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Hard defloration of indian virgin
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A DAY IN OCTOBER By Greg "Turn in here," barked Chuck. Manuel braked hard and swung onto the gravel drive, just missing the rural mailbox.

Jim Stevens had just finished his morning chores in the barn and was headed to the house for lunch. The sound of tires sliding on the gravel caused Jim to turn towards the main road. "Down in back," barked Chuck. Tito and Andy in the rear seat, ducked forward, and out of view. "Slowly," Chuck ordered Manuel, "Let's check this out " "Your Damn your tattoo," Chuck muttered.

Manuel's past had caused trouble before and this would require careful thinking to avoid more problems. The clerk back at the fuel stop had taken a second look at Manuel as she handed him his change.

The look on her face when she saw the tattoo on his forearm went unnoticed by Manuel as he pocketed the money and turned towards the door. Chuck was over at the beer cooler watching, as the cashier motioned to her co-worker. As Manuel left, the two clerks darted over to a board by the doorframe. "Damn," muttered Chuck. He knew the authorities had been looking for Manuel over that immigration deal. The clerk was jabbing her finger at one of the sheets.

Chuck pretended not to notice and calmly carried his beer purchase to the counter. Not having seen them come in together, the one clerk quickly came back over and rang up his beer.

She then hurried back over to her co-worker's side. The other girl was already dialing the phone. "Let's roll NOW," ordered Chuck, as he got into the front seat. "We've been made." Quickly the car got back on the Interstate and started heading east. The four had had no trouble until now and Chuck wanted to keep it that way. Chuck was the guy in charge. The organization had depended on his coolness under pressure. He was in his early forties, and had spent most of his life skirting the law.

Other than some minor scrapes, mostly for fights and assault, he had avoided major trouble. Chuck was a big man with massive arms. Most trouble, he squelched by simple physical intimidation. Manuel, the driver was unstoppable behind the wheel of a car.

His life revolved around cars and motorcycles. Originally from some nameless town in central Mexico, he had been well known by the border police. He was into smuggling as far back as he could remember, mostly for stolen auto parts. He stayed on the north side of the border finally, in part because he had been turned away or disowned by most of his family. Tito and Andy were punks. Chuck didn't like the extra help, but it wasn't his decision.

They had been sent along due to somebody's paranoia. Both in their mid- twenties, they lacked the experience to handle things. Tito was somewhat edgy, but Andy was a "lit fuse". He thought of himself as a "Rambo-type", with looks. He was all mouth as far as Chuck was concerned.

"Drive," shouted Chuck, "We've got to get some distance between that station and us." "Once they get word out, they'll be waiting up ahead," said Andy starting to panic. "No shit," barked Chuck. Chuck fumbled with a map from the glovebox. "No towns two exits ahead, Manuel," said Chuck, "We need a secluded place to lay low for a while, Get off there.'' The farm had been in the Stevens family for four generations.

Jim's family purchased the 812 acres shortly after the Civil War. It had prospered due to a strong work ethic in Jim's family. Being 6 miles from the interstate made for few visitors. This is why Jim cast a wary eye towards the vehicle as it slowly made its way towards him. "Good barn for ditching the car," muttered Manuel. "Right, but watch for signs of any hired help," warned Chuck.

Jim studied the car, seeing only two occupants in the front seat. He noticed the slant of the vehicle, as if it loaded too heavy in the trunk. Could be salesmen, he thought. "Darn city folk," Jim mused, "shouldn't overload a vehicle like that." He slapped his work- gloves against his leg to shed the dust. Jim's right hand went up instinctively, "Hey, You all lost or something?" he inquired, as the car came to a halt along side him.

"Naw," Manuel said, as he reached for the gun under the seat. Just as Jim's hands came to rest on the doorframe, he caught a movement in the rear seat, startled, he started to back away. That's when he saw the barrel of the gun pointed at his chest. "Don't move," snarled Manuel. The rear door opened and Andy was along side the stunned farmer in a second. A knife to his side, Jim froze.

The front passenger side door opened, and Chuck calmly walked around the front of the vehicle. Chuck was cool as he approached Jim. He even extended his hand in a mock attempt to shake hands-just in case someone was watching.

"Anyone up at the house?" Chuck inquired. "Ah err, No, just me and the wife," stammered Jim. "Good, lets us take a slow walk up there," Chuck ordered.

Chuck opened his jacket slightly to reveal his 9mm. Chuck always carried protection when he was "On Business". Transporting heroin from Colorado into Chicago was not one of his favorite runs. KC, St. Louis and Joliet weren't good places to drive through. He could not risk the possibility of a car-jacking, or even a simple theft. His bosses might suspect him of "Staging it," and keeping the dope for himself. If this happened, he was as good as dead. Jim was looking towards the house, hoping for some sign that Becky had also seen the car pull in.

His heart sank when he realized that she would probably be in the kitchen. With Andy's knife at his left, and Chuck calmly walking to his right, the trio approached the porch. The steps were wide enough for all three to walk up side-to side. Becky must have heard the multiple footsteps, and was approaching the inside door. Jim reached for the screen door quickly, trying to prevent her from coming out. Andy pressed the knife to his side as a reminder. "Jim, Who? What are?" was all Becky managed to get out before Chuck upholstered his gun.

"Out," he ordered, waving the gun in her direction. Becky nervously complied, and stood next to Jim. "Who are they?" "What do they want?" she almost demanded from Jim. "Check it out, Andy," Chuck ordered. Andy quickly disappeared inside. "Nice place you got here folks, real secluded huh," Chuck smirked. "Why are they here?" Becky continued to grill Jim. "Clear," came the reply moments later. "IN," ordered Chuck, again motioning with the gun.

Inside the old farmhouse things looked the way one would suppose. A large front room opened through an archway into a long dinning room. The kitchen was off to the side and the bedrooms upstairs.

The dinning room on special occasions could hold most all of Jim and Becky's relatives. Looking back as the front door closed, Jim noticed the car was gone, and the barn door being drawn closed by the other two men.

"Over there," barked Chuck. Jim and Becky stumbled to the large couch in the center of the room and sat down. "Please, take anything you want," pleaded Becky. "We are not rich people." "Please, Why are you doing this?" Becky was babbling-on now, or maybe just trying to calm her self somehow. Shortly, Tito and Manuel burst through the door and began surveying the room.

Chuck, who was still standing in front of the frightened couple yelled at them, "Find some rope." Becky begged, "Please No, Why? We won't do anything." "Quiet," shouted Chuck, "All we need is a place to lay low for a while. We'll leave you then, if you cause no problems." Becky quieted down some. She grabbed for Jim's hand, and clung with a shaking grip to him.

Jim had been watching Andy meanwhile; he didn't like the way he was looking at Becky. After a few minutes, the rear kitchen door slammed. Tito and Manuel walked in carrying several lengths of rope cut from the clotheslines out back. "Tie him over there," said Chuck, pointing the gun towards one of the dinning room chairs. The chairs were heavy antique oak style. The sturdy chairs had been in the family a long time.

Jim's great-grandfather was rumored to have made them from parts of the wagon that had carried the family west to Missouri. Manuel grabbed Jim by the shoulder, pulling him in the direction of one of the chairs.

"NO" wailed Becky as her hands were jerked away from her husband's arm. Jim started to resist, but Chuck quickly raised the gun to Becky's head. Jim resistance quelled, he slumped down in the first chair. Manuel quickly began lashing him to it. His hands were drawn around the back, and bound tightly. Manuel grabbed each leg and lashed each ankle to a leg of the chair. Jim felt helpless as this was being done, but what could he do?

Chuck was still standing over Becky on the couch. One move and she would be shot. As Manuel was finishing the knots, Jim noticed his dark leathery skin, and rough hands.

Jim guessed that he had probably worked around farms before. His skillful rope handling suggested maybe even some livestock experience. The truth be told, Manuel had learned early on how to lash down a load of "hot parts" quickly. Jim's back was to the living room now, and he had to twist to see over one shoulder and keep Becky in view.

"Now her," ordered Chuck "Wait," interrupted Andy. Jim heard Andy race through the kitchen, and head out the back door. Moments later he returned carrying a fence post across one shoulder. Jim had just purchased some at the farm supply. Becky had been on to him about fencing in the vegetable garden before next spring. Darn rabbits had eaten everything this year. He had left several piled by the rear porch only this morning. Seeing the man carrying one into the house struck him as odd.

Becky would have surely chewed Jim out for such a thing. Jim was expecting Becky to be brought over to one of the other chairs, but this was not happening.

Straining his neck to see what was going on, Jim heard Becky scream and then she began struggling with the men as they tried to force her to the floor. Chuck had her arm and was twisting in an effort to force her to the floor. Manuel was trying to loop a rope strand around her free arm. The fence post was lying flat on the area rug, and they seemed to be trying to tie Becky down to it somehow. She struggled for all she was worth.

It took two of the men to hold her. "JIM HELP" she screamed. "NO, GOD NO" she wailed. Becky fought and kicked wildly at first. Finally however, with a man kneeling on each arm, she was eventually subdued. She still kicked about as best she could, pleading and begging for Jim's help. Jim cursed angrily at the thugs. He leaned and pulled hard against the ropes until his hands went numb. He felt stupid for not having made a move when there was just the two of them in the house.

Finally things calmed down some, only because Becky had spent herself on fighting them, and was now trying to catch her breath. Jim began rocking the chair in an effort to get his wife in full view. What he could glimpse caused his heart to race. Becky had been laid out on her back with the post under her shoulders. Her outstretched arms were tied at each end. Manuel was now tying second rope around her upper arms holding the post tightly against her back.

Becky was splayed out in such a way that she was helpless to get up. Her lower body and legs were free, but the length of the post and the way she was tied, kept her from rolling over. She was like a turtle that had flipped over on its shell. Jim also noticed that the position of the post caused her chest to be thrust upward. Her shoulders now were rolled back causing her breasts to heave with each labored breath. This hadn't gone unnoticed by Andy. Jim knew they were in serious trouble now.

Becky had already seen her 40th birthday, but was still in great shape. Jim kidded her that she came from "Good Stock", as if she were some farm animal.

Her coal black hair hadn't shown any gray yet. Jim liked her hair longer, but she always got it cut short over the hot months. She would let it grow long over the winter. Being late October it was almost touching her shoulders. Her body would turn any man's head, he often thought to himself when they were out together. Becky's position on the floor had her head arched back uncomfortably. She was only able to give Jim a desperate "Do something" look. "Look at that body,"Andy said Jim had been worried about him.

He was definitely the youngest of the four men, and likely a "hot head". Jim had hoped Chuck was more stable. He didn't like the direction the conversation was going. When Jim saw Andy cutting the phone cord from the wall phone, he began to get a knot in his stomach. He was trying to maintain some control of himself. This seemed like some awful nightmare. Jim wished it were.

Maybe he'd just wake-up. Andy knelt down on the floor next to Becky. "Boss; these tits are really talking to me," he said. He began to place his hands on top of the soft rolling mounds. "NO!" screamed Becky. Twisting, she tried to throw his hands off.

This motion only caused her housedress to ride up, exposing more of her shapely legs. Jim clenched his fists, jerking against the ropes. "Man will you look at that; She really wants you," joked Tito. "JIM, PLEASE HELP ME," she cried "Stop, PLEASE PLEASE, NO" "What ya say boss?" asked Andy, his voice filling with lust. "We do have a lot of time to kill," Chuck mumbled impassively." "NO!" stammered Jim, "YOU PROMISED!

YOU BASTARDS" "Shut him up," ordered Chuck. Manuel jumped up. Coming over, he grabbed one of the cloth napkins off the table in front of Jim and tried to forcefully stuff it into his mouth.

Jim shook his head wildly trying to avoid the gag. Finally, Manuel slammed a fist against Jim's right cheek. Jim was dazed momentarily, and Manuel was able to jam the rag into Jims's mouth. Taking a length of rope, Manuel swiftly tied a loop around his head, holding the gag in place.

Manuel straightened out the chair, slamming Jim's chest against the heavy dinning table. Jim was still seeing stars, and his vision still blurred from the punch. Jim heard ripping sounds as Becky's cotton housedress was being torn from her body. Her screams filled the house. Manuel raced back to the table for another napkin. After a short struggle Becky was likewise gagged and now Jim only heard muffled cries from her direction. "Look at that, " Andy said hoarsely. "Damm what a body," someone else agreed.

"Shit, Me first," announced Andy. Jim heard rustling sounds. He weakly began thrashing and rocking the chair back and forth in a desperate attempt to stop what was happening. "Hey look, hubby wanted to watch," laughed Chuck.

Jim heard footsteps coming in his direction. He braced for another blow, but suddenly the chair lurched around. He was being steered across the hardwood floor from behind. The chair screeched along, and skidded to a stop in the archway. Jim gasped. His vision was clearing now. Becky lay nude on the floor. Stretched out on her back, her breasts jutted upward. Her dark nipples had hardened in the cool air, and stood erect. Her shredded housedress and underwear lay in pieces along side her.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks. Her eyes wild with terror. Her mouth though gagged, was moving, croaking and yawing for help. Her fingers were flexing wildly, clawing vainly at the knots at her wrists. Andy was facing Jim, opposite of Becky. His shirt was open, and he had his jeans down.

Andy was kneeling down between her legs. Becky drew up her knees, and clenched them tightly together. She was squirming about trying to repel him. Andy's dick had already stiffened. His boner was poking straight out, and it bounced around as he struggled with her.

Andy was not to be denied. He grabbed a hold of one leg, then forced the other hand in between to spread her open. He then slid between and pressed himself up against her crotch. Her hip movements now only served to drag her cunt against his stiff prick. "Make this good for me baby," he growled, his voice cracking with anticipation. Becky started to try to kick herself backward across the rug towards Jim, to avoid the attack.

Tito, who had been seated on the recliner laughing, reached out and stepped on the post. This stopped her slide. "Thanks partner," laughed Andy. Grabbing Becky at the waist, he raised her hips to his, and started stabbing his cock at her. Becky countered this by tightening up her stomach muscles in an attempt to keep him out.

Becky's head whipped side to side. Andy kept adjusting his hips and finally found the right angle. With his stiff cock pressed against her slit, slowly it began to yield. Once his cockhead had started in, her struggling only served to work his prick in deeper.

Becky's face contorted in pain as the cock skewered its way into her dry cunt. A painful moan erupted from her throat just as he bottomed out. Once inside, he instantly began a rapid, violent thrusting. Jim, only several feet away now, was horror struck. With her arms pinned straight out, raising her hips had caused her flat stomach to stretch taught. Jim could actually see the outline of the man's prick thrusting inside his wife's belly.

It reminded him of a mole tunneling through soft sod. Becky's head flopped violently with each thrust. She looked back up at her husband, eyes pleading for some rescue from this torture.

Jim could only mumble inaudible threats, and strain at the ropes that held him. Andy savagely pummeled at the woman's organ, repeatedly slamming her hips against his. Several times he withdrew his prick, for Jim to see. It had a shine on it now from Becky's juices. Andy mocked Jim with taunts, and exaggerated groans as he slowly drove it back in.

Having her helpless husband forced to watch seemed to add to his enjoyment of the rape. Andy would slam his hips against her and hold. Becky hung, impaled on his cock. With his hands now free he'd grab and squeeze at the poor woman's breasts until they bulged red. Laughing, he would jiggle them for Jim to see. Leaning over he bit at her nipples and stretched them out.

Looking up grinning, he would let them snap back, causing Becky's body to jolt against his cock.

Andy soon settled into a deliberate pace. He was working towards his climax now. He'd redoubled his grip on her waist. Becky's continuing struggle to force him out was now futile. Andy's head was down now, and he became quiet and deliberate in his thrusts. Suddenly, Andy's head snapped rigid, and he let out a loud groan, his face grimaced as his load began blasting into her cunt. His knuckles whitened as his grip on her waist "locked".

Shaking at her hips violently, his balls drained. Becky's muffled screams filled Jim's ears. Wave after wave of the orgasm rippled through Andy's body. He was like some machine in overload. His hips slammed against Becky so hard he bounced her pelvis upward with each lunge. The post under her shoulders thumped rhythmically against the floor as her legs jerked about spastically.

The other men had been cheering him on suddenly grew quiet. They were stunned at the intensity of Andy's orgasm. Finally he slowed down. His grip loosened, and at last his dick slid out. Andy jerked his hips back, and flipped his limp cock onto Becky's furry patch.

It was still oozing cum as it lay on her. Andy wanted Jim to see the cock that had just violated his wife. A thick glob of cum matted in her pubic hair. Tito had been seated on the recliner watching Becky's rape and he now stood to announce "NEXT". Kneeling down he took his place at her. He was practically slobbering as he slapped his cock against her crotch. Becky still resisted, but the lubrication of the first mans load in her, allowed for an easy first thrust.

Manuel had been busy upstairs, ransacking bedrooms. He walked in the room carrying several articles. Across his shoulder was slung the video camera case. He had Becky's jewelry box and an old pistol Jim kept in his nightstand. "Hey amigos, They got kids," he laughed, holding up a portrait. "Huh" Jim head snapped to attention. He began searching for the clock. He had completely forgotten about Cheryl and Robby at school. His pulse quickened as he realized they would both be home soon.

Chuck looked concerned for a moment, and moved towards the front window. Looking toward the road he yelled at Tito.

"Stop fucking the bitch for a minute, and get that rag out of her mouth." "Aw boss," Tito wined. "Now!" ordered Chuck. Tito paused his thrusts momentarily, but kept his cock inside her.

As soon as her mouth was clear Becky started to scream. This was met with a sharp slap across her face. "When does the school bus come?" snapped Chuck. Becky's face was red from Tito's first slap when a second one hit her. Jim shook his head in a silent "NO," but Becky was facing away.

Tito hit her a third time sending a wave thru her body. "TWO THIRTY," she finally blurted. "Ahh, maybe too soon," laughed Tito looking at his watch. "I might not have time to finish." "Tito, check this out," said Manuel. He came up along side Tito still holding Becky pinned to the floor.

Manuel was holding a picture he taken from one of the bedrooms. Tito had resumed his attack on Becky, but stopped in midstroke when Manuel placed the framed portrait on Becky's flat stomach. "Whoa," cried Tito, as he gave an exaggerated thrust. It was Becky's daughter, Cheryl. She was posed in a cheerleader outfit. Her legs were spread in a cheerleader fashion revealing a tight young body. The cotton sweater she wore obscured her breasts, but there was no doubt that she took after her mom.

Tito pressed the cold frame against Becky's' abdomen, and resumed his thrusting; all the while staring at the picture and making lewd remarks about the young girl's body. "PLEASE NOT MY BABY," Becky prayed to herself. She thought that if he finished quickly, he might leave her daughter alone. Leaning forward, Tito pressed the frame down onto Becky's lower abdomen.

He seemed to be trying to feel the movement of his own cock inside her, or maybe just trying to add friction against it. "Agggh," Cried Tito, shortly. "Yes, Yes, Agggh." His jaws tightened as he began coming in her. He was still groaning and pumping but, managed to pull his prick out.

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His prick was bright red and it was still spurting out jets of cum. Sticky strands of it caught on her bush and formed thin webs back to his cock. Tito squeezed at the base of his cock with his fist, trapping the blood inside. His cock was rock hard yet and he "batted" it against her dripping pussy slinging cum all over. Droplets splattered the glass covering her daughter's portrait. Tito was still abusing Becky, when Chuck now near the front window, announced that a school bus was slowing down.

The bus paused for just a few seconds as its passengers got off. With a burst of exhaust, and a wave from the driver the bus was off again. Becky's gag was retied when she started screaming. She was in shear panic now, for her kids. Jim began banging his chair in an insane effort to free himself. "Get him," ordered Chuck.

Andy grabbed a metal candlestick from a side table and viciously slammed it against Jim's skull, knocking him senseless. "Shit, only one pussy, and four of us," complained Chuck, as they watched the pair amble up the gravel drive. Cheryl was a looker all right.


Her ponytail bobbed, and tossed as she strode carelessly. She had a trim athletic build, and a girlish skip to her gait. Her brother Robby, was the spitting image of his father. Soon, their footsteps sounded across the front porch.

Chuck and Manuel positioned themselves along side the door. As the door burst open, the conversation the two were engaged in stopped in mid-word. Both children stood starring at their mother, still spread out on the floor. The post tied against her shoulders made her look almost comical.

The boy's eyes instinctively riveted on his mother's nude pubic area. A pool of cum had leaked out on the rug and was leaving a dark circle. Becky was trying to signal her children by twisting her hips. Cheryl's hand came up to her mouth as she gasped. At first, she thought they had interrupted some sick "sex game" her parents were playing.

Then, suddenly Chuck's huge hand dropped across her shoulder. Manuel had grabbed Robby also by the waist, and lifted him off the floor. Both were carried to the couch as they struggled. Cheryl was screaming loudly, and kept trying to reach for her mother.

"We're just having a little party," joked Chuck, "Your Mom and Dad was just showing us a good time." The terrified kids were dumped on the couch as the four thugs circled them like vultures. Robby couldn't keep his eyes off his mother. Her breasts had reddened, and her nipples engorged from the abuse she had taken. "Like some of that kid?" laughed Tito. "It's really good." Robby eyes dropped.

He was afraid to even look up at the men. Cheyl was sobbing now, and rocking herself on the edge of the couch. "Oh God, Oh My God, No" she kept chanting. Jim had started coming around, and was weakly tugging against the ropes again. Chuck was standing in front of Cheryl. He reached out to stroke her hair. Cheryl immediately began wailing louder.

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"Manuel you were right, she is a hottie," joked Chuck. He ran his hand through the girl's dark hair pulling her head against his fat stomach.

"I'm glad I didn't waste myself on your mom," he laughed. Robby's gaze had again returned to the sight of his mother on the floor. Chuck took notice. "Ya like to try some of that boy?" he laughed. "Hey Andy," yelled Chuck, "Git that camera working, we're going to make some home movies." "Right on," Andy responded.

The recorder was a small hand held type. It still held the tape from the family's summer trip to Virginia. Andy punched the rewind, and held the camera up, listening for the tape to finish. "We are going to make a little action film," he joked. "I'm going to title it "Farm Family Fun, Part 1." Chuck, was standing next to the kids. He grabbed Robby, and jerked him up out of the seat.

"Git your clothes off boy," he demanded. Robby stood there motionless for a few seconds, until a punch from Tito doubled him over. Falling to the floor Robby gasped for air as he recovered from the sucker punch. Slowly he began disrobing, all the while fearing another blow from one of the men.

His sister averted her eyes, until Chuck's crude comment about the boy's penis size caused her to steal a glance. "You too, Sweet thing," Chuck yelled at Cheryl. Cheryl was still in some kind of denial that this was even happening. She seemed oblivious to Chuck' order. After a couple of seconds waiting, Chuck reached down and grabbed a clump of Cheryl's hair and twisted it back. She began to wail hysterically. Tito walked over to Becky still panting on the floor, and placed a foot right in the center of her chest.

Pressing down Becky immediately began flailing about trying to get air. The post across her back forced out any air in her lungs. "Stop," screamed Cheryl.

"Stop, Please, Stop." Cheryl finally submitted, and began to slowly fumble with her shirt buttons. Chuck's eyes never drifted from her during her slow strip. Cheryl removed her blouse and jeans but balked at removing her bra and panties, and sat back down on the couch. "Get over here boy," said Chuck as he grabbed Robby by the shoulder.

He steered him to a spot above Becky's head and yelled, "KNEEL!" "Let's see what your mama can do." Tito began removing the gag from her mouth. Becky was completely hysterical at this point. "Not my babies, Please not with my babies", she pleaded.

"IN BOY!" Chuck grabbed a shock of Robby's hair and pushed him to the floor. He lined up Robby with Becky's head and shouted at him. "Go for it boy," yelled Andy, holding the camera out in front of him.

"Action; I want Action," he cheered. Becky was shaking her head back and forth keep them from bringing her son into this.

Tito's foot back again on her chest immobilized her. Her mouth was open as she sucked for air. "Stuff that bitch shut," Roared Chuck. Robby's limp dick dangled over his mother's forehead. With a push from Chuck, his dick was shoved above Becky's lips.

Becky could feel Tito kicking at Robby's back until she opened and accepted Robby's limp member. Robby looked back over to his dad, as if to apologize, then quickly looked away. Tito stood at Robby's back kicking him if he withdrew.

Manuel stood over Becky and rubbed his crotch. "I'm ready for some of this here," he said. He dropped his trousers, and began masturbating his cock. Cheryl was still seated on the couch. She looked on in terror. Her left arm was raised up across her mouth, shielding her face. She was almost biting on the back of her hand as tears streamed down her cheeks. Manuel's cock wasn't extremely long, but it was as thick as a man's wrist.

Becky was breathing hard through her nose. Robby's dick filled her mouth. She was desperately trying to avoid Manuel as he positioned himself between her legs. Andy focused the camera down on Becky's body.

He was waiting to film Manuel's struggle to force his fat prick in. With only a little pressure her pussy lips slid open. Manuel's penetration was only possible because of the two previous attacks. Semen still inside Becky, lubricated the head of Manuel's cock.

Eventually he was able to work his prick in. Jim sat transfixed at the spectacle of Manuel's thick cock pumping his wife's pussy. Her saturated cunt was actually forcing out some of the semen left from the first two men. The excess cum was forming a bubbly ring around the base of Manuel's prick as he humped her.

Jim's tortured mind slipped back to a time when he was just a lad. He remembered watching as his Grandmother was making butter from milk fat. The seal on the handle of the old churn was worn allowing a frothy ring of partially thickened cream to form at he base of the shaft. Jim remembered drawing his finger around the shaft, and tasting fresh butter as Grandmother pumped at the handle. Becky's oozing pussy reminded him of that memory, in a weird sort of way. Cheryl's screams snapped Jim back to reality.

Chuck had grabbed her by the hair, and tossed her to the floor. The big man was standing over her. He had opened his pants and was squeezing at the base of his cock, causing his long prick to wave back and forth. Cheryl had turned around, and was attempting to crawl away. "Daddy, Daddy please stop him," she screamed.

Jim started banging the chair, and grunting. He was trying to attract any attention, which might stop the carnage. This noise must have been distracting to Andy's movie making efforts. Finally, Andy "paused" the camera. Heading straight for Jim, and unfolded his knife. "NO PLEASE, DON'T," cried Cheryl. Andy stopped in front of Jim as if unsure, then slowly hooked the knife under Jim's leather belt.

With a snap of his wrist he cut it in two. Jim braced for the end. Andy jammed the knife into the crotch of his denim jeans, catching a seam. With an outward pull, Andy was able to rip the crotch wide open. Only Jim's boxers covered him now.


Andy hooked the knife right into the fly of Jim's boxers, and jerked it upward-cutting the waistband. Jim was revealed to everyone. "Damm she's tight," laughed Chuck. Andy turned, and realized that he was missing valuable footage. "Hold on," he yelled to Chuck. Grabbing the camera again he focused back in on Cheryl. Chuck had ripped her little bra off. What was left of her panties, was wrapped around one knee. She was down on all fours. Chuck was behind her, spreading the cheeks of her ass apart with his thumbs.

Jabbing at her with his fingers, he was crudely poking her trying to loosen her virgin ass. Finally, after spitting at her butt. Chuck leaned forward mashing the tip of his prick against her butt-hole. Cheryl was bawling like a lost lamb, and trying to pull away. "Ahhhhhhh, she screamed, "Daddy, please make him stop." Chuck held onto her by the hips, following her across the rug.

Andy shadowed them with the camera "zooming in," to get the details. Somewhere during her crawl, her ass had yielded. Chuck had succeeded in driving his rod partially in. Each violent thrust from Chuck, now lifted the poor girl's knees completely off the floor. Cheryl's legs would pedal uselessly, trying to wiggle off the imbedded cock.

Her firm young breasts shook each time she landed. Chuck would then hunch over her back, driving her down. He kept grabbing and pulling on her titties. Slobber drooled from his mouth leaving a wet shine in the middle of Cheryl's shoulder blades. "NO, NO, Please take it out, PLEASE Stop." She begged.

Jim's ears stung with the helpless screams of his only daughter. To be introduced to sex in such a horrible way he thought. "Her small frame can't handle that mans size," "Having such a brute of a man splitting her like that". "He had to be tearing up her insides!" "Uh Uh Uh Uh," Cheryl's voice repeated in sharp yelps that echoed throughout the room.

Chuck's powerful thrusts were driving the air out of her. Her squalling had now been replaced with Chuck's louder groans of pleasure. Cheryl began panting like a dog, trying to bear the pain of the violent assault by taking only short breaths. Cheryl's smooth white skin contrasted against Chuck's dark hairy figure.

His huge dong was now buried deep up inside her. Chuck released his grip on her waist. Holding her steady with one hand pressed down on the small of her back with the other.

This caused her ass to flare back towards him. He allowed the young girl enough space so that it looked as though his huge dong was actually restraining her. The bulging shaft arched the gap between them then disappeared into her creamy white cheeks. Chuck leaned back, planting both hands on his hips. He started swinging his hips side to side. This caused Cheryl's supple body to follow suit. The motion of Chuck's dick was jerking her ass about.

"Ride that bitch," roared Andy. "Giddy-Up Girl," mocked Chuck, wheeling a free hand in the air, "rodeo style". Chuck tried getting to get to his feet with the young girl still attached. The thick bulb of his cock was wedged so tight in her that, her body weight drug him back down. Jim heard his wife's urgent grunts. He looked down, and saw the terror in her eyes. Robby's juvenile pecker was still firmly planted in her mouth, his thighs framing his mother's face. Although she couldn't see Cheryl, Becky was aware of the assault going on with her daughter.

Even with Robby's dick stuffed in her mouth, she was trying to plead with the men to leave her daughter alone. Her muffled cries were cruelly taunted. "Noooooooooooo!" Becky could only moan. These men seemed to enjoy listening to her suffering cries.

They seemed to get some perverse pleasure out of listening to the wails and moans of each of their victims. Each cry from either Cheryl or Becky was now being answered with an enthusiastic "Yea Baby, Tell me about it," from one of the men. The tempo of this orgy of lust seemed to hinge on just how many screams of terror the attackers could draw.

"Hey," laughed Tito, "Pops is being left out." "Well we can't have that," roared Chuck. Grabbing a firm hold at Cheryl's hips, Chuck began guiding Cheryl in the direction of her father's chair. Andy followed the whole trip, adding encouragement.

Once off the area rug, Cheryl was almost slid in the direction Chuck wanted her to go. Finally, he had her face shoved into her father's crotch. "Do it baby," Chuck yelled, adding a hard thrust for good measure. Cheryl refused at first. Her head twisted, and ducked defiantly. Her face was repeatedly bounced against her dad's groin area. Chuck finally thought to grab a hold of her ponytail. He yanked it back forcefully. Her mouth flew open to scream.

He gave a hard thrust driving her mouth right over her father's dick. Her motion was now controlled by Chuck's powerful thrusts. Cheryl, like her mother only yards away, was being jackhammered back and forth between two cocks. On the floor, Manuel's thrusting had increased.

This was causing Becky's mouth to jack Robby's prick quicker. Each thrust by Manuel rolled Becky's shoulders over the post. Her labored breathing was being exhausted through her nose. Her hot breath against Robby's crotch was warming the juice in his young balls. The musky smell of sex in the room, the grunts of the other men, the sound of Chuck's balls slapping against his own sister's thighs just behind him was intoxicating the poor kid.

Robby was still just a young man, with raging hormones. The fact that he was in a gangbang with his own mother, even unwillingly, still caused his cock to respond. It was too much for him. Whimpering, Robby started to cum. Straddling his mother's head he reared back, pulling his cock from her lips.

Instinctively, he grabbed his little pecker in hand and started pumping furiously. One of the first spurts of cum flew the length of his mother's body, and landed on Manuel's dark skin. This must have triggered Manuel's "nut" because he also began to moan loudly in return. Robby's spray continued raining down all over his mother's body. Andy had come over with the camera to capture the event on film.

The last few spurts of cum oozed from Robby's dick, and dripped off right down into his mom's mouth. This caught her by surprise, and she started gagging and coughing.


Becky's coughing caused her body and cunt to constrict on Manuel's cock. This "milking action" sent Manuel over the edge. He was humping away at Becky like some lusty animal in "Rut". Slobber bubbled from his mouth as his body went into convulsions. He shook at Becky's hips wildly, and began spewing into her. Becky's saturated cunt, however would hold no more. The lips of her cunt began to puff open.

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The load of cum began spurting out alongside Manuel's driving prick. Her crotch was a sloppy mess of sweat and semen. Her legs, spread as they were, still twitched wildly about, some how trying to resist. Jim was forced to watch as a helpless witness, as his entire family was being ravaged. His struggle against his restraints had caused his brain to flood his bloodstream with adrenaline. His head was throbbing with rage. He listened to the moaning of his wife on the floor getting as she was getting a third load of cum shot into her.

The gut-wrenching screams of his little Cheryl were now sounded garbled as his own manhood was being mashed into her mouth. The horror of this situation was finally getting to Jim. How could they ever function as a family again? If they survived this, how would they ever be able to look at each other? How would this all end? Or, would these thugs murder them all?

The continued manipulation on Jim's dick had started a natural reaction. The vessels in his groin had begun to open, flooding his dick with the adrenaline-laden blood.

Jim looked down at his engorging cock being forced upon his young daughter. She looked up pitifully at him. Her lips were being stretched as the growing shaft was being driven in. Jim tried in vain to keep his dick limp. But once it had started it couldn't be stopped.

The lengthening shaft was now poking against the back of Cheryl's throat causing her to gag with each thrust. Cheryl couldn't believe the irony involved. The very dick that had given her life was now bloating in her mouth. "How could her own father be getting a hard-on at a time like this?" she cried. "Pricks must have a mind of their own," she guessed, "Even her brother's had responded to her mother's mouth." Andy was still coaching Manuel in his assault on Becky, when he heard Jim's urgent muffled grunts.

Even Andy was not expecting this, and was caught off guard. To Cheryl's horror, she realized what was about to happen also, and tried to roll her head off to one side. "Oh No you don't," laughed Chuck. A sharp yank on her ponytail caused her mouth to open wide.

Chuck was now guiding her mouth waiting to catch Jim's spunk. Andy had practically fallen over Becky to get to Cheryl's side. Jim was trying to think of anything to distract himself. He couldn't allow his body to betray him like this. What would his family think? He pulled at the ropes hoping the pain would stop his orgasm. Jim's mistake was in looking down. His young daughter's eyes met his.

It might have been the innocent look in her eyes, or the way her lips sparkled with spit, as they surrounded his cockmeat.

It was impossible to stop now. Jim's muffled grunts, matched the jets of cum which spurted out and across his daughters face. Globs of his seed leaped into her mouth. Spray peppered her face and chin. Some trickled down her neck and trailed onto her pert little titties.

Clear droplets clung from her nipples like moist dew only to be shaken off as Chuck's thrusts jolted her. Andy was whooping with delight at this. He encouraged Chuck to draw her back so he could get a close-up of her face.

Chuck released her hair, and with both hands on her hips rolled back into a sitting position on the floor, sliding the dazed girl onto his lap. Andy stepped around front of her, and "zoomed in" on Cheryl's face. Her lips were glossy with the shine of the cum shower she had just received. She was still coughing up the goo that had rocketed into her mouth. A bubbling foam oozed from her mouth.

Strands of white cum still hung at the corners of her mouth. Cheryl's eyes were half-closed now, her resistance was completely gone. Her eyes were rolled back in her head. She seemed to be in a trance. Her mind was shutting down. She had been overloaded by this torture and she was going limp.

Her head began to roll back and forth as Chuck began pumping her in his lap. She looked like some half-inflated love doll. Cheryl only emitted small grunts as Chuck forced her limp body down onto his stiff prick.

He had clamped on her chest just under her armpits, and was bouncing her in his lap like one would bounce a baby. Chuck soon began to increase his tempo. He shifted his grip, hugging her back against his chest. His large forearm mashed the girl's breasts flat. Cheryl's head had fallen back onto Chucks left shoulder now, and was flopping around as he worked her. He was roughly biting at the side of her neck.

Chuck was holding the girl upright. In her dazed state she seemed unaware of anything now. She would have probably just slid right out of Chuck's lap, had he not been supporting her body. With a low guttural groan Chuck began coming. His body racking with orgasm, he was unwittingly squeezing the air out of her. With her head tilted back, she began making gurgling noises, as though cum were bubbling up through her body and up her throat, drowning her.

Andy had wanted to get this on film also; but Chuck was refusing to "pull out". With louder moans, he continued pumping his nuts load into her ass. Andy was franticly trying to get a good camera view. With his free hand, he reached down, pushing the girl's limp legs aside. This allowed him to see Chuck's prick. Chuck was clutching the girl tightly against his chest with both arms now. His stiff cock was bent only slightly due to the girl's weight.

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The top portion driven deep up inside her. Her smooth ass cheeks cradled the bottom half of his cock. The entire shaft was pulsing like a live snake. The veins bloated and released, as the semen needed to be forced up and into her. Cheryl's tight hole had never loosened its grip on Chuck's shaft. It had sealed fast, and was accepting the entire load of cum.

Not a drop was leaking out. Finally spent, Chuck's hands slid down to the girl's hips. His head collapsed back onto the hardwood floor. He held Cheryl at the waist, keeping her "In position on top," while he savored his post-cum high. As his cock deflated, Cheryl's body slowly settled down onto his. Andy's own cock had been aroused again at the gang rapes. He shouted to Tito. "Hey man, are you ready for some more fun?" "This little babe's still got a hole what ain't been used yet." "Are you up for a double?" he laughed.

"Need someone else on Camera." …&hellip. The End

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