Me cojo a mi novia por el culo

Me cojo a mi novia por el culo
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The first inkling I had that my day was going to be more interesting than normal, was hearing some muffled curse words from over the fence. I had gotten home earlier than normal, and was just sitting back to enjoy the afternoon with a cold one when I heard her.

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I had lived in this nice quiet neighborhood for about 5 years now, and knew my neighbors kids pretty well. The sounds I was hearing were probably coming from Amy, the petite 16 year old cheerleader who lived next door.

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She was a very attractive dark haired beauty, with medium length black hair, and a very nice tan, which I had enjoyed seeing her work on several times. She had watered my dogs before when I was on business trips, so we were fairly well acquainted.

As I peered over the fence, about to ask what was wrong, I was stunned into silence, which was a good thing, as it turned out. Amy had apparently forgotten her keys again, and had tried to sneak in the dog door, something I had seen her do before.

My side deck is high enough, it is easy to look over, and I had enjoyed some nice glimpses of her before, working out, doing chores and such after school. What the cursing what about, is she was stuck in the dog door, with her head and shoulders down towards the floor, and her hips stuck up high.

They have one of those locking dog door sliders, and she must have disturbed it when she was crawling in, and it locked her in place. With the gate down that way, and her arms and shoulders through, she could not back up, and could not go forward, because her full hips would need to turn sideways in order to get through the gaet.

Although I was enjoying the view of her short skirt almost completely exposing her panties in that position, I was about to call out to see if she needed some help, when their dog stuck his nose under her skirt, goosing her into the top of the dog door, and causing her to yelp in surprise.

Rex was a good sized golden lab, and very well behaved normally, but whatever he was smelling at her crotch caused him to keep his nose where it was, in spite of her yelling at him. "Rex, quit that! No!" she yelled, but although he backed up a step when she said that, he went right back to nosing her little panties. My shorts were feeling very tight in the crotch, when I noticed he was starting to lick at her panties, and her shrieks were changing pitch.

He was enjoying licking at her ass and panty covered pussy, and although she was still telling him no, some of the conviction had gone out of her voice.

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Her cheerleader practice must have made her legs and pussy smell great to him, because he kept on licking, and poking his nose at her, until it was obvious from her squirming and silence, that she was starting to enjoy it. I realized that if I did not record this for posterity, I would regret it, and quietly went into my office right off the porch, and grabbed my little video camera and set it on the edge of the fence, pointing down at the action.

By this time, her squirming was more pronounced, and I could see her hips flexing and her stomach muscles contracting when his long tongue hit near her clit. My dick was so hard at this point, I was about to whip it out and jack off, but I thought I could get a better view if I hopped the fence real quick. I jumped over the fence onto the lawn about 10 feet away, so she would not hear me, and I would not disturb Rex at his job.

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I walked right next to Amy and Rex, and pulled my shorts down so I could really enjoy the view. Standing so close to Amy, her skirt was partially blocking the view, so I carefully reached down, and flipped the back of her skirt up onto her upper back.

From this angle, it was obvious her panties were soaked from dog saliva, and probably pussy juice, since she was panting and moaning almost continually now. Rex surprised me by reaching up with one paw, and scratching the side of her butt, and leg. I think he was trying to get in position to hump her, as he was obviously excited.

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However, his claws hooked into the pink lace at the top of her panties and pulled them part way down on one side. When I saw that, a light bulb when off in my head, and I thought I could improve the view even more.

I reached down with my left hand (my right was busy stroking my rock hard cock at this point) and snagged her panties just like he had, only I pulled it down more on the left side, which opened the panties up at the leg hole.


Rex's tongue immediately found that opening, and the reaction from Amy was intense. She stiffened up, and gasped "Oh my GOD"!

as his rough dog tongue was now hitting directly on her lips and clit.

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I almost came right then, but my mind was now stuck on the idea of making this even better. I thought I could get away with moving Rex some, since he was so focused on licking her. I grabbed his right front leg, and made his claws snag in the panty top on Amy's right but cheek, pulling her panties half way down her legs. I stared at her perfect round ass, fully exposed now, as Rex went back to licking her, even more aggressively, now that he had a straight shot at her pussy.

About 15 seconds later, that direct contact of his tongue with her clit, made her stiffen in orgasm, as she squealed, tightened up her butt and stomach muscles, and came like a freight train. Rex ignored her sounds completely, and was humping at the air behind her, as he stimulated her past that orgasm, towards another one.

I then had another flash of brilliance. It looked like he was going to try to mount her shortly, but with her stuck as she was, I had a better idea. I pushed Rex back, although he clearly did not want to go. I then curled my hand into a claw shape, and scratched at her butt and back, as if Rex was trying to mount her.

I kneeled behind her, and guided the tip of my cock towards he swollen pussy lips, wet with her cum. I squeezed her hips with my fingernails, which should feel like Rex's claws with any luck, and then jabbed my hard cock at her pussy.


I knew dogs could not guide their cocks very accurately, so I slid my cock under her pussy, rubbing her clit a few times, then poked her legs, and finally allowed my cock to hit dead center on her pussy.

As I watched the head penetrate about an inch, I heard Amy give a little shriek of No! and then I rocked my hips forward rapidly, getting more of my cock into her hot little pussy with every stroke. Amy was moaning and panting repeatedly, with every push forward, and occasionally saying "Oh God!" when I went even deeper into her.

The sensation of heat and the slippery heaven of her pussy around my cock made my head reel, and I was right on the edge of cumming. I pushed into her harder, and finally bottomed out, with almost all of my cock fully imbedded into her tight pussy.

I had just enough control to keep the skin of my stomach and hips from ramming into her ass, because I did not want her to realize it was not a dog fucking her. I pulled my cock most of the way out, and slammed it back in repeatedly, trying to hold off on the monster orgasm I was about to have, when her pussy clenched down on me like a hot velvet vice, and she literally screamed, as she had her own orgasm, much stronger than the one before.

That pushed me far over the edge, and I rammed into her all the way, my hips and stomach firm against her legs and ass, as I came more strongly than I had ever before. I barely kept myself from yelling out, and wave after wave of cum crashed out of my cock, and into her pussy and womb. Before she finished coming down from her orgasm, I pulled my cock part way out, so she would not feel my skin, and then stayed there for a minute, while I enjoyed the site of her sweaty back, and round full ass right in front of me, and her lovely pussy still stretched out by half of my cock.

After a couple of minutes of catching my breath, and coming down from that amazing orgasm, I started to worry that I should get out of the position I was in, plus my knees were started to be sore. I slowly pulled my cock out of her, seeing her cum and mine mixed as I leaned back. I noticed Rex was right beside me, so I got to my feet, and pulled up my shorts. He sniffed at her pussy a few times, and then started licking again. Amy yelled out more loudly this time, as maybe she was extra sensitive at the moment.

He ignored her, and starting really going to town. I hopped back over the fence while he was busy licking her all over, and realized my camera had caught the whole thing. I quickly put it away, and when I came out, I saw Rex was about to try to mount Amy again. I panicked a bit, as I realized that if he fucked her too, Amy would almost certainly feel a big difference between us, and might come to the conclusion that someone other than Rex had fucked her.

I call out Rex "No Rex! Bad Dog!" and jumped over the fence again, this time being obvious about it. I pulled Rex back by his collar, and said "Amy, what are you doing!? In what I hoped was a stunned, and slightly accusing tone of voice. Amy was probably blushing halfway to her waist at being caught in that position, but she said "Mr Nicholas, can you help me please?" " I got caught in the dog door, and can't get out!" The embarrassment in her voice was obvious, and I thought she was almost to the point of tears.

Feeling a little guilty at this point, I said "Sure Amy, let me see what I can do". As I kneeled down next to her, I flipped her shorts back so they covered more of her backside, then leaned in close, to see if I could push up the gate latch. I strained at the gate with both hands, and forced it past the latch, and then up. I helped pull her out of the doggy door, and got a good view of her sweaty and flushed face and neck, as she stood up, and quickly yanked her panties back into position.

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She stammered out a quick thanks, and then said, "Please don't tell anyone about this!" With her face and neck still flaming red with embarrassment, she grabbed her backpack lying next to the door, and quickly ran around the corner.

I realized then, that this might not be the end of the story&hellip.