I love how these tiny little yoga shorts make my ass look JOI

I love how these tiny little yoga shorts make my ass look JOI
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1.THE RITUAL Marie gazed up at the red coloured moon glowing in the star-lit night sky. "All hail the blood-moon, portent of change and transformation." She whispered. A gentle breeze softly caressed her skin and played gently with strands of her dark hair.

She took a deep breath of the fresh air from the open window and closed her eyes. Everything was just perfect; so beautiful and peaceful. Just as things should be. Just as things would be for ever more. Marie opened her eyes and looked at the the moon and stars once again. She smiled, savouring their eternal and endless beauty one last time. "Goodbye, my friends." She said softly, her voice tinged with sadness. Marie stepped back into her bedroom and made a final check on the preparations she had made.

She wanted to ensure that everything was perfect for the ritual, that everything was in its rightful place. She had done everything the book instructed.

She had painted a triangle on a wooden board with bees-wax and laid it in the centre of her room. She had placed a bright red coloured candle at each of the three points of the triangle.


In the centre of the triangle, she had placed a silver chalice which contained a folded piece of paper. The night had finally come and everything was ready. It was time to meet her destiny. Marie removed her robe and knelt down wearing her bra and panties in the middle of the triangle. She picked up a lighter and lit the three candles at each point of the triangle. Marie picked up a small pair of scissors and cut off a lock of her hair. "A little piece of me." She smiled.

Then she picked up the folded paper from the silver chalice and placed the lock of hair within it. She gently kissed the paper and placed it carefully back in the chalice. She closed her eyes and thought of the name written on the folder paper.

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The name of the god who would welcome her into his abode of eternal peace. Agun-Ral-Tora. The God of Death. She opened her eyes and looked at the container of pills sitting on her bedside table. After she had completed her ritual, she would take them all. She would fall into an eternal sleep and the God of Death would ease her passage into the underworld. Marie smiled. The ritual was already working.

It had given her the courage to finally end her life. All she had to do now was say the words to summon the God who would take her away. "Oh, great Agun-Ral-Tora! I beseech you. Save me from pain. Save me from suffering.


Save me from despair." Marie gently blew out the first candle. "Oh, great Agun-Ral-Tora! I give myself to you. I give my life, my love and my soul to you." She blew out the second candle. "Oh, great Agun-Ral-Tora! Come into me!" She blew out the third candle and darkness enveloped her.

Marie paused for moment as she sat in the middle of the triangle. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The ritual was almost over There was only one last phrase to say and the most difficult to pronounce. She raised her hands up as she said the words of an ancient and mystical language, whose meaning had been lost in the mists of time.

"Agun-Ral-Tora! Sla kelum rath ka. Chan-to kelum rath ka soe." Marie sat alone in the dark with her eyes closed. It was done. There were no glowing lights or fireworks as often appeared in the supernatural genre movies she'd seen.

No angel of death appeared before her. And no whirlpool of darkness appeared to suck her into the void.

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There were no special effects. But Marie had not really expected that. Marie let out a soft sight.

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The ritual was over and it had achieved its desired affect. Marie felt at peace with herself and her fate. Now all she needed to do was take the overdose. Then she could finally leave the pain and loneliness of the world behind her. The time had come when the death-god would take her hand and escort her gently into the underworld. A flash of light startled Marie out of her melancholic reverie. With surprise, she realised that one of the three candles had flared up and was burning with a deep eerie red glow.

Marie jumped back as the other two candles also flared up in quick succession. Wide-eyed with alarm, Marie stared at the three candles glowing brightly around her. "What the hell is happening?" She whispered to herself.

A pillar of bright red flame shot upwards from the silver chalice that contained the folded paper and her lock of hair. The flame reach the ceiling and seemed to go right through to the attic and roof above.

Marie leapt to her feet and stared at the flame in growing panic, fearing that she was about to burn the house down. Is this how the Death God would take her? With fire and destruction. But Marie quickly realised that the pillar of fire did not seem to burn anything. Despite it's fiery nature, it seemed to be nothing more than a beam of light.

Perplexed and intrigued, Marie stood up and moved her hand close to the column of flame. It did not have the heat that a normal flame would. Marie hesitantly moved her hand through the beam of light, half expecting to be burned. But it was not hot. It felt warm. Indeed it felt almost soothing.enticing. Frowning, Marie stretched both her hands out and bathed them both in the pillar of flame. She smiled. It was warm and pleasant. The flame widened as if inviting her to enter.

Marie smiled. "So this is how I offer myself to you, Agun-Ral-Tora. So be it." Marie stepped forward so that she was fully encompassed by the pillar of fiery light. The flame made a crackling sound and the fiery colour became even more intense. Marie gasped and her eyes widened.

It felt good. Very good. She closed her eyes and savoured the warm tingling sensation that was now rippling over her slim shapely body. Slowly but surely, the pleasant sensation spread through her; from her head, to her chest, to her abdomen, her thighs and over her groin.

She felt her nipples go hard and her vagina become moist as the light seemed to penetrate every part of her.

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Marie could not move. She felt paralysed, but she did not care. It was so good. It was too good. If this was death, she wanted it more than ever. Marie felt a pleasant throbbing sensation within her loins. Slowly, but steadily, the throbbing became faster and more intense, until she felt a wave of inexplicable unfathomable pleasure grip her. Marie's legs quivered and she thought she might fall. But the flame seemed to fix her in place, wrapping her in a strangely warm and tender embrace.

Marie heard a woman cry out in ecstasy, only to realise it was her own voice.

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She felt her hands move and opened her eyes to look at them. With surprise, she saw that both her hands were deep within her panties. The fingers of her left hand were vigorously rubbing her swollen clitoris while those of her right were thrusting deep into her vagina. She didn't try to stop them.

She didn't want to stop them. Marie felt her face contort into a lascivious grin as the muscles of her clit and vagina spasmed. She heard another cry of ecstasy. Then another. Then a third, a fourth, a fifth.

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Her back arched and her body tensed as a hidden bliss ripped through her again and again and again. Marie didn't want this to end. But it did end. With a tinge of sadness and regret, Marie felt the intensity and the pleasure slowly fade away. One by one, the three flames at the points of the triangles extinguished themselves. Marie massaged her clit hoping to regain and retain the wonderful sensations from before.

But it was to no avail. Eventually, Marie collapsed exhausted to her knees and the pillar of flame also soon faded and disappeared.

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Marie knelt in the triangle for a moment. She thought about what just happened to her and the sensations she had just experienced. At that moment, she made a decision that would impact her life, and that of many others, for many years to come.

Marie crawled over to the her bed and pulled herself up onto the mattress. She saw the bottle of pills on her bedside table. Marie sneered at it in disgust. She picked it up and threw it violently into the bin beside the bed. Marie no longer wanted to die. After what she had just experienced, she wanted to live more than anything. She lay her head on the pillow and closed her eyes. She gently fell asleep with a smile on her face. From the depth of Marie's loins, an ancient entity stirred and broke free of the chains which had held it for so long in the underworld.

A spectral mist rose from Marie's sleeping body and rose into the air. The mist took the form of a handsome young man's face. The face looked down at the sleeping body of the twenty five year old woman below and smiled with satisfaction. The ritual had worked. But not in the way Marie had expected. She had not summoned a death god. On the contrary, the entity she had summoned was not interested in death.

It wanted Marie to live. It needed her to live. The lust demon Leer was free at last.

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