Big Titty Sexy Milf Hardly Pounded

Big Titty Sexy Milf Hardly Pounded
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It was late morning when I got back from Hyannis and the heat and humidity had increased quite a bit. It was pushing close to ninety degrees by 12:30.

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I thanked my boss for treating me to a decent breakfast and told him it looks like I might be heading for the swimming hole that I was introduced on my first day here. It was almost a mile away but worth the walk on a hot and muggy day like today. I was getting undressed and slipping into my swimming trunks when I heard Carla at the back of my tent. "I saw you pull in with Bobby M.

and wanted to tell you that my family had just left to check out next week's locale. I told them it was getting hot and asked if I may go swimming instead of going with them." "Carla!

You must have been reading my thoughts. I'm just changing into my swimming trunks at this very minute. I just came back from Hyannis; the lot is at least twice the size of this place" It's only been a week since I left home for the summer and already most of my shyness around women has disappeared. There was no better time than now to see if I could get a little appetizer before tonight's card game.

"How would you like to come in and give me a hand?" I was completely bare assed, with my dick starting to swell to full hardness, thinking about Carla just inches away on the other side of the canvas tent.

I remembered how wonderful it felt with her last weekend; the feeling of the first time my cock enters a hot slippery tight pussy. It's something you will remember the rest of your life and wish there was always some available. Having that happen to me a few days ago, it was amazing that my dick wasn't hard all the time just from being the same neighborhood as Carla.

Before she even answered my request she had lifted the open seam of the tent and was half way in. One look at my turgid cock and her face lit up as she prepared to undo her bikini bra.

She let it drop to the ground as she wrapped her arms around crushing her massive boos against my naked torso. My cock slammed against her tummy as she pushed toward me. Apparently she wanted me as much as I wanted her. I was still a novice at this and not sure I understood a lot of what was going on. She broke her embrace and began removing her bottom piece as I fondled her beautiful DD breasts. In the semi daylight of the tent interior, I could get a clearer view of her large areolas and perky nipples.

My mouth went instinctively to one then the other; sucking and kissing and licking and slobbering over her tits. Her nipples stiffened and she moaned from the pleasurable feeling. I continued to suck and lick her chest; her whole body shivered as I ran my fingers down her back and lightly squeezed her butt cheeks.

This really got things moving. I reached down to her soft furry mound and continued to slip my fingers between her very wet lips. Her hair was trimmed much closer than last time I did this. She grasped my throbbing tool and gave it a few soft strokes and said with a deep throaty voice, just four words; "Bobby, fuck me now!" I quickly threw a blanket and a couple of pillows on the grassy floor of my tent.

Carla was one her back with her legs spread wide. Her swollen clit and sopping wet pussy was wide open for my pounding piece of solid flesh. But first, I wanted to taste her once again.

Knowing, from the other night, that she enjoyed getting eaten as much as her sister, I needed to taste her once more. I was sure she wouldn't object. I stopped to stare at Carla's pussy before sliding my hands slowly up her wide spread limbs. This was the first pussy I ever saw; it was dark on previous encounters and I never got to get a very good it look.

at her. She asked if something was wrong. I assured her that her pussy was absolutely beautiful. With that said she reached down with both hands and spread her lips wide so I could see everything. Her clit was just a small pink nub; her lips were very wet; and most importantly, her vagina opening was so small. I wondered how my cock was able to enter.

Carla saw me gawking She put two fingers to her hot moist slit and spread her slippery wetness up to her little nub. She rubbed herself with little circular motions as she spread her juices around. "You like what you see, Bobby?" "Oh, God yes, Carla. You are gorgeous!" I don't know what made me say that. Last week I would never even say that to a girl; not even if she still had all her clothes on. My shyness was rapidly deteriorating. I couldn't bear it any longer. She continued to hold her lip apart as I watched her clit become larger.

It looked like a tiny penis with its little foreskin-like hood. It had outgrown its thin covering and now protruded straight out. This picture was too much; a vision I would never forget. I lowered my mouth to her waiting cunt. First a soft kiss right on her clit and then my tongue went to work. Licking her slit up and down, tugging on her lips as I sucked them. My tongue returned to her now swollen clit; more kisses and gentle sucks as my tongue continued to deliver climactic punishment.

I flicked my tongue all over her clit until I found what she liked best and then continued with her heavenly torture. My cock was so hard it hurt. I shuffled a little toward my side to keep my boner from digging a hole into the ground through the blanket.

As I did, I felt a gush of precum drool all over my thigh. Carla's hip lifted as she tried to thrust her clit into my mouth. She began pushing down with her fingers just above her pubic bone; it almost looked like she was pumping more sexual energy into her clitoral roots. Whatever she was doing, it seemed to make her cum violently. I slid two fingers into her tight little hole.

She stretched easily to accommodate my two meager fingers. I was going to make this an episode Carla would remember for the rest of her life. I incessantly sucked and licked. The pleasure I got from seeing and feeling her excitement caused my cock to throb harder and faster. She screamed aloud her moment of orgasmic bliss. She was breathing hard and fast with her throaty hoarse sounds of someone who was having a major release. I thought for sure someone outside the tent would hear.

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Carla's orgasm built up fast and she came hard. I could feel her vagina contracted hard on my fingers. I remove them while her orgasm was subsiding and raised my head for a deep breath of fresh air. Still kneeling between her long, smooth, bronze colored thighs, Carla firmly gripped my pulsing boner and with her thumb she spread the pre-cum leaking from my tip all around causing extreme pleasure to shoot through my groin. She slowly jerked my throbbing dick a few times before sliding its head between her hot sweet pussy lips.

The sensation was unbelievable and so exciting I almost came all over the outside of her cunt. Up and down several times between her hot and slippery cunt lips before aligning its head to her flaming wet hole was torture.

I could feel more pre-cum being milked from my cock as Carla tugged me toward her vagina. I leaned forward and the head of my rock hard boner easily stretched her tight pussy. Inch by inch I slowly sank myself into her hot slippery depths. Carla was so hot and slippery. I wanted this to last forever. Ever so slowly I withdrew my thick cock and returned it to its starting point; deep inside Carla's body. She moaned with every stroke going and coming out. Her big brown eyes locked onto mine as her full lips parted as if to say something.

My lips met hers and sent bolts of electricity to my groin. A few kisses on her moist full lips and then several sucks and licks on her massive tits really got her pumping into my woody.

I lay on top of her propped up on my elbows and I sucked her nipples relentlessly.


It became obvious that she really loved her solid mounds of flesh massaged and sucked on. I hardly moved my lower half as she rocked her hips up and down. As she did this I could feel every ripple of her tight pussy massaging my firm shaft.

It was becoming harder and harder not to move; it felt so nice. I began my own pumping; slow and even; almost all the way out and then as deep as I could go. Carla was becoming verbal as she blurted out, "Fuck me harder!" I thought someone for sure must have heard her. I lowered my lips to her mouth once again and thrust my rigid tool harder into her.

She tried to scream something, but my lips planted over hers muffled her voice. I removed my lip lock and slammed faster into her. I pumped harder and deeper burying my solid slab of beef into her. Her back started arching almost breaking my dick off as she muffled a scream of ecstasy into my shoulder and her orgasms slammed through my cock. Her legs came up and wrapped around mine. She lay there shuddering while her pussy contracted and released along the length of cock.

It felt so fucking good; I wanted the feeling to last forever. Her orgasm lasted almost four minutes.

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I was continually self conscious and aware that this was the middle of the day and someone must have heard us.

Dreading the possibility of being caught continued to hound my thoughts. Getting caught was a death sentence. I think that is what possibly kept me from cumming too soon.

I tried to keep as quiet as possibly. Some one was always walking around the grounds. It then occurred to me. It was only a few hours earlier this same day that her sister came to me and sucked my balls dry.

This thought and Carla's cunt squeezing and releasing my shaft made my dick swell further. Carla's orgasm started to subside and her legs had released mine.

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It seemed almost impossible that I had not cum yet. I was getting tired and my dick felt as if it was bruised from Carla's last orgasm. I planted my lips to hers and gave her a soft kiss.

She sensed my body getting tired and told me to pull out for a second. As I did, she rolled over and got up on all fours. Now I could see what I was missing. In the soft light of the tent there was Carla. Her wide ass pointed at me; her knees spread wider. Her dripping gash, still pulsing, was inches away from my still oozing cock.

The view was even more electrifying than from the front. What a sight as I watched my thick meat slip between her hot wet lips and back to the depths of her cavern. As before, I slowly started to pump her again.

It was my turn now, I thought. My dick was still rock solid and ready to burst with each slow deep stroke. I could feel myself going even deeper than before. My balls were slapping against her clit with each deep thrust. It was even more exciting to watch my cock disappear into this warm sucking hole. As I pulled almost all the way out, I could see some of her vaginal flesh clinging to my thick pole and being out with me.

Carla said, "Bobby, it's starting to feel real good again!" I kept up the slow steady pounding with my swollen member, stretching and ironing out every little wrinkle inside her cunt. Her pussy seemed more relaxed and slipperier. Her juices were flowing steadily as the heat and slipperiness began to take it toll on my almost virgin cock.

The sound of her rapid breathing told me she was about to cum again. I felt her hips slowly backing into me as I lunged forward. I grasped both her hips and increased my rhythm. She also rocked back and forth harder and faster.


Her third orgasm was beginning. Her ass slammed against me to take all of me as her hot seething cunt began contracting around my throbbing cock. My poor dick couldn't take any more if this sexual pleasure. Impaled on that final thrust, her whole body started shaking.

I remained motionless for a few seconds to feel the crushing grip her pussy had on my tool. It was too much; I couldn't just kneel there motionless any longer, and had to renew my relentless plugging; harder and faster, as deep as possible into her over excited love canal.

With her knees tensed wide apart, I could feel my balls spanking her clitoris.

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A few more major deep plunges crushing my sac against her clit and pounding her cervix with the head of my cock had done its job on my internal organs. My dick couldn't take any more of this blissful punishment. My whole body tensed as never before; one last plunge into her pulsing pussy, and the most violent eruption of cum I ever felt began streaming deep into Carla's steaming love tunnel. She felt my hot blast of cum too, as it slammed her depths.

With an acknowledging, oooh, Carla began milking my cock with her tight contracting vagina until my dick was no longer a working weapon. I hated to pull out, it felt so nice; but like all good things, they must come to an end.

"Bobby, I never thought it was possibly to have so many orgasms together like that. You are the best thing that ever came into my life." I had to tell her the same, "Carla, you are also the best I ever had, too." I wasn't lying; she was the only one even though she thought I was more experienced being a guy and a little older than her.

I don't know what would have happened if I told her I was only fifteen. I finally pulled out and remained between her long legs. I couldn't help it, but I had to continue giving her beautiful ass some soft loving massage strokes. I just came, but I still wanted more. We eventually got up all sweaty and dried off with our beach towels, got dressed for the swimming hole once more and slipped out the back of my tent.

The grounds were fortunately uninhabited this afternoon and we got away with our little love tryst. The water was quite refreshing as we splashed around for an hour or so. We talked about carnie life and next week in Hyannis.

As we walked back to the camp site Carla mentioned that the card game was still on for tonight if I was interested. I could hardly wait! It was a long Friday night; and a welcoming breeze cooled things off to a comfortable level.

Carla and Corrine closed up before me and came over to see if I was still coming. There was no way I was going to pass this deal up. "I'll be over as soon as I close up and cash in with Bobby M.; probably in half hour give or take." I watched their succulent tight asses as they strode off to their trailer.

My tongue softly licked my lips as recent memories poured through my mind. Just as the girls left, Bobby M. came toward me.

This would speed things up I thought. I wouldn't have to go look for him. While collecting a small advance pay for this week, my boss asked if there was something going on between me and Joe's girls.

I assured him that nothing is going on; he then said that was good, because Joe is very protective of his family. "I've already heard that from several people. I don't need any reminders.

He seems to like me and always seems friendly enough." "Just be careful, Bobby. Good night."