Fuck my redhead superman cosplay doll

Fuck my redhead superman cosplay doll
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The intercom crackled, startling her from her focus on the computer screen. "Lacy you have a phone call on line 1" Since her vision was still off focus she had to squint to read the clock on the wall. Thinking out loud she said "Who would be calling 10 minutes till closing?" Picking up the receiver she punched the button to open the line "Lacy Clarke speaking. How can I help you?" Speaking that greeting had become second nature to Lacy.

So much so she often answered her home phone that way. Her family joked with her about needing a vacation. But as exhausting as her accounting business was she did enjoy her work. An all to familiar voice interrupted her thoughts. Shivers streaked down her spine and her heart raced. Him!! "As soon as you get off work go straight to the Country Inn. Tell the front desk man you are with the Watson party. He will give you a key to room sixty nine and a white envelope.

Do not open it till you get to the room. You will have 20 minutes to do everything necessary. A car will be ready when you are done. And do not be late" There was warning in his tone that left no room for argument. "But…" Still she tried to protest but was cut off by a click and the rude silence that followed.

"Cocky Bastard" Now what? She had made plans with one of her co workers tonight. Should she cancel with Stacy or blow him off? Either option would leave someone disappointed. It had been a month since the last time she saw him. Every time she made plans he would suddenly make himself known again. Knowing she would do as he said without question. She hated the way he made her loose control. But when she was with him she never felt more alive.

Their encounters always left her craving more. She hesitated as she grabbed the phone. Before she could change her mind she called Stacy and lied her way out of the evening. Shutting down her computer she grabbed her purse and keys and locked her office up. The Country Inn was only about two miles away so she knew she would make it there with plenty of time to spare. *** The room was impressive. Beige walls with dark mahogany furniture. She stopped to look at the intricate patterns etched into the wood of the armoire.

Tracing her fingers along the lines. A plaid couch and loveseat sat opposite the armoire, an end table in the middle. By the window was a table with a bouquet of roses in the center.

A picture of a mountain scene hung over the overstuffed king size bed.

She noticed a small box laying in the center of the bed. Walking over to it she ran her fingers along the top of the box.

A red ribbon tied it closed with a little note saying to open the envelope first. She wanted to know what was inside but she obeyed. The letter still unopened in her hand intrigued her as much as the contents of the package.

She opened it and pulled out the sheet of paper. Unfolding it she began to read the instructions. --On the bed there is a package for you. But first I want you to go into the bathroom and shower.

All your washing needs will be in there for you. When you are finish do your make up and hair the way I like it. Only then can you open it. There is a note inside the box explaining the rest. Remember you have 20 minutes.-- Lacy neatly folded the letter back up and replaced it in the envelope.

Looking at the box one more time she reluctantly headed to the bathroom pouting a little as she went. After getting the temperature right she stepped into the warm spray. It helped ease the tension in her neck and shoulders a lot. On the ledge was a pink bar of soap. Lifting it to her nose she inhaled deeply. Roses, her favorite flower.

She lathered the poof till the soap was a soft foam. She enjoyed the way it felt on her skin. Soft and silky running between her breast, down her abdomen. Feeling it flow lower still, tickling and enticing as it made its way down. Lacy hadn't realized till then how much she needed an intimate touch. Just the feel of the soap had her weak in the knees and ready to melt into a pool of hot skin. Damn she was horny.

Clearing her head she hurried up and finished shampooing and rinsing off. Stepping out of the shower the air conditioned room sent goose bumps racing over her flushed skin. Her nipples constricted painfully to hard peaks making her even more aroused. Grabbing the stiff coarse fabric she roughly dried off hoping it would take her mind off the building need.

Wrapping in the towel she applied her make up. She let her platinum blonde hair lay long and wet so it would air dry into ringlets. She hated it that way but it was what he wanted so she let it go. She searched through her purse till she found the French perfume he bought her. Two squirts and she replaced it. Unable to wait any longer she practically ran to the bed. Untying the ribbon she gently removed the lid to the box. She gasped when she saw the corset.

Shiny leather the color of coal reflected her pale shocked face. Black lace traced along the edges and provided the cups for the breasts. The crotch with its three hook closure had a small opening in the front. It looked so small in the box, to small in fact. There was no way she could fit in that thing.

With a trembling hand she ran her fingers down the cool material. So smoothso sexy, so… not her. A zipper ran the length of the back with three closures at the top. So unsure but so anxious she tried it on.

She almost giggled when she got the last closure fitted and looked in the mirror. It fit like a glove, like it was hand tailored just for her. The corset was tight in all the right places with enough room for flexibility.

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The rough lace scrapped her already sensitive nipples hardening them once again. The leather caressed her skin when she walked sending exquisite sensations everywhere. She moaned as the opening of the crotch rubbed against her jeweled clit when she moved.

She was going to go insane by the end of the night. Going back to the bed she lifted the tissue paper in the box and retrieved the other note. Opened it and read it. --Your beautiful. I know that without even seeing you in it. In the closet there is a dress, shoes and a small box on the top shelf. You know what to do. See you in a few minutes. -- Lacy looked at the clock. By her estimate she only had about 5 minutes left to get ready.

She couldn't wait anymore. She wanted so badly to touch herself. To end this burning ache. If he found out she did that he might cancel the entire evening. She knew better to then to cross him so she did the only thing she could think of. She went to the closet. The dress was beautiful. Crimson red with sparkling bead work. The halter top dress had a hi low hem that flowed free and loose.

Beneath it was a pair of three and half inch heel sandals with rhinestone straps. It was to much. She wanted to cry. She would probably do that later.

She put the dress and shoes on and remembered the box on the top shelf. The shoes helped elevate her enough to reach it. Pulling it down she opened it.

She did cry then. Resting on a felt lining a shimmering diamond necklace with a pear shaped ruby stared up at her.

The matching earrings resting in the middle were just as breathtaking. With shaking hands she put them on and went to the mirror. The corset, hidden under the dress had gotten warmer now. That didn't stop the sensations flowing from it. Running her hands down her slender hips round to her back side she twisted and turned while inspecting herself in the mirror. She couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. Her hair was still damp but beginning to bunch up.

Her modestly applied make up highlighted her blue eyes and perfect lips. The dress did her cleavage justice…or maybe it was the corset.


She didn't even know she had cleavage. The low hem line of the dress wasn't overly long. Slightly shorter then she liked coming to a stop barely above the knee. Where as the high line of the dress came almost to crotch level. She would definitely have to keep her legs closed tonight. Well… A knock on the door disrupted her thoughts. Answering the door she politely smiled and told the gentleman she was ready and grabbed her purse.

*** Stepping out into the warm night air felt good. They stood there for a moment in silent till she heard the hum of an approaching vehicle. A Limo!! Shocked she looked at the man next to her in question. He said nothing but walked her to it and opened the door. For a moment she thought of turning around and running to her car. None of this could be really happening, she had to be dreaming. Then she smelled it.

The cologne he wore wafted across her nose and her insides somersaulted. Excitement flooded her, slowly she made her way in and sat down. He hadn't changed much since she last saw him. She took her time drinking him in. His wavy chestnut hair was slightly longer. The copper highlights seemed fewer this time though. Wearing a light blue button up dress shirt and black trousers that barely hid the impressive bulge she couldn't stop staring at. Freshly shaven with a smug look on his face he moved to positioned himself next to her.

Framing her face in his large hands he kissed her on the lips. Just a feather light touch that had her trembling.


Sitting so close he had her on the brink of going over the edge. Her nipples hard, clit screaming, she wanted to claw his eyes out for what he was doing to her.

And she knew he knew. "Your so beautiful Lace." He whispered in her ear as he licked and nibbled along her neck and shoulders. "My toy to do as I please." "Yes Sir" Was all she could manage to strangle out. Of course he would say that knowing she would agree to anything. He let his hands start roaming. Starting at her knee he traced his fingers over her leg.

Over the hem of the dress slightly dragging the thin material with it. By the time he made it up to her breast she was dizzy with the effort to breath. Pinching her hard nipples through the dress he sent shockwaves through her body. She moaned and tried to lean in closer.

The lace and his roughness was driving her mad. Fisting her hands in his hair she tried to pull him in for another kiss. This only got a slap across her breast. Followed by another hard exquisite pinch and throaty moan.

Suddenly he stopped. She wanted to scream at him. Settling on his knees in front of her he grabbed her behind her knees and yanked her forward off the seat. Startled she squealed and went to scoot back "Lay back and spread your legs" The stern look on his face and the determination in his eyes set her heart racing even faster.

What was he going to do? Fuck her right here in the back of the limo while the driver watched in the rearview mirror.

He must have seen the look of fear on her face for he softened his expression a little and added. "There is a petition between us and the driver. He cant see or hear anything going on. Lay back, spread your legs and close your eyes." Relaxing a little she settled into the seat and did as she was told.

His fingers were warm and rough along her sensitive skin. Massaging her knees, thighs. He started to go higher lifting the hem of her dress. She went to put her hands to stop him. He bit them. "Ouch!" She couldn't believe he actually bit her.

She glared at him for a second but rather then argue put her hands back to her sides and again closed her eyes. She wanted. no needed what he was doing. Lifting her hem higher he replaced them with his fingers. Dancing along her inner thigh teasingly going slowly higher. "Wider! I want your legs farther apart." She didn't do this fast enough so he grabbed her by the knees and forced them apart. She moaned and bunched her fist. Slowly he started tracing the outline of the corset.

Gently scratching her inner thighs and the juncture at her crotch. The opening of her crotch had her labia exposed like smiling lips, the silver jewelry shining with invitation.

Tracing her lips with his finger he tugged on the ring like a doorbell. She cried and arched her hips.

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Craving.needing more. With the flick of his fingers he unfastened the closures. She jumped but kept her eyes tightly closed. Her breathing was so loud he could almost hear it over the traffic and the music.

Using his tongue he licked the marks he made along her legs till he was inches from her exposed clit. He fanned his hot breath over her spread pussy making her moan and thrust her hips up. Then he did it. Once. Twice. He flicked his tongue over her clit. She nearly screamed, biting her lip instead. She let out a loud gasp. She had to squeeze her hands into tight fists to stop herself from trying to touch. "Please Sir, oh please… I want to cum" She pleaded with him.

She knew better then to do it without his permission. "No" He demanded as he picked up his tempo.


He continued lashing her with his tongue till she was soaked and gasping for air. Licking two fingers he slowly eased them into her tight juicy pussy. The walls of her pussy squeezing around them, swallowing them deep. Pumping them in and out Slow and steady at first. Moaning and crying she begged and pleaded.

Increasing his rhythm he had her screaming and bucking off the seat in no time. Hot liquid flowing down her leg, drenching his wrists and the floor below. Tossing her head back and forth, she moaned and cried. She didn't know if she could stop herself if he continued what he was doing. He kept this up till she was hoarse.

Screams dying into whines and moans Her knuckles were white as sheets, fingernails biting into the flesh of her palms. Sweat glistened over her body. Tiny droplets streaming down her cleavage. He stopped. "NO" She whined .She begged him with her eyes. "Please Sir, please don't stop" She didn't want him to stop. She wanted to cum. He would not be convinced.

Closing her eyes she let the dying sensations wash over her. Every muscle was tied in knots. Pussy tight and wet. Clit throbbing and so close to cumming it was hard to breathe. She felt something cold and slender being pushed into her hot pussy. Startled she jumped and tried to see what it was. He held her firm on the seat with his hand. Looking up at her, his passion glazed eyes calmed her.

Whatever it was he wouldn't hurt her. She watched as he flipped open the top of his ring and got a fingertip full of a clear gel.

Opening her labia wide he spread it on her fully exposed clit. Just the slightest touch had her moaning and thrusting again. It was cool against her heat. But it tingled. Wow did it tingle. He pulled away and released her. Still she couldn't stop moving. Whatever it was it felt like a million fingers were caressing her clit at one time.

Moving her hand over her clit she tried to touch but he slapped her hands and refastened the closures. She actually growled at him for doing that. Giving her a stern look he demanded "Do not take it out or wipe that off. Do you understand me Lace!" "Yes Sir" she complied meekly, still trying to regain her composure.

"Fix your dress and hair we are almost there" He sat back in the seat and rearranged his clothing as well. The bulge in his pants had gotten impressively larger. She wanted to reach over and free his cock. Put it in her mouth and lap at all his juices like he had done her. Seeing her looking at him with such hunger in his eyes he did just that.

She shifted in the seat just enough to get a good grip.

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Grabbing the thick shaft she started stroking up and down the length. Using the liquid seeping out for lube.

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She rubbed along the head while continuing to stroke the shaft with the other hand. She kissed and licked and nibbled till he grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock into her mouth. So far back she gagged, allowing her only few seconds at a time to get a breath. The tingling on her clit only added to her furiousness. She couldn't seem to move enough. He shoved her down one more time making her gag and pulled her away. Readjusting himself he refastened his trousers.

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The limo stopped.