tip of my dick. As she pulled away I could see the spit falling down my cock while a thin stream of it was still attached to her lips.

She looked into my eyes and licked from the base to the tip. She place my cock in her mouth and starting doing slow bobs with a hand movement closer to my base. She kept eye contact the whole time. Her tits were moving up and down and were mesmerizing. She started to go deeper and deeper until her lips were touching the very base of my cock.

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She held it there for a while. She moved her head side to side driving me wild. She had clearly done this before. Spit was draining out of her wide open mouth and I was getting so close, my breaths were heavy. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and spit in between her large tits.

She slapped my penis between them and squeezed them together, fully engulfing my cock. She smiled and moved up and down very fast, knowing at any moment I would blow my load.

I felt a surge rush up my spine as I shot cum all over her huge tits and chin. She kept going for a bit longer before licking the cum off of her chin. She looked at me and smiled. She opened her mouth and plunged my cock down her throat once more. She held it for around 25 seconds and a contraction seized her upper body.


I could tell she was gagging but she didn't stop. She held for around 10 more seconds and gagged three more times before she pulled my cock out of her mouth, gasping for air.

She scooped some of the cum off her boob and opened her mouth saying "Mmm this is going to be one fun group project." as she sucked the cum off of her finger. I sat there stunned and she walked out the room, completely naked, down the hall to the bathroom.