Threesome with two horny busty MILFs

Threesome with two horny busty MILFs
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Alessa and Jennifer met one lunchtime in the college refectory. 'Alessa, where did you get that vibrator? I want one.' 'Oh, a shop in town. I'll take you there on Saturday, ok.' 'But that's two, no, three days away. I was really hoping to see David tonight. I NEED to see him tonight.

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But I found out today from his Course Tutor that he and Michael went away on a field trip yesterday for a week.and I thought that the reason I haven't seen him is because he's been avoiding me.' Alessa gave her a sly look.

'No,' she drawled. 'He hasn't been avoiding you.' 'You knew he was going away, didn't you' 'Yes.' 'And you didn't tell me.' 'No.' 'Meanie.' 'I see.

So you've lost your cherry now and you've found you can't do without a good fuck, huh.' 'Something like that,' replied Jennifer with a grin. 'Well, you can try my vibrator, if you like.' 'When?' 'How about we give it a go tonight?' 'WE? Oooohhh.

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I think I'm going to enjoy this.' Jennifer spent the rest of the day in a steadily increasing state of sexual arousal and, in fact, had to be admonished by the tutor three times in the last lesson for not paying attention. Lucky he doesn't know what I'm daydreaming about, thought Jennifer, he'd be scandalised if he did. She made it to her room and sat waiting for Alessa, occupying her time by skinning up a few joints.

She felt the internal tension mount but was determined to avoid a physical release because she knew that would detract from her enjoyment of this anticipated special evening.


And this evening was indeed special because it would be the first time she could use the vibrator and dildo that Alessa raved about so much, and use them properly. Would she never get here? Where could she be? Alessa finally arrived. They pottered around for a while, deciding what to wear, and settled on just their loose robes, after which they got the toys ready and sat at the table chatting, about David, of course, and about Jennifer's hopes for the future.

'Jennifer, I don't think you'll have any trouble there.


Come on.' Alessa led Jennifer over to the gap between the beds where they sat on the floor facing each other, legs out straight with Alessa's shins crossed over Jennifer's. They put the tray of toys, the vibrator, double dildo and the lubricant, on the floor between them and leaned back against the beds. Jennifer felt that the aura of sexual tension was so thick you could cut the air with a knife. She picked up the vibrator and sw itched it on.

The sound of buzzing could be heard.


She touched the vibrator to her clitoris and, looking deep into Alessa's eyes, reached her hand up to massage her nipple through her robe. She pushed the vibrator partway into her pussy and let it go, to free her arm up, then took her robe off, totally naked now. Alessa took her own robe off, put a couple of fingers in her slit and pulled the lips apart then, with two fingers of her other hand, found her clitoris and massaged her little knob of pleasure.

The sound of the vibrator was alternately getting louder and quieter as Jennifer pushed it into her pussy then pulled it out again. Alessa used the first and third fingers of her left hand to hold her pussy lips apart, started rolling her clitoris around with the finger in between them and eased three fingers of her right hand into her pussy as deep as they would go. The sound of the vibrator getting louder and quieter got faster. Then she put all four fingers in.

The sound of the vibrator getting louder and quieter got even faster. Then she put her thumb in as well. The sound of the vibrator paused and then continued, slightly faster.

Alessa angled her elbow forwards and pushed her whole hand into her pussy up to her wrist. The sound of the vibrator suddenly stopped changing and remained at a muted hum, deep inside.

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Alessa pulled her hand out, pushed it deeper into her pussy, pulled it out again. Jennifer, eyes wide with amazement, said 'How do you do that?' Alessa, her eyes glazed over with concentration on the ecstasy of the feelings she was generating, didn't answer immediately.

The sense of the question slowly penetrated her mind and, her hand still going in and out, she replied, 'It's.not difficult, can't do it very.often because it.stretches you so.that when.David sticks his.cock in're too.loose if you're.not careful and.aaahhhh.he doesn't feel anything.aaahhhh.' 'I don't think I'm quite ready to try that yet, at least until after I've seen David again.' ''ve.screwed him again, you mean?' Jennifer took the vibrator out and laid back, propping herself up on one elbow.

She reached forward, picked up the double dildo and started feeding one end into her pussy. Alessa took the double from Jennifer's grasp and pumped it in and out slowly. Alessa edged forwards slightly so that when she pulled the double out of Jennifer's pussy it was pushed a little way into her own.

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She moved a bit closer so that it was being pushed deeper. Then more. And more. And more until she had to take her hand away. She moved herself even closer still until, finally, there was only two inches of plastic showing. Alessa reached out to put her hands on Jennifer's breasts and squeeze her nipples.

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Jennifer was sure that she couldn't get any more inside, when Alessa said 'Now, let's touch clits.' 'What? No, it won't go, will it?' 'Let's try.' Jennifer reached out towards Alessa who gripped Jennifer's hands with her own. Alessa lifted her knees and put her feet flat on the floor by Jennifer's bum, so that all her weight was centred on the double in their pussies and, still leaning back, pulled as hard as she could.

They now had the whole length of the double inside. Then she began rocking backwards and forwards, the double going in and out. 'Oohh yes.' 'Do you like this, Jennifer?' 'Ooooooo, but it's nothing like the real thing, is it?' ''s.aahh.I'm cumming.I'm cumming.' Jennifer spread her legs wide, said ' yes.I'm there tooooooooooo.' Alessa put her hands on the floor behind her and leaned back, ramming her bum forward hard as both girls reached their peaks at the same moment.

A cry of 'Aaaaggghhhhhhh.' was torn from two throats as both girls screamed with the ecstasy of their shared orgasm. In the aftermath of their emotional explosion, Jennifer commented, languidly, 'We really must do this again sometime.' 'Hmm' giggled Alessa.

'But I think we should wait until after the boys get back before going for a "repeat", they'll go off us pretty quick if they come back from a week of forced abstinence only to find us totally uninterested. That's especially true of you and David.' The idea brought a sudden catch to the back of Jennifer's throat and she felt a choke of tears held back.Life without David.

She mustn't let that happen, the idea was unbearable. 'Alessa, you MUST hide the toys then. And we'd better cancel our shopping trip, too.' 'I thought you'd say that, and yes, I agree.' 'I'm exhausted.

I think I'll go to bed.

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