Naughty pale teen Anya Olsen gets hot creampie for rent

Naughty pale teen Anya Olsen gets hot creampie for rent
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This story is unlike most of the stories on here. This is an actually instant messenger conversation between me and my boyfriend. It's a roleplay of a brother and sister. lol = laugh out loud and ((word)) is us breaking out of the role.

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Thank you. ---------------------------------- fucinhigh08: what we playing? yankees2girl: bro/sis yankees2girl: we haven't done that in a while fucinhigh08: hot yankees2girl: you can think of the scene lol fucinhigh08: lol ok fucinhigh08: so a scene yankees2girl: yep fucinhigh08: you want to come hang out at a party with the older teens fucinhigh08: i say no i don't want my lil sis tagging along yankees2girl: you better dominate the fuck out of your lil sis fucinhigh08: you fucking better believe it bitch fucinhigh08: your getting fucked up yankees2girl: ok parents out?

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fucinhigh08: yeah both at work fucinhigh08: i'm getting ready to go out and you come in my room dressed to go party yankees2girl: what time of the day is it fucinhigh08: im in jeans and boxers no shirt just out the shower fucinhigh08: later around 6 or 7 yankees2girl: ok yankees2girl: i come in with a skirt and a tank top my hair and makeup all done up "hey bro what's up" fucinhigh08: as i go through my drawer looking for a shirt "whats up" i turn around and see you all dressed up fucinhigh08: "where you think your going dressed like that?" yankees2girl: i smile at you "with you to ryan's party" fucinhigh08: "fuck that" i say look in you up and down "even if i'd let you go you wouldn't be dressed like that" i say staring at your huge tits falling out of the tank top yankees2girl: "come on please, jake is gonna be there!" fucinhigh08: "who the fuck is jake" i say tieing my shoe fucinhigh08: looking up at u yankees2girl: "you've met him before" fucinhigh08: "and what you think im going to take you so you can hang out with him?" yankees2girl: "yea, please will you.ill do anything i just want to go!" fucinhigh08: "no!

you're too young to come to a party especially looking like that" yankees2girl: "what do you mean 'like that' " fucinhigh08: i look at you then down at your tits and sexy legs fucinhigh08: "like that, you look like a lil slut" yankees2girl: "fuck you! you suck bro, never let me do anything i want" fucinhigh08: "don't fucking talk to me like that" i say standing up yankees2girl: "whatever" i turn to leave your room pouting from not getting my way fucinhigh08: i get an evil grin on my face fucinhigh08: "hey get back here" yankees2girl: i turn towards you "what will you let me go!" i ask smiling fucinhigh08: "ill tell you what" yankees2girl: "ooo what?

yankees2girl: i smile big at you fucinhigh08: "since you want to go and be a lil whore and hang out with older guys.

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your going to be my lil whore first" i say grinning at u yon looking you up and down yankees2girl: "what?" i look at you in shock of what you just said "your joking right" fucinhigh08: as i grab the bulge in my jeans "do i look like im fucking joking. you want to go to the party your going to have to earn it bitch" yankees2girl: "your my bro though" i stand back as i start thinking about what your talking about fucinhigh08: "so what i ain't going to tell no one, and if you do what i say I'll take you to all the parties you want and let you do whatever" i say rubbing my bulge yankees2girl: i think about it for a few seconds "this is's not worth that" fucinhigh08: i walk up and push close to you and whisper in your ear "come on sis i know your a lil slut i've heard the stories, just suck my cock and i'll take you ok" i say reaching up your skirt yankees2girl: i slap your hand away "fuck you i'm not a slut!" i try to push you off of me but your really strong fucinhigh08: i grab you by the ass and hold you close fucinhigh08: "fuck you bitch you ain't going anywhere" fucinhigh08: i pull you and you throw you on the floor yankees2girl: as i fall to the ground my skirt flies up and i know you caught a glimpse of my pantiless pussy fucinhigh08: as you lay there dazed and trying to get up "see i knew you were a panties under your skirt huh sis" i say unzipping my pants and pulling my cock out yankees2girl: i scowl at you and pull my skirt back down trying to get away from you as fast as i can while i'm on my back fucinhigh08: i walk over and stand over you.grabbing you by the hair i pull you up "where you think your going" yankees2girl: i yell as you pull my hair and i try to stand up "please bro i don't want to go anymore" fucinhigh08: holding your hair i push you back on your knees "i don't give a fuck if you do or not.

you're still making me cum you lil slut" yankees2girl: i look down trying not to look at my brother's cock that's hitting the top of my head "please don't do this" fucinhigh08: i slap your face holding a fistful of hair "yes you are" i say as i rub your face i just slapped on my freshly shaven cock yankees2girl: ((mmmm freshly shaved)) yankees2girl: i shut my eyes tight and close my mouth just as tight fucinhigh08: rubbing your face back and forth i start thrusting my hips so my rock hard cock slams into your face yankees2girl: i try to push away using your legs to push i open my eyes and stare up with you with a sad yet desirable look across my face fucinhigh08: as you look up i spit on you "you better open that mouth or i'm going to make that look even sadder." i say jerking my cock on your lips yankees2girl: i pout and part my lips for you, staring into your eyes the whole time fucinhigh08: as you stare into my eyes with spit dripping off your face, i slide my cock between your lips slowly sliding it to the back of your throat yankees2girl: as you hit the back of my throat i gag on your cock and my eyes start to water fucinhigh08: still going slow as you gag and cough i go deeper making you turn red and gag hard "yeah take your brothers cock you lil slut" i say slapping your tit and watching my cock disappear yankees2girl: i cough and choke on your cock then i relax my throat letting you get deeper than before fucinhigh08: you start to drool as you cough trying to take all my cock, i grab the back of your head and slowly push it so all of my cock is in your throat and your nose is crushed on my stomach yankees2girl: i cough hard turning bright red with tears running down my cheek i can't breath cause my nose is smashed on your stomach i grab onto your ass trying to support myself fucinhigh08: i start fucking your throat with lil short thrusts keeping it deep as you turn redder and redder trying to breathe between gags yankees2girl: i start drooling and i can't see cause of the tears from being gagged all i hear is your cock slurping around my spit and me gagging fucinhigh08: i pull out my cock letting you breathe but only for a quick second as i immediately slam my cock in your throat as you gasp for air slamming the back of your throat and gagging you hard yankees2girl: i gag hard almost falling over from the quickness.i'm still red as can be as i choke on my brother's huge cock fucinhigh08: as i'm holding your head deep rubbing you your face back and forth on my stomach i cum out of nowhere shooting a huge load straight down your throat as your already gagging yankees2girl: i choke on your cum and a lot of it drools down the side of my throat on my chin and tits i can barely breath as i feel your cum slide down my throat fucinhigh08: as you choke hard on my cum i shoot the last squirt and pull out my cock and push you on the floor as cum and spit drips everywhere yankees2girl: i fall back breathing hard as i swallow what's left in my mouth licking my lips to stop more from dribbling out fucinhigh08: i stroke my cum and spit covered cock as i watch you clean your self and try to catch your breath.i quickly get down and push you on your back and begin rubbing my rock hard cock on your wet little teen pussy yankees2girl: too weak to try and struggle i wipe the tears from my eyes so i can see what your doing as i squirm a little each time you touch my clit fucinhigh08: i grind my hips as you rub my cock up and down your pussy lips up to your clit down to your ass fucinhigh08: "mm you like that don't you sis" i say watching your reaction yankees2girl: i faintly smile and i know you can feel how wet i am already fucinhigh08: i slide the head in your dripping wet pussy as you smile.i moan loud as my head gets covered in pussy juice yankees2girl: i push my hips into yours making your cock disappear fucinhigh08: "damn your fucking pussy is wet sis" i say slowly sliding in my cock and rubbing your clit yankees2girl: i moan loud wanting to cum not caring who's making me horny fucinhigh08: i grab your ass helping you slam my cock all the way in fucinhigh08: i knew you were a horny lil bitch" i say as i start fucking your pussy hard and grabbing your awesome tits and squeezing yankees2girl: i moan loud "mmmm fuck bro make me cum" i reach down and start rubbing my clit hard fucinhigh08: "mmmmm ya sis you like your brothers cock" i say watching you rub your clit as i fuck your tight little pussy hard and fast yankees2girl: "FUCK yes ooo shit i'm cumming!!" i rub my clit faster and harder grinding my hips hard fucinhigh08: as you start to cum i reach under your ass and slide a finger in as i pound your tight pussy yankees2girl: "fuck" i cum hard over your cock as i feel your finger in my ass fucinhigh08: "mmmmm fuck ya cum for me you little bitch" i say as i start fucking you really fast as i start cuming yankees2girl: my pussy milks your cock as i feel your fill me up fucinhigh08: feeling your pussy tighten and milk my cock dry i shoot a huge load filling up your pussy so much it drips out and down to your ass yankees2girl: your cum flows down to my ass and on your finger and hand making a huge mess i slow down rubbing my clit fucinhigh08: i start working the cum in and out of your ass with my cock still buried in your pussy yankees2girl: "mmmmm" i look up at you smiling fucinhigh08: i slide my cock out of your pussy and move it down to your cum filled ass as i take my finger out and slide my cock in your tight ass all while staring at you yankees2girl: my eyes pop open as i feel the head of your cock in my tight ass yankees2girl: "im too won't fit bro" fucinhigh08: "fuck that" i say slamming my cock in your cum covered ass yankees2girl: i scream loud as you rip my ass open i grab onto your arms tight digging my nails into your skin fucinhigh08: as you dig your nails in i slam my cock harder and deeper watching your face in pain yankees2girl: "FFUUUUCCCK!!" i grip onto you hard as i feel your cock stretch my ass, i squirm in pain not realizing that's making it worse fucinhigh08: the more you squirm the harder i fuck your tight ass ripping it open each time i slam you yell and scream both in pleasure and pain yankees2girl: i stop screaming as much adjusting to the pain i stop squirming and loosen my grip i bite my lip hard as i watch you enjoy it so much fucinhigh08: i grab your thigh as i grind my cock in your ass "my cock feel good stretching your ass sis" i say staring at you biting your lip yankees2girl: "fuck bro i can't believe you fit" i close my eyes as i grab your arms again fucinhigh08: "i'm good like that bitch" i say as i start rubbing your clit and pounding your ass harder and harder "mmm i'm cumming" yankees2girl: as i feel you starting to fill my ass with your cum, i hear the garage door opening, i look up at you with wide eyes fucinhigh08: i finish cumming and run into the bath room to clean up, leaving you laying on my floor with my cum dripping out of each of your holes ----------------------------- Thanks.leave comments tell me what you think!

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