Colocando und esposa para mamar casal de sao leopoldo)

Colocando und esposa para mamar casal de sao leopoldo)
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I couldn't take my eyes off of her hips the first time I saw her. She had come to the office for an interview. I followed her into my office and I enjoyed the sway as we walked.

We both sat down much to my disappointment. I could have asked her ass the interview questions and I wouldn't have minded if it didn't answer any. I found her breasts an adequate distraction from my thoughts about her ass. I stumbled around with my interview questions as I tried to keep my eyes from wandering to her cleavage.

She came off as fairly assertive but it seemed that there was something else lurking behind those dark brown eyes. I wouldn't find out for another 6 months about her desire to be sexually submissive and her history with submitting.

My loyalties and my drive were questioned by the home office, so I was showed the door. But I enjoyed watching her move around the office for those 6 months. Tall with full breasts that she was not afraid to promote from time to time with a low cut blouse.

She knew the power of her body to catch mens' eyes. She invested heavily in tight jeans that would utilize her junk-in-the-trunk to maximum effect. I could see the other guys heads turning almost involuntarily when she went to the copy machine or the break room.

It seems the guys were mesmerized by her sweet, curvy ass as much as I still am. Upon finding out about my imminent exit from the company my coworkers organized a quick going away party for me at a nearby restaurant. As the evening lingered on I found myself sitting across from Reyna and wondering about how those breasts would feel cupped in my hands. How her big were her nipples. What shade were they? Did she like them pinched hard?

Soon it was just the two of us in the booth and the candor that comes mixed in the bottom of the third shooter of Jameson's whiskey began to work its spell. She lowered her voice (more lowered her head that third Jameson's also has the effect of thinking you are lowering your voice when you are really just making a physical gesture akin to telling a secret) and she said "I really like you." I looked at her unsure of what level of "like" she might be going to.

"I mean I really like you" she said as her brown eyes cut deeply into mine. She squeezed my thigh for emphasis. "I really like you too" I replied. She paused for several moments. We talked a while longer. The conversation veered into the risqu?She told me about how she had lived in New York and had a relationship with a man who had made her his sex slave. She described it as the most intense sexual experience of her life.

He would tease her for days on end and not let her cum while she serviced his every sexually whim. Let me tell you more about my gorgeous submissive. She is of Korean, Greek, and unknown Caucasian American decent. She is about 5'10" tall with long wavy black hair.

As I mentioned before, she has an ass that doesn't stop. Full breasts d cups. Olive skin, dark brown eyes, and a beautiful mouth with colorful full lips. Her heritage gives her an exotic look that grabs guys' attention quickly. We reached a break in the conversation and she excused herself to the bathroom. When she returned I stood to let her back into the booth. She pressed close to me and rubbed her tits on my arm as she looked into my eyes for a reaction.

I smiled as I felt my reaction straining at the front of my pants. After a few more minutes I reached a resolution in my mind: I had not been in a dominant/submissive relationship before but I thought I was very willing to give it a try especially with one so eager and so hot.

It was late on a Friday night and I was formulating a plan for the weekend. She was leaning forward on the table. I reached under the table and found the bottom of her right breast. I cupped it. Then I surprised her and myself a little. I grabbed the underwire on the bottom of her bra and gave it a sharp tug upward. This freed her breast under her shirt.

I grabbed her breast again. This time I could feel the heft of it. I squeezed hard and looked at the shock in her eyes. "Meet me at Dillard's department store parking lot on Lincoln Avenue tomorrow at 3p.m. and wear that short skirt you sometimes where in the office.

You know the black one. We are going shoe shopping" I told her. "I would also like you to wear something low cut. We need to get these babies some air." I squeezed her tit and ran my finger across her nipple. She seemed speechless. She nodded agreement. "Good. Then it is all set." With that I gave her nipple a tweak and walked out of the restaurant.

The following day was a beautiful, blue-sky summer day. I awoke with anticipation for what was to come. I considered jerking off in the shower, but decided I would wait. I had difficulty keeping my mind occupied until our meeting. I arrived at the store parking lot right at 3 p.m. She was waiting there in her car. I walked to her car door and stood and looked at her. She opened the door and stepped out.

She looked incredibly hot. She was wearing the skirt I had told her to wear and a low cut blouse that showed a great deal of cleavage. "Hi" she said with a nervous laugh.

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"Hello" I responded. "What do you have on under that skirt?" I asked. "A pink thong" she replied with a hint of pride. "Take it off" I instructed her. "But,bu…" she sputtered. "Take it off" I told her. "Right now? Here in the parking lot?" she asked as she looked around the parking lot for other activity. "Yes, right here and now" I told her. She took another quick glance around the parking lot and then hiked up her skirt and hitched her thumbs around the waist band of the thong.

She bent over as she pulled it down to her ankles. As she bent over I slipped my hand under the back hem of her skirt and put it firmly between her thighs. I slid my hand up until it met the slippery sweetness of her pussy. She paused while holding her thong around her ankles. I slid my index finger back and forth across her pussy lips and then across her asshole. I could feel the anticipation and nervousness quivering through her thighs as I stroked her.

I pulled my hand out and let her continue removing her thong. She turned to hand me her thong. Her face was flushed from bending over, but also from me feeling her sweet spot. I took her thong from her and tucked it in my pocket. I took her arm and we proceeded into the store. I located the shoe department on a store map and we began walking that way. I took the opportunity to check out her lovely breasts as we walked. The giggled and danced a little under her loose, low-cut blouse.

She noticed my stares and blushed a little. When we arrived at the shoe department everything was as I had planned. The same young man was there from the previous week when I had stopped in men's shoes to buy a new pair of dress shoes. This guy was having to cover the men's and ladies shoe departments by himself on Saturday afternoons apparently. He was a bit bookish looking. A computer nerd who was trying to be cool.

Hoping to get laid at some point, but probably spending his nights alone with his internet connection and his right hand to help him through. I imagine if I would have looked closely I would have seen the muscles of his right forearm bulging from nightly workouts.

He could probably be a very decent looking young man if someone would spend a little time with him. We approached the chairs in the ladies shoe area and I pointed to a set of chairs that faced toward the back of the department. "Can I help you find something?" The young man said as he approached us. His nametag said "Mark". "Well Mark, This beautiful lady needs some shoes" I told him.

"Great, do you have anything particular in mind?" he asked. I deferred to Reyna: "What do you like?" I asked. She thought a moment and then started telling Mark what she wanted. "Do you know your size?" Mark asked her. "You should probably check" I told him. He grabbed his sizing board and knelt at Reyna's feet. I could see him glance quickly at her bare legs. He was very business-like as he tried to assess her foot size. I reached my hand between Reyna's thighs and tapped lightly inside each as an indication for her to spread her legs a bit.

She caught on quickly and spread her legs. This movement caused Mark to lose his read on the board. He began to look up and ask Reyna to hold her foot still.

As he did I could tell he caught a good glimpse up her skirt. Her cheeks reddened. I couldn't tell how far he saw, but he diligently continued his head motion upward to meet her eyes. Color began to rise in his cheeks so I could tell he at least got to see most of her thighs if not more. "OK, let me go get a few pairs to start with" Mark said as he turned and disappeared into the back room. As he disappeared I reached over and cupped Reyna's left breast in my hand and squeezed.

"You look very hot today, slave" I told her. Her eyebrows raised as the word "slave" registered in her mind.

I could feel her heart begin to race as I held her breast and pinched her nipple through her bra. "Stand up" I commanded.

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She stood. "Now pull your skirt up more" I instructed her. She pulled it up two inches. "More" I insisted.

She pulled up even more. "OK, now hold it and sit down" I told her. She did as I told her. I knelt in front of her to see if we had accomplished my desired effect. "Now keep your legs spread more" I said. When I looked now it was as if she might not have been wearing anything at all.

If Mark had eyes, and he did, he couldn't help but see all of her lovely pussy when he knelt to help her try on her shoes. Mark returned and pulled a pair or strappy, high-heeled shoes from a box.

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He knelt in front of Reyna and undid the strap. Then he glanced at her legs. This time he paused as his eyes passed over Reyna's legs and crotch. More color rose in his cheeks as he tried to look away. He tried to look just at Reyna's feet or the floor anything else. But he couldn't help himself for long. Soon he was stealing another glance at her crotch. Then he looked at her. She smiled at him.

He looked at me. I smiled at him. He glanced back down at her crotch and then tried to do the buckle on the strap on her shoe as his hands trembled. "Easy there big guy" I said to him.

His hands continued to shake as his face grew a little more flushed. Finally he was able to secure the buckle around the back of Reyna's ankle. She extended her leg in front of him so she could see how the shoe looked on her foot.

Doing so spread her legs even a little more as she nearly rested her calf on Marks bent knee. He got a good long look as she looked at the shoe.

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"I think need the other one on" she said. Mark grabbed the other show from the box. The poor guys hands continue to shake, but he seemed to be getting bolder in his glances at Reyna's pink box.

I shocked them both by reaching between Reyna's leg and rubbing my hand across her sweet cunt. Mark stared. Reyna's initial reaction was to resist and try to pull her thighs together. "Spread 'em" I said as I looked deep into her eyes. She resisted a moment more and then spread her thighs far apart. I continued to rub her pussy as Mark watched. Her pussy began to get very wet. She closed her eyes. "Do you want to try?" I asked Mark.

He was stunned at first. He stammered a little. "You don't get these chances twice in a lifetime" I prodded him. I hot chick with her legs spread and nothing on. Come on." He moved forward and placed his hand on her thigh. I moved my hand away. He hesitated again and then cupped his hand over her mound. He began to move his whole hand over her pussy. The curls of her black pubic hair sprouted between his fingers. I reached over and grabbed Reyna's left breast again.

Her heart was pounding as Mark explored different ways to touch her and I pinched and squeezed her tits. Mark got his courage up and inserted his middle finger into Reyna. She gasped a little. He began moving his finger in and out of her.

Then he inserted a second finger and continued to move in and out of her. After several minutes of this I decided it might be time for a quick anatomy lesson for Mark. I showed him Reyna's clit and told him to rub that with his other hand as he finger fucked her. Mark began to rub her clit as I had showed him.

Reyna was approaching climax. Then we all heard other customers approaching Mark's department. Mark pulled his hands away and I told Reyna to straighten up a little. Mark excused himself to help the other customers. We told him we would return again. I could see the disappointment in his eyes as we quickly left the shoe department.

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We did return again, but that is another story. Reyna and I returned to the parking lot and approached my car. I held the passenger side door open to my car.

She sat down and began to swing her legs into the car. I stopped her and pulled her legs back out. I grabbed her knees and pushed them apart. I told her to touch herself. She began to rub her pussy as I massaged her tits.

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'Who's tits are these slave?" I asked her. On queue she said "yours master". "Who's pussy is that?" I asked. "Your pussy" she replied. "What can I do with that pussy?" I asked her. "Whatever you want" she replied. "That's right" I said.

"And, who's ass is this?" I said as I moved my hand down to rub her asshole. "Yours master" she whispered. "I didn't hear you" I said.

"Your ass too master" she replied. "Good" I said."Now, you can cum when I say you can cum and not before. Do you understand?" "Yes" she replied with a satisfied smile.

"Good, now lick your fingers clean" I commanded her. She did as told. I stood in front of her door and pulled her face against the crotch of my jeans. I pressed her lips firmly against my swollen cock.

"Now if you are a good girl today, I might let you taste this later. Would you like that?" I asked her. "Yes, I would love to taste your cock. "Good, that is my girl. Now you must always do as I say without hesitating or questions.

Do you understand?" I asked. "Yes" came her meek reply. "Good, now turn around and lift your skirt and show me your ass. You resisted me and hesitated one too many time in there for me.

I need you to do what I say. This is a reminder of what could happen should you not obey me" I told her. She offered up her ass. I slapped her ass cheeks until they began to turn red.

After her ass cheeks were sufficiently red I felt her pussy. It was wetter than before. "Did you like that spanking?" I asked her "Yes,very much" she cooed. She was approaching climax again just from a few strokes.

I brought her close to the edge of getting off. Then I stopped abruptly. I could tell she wanted desperately to stick her hand between her legs and finish herself off right there in the middle of the parking lot with her ass sticking out the side of my passenger side.

She looked to me for permission to get off. I said nothing. She breathed deeply a few times. I could tell she was having trouble getting herself under control. After a few more deep breathes I told her to pull her skirt back down and sit down.

I again grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth to the front of my jeans. My cock strained against the fabric between it and her sweet mouth. I wanted to just pull it out and stick it down her throat right there. "Remember, If you are good today, you might get to taste this" I reminded her. I pulled away from her and closed the door on her side. I moved around the back of the car and paused for a moment to make sure I could keep from walking back there and sticking my cock in her mouth.

I regained my composure. I got in the car and we headed for a local bar. We went in to the bar and I told her she needed to flash at least one guy before we left.

We sat at the bar and ordered a couple of Jameson's. I quietly reminded her of her task. She picked a guy and pointed him out to me. I waited for her plan. We had several drinks and I continued to wait for her to flash him. Finally I told her it was time to go. She walked boldly over to where he was sitting.

She grabbed her top and pulled it up and exposed her tits to him. The plan was so bold and audacious that hardly anyone noticed except for the guy she flashed and one other guy. Sometimes the easy place to hide something is out in the open. The look of shock on the guys face was priceless.

Reyna turned to me with a triumphant smile and we quickly left the bar. We walked to a nearby restaurant. Her assignment in the restaurant was fairly simple.


She needed to show the waiter her bare tits before we left also. I was eagerly anticipating how she was going to pull this one off. I complimented her on the bold moves in the bar.

While we considered what to order Reyna undid the top button on her blouse. She was now showing a lot of cleavage. She wanted to get the attention of the waiter right away.

When he did take our order he had a difficult time looking away from Reyna's chest. After we ordered Reyna excused herself to the bathroom. When she returned I noticed she had removed her bra. Her tits were now hanging and swinging freely as she walked.

Even when she talked they bounced and giggled happily under the thin fabric of her blouse. When the waiter returned later with our food I looked over at Reyna. She had managed to undo all but the bottom button of her blouse. She leaned forward and maneuvered such that her blouse gapped open and her right breast was plainly visible.

The waiter took his time delivering our meal and asked several times if he could get us anything else. He left and Reyna buttoned a few more buttons on her blouse. Needless to say we received superb service from the wait staff for the rest of the evening. The waiter was very attentive to our every want and sent a few of his bus boy and waiter buddies on site seeing tours by our table. None got the fabulous view the he got, but most got a very decent peek at cleavage or hard nipples.

At dessert I reminded Reyna that her assignment was to expose her breasts to the waiter not just one breast. She asked if we could trade sides of the table so that she could work the gap trick again. "No" I replied. "You will have to find a different plan".

As the waiter approached our table with the bill Reyna undid all the buttons on her blouse and opened her blouse while facing the waiter. She shook her breasts back and forth and then looked at me for approval.


I nodded. The waiter stood with mouth open. Fortunately for us we were in a secluded booth in the restaurant. He took payment and we left the restaurant.

We went to a nearby hotel. I told Reyna to wait in the bar of the hotel lobby. I told her to order herself a drink.

I returned a few minutes later and told her she needed to wait 15 minutes and then go to room 815. There she was to strip completely naked and kneel at the door. She was to place the blindfold I was giving her on her eyes and to knock on the door and wait for what was next.

I went to the room and got set-up and waited. A knock came at the door. I looked through the peephole. I could see Reyna's naked body kneeling in front of the door. Her eyes covered with a blindfold.

I decided to make her wait a few minutes in the hall. Then I opened the door and led her in still on her knees. I slapped her ass hard a couple of times. I felt her pussy to make sure she was good and wet. I pinched both of her nipples hard between my fingers. I slapped her ass again. "Open your mouth" I said.

I grabbed the back of her head. Reyna had been good. She got to taste my cock. It felt so good as I pushed it deep in her mouth. More to cum. .