Nord Video Mature Woman and her Maid

Nord Video Mature Woman and her Maid
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Laura was married and had a small girl but Laura wasn't happy being married.

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She especially wasn't happy being married to the guy she married. He just couldn't satisfy Laura sexually, no matter what he did.


Laura needed sex in ways her husband never could give her because Laura was a nyphomaniac. For a long time Laura managed to sort of hide her indescretions from her husband mainly because he chose to ignore what she was doing. During this period Laura fucked almost every guy in the neighborhood. Laura didn't work so it was easy to attract guys by wearing very revealing clothes. She was known as "The blonde slut on the corner".

When a guy happened to come by Laura would tease him with flashes of her pussy or tits. If he didn't take the bait and he was someone she particularily wanted to fuck she would simply go up to him and rub her body all over him or grab his dick. Needless to say this always had the desired effect and in short order Laura would have the guy in bed with his dick inside her pussy.

These activities satisfied Laura for awhile but she soon craved more. She developed a taste for crack cocaine. Since her husband didn't make enough money to supply her habit she left him and started living with guys who could. Laura smoked so much crack that she would soon financially ruin each guy she was with.

When this happened she simply moved on to another guy. Her latest boyfriend was a truck driver. He made good money but he didn't give Laura enough money to supply her habit the whole time he was out of town. Laura was getting desparate. She didn't want to leave this guy as he was very good to her but she simply had to find a way to satisfy her habit. Laura called up her dealer to beg him to front her some crack until her boyfriend got back in town.

Her dealer told her she already owed him too much money. He suggested that she could get what she wanted if she was willing to fuck some of his friends. Laura thought about it for a moment. She had never fucked a black guy but probably only because she had never had a real chance to do so.

She had heard they had big dicks so she could satisfy her sexual cravings as well as her drug habit. She agreed to the proposition and arranged to meet her dealer that afternoon at his place. At the appointed time Laura knocked on the dealer's door.

She was dressed in a very short skirt and low-cut blouse. She had decided not to wear any undies. A big black guy answered the door.

He took one look at her and said "You look good enough to fuck" as he let her in. "I need a hit first" declared Laura. "No way bitch, first you give up that white snatch" replied the black guy as he put his hand between Laura's legs and rubbed her pussy. In spite of her craving for crack Laura never had been able to resist a man once he put his hands on her body.

Her cunt was getting very wet from the action of the black guys fingers probing her cunt. He inserted two fingers in her cunt and began a pumping action.

Just then another black man came into the living room from the hall. He was naked and Laura looked at him almost in shock. His dick was very long and very thick. It looked to be at least 12 inches long and a good two inches in diameter.

"They tell me you like to fuck" said the second black man as he approached her. "Yeah I do but I don't know about that thing. You'll tear me in two" responded Laura. "Aw, don't worry, bitch.

You're gonna love it." He turned Laura around and bent her over at the waist. As he pulled her skirt up he put his huge dick in between Laura's legs and rubbed the head of his hugh cock along the crack of Laura's pussy. He inserted his dick into Laura's pussy and began to slowly ease more and more of his huge cock into Laura.

Laura was amazed as she looked down at her pussy. It was stretched tight around a jet black cock. As the guy pumped in and out of her pussy he was stirring feelings deep within her. She felt him beggining to hit her cervix. By this time she had managed to take all of his dick into her pussy and was actually on her way to a climax. She seldom had a climax with most guys but this black man had such a hugh cock that he was able to excite every nerve of her overused cunt.

The black man began furiously fucking her until he shot what seemed to Laura like a gallon of cum into her cunt. She felt the liquid filling her up and begin dripping down her leg. Laura pulled away from the black guy and asked if she could have some crack now.

"Not yet bitch, we're not done with you yet" said the first black guy who had disrobed while Laura was being fucked. While his dick wasn't as big as the first one it was larger than any dick Laura had ever seen or felt. He walked over to Laura and pulled her head down to his dick. "Suck me off" demanded the black guy. "I don't do blowjobs" declared Laura.

"You will if you want any crack" retorted the black man as he grabbed Laura's hair and forced her face to his cock. He also tore her blouse off and began kneading her tits. Laura hated to give blow jobs. Her husband wanted her to do that all the time but Laura simply hated the thought of putting a dick into her mouth. She didn't mind eating a women's pussy and had done it many times.

There was just something about the thought of a man's dick gagging her that turned Laura off. She especially didn't want to have a guy come in her mouth. Her need for crack, however, overcame her inner revulsion at the idea. She took the black dick in her hands and played with it for a moment before she started.

"Better make it good if you want any crack" advised the black man. Laura licked the tip of his cock while stroking the length of it with her hands. The black guy forced his dick into her mouth until Laura thought she would choke. She began sucking the big black dick. As she worked on him he kept probing deeper into her mouth. Laura had heard a long time ago that a women could take a man's dick down her throat if her throat muscles were relaxed.

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Since she was desparate for crack she began trying to relax. The big black cock sank deeper and deeper into Laura's mouth and down her throat. Just then she felt the other black man behind her. His dick had gotten hard again and he was pushing it against her asshole. Now this was something that really turned Laura on.

She loved to be fucked in the ass but she could not get many white guys to do it that way. Laura pulled off the dick in her mouth long enough to say "Yeah, fuck me in the ass. Fuck me good". The black guy behind her jammed his dick into her and drove it all the way to the hilt in one big lunge.

Laura now had a cock down her throat and another one buried in her ass. She made quite a sight with big black dicks sticking in her mouth and ass. The dicks were so large that each orfice was stretched to its capacity. The jet blackness of the cocks sharply contrasted with Laura's pale white skin and the blonde patch of pussy hair.

It seemed as though her 5'3" body might be split assunder by the thrusting black cocks. As the two cocks came in unison they filled Laura with cum juice until it ran out of the corners of her mouth and oozed out of her ass around the black cock still buried there. "Here's some crack bitch. Cum see us again." said one of the black men as he handed her two crack rocks. "Aw come guys, my cunt is worth more than that" pouted Laura.

"Shut up bitch and be happy" said the black man. "Maybe we'll give you some more later, but you'll have to fuck the rest of the brothers to get it." Connie sighed as she picked up her crack and departed.

She knew there were at least a dozen more "brothers" that the black guy was referring to. At least she might be able to satisfy one of her cravings!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part Two The next day Laura was again needing some crack.

Her boyfriend had called that morning to let her know he was tied up in Chicago and wouldn't be home for several more days. She had told him to get home as soon as he possibly could as she needed more groceries.

She had not yet admitted her habit to her boyfriend because she was afraid she would lose him if he found out. She didn't know how much longer she could fool him though. After he hung up she called her dealer to get some crack. "You know what the deal is, don't you?" asked the dealer. "Sure I do" replied Laura. "How many do I have to do today? "Oh just three brothers and a sister" replied the dealer. "I better get more than two rocks today" retorted Laura. "If you make these brothers and the sister happy you'll have enough crack to keep even you happy for a while" promised the dealer.

Laura showed up on time dressed in a long dress and high heels. She also decided to wear panties and a bra. As she entered the dealer's living room she saw three naked black men and a gorgeous naked black chick. The guys were all well hung but not quite as big as the ones she had had the day before. As she entered one of the black guys came over, stopped her and looked her over. "Hey dealer, is the USDA grade AAA you promised?" "Sure is, take a look" replied the dealer.

The black guy lifted Laura's skirt and felt her legs. He ran his hand up and over both titties. "Ain't much meat" he complained. "She knows what to do with it.

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This bitch can fuck your brains out" promised the dealer. "I want to see the rest of her" said the black girl as she came over and removed Laura's dress. Carl unsnapped her bra so it fell to the floor. The black girl leaned over and took Laura's tit into her mouth. She bit it which made Laura squeel. Then the black girl named Suzy started sucking her tits as the black guy put his hands inside her panties and started playing with her cunt.

The other two black guys came over and Laura was laid down on the carpet. She felt fingers probing her cunt and asshole while others were busy squeezing and kneading her titties.

The black girl squatted down over Laura's face. Lauar reached up and greedily started eating her pussy. She loved to eat pussy and even though this would be her first black pussy she was eager to get started. She just hoped someone would eat her pussy today before they fucked her.

Sensing her desire one of the black guys started to do just that. He ran his tongue up and down the crack of her pussy several times as Laura began doing the same thing to the black girl.

Sam the black guy eating her pussy had his tongue all the way inside Laura flicking the interior walls of her uterus. He was driving her wild. Just as Laura came Sam traded ends and drove his big black cock into Laura's pussy. He rolled her over on her side and the a second black man attacked her from behind. About then she felt a dick being forced into her mouth. The girl stayed where she was so Laura found herself being fucked in the pussy and ass while she was giving a third black man a blow job and occassionally licking the black girls cunt.

To say she had been well fucked would have been putting it mildly because for one of the few times in her life Laura didn't feel the need to find a dick to satisfy the itch between her legs. She also had $300 worth of crack which should keep her until her boyfriend got home if she was careful. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part Three Several years had passed.

Laura had tried from time to time to get off and stay off crack. It never lasted for long. Her daughter was becoming quite the young lady.

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Laura had never wanted her to find out what her mother did. It was getting harder and harder to keep her daughter in the dark but so far she had managed it. One day her dealer made the suggestion that she could get an awful lot of money if she would bring her daughter along with her one day. That was when Laura went off on him. "Listen here you black son of a bitch if you ever touch her I'll personally cut your nuts off" screamed Laura.

"OK. bitch it was just an idea. She sure is getting some nice titties." replied the dealer. Laura also promised him she would press rape charges if he so much as put a finger on her. Of course she knew that would be an idle threat in a couple of months as Shelley would be of legal age.


The day after Shelley's birthday Laura was hard up for some crack. The only problem was she had promised to take Shelley skating so she was in the car. Laura thought to herself she could slip into the dealer's house and make a quick buy and still get Shelley to her skating party.

That way she would have some crack to get her through the afternoon while she waited on Shelley to get done skating.

She had money so she shouldn't be long. She told Shelley to stay in the car and she ran up to the dealer's house and knocked on the door. The dealer had been hoping to get an opportunity like this ever since Laura had threatened him but he never figured it would happen right after Shelley's birthday when Laura couldn't get him in trouble for it.

Laura was in a hurry but her dealer told her to be patient as a friend of his was bringing more crack as he had sold out a couple of hours earlier.

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Laura was irritated but she waited impatiently. There were also several black men and women sitting around the living room. She heard the door open and turned to see who it was.


She froze when she saw her daughter being pushed into the house by one of the dealers friends. "You know what I told you Sam" she said. "You can't do nothing to me now cause she's legal age" replied Sam. "Besides me and my buddies need some young pussy. Yours is about wore out." "You bastard, you!" exclaimed Laura as she took a swing at Sam. "Careful bitch" said Sam as he grabbed Laura's arms and pulled them behind her. He pulled her down on a straight chair and tied her arms behind her back and to the chair.

"You just sit here and watch" demanded Sam. "Let's see what we gots here" said a black man named Jerry as he started unbuttoning Shelley's dress. After he unbuttoned it he reached down and pulled her dress up and over her head and threw it on the floor. Shelley stood there in just her pink lacy bra and panties. Everyone got up and formed a circle around Sam and Shelley. Shelley was getting just a bit afraid as she wasn't quite sure what they had in mind. She didn't mind showing off her body as she flashed the guys in school all the time ever since her titty buds had begun to swell into perfect cone shaped tits.

She even would bend over at the waist to show off her panties. One day one of her girl friends had pulled her panties down as she bent over. The boys had gotten an eyeful that day. She had even been known to let a football player have his way with her under the bleachers between halves. This was different though. These people looked like they meant business and since Shelley was afraid what they might do to her Mother she decided to play along. Sam put his fingers inside Shelley's bra and rolled a nipple between his forefinger and his thumb.

Laura watched in horror as several hands began invading Shelley's panties and bra. Her panties and bra couldn't take the strain any more and they both tore which revealed to everyone Shelley's sweet lucious pussy and her cone shaped titties capped by half inch long nipples which by now were as hard as rocks.

Someone lifted one of Shelley's legs and spread her pussy lips so the rest of the crowd could see the pink of her vulva. A black girl was sucking on her tits as a black man prepared to enter her cunt with his dick. He lifted her up and set her down on his dick as she wrapped her legs around him. She sank all the way onto his dick as another black man approached her from behind and inserted his dick into her ass. Laura watched in amazement as her daughter was being fucked in the cunt and the ass at the same time by two very large black dicks.

When these three were done they replaced by three more. Part of the time Shelley was eating a woman's pussy while being double fucked and part of the time she was giving a black stud a blow job.

By the time she was done with the dozen or so people she was completely covered with cum and it was oozing out of every orfice in her body. Shelley was glad her Mother had brought her along that day. She had been wanting to fuck a black man and now she had been treated to several all at the same time.

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She was fast becoming like her Mother. Afterwards Laura was glad it had happened as well because she got $1000 for the episode. Her little girl was becoming quite useful after all.