Hd castingcouch x josie jagger gets facial

Hd castingcouch x josie jagger gets facial
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After the incredible day with Miko, I took some time off from dating and everything. It was the end of September when I met Samantha for the first time.

She was a theatre girl who just transferred from another school and was hanging out in the court yard with Kim and Shawn, which is always a good sign. Samantha was a sexy girl with the most perfect curves, very beautiful big breast, and an incredibly sexy, round, hot ass.

She was a knockout and knew how to dress to exploit every inch of her body. Samantha and Me began to hang out a lot during the school day but unfortunately with me having band and her having theatre, we really didn't have a chance to go beyond friendship. Two weeks later on a Saturday I get a call, "Hey JC," my mind instantly draws a blank unaware who it is, "it's me Sam." "Oh hey what's up," I say with excitement in my voice.

"Nothing much, wondering what you are up to today?" she asks. "Well with this rain not much, had some homework to do but nothing big," I reply. "Oh forget the homework, come over to my place and watch a movie with me." "Sure," I said, feeling my cock twitch of the thought of hanging out with her.

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She gave me directions to her place and I hit the door running after we hung up. It took me awhile but as soon as I found her place she was waiting for me on the porch looking amazing. She was wearing a short skirt, a tight t shirt with long sleeves that was showing off her amazing breast, and her hair was pulled back into a pony tail. "Hey," she yells as I step out of my car, "you find the place alright." "Yeah, had a little trouble but I'm made it," I say as the bulge in my pants begins to grow from the mere sight of her, "so what are we going to watch?" "You will see," she says with a sly grin on her face.

She pulls me inside and we head all the way upstairs to a private room with a big screen TV and a big futon with posters hanging all over the walls. She sits down and pats the seat next to her.

I sit right down and look her body up and down real fast before I make eye contact, feeling my dick harden inside my jeans. "So what's the movie we going to watch, as I sit up trying to hide my bulge. She sat next to me with her legs crossed but her shirt riding high up her thigh, showing off her sexy, muscular thighs.

A big smile was on her face as I noticed her eyes were doing the exact same thing mine was, checking out every inch of the other's body. "So I have to confess to something," she says as she leans forward and places one hand behind my neck and the other on my leg.

My body tightens, feeling her soft fingers on my leg, making my cock grow even more as my mind races with everything I want to do to her. "Well, Kim and Shawn told me about your little romp and it got me real hot," she says as her hand travels up my thigh and she leans in closer to me.

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"I mean just down right pussy dripping hot," she softly moaned as she licked her lips, "and I really want to ride that nice big dick of yours." Her hand reaches my throbbing cock and begins to rub hard against it.

I softly moan as my hand reaches her cheek and draws her lips to mine, kissing her hard and passionately. Her hand stroking up and down my shaft as my hand travels down and cups her huge breast. She shoves me back and begins to undo my belt and jeans, pulling them off my legs.

Her eyes locked with mine as her tongue travels up my thigh, over my balls and up to the tip of my cock.


My eyes roll into the back of my head as I moan, causing her to smile and roll her tongue up and down my throbbing dick. Her hand grasping the base as she begins to slowly stroke it, her tongue rolling down to my balls, pulling one of them into her mouth and sucking hard on it. One of my hands racking down her back as she sucks hard on my balls, her hand stroking my long, thick shaft and our eyes locked onto each other.

As she lifts her head up and slowly takes my cock into her mouth, I softly moan and lean my head back. "Mmm…They were right. You have an amazing cock, and so damn thick," she says as she lowers her head back down and takes my cock deep into her mouth. I smile as her lips move up and down my cock, feeling her cover it with her saliva. She slides up and sucks hard on the tip, then pulls it out and spits on the head as she strokes faster.

I reach up and massage her breast, amazed at how big they feel; even my hand has to stretch out to hold it. Her dark eyes glued to mine as my hand massages her breast deep and hard, pinching her nipples. She closes her eyes feeling the sensation and pushes down deep on my cock, feeling her tongue on the bottom of my shaft as she squeezes me cock with her throat. She releases and strokes furiously as she looks at me, her eyes wanting more.

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"Oh fuck, baby never had anyone go that deep," I moan as she spits on my cock and continues to stroke. "I'm glad you like," she said with a little giggle, her other hand rubbing her pussy. I look down and see her panties soaked through, I smile up at her and push her down.

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"I think it is my turn to take care of you now," I say with a wicked grin. I lean down on top of her and kiss her lips deeply, my hand pulling off her top revealing her large breast. I kiss down her neck and cup both her breast as my mouth sucks hard on them.

My tongue play with her nipples as my mouth sucks and pulls on her massive mounds, feeling her hand run through my hair as she moans.

I kiss down her stomach as my hands slowly take off her skirt and panties, revealing a small, trimmed trail down to her soft pussy. Her pussy lips glistening from the juices, my mouth waters from the mere sight as my hands rub up and down her strong thighs.

I kiss her inner thigh and make my way up, teasing her with my tongue and lips. Her breath quickens as her eyes stay locked with mine. My hands slowly pull her pussy open, and I press my tongue hard against her swollen clit.

She slightly gasps as her eyes close and hand runs through my hair. I begin to move my tongue up and down against her clit, pressing hard against it as I feel her breath quicken. Her hips begin to move with mine as I move a little faster, rolling my tongue deep and hard against her clit. She bucks faster, moaning louder as my tongue moves with her body. I feel the juices covering my tongue as I lick faster and harder. "Oh fuck, give me that big cock now baby," she moans, "please I'm begging give it to me." I pull off my shirt and spread her legs open as I tease her pussy with my cock, eyes locked with hers as I push deep into her pussy.

"Oh god yes, fuck me hard baby, don't tease me," she moans out loud. I waste no time and start to pound her wet pussy, her breast jumping up and down as I fuck her hard. I lean down and suck on her nipples as I push deeper and harder into her pussy. "Oh that's it baby, fuck me faster, faster god damn it!" I pump faster and faster, feeling my own cock fill up with cum, trying to hold back.

"Oh shit, going to cum," I say as I clinch my body trying to hold back. "Cum in my mouth baby, cum hard for me," she demands as she slides off my cock and positions her mouth at the tip.

"Oh Damn," I scream as I unload onto her face, watching her take into her mouth and clean off my cock.

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"Please tell me you want more baby, because my pussy is still dripping and I need to scream," she says with her bottom lip poking out.

"Hell no, I got more in me," I say as feel her hand pump my semi-erect cock back to life. "Good then you sit down and I will ride that shit hard," she says as I fall down to the couch and watch her straddle me.

She looks deep into my eyes, her hand under her as she guides me deep into her pussy. She sits as far as she can down on my cock and looks right at me, "you ready," she asks. "Go for it, babe." I say as I lean back and hold onto the couch. She starts out slow at first, lifting up and dropping down hard on my cock. Then she begins to pump harder and faster on top of me, my cock regaining strength inside her as I feel her walls press hard against me.


Her moans growing louder and louder, her pussy squeezes my cock as I feel it throb inside her. "You like that you fucking stud, you like my tight pussy on that cock," she yells as she rides me deeper and harder. "Oh fuck me baby, just like that," I moan as I lean in and suck on her tits. My other hand reaches behind her and grabs her hair pulling her down harder, my lips and tongue working on her soft nipples. "Oh fuck, FUCK!" she screams as I feel her body release the juices from her pussy, covering my cock.

She stops moving but I continue to fuck her to keep it going. "Oh fuck baby, that's it make me cum again," she says trying to catch her breath.

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I pump deeper and harder, fucking her pussy as fast as I can feeling her pussy grow tight again. "Oh Shit, I'm Cumming!!" she screams, even louder than last time as her juices cover my cock and drip down off my balls.

When the last drop leaves her body, she collapses into my arms and catches her breath. "God damn, Kim and Shawn were definitely right about you," she says as she leans up and smiles at me. I laugh a little and kiss her lips, holding her tight to me and not letting our body's separate.

"So," I say, "was this just for fun or you want to keep me around?" She smiles at me, "Oh I'm a greedy slut, and I am keeping you around."