Submissive young twink bounces on mature cock like a pro

Submissive young twink bounces on mature cock like a pro
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Those Tight Ass Jeans I was balls deep with all seven inches of my hard cock pounding the lady's asshole, unmercifully. Her moans, gasps and exclamations told me she was enjoying it as much, or more, than I was… and I was L-O-V-I-N-G it. It had been her idea, being thoughtful about my recent shoulder surgery. When she crawled onto the bed, Josie had stuck her awesome ass into the air and offered, "Either hole is fine with me, Donnie." Since my own ex had always refused anal, Josie's little brown pucker held my interest… although her pussy was a delectable sight.

"Are you sure? I've never butt-fucked anyone before." She chuckled, "Well, I kinda like it. Leo talked me into it while we were still on our honeymoon.

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"Take it if you want it." ************************************************************************ It all started earlier in the evening when I went to Dusty's Place, a local country & western club where a co-worker played in the house band on weekends. I was happily sipping on my second Lone Star longneck and watching the 'menu' of women at the bar and on the dance floor.

A faded pair of denims with 'frayed' holes in the legs caught my attention. I thought I recognized the figure, but she kept her head down, watching her feet while she was line dancing. The straw hat with a broken brim didn't hide her recognizable red hair.

I made my way through the crowded floor and lined up behind her… and her fine ass. A few steps later, it was time to clap your hands and do a quarter turn, which put us side-by-side. "'Evenin', gorgeous… what's a lady like you doin' in a place like this?" "Donnie!" She wasn't very big and I easily caught her as she jumped up, wrapping her familiar arms around my neck and legs around my waist.

Her tits felt wonderful pressing against my chest, but she wasn't 'available'… at least as far as I was concerned. "Hey!

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Where're you sitting?" I led her off the hardwood and to my table. She smiled and offered me a, "Thank you, kind sir," when I held her chair as she sat down. As I sat, she reached across the table and wrapped her small fingers around my beer bottle. "Mmmm… That tasted good. You might need to order another one if you want any more, I'm keepin' the rest of this one." We talked a while and danced a few two-steps.

It turned out that Leo had to fly to London for the weekend and Josie's two little ones were staying at his parents place for a few days. I remember thinking, "Leo's such a fucking dumbass; he has this absolutely, luscious woman and takes off to Europe without her. "No tellin' how much pussy she would have given him, if he'd loaded her up and taken her along." "So I decided to go dancing without my husband; he'd shit if he knew, so don't say a word to him, please." I had no problem keeping Josie's secret, hell, we'd known each other all our lives.

Leo had only been around for about the last six years, but he seemed like a decent guy and took good care of Josie.

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"Woo… I'm not sure if it's the beer or the dancing, but I'm starting to feel a little bit mmmm… lightheaded. "Uh-oh, here comes that fat guy again; just tell him I'm your wife and to leave me alone, please?" The fat cowboy cussed me for not letting him know sooner that Josie was my 'wife', "Wasted my time on a fuckin' married woman.

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"Piss on you, mister." I figured he was trying to start a fight but I just let him stew. As long as he didn't try to hurt Josie or me, my .38 would stay in its place, under my belt. "Maybe I just ought to get you home; you don't need to try driving." "I can pick you up tomorrow and get you back to your car. "Except for your tight ass jeans, you haven't changed much since you were little and I used to baby sit you." "Same old Donnie," she chuckled, "you might be looking out for my best interests, but you're checking out my ass, anyway; alright, yeah… I better go home." Sure enough, the best way for me to help her inside her house was one hand under her left tit, the other inside her thigh… high and against her crotch.

"Mother fucker," I thought, "If Josie just wasn't…" "Donnie?" "What, Josie?" "Help me get undressed, please?" "Now, look, I don't think I better…" "Pleeease?

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I can't sleep in these tight ass jeans," she gave me a wicked grin. "But Leo would kill…" "Piss on Leo, he hauled his fucking ass to London and left me here, all alone." "But, Josie, you know we…" "The hell we can't.


I decided when I saw you at Dusty's Place that there's nobody else I can have an affair with and not have to worry about somebody falling in luuuuuv… or squealing to my husband… or will treat me better than anybody else in the world. "You have a dick; I have a pussy that's dying to get fucked." She spun and began unbuckling my belt, "I'm nowhere near as drunk as I acted; and you've never been able to win an argument with me, so don't even try." My head was spinning; I don't even remember when I pulled off her sequined tank top.

I became aware that I was naked, staring at her hairless pussy mound as I pulled on the legs of her jeans. To my thinking, I would have loved to seen what her natural red pubic hair looked like… but her bald cunt looked luscious. I made a mental note to eat it at first chance. She bounced up onto her knees, "Know what else I've wanted?

To kiss you, right on the lips." What little reserve I had melted away with the passion Josie put into that first kiss; yep, the first one of fifty or more. By the time she pulled back and smiled at me, my cock was nearly to the point of bursting.

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************************************************************************ So there we were, in the big middle of her king-sized bed. The way her sphincter could relax when I pushed in, then give my dick a 'death grip' when backed out, was a-fucking-mazing. "Ung. ung. ahh… ahh… oh, yeah… ahh… ahh… God… Donnie… Oh, God it's good. Uh…uh…uh… mmmmm…" My own pleasure was being vocalized by a constant hum, with an occasional groan of amazement.

The tight, slick tunnel was different, but I knew I'd never turn down another chance to ass-fuck a woman, especially if it was Josie. As my own butt began clinching, priming the pump for my flow of warm cum, she squealed, "Eeeee!! Oh shit, I'm gonna cummmm!!!!" We literally thrashed all over the bed as I hammered my load deep into her bowel.

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I did feel a couple of quick twinges of pain in my shoulder, but they damn sure weren't going to bring me off the level of ecstasy I was on. "Damn, girl, we should have been enjoying each other like this, years ago." She laid her red curls on my chest, reached for my sticky dick and replied.


"I wanted to do this with you ten years ago, but I didn't think you would. "But now… we have all weekend to catch up. "I do love my big brother."

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