Fat Red Riding Hood going to the woods and gets some cock

Fat Red Riding Hood going to the woods and gets some cock
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THE BUS JOURNEY 2 After the experience with John Jo felt a confidence in herself that she had never known before.


She had always been capable and she knew her own ability but nothing had ever made her realise that dreams could so easily be made into reality. When she got home that night the first thing she did was to persuade her husband that it would be nice to have a dog. As a special thank you to him she did all the running in the bed later. After doing her usual Tuesday morning chores around the house the next day she made her way to the local library.

After an hours study of dog books she had determined which sort would be the perfect partner in both temperant and size. She decided that a German labrador would be perfect. Calm and faithful in character with a cock just slightly smaller than a mans.

She also did something else that was totally new to herself in the library. She had been sitting at an open desk and was aware of a young man, perhaps 16 or 17 years old positioned 10 yards in front of her.

Wearing jeans and an open necked white tee shirt he gave the impression that maybe he was a college boy. His blonde hair maybe made him look younger than he was. He hadn't paid her too much attention until she decided to see just how much power she could hold. Almost in semi awareness of what she was doing she had come out that day without any knickers and a slightly shorter skirt on. Aware that he could see under the table where she was sitting she had waited till one of the few times he looked towards her before opening her legs while pretending to be deep in reading the book in her hands.

With great self control she never looked up until shortly after she had calmly put her knees together again. Just from the guilty look as he quickly turned his head away she knew that he had been watching. She smiled to herself. She was very alert and saw that he had a book on France in his hands so after a few more minutes of teasing him with opened legs she slowly closed her book and went over to the lady at the checkout desk.

Making sure that she spoke in a voice just loud enough for him to hear she asked where the books on travel where as she was visiting France soon. She casually made her way to where the woman pointed.

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Once there she fidgeted around outwardly studying the books. Just as she had hoped he came over to apparently return his book to the shelf. He was no more than a foot to her left and just in front of her so she quickly reasoned that it was a fifty fifty chance that he would turn her way as he attempted to leave so with precise timing she turned at just the right moment in order to bump into him face to face.

She did more than that though because she was very aware of where she wanted her hand to accidently brush against.

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She only touched him there for a second but his erection almost made her orgasm right on the spot. She was almost as shocked as he was as she quietly apologised. She looked into his eyes as she spoke.

"Ooh! I am so sorry.but all the same thank you if that was for me!" She then slowly turned away and made her way to the exit. Her heartbeat was five times faster than her steps. He was just behind her as she checked the dog book out. She was now in a fix though as she hadn't planned this far ahead. Her mind was racing with what few alternatives she had. She banked on him following her and she was proved correct. Just as she hoped he kept a discrete distance behind her.

After a few minutes concentrated thinking she knew the perfect place to lead him, the amusement arcade in the shopping Mall.

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In there people just meander around and from a distance others might just take them as grandmother with her daughters child or similar. It would give her time to work out what to do next and also maybe make contact with him. Just as she knew would happen he was ten yards behind her as she entered. She made her way to what seemed the least populted part and he followed. Once there she stopped to play one of the one armed bandits.

He did the same a few machines along from her. She studied him a little as she worked out her next move. In the arcade he looked maybe even younger but certainly at least 16. He didn't look like he shaved so Jo wondered if he was still a virgin.

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His black brogue shoes were highly polished which reassured her a little about his cleanliness. Feeling secluded amongst all the laberynth of machines Jo made no attempt to hide the fact that she was looking at him. He turned and smiled a couple of times. Jo knew the situation was all in her hands and was relieved when she remembered that the gents and ladies toilets were in a corridor which was at the back.

She kept her eyes on the door leading to it for a full five minutes before sidling along till she was close enough to him. His eyes seemed so wide open and innocent as she spoke. "If you want to show me what you are hiding just let me go first then after a minute go to the gents." His slight nod was all she needed and she quickly turned on her heels and made her way to the gents.

There were 3 cubicles in there and she quickly made her way to the far one. She locked it immediately and held her breath as she nervously waited.

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A minute later she heard the door open and someone come in. Now she was in a quandary. What if it isn't him?


She certainly didn't want anyone else to see her coming out of a gents cubicle. The more she waited the faster her heart beat. Her hands were sweaty too. She listened intently. Whoever it was had stopped walking. She reasoned that if it was somebody else they would be facing away from her cubicle so she very quietly slid the lock across and pulled the door ajar a few inches. All she could see were the boys bright blue eyes not six inches from hers. She quickly opened the door and dragged him in.

No one was around so she felt it was safe to speak. "Why were you looking at me in the library?" "Erm! I am sorry. I didn't mean to but I couldn't help but notice your legs." His voice hadn't broken. Jo decided that he was way too young to have a meaningful chat with.

However he was still old enough to perform so she asked him out straight. "Are you still a virgin?" Jo's heart sank when he confirmed that he was. Flattered as she was that she had managed to arouse him she felt that it would be wrong to be his first ever. She was quiet for a moment before she pulled the toilet lid down and told him to stand on it. He meekly obeyed.

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His cock was at head height to her now and as she undid his trousers and pulled his briefs down she looked up at him as she spoke. "Well you had better save yourself for that special girl but I think it would be cruel to lead you this far without giving you something to crow about." She then leaned forward and took his small cock in her mouth, cupping his balls in her hand as she sensuously bobbed her head up and down.

It might have been small but it was certainly the hardest cock she had had of the three so far, four counting Max. He quickly came and she was slightly disappointed that there wasn't much cum.

She resigned herself that he must have wanked himself the previous night. The boy just closed his eyes and steadied himself with his hands pressed against the walls. After swallowing every drop and then wiping her mouth Jo just stood there as he pulled his jeans back up and stood down. She then asked him if he had enjoyed his first ever blow job. His reply blew her socks off. "Oh! It's not the first. My mother has done it a lot of times." Rather than wait for him to check that there was no one outside Jo ran out at full pelt.

On the way home she couldn't help but wonder what else had been going on in the world all the time she had been leading a normal regimented married life.