Corno filma esposa levando pica no cu

Corno filma esposa levando pica no cu
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Aaron Smith walked down the same hall he did every day. Girls and guys past him by and he judged each one. He thought about the fun times they were having and he was missing out on. But little did he know that today would be his lucky day. Aaron walked into his first class, English, and was stopped by his teacher. She was a pretty woman.


About 5' 7" with short blonde hair and an average size chest. "Aaron I want you to stay after to retake a test for me." She looked him straight in the eye. That always made him nervous.

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"Yes ma'am." He walked by and went to his seat. The day went by sluggishly as usual and finally ended. Aaron left his last class and walked into his Ms. Stuarts room. She was sitting at her desk, legs crossed, looking through papers. She saw him out of the corner of her eye and motioned him over.

He walked over and she spun around in the chair.

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She was wearing a very short skirt, for a teacher, which revealed her creamy white legs. She uncrossed them, then crossed them over again. She could tell Aaron was watching closely. "Here's the test. I want you to answer me three questions." He looked confused then nodded.

She leaned back in the chair and licked her lips. "First.

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Why is it your so shy around me?" He looked nervous and she liked that. She uncrossed her legs again and this time left them apart. She saw him glance down at her open legs and she began to get wet. "Well&hellip.uh…I guess it's because I'm so nervous around pretty girls." He then turned beet red. She was getting very worked up now. "So you think I'm pretty do you?" She teased him. He got redder and redder. "Yes ma'am." This was too great, and she couldn't stand it much more.

"So then will you do something for me?" He nodded. "Then get down on your knees between my legs." He seemed reluctant but did as she said.

She was getting hotter and hotter, so she spread her legs farther. "Now lift up my skirt." He did so with shaky hands until finally he could see the treasure.

Her pussy lips were shaved clean and glistened with her female wetness. "Now kiss it." He looked up at her then did as he was told. He kissed her outer lips gently; she moaned softly and urged him on. But being a virgin he didn't know much to do.

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So she pushed his head into her and told him to lick her hard. He did so and began to get the taste of her. She moaned louder and louder, and this got him hard as a rock. She must have seen this because the next thing he knew she had him on his back and was viciously sucking on his cock.

He loved it so much that he too began to moan loudly. This turned her on so she sucked harder. Her head bobbed up and down so fast and hard her neck began to hurt. So she let go of his cock and turned to him. "Have you ever had intercourse before?" He shook his head. She began to get wetter.

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"Then hang on for a wild ride." She got up in a squat and positioned herself over his cock. It was bigger than anyone she had taken before. So she slowly slid it all the way in her. She moaned loudly as she began to grind her pelvis into him, slowly working up an orgasm. But before she could hit hers, he came. He spewed so much that she felt she would bust. It leaked from her like a faucet.

He began to apologize but she put her finger to his lips.


"Shhh, its ok. Just get that tool of your working again." And she grinded against him some more until she could feel his erection growing. As soon as it was big she pulled off of him and took off her shirt, revealing the nicest breasts he had ever seen. She got on all fours and pointed her ass at him. "Ride me in my ass. I want to feel your load in my ass." He got up precum dripping from his dick and placed the head next to her ass hole. She looked back at him and smiled.

He smiled back and slowly inserted his member into her ass. It was a tight fit but his dick was wet and easily slid in. She moaned the entire way until it was in. "Now grab my tits and ride me hard." He reached around and grabbed her great breasts and squeezed them gently. And with his dick in something instinct kicked in and he began to rock his hips back and forth. His hard member slid in and out of her slowly then furiously.

He squeezed her breasts hard as he pushed in harder and faster. She felt her orgasm coming and pushed against him to take it all. Luckily this time they both orgasmed at the same time, spilling their juices onto one another. She fell to the floor and he with her, still with his dick in her. For the longest time they were silent until she turned to him. "That was wonderful. You get and "A" this six weeks. Come back next week and we'll work on the semester." She kissed him softly on the lips then began to clean herself up.

As they readied to leave she turned to him as he walked out the door. "Oh if you have any other classes you'd like to pass I can make it happen." She then smiled and walked away quickly. Aaron just stood there thinking over her question. "Any other classes?"