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Dan what did they say? The same thing the kline's did. We need to keep Chrissy away from their son. Dan we cannot move again. Karen I don't know what eles to do. She has been banned from almost every house on the block.We need to get her back into group. Karen that didn't work before and it cost us the house.

Dan we need to do something. She is either going to catch something or get knocked up. She won't get knocked up. Dan you can't be sure.

Karen don't get mad, but I put her on Birth Control. Dan how could you do that without talking to me. I didn't want to be a Grandaddy at 37. Dan she is horny enough without you making it easier.

Dan I bet she is fucking all the time. Karen do you have any new ideas because I'm fresh out. Karen we have tried everything. You even went and bought her a dildo.She just has a huge sex drive.She even offered Tim the new school Gym teacher a BJ. He said she grabed his dick and showed him her tits. He didn't turn her in this time. We cannot be sure he won't next time.

I think we need to think of home schooling. You work from home so it should be easy. Dan we just need to find away to keep her legs closed. I hate to talk about my daughter that way, but it's the truth. She is a slut and we need to face that.I wish Chrissy would pick one special guy and stick with him.

The big thing on the block isn't that she fucks. It's how many of them she has fucked. The boys are starting to fight over her. I'm just as worried about Nate and how moving is hurting him. He didn't get to play football this season. I know he loves his sister. I ask him how he felt the other day. He said he used to understand her. It's been really hard on him.

He said their twin bond is gone. He said most of his friends make fun of her, and the other half want to fuck her.He even mention trying to set her up with a boyfriend.Chrissy told him boys her age borror her. She said thats why she done so many. The kids will be home from school anytime, so we need to talk about this later. Chrissy you need to leave Kevin alone.

Nate you are not my keeper. I can fuck who ever I want. Chrissy he is my last friend. Nate it's not my fault all your, so call friends dumped your ass. They didn't dump me. Their parents won't let them hang out with me. I'm screwed because my twin sister is the town slut. Nate get off my back, and I might not fuck Kevin.Chrissy you had better leave him alone. He is a nice guy and does not need to be added to your trophy bag. I still remember the 1st person in my trophy bag.

Chrissy I'm suprised you can remember that far back. You have had so many since then.Yes Nate my trophy bag is bigger than yours. Chrissy I don't have a trophy bag. I think the fact that you do is gross. Karen did you hear that? Trophy bagwhat is Nate talking about. I'm not sure I will ask him later. Shis here comes Chrissy.

Dan go see what Nate knows. Mom can I go to the Libary and study. Yes Chrissy as long as you are home before dinner.

Chrissy where is your brother? He went over to Kevin's to give him the bad news. I heard the back door open. Nate is that you? Yes Mom it's me. Nate I head you metion a trophy bag to Chrissy earlier. Mom were you ease dropping on us? Nate that's not important right now.

Your Dad and I are worried about Chrissy. If you know something you need to let us know. She saves her used condoms as trophy's. Mom the bag is huge. She keeps it in her tennis bag. Thank you Nate and I won't tell her you told me. Mom it doesn't matter she not going to stop. Nate me and Dad are working on it.

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Mom I just wish Chrissy would pick someone older and leave my friends alone. Dan did you hear all of that? Yes, Nate may have a good idea about getting someone older. I think we need to check out this trophy bag, Nate said it's really big. She is at the Libary with a study group.

I can check the tennis bag now. Karen listen to yourself. Do you actual think she is at the Libary? Karen I'm sure she is out getting fucked.

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I can't belive you let her go the libary. I think she needs supervision. Dan she is 17 years old. We can't lock her in her room for ever. Dan wait here while I get the bag. All My God,All My God---- Dan look at this bag it's so fucking huge.

Karen these can't be all hers. Dan why would she keep someone eles old condoms. Dan when did you put her on the pill? I took her to see Dr.Peter in May. We have a bigger problem then we though. Dan do you think an older guy would be the answer?

I was older than you Karen, did it make a difference for you? I liked that you could last longer and knew more stuff. The only thing that bothers me is we are new to the area. We don't know alot of people. We have only been here six months.

I don't know anyone I feel comfortable letting at my baby. Dan after seeing this bag. We need to do something and right away. Dan I have an idea, but your not going to like it. Karen I'm open to anything after seeing that bag. I think you should start fucking her. WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND. Dan look at from my point of view.

You are her stepdad not her Bio dadso it wouldn't be incest. I know you would not hurt or give her a diease. You have been fixed so getting her knocked up is out of the question. I know you are great in bedso she will be pleased. Karen I don't think I can do this. I'm a normal guy, so I noticed that she is hot. I have been her Dad since she was 7. I don' t think I could get a hard on. Will you at least try it for me? I love both of you so yes I will try. I think you should start the weekend of the campus tours.

I will make some reason not to go. I will make you a reservation at a hotel. I will get you a king size bed. You just play it up that it was a mistake. Karen how will I even start? I can remember you had me undressed and under you in about 5 minutes. Karen she is my daughter and I lover her.

Dan just use that love to make sure she is safe. Karen she may say no. Dan if she says no then at least we can say we tried everything. Mom I don't want to go with Daddy. I'm sorry baby but I have to work. Daddy and you will have a great time I'm sure. You better get to sleep you have an early start tommorrow. I heard that she doesn't want to go with me. I told you Karen it's not going to work. Dan you just need to let her see your cock.

Your cock is so big she won't be able to help herself.

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I remember the 1st time I saw it. My pussy got so wet it felt like I pissed my pants. I need that cock tonight Dan. I need it one last time before I start sharing with my daughter. Dan get your clothes off. I'm at your service wife.

Karen please suck my cock. Karen that feel so good. I need you to deep throat me tonight. I wonder if Chrissy is any good at this. Dan keep talking about Chrissy it's sick but it's also making me hot.

I bet she can take it all the way in. I will fuck her mouth with my cock and then make her swallow it all. Karen I'm getting ready to CUM!!!!!!!!!! MY GOD I"M CUMMMING. Karen get your pussy up on that bed. Ok here it is cum get it. I love the taste of your pussy.

I wonder if our daughter takes after me. I will find out and let you know. OMG OMG GET MY CLIT-----------DADDY FUCKER I'M CUMMMMING-------DADDY FUCKER THAT FEELS SO GOOOOD.Daddy fucker what a thing to call me, but I hope that I'm after this weekend.

You got me hot for our daughter with that dirty talk. Dan you better get to sleep. You are going to need all your engery this weekend. You both have a safe trip. Dan call me when you get there and tell me how it's going. I love you baby I'll call you when we get there. Dad I heard something funny last night. Chrissy what did you hear? I heard Mom call you Daddy Fucker. WHAT THE FUCK is that about? Chrissy I'm trying to watch the road.

I will talk to you about it once we get there. I didn't need to worry if I could get it up. My daugher said two little words and I'm rock hard. We got to the motel around 11am and I checked us in. Hey we can't take our bags up yet. The room isn't ready yet. I think we should go check out the campus.

Dad why do we need a hotel room at all. Your Mom though we should check out the surrounding area. She said that helped her make up her mind. We went on a tour of the campus and the student hall. I think we should go put out bags in the room and eat something. I opened the door and went in the room. Daddy I think they made a mistake. We only have one bed.

I will check with the front desk. I went into to the bathroom and called Karen. Karen we are here and wish me luck. I'm going in the bedroom and try to fuck my own daughter. Dan I love you and I have faith in your dick. Your dick could make a Nun forget her vow to God. Chrissy I just got off the phone with the front desk. We are just going to have to make do.

I'm going to take a nap before we eat. I took off my pants. I also pulled down my underwear with them. I wanted Chrissy to get a good look at my dick.

I was almost all the way hard. Chrissy mouth feel open and she said OMG. I'm sorry baby that you had to see that.

She went into the bathroom really quickly. She stayed in there for a long time. I was worried I had messed up our chance. I went over to the door and heard her moaning. I new that this was my chance. I open the door and pretened to be worried about her. She had the toilet paper holder stuck all the way up her pussy. Daddy get out of here. Chrissy why don't you let me help you.

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Daddy how can you help me? Chrissy come into the other room and we can talk about it. Chrissy me and your Mom have come to agreement. We cannot let you go around fucking everyone you meet. Daddy really this is not your call. I own my pussy and can fuck who ever I want. We are prepared to offer you something eles. Daddy I know it's hard for you to see me as I'm. I love cock and I'm not given it up. Daddy I'm sick you saw me fucking myself. The whole time I was thinking about your cock.

I told you Daddy I'm sick. I had to turn and adjust my cock it was so hard. Baby you are not sick. Your Mom and I think this plan with work for all of us. Ok Daddy what is the plan and why did we have to drive 10 hrs to talk about it. Our plan is that we should fuck. She looked @ me funny. I mean that you and I should fuck. Daddy thats FUCKING CRAZY. I'm not your Bio Dad so it's not incest and I can't get you knocked up.

Daddy this is just weird. You said you were jacking off to me in the bathroom. I will promise to make you happy. Mom is ok with this?

Honey it was her idea. She said you and her could take turns. I will sleep in our room one night and yours the next night.

We just want to keep you safe.Daddy do you want to fuck me? Baby I love you and your body is smoking hot. I'm hard just think about what I saw in the bathroom.

I'm going to take a nap and you think about it. Ok Daddy I will think about it. I'm going down to the pool to think. OMG she is finally gone. I can rub out this hard on. I lube up my cock with some of Chrissy hand lotion. I was really getting into it.


I keep seeing her in the bathroom fucking herself. I'm keep saying suck DADDY'S COCK SUCK IT BABY.

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Daddy let me help you with that. I almost died right then. Chrissy I didn't hear you come in. Yes Daddy you were busy, and now I'm going be busy. Chrissy got down her knees and swallowed all of my cock. Chrissy you are better than your mother. FUCK DON'T STOP BABY DADDY'S GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU. I let on of the biggest loads of my life off in my daughter's mouth. Chrissy get it all baby. Daddy you taste good and she gave me a huge kiss. The taste of cum on her lips made me rock hard again. I didn't let a second pass.

I pick Chrissy up and threw her on the bed. Chrissy if you want to stop just say the word. She just looked at me with lust in her eyes.

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I threw her legs over my shoulders and shoved my dick in her. I didn't even check to see if she was wet. Chrissy I'm sorry I need to be in you. Daddy don't worry my pussy is FUCKING WET. I felt the wetness right away and it drove me mad.

I had the hardest and fastest fuck ever.DADDY FUCK MY PUSSY-------MAKE ME YOUR WOMAN----------MAKE ME YOUR BABY WHORE --------CUM IN ME----------DADDY I'M CUMMMING FOR YOU----------OUH OUH YES FUCK I WANT IT.

Baby just wait I'm going to give it to you. I pulled out and started rubbing my cock-------------OUH OUH FUCK TAKE MY CUMMMM------MY LITTLE BABY WHORE--------HER COMES YOUR PRESENT---------SUCK IT ALL -----MY LITTLE WHORE. We just laid togather for awhile. I just rubed her back and her pussy. I rubed her pussy until she calmed down.

Daddy I love you. I have not felt that loved in a long time. Daddy the last time I felt that good I lost my CHERRY. Chrissy I'm glad your 1st time was good. Do I know who it was? Yes, but I can't tell you. Why not honey, I think were are past having secerts. Daddy that is between me and him. Ok I won't push, I'm just glad it was a good experience. Daddy we fucked for many years after that. He then found someone eles. I fucked like crazy trying to get that feeling back. I have never felt it since until today.

Chrissy I think we both need a nap. I have alot of stuff planned this weekend. Chrissy was asleep before I got into the bathroom. Hi Nate is your Mom home. Yes, I'll go get her. Dan is it going ok? Karen it's going great. She will be 100% my woman before the night is out. Oh Dan you don't know how glad, I'm to hear that. Dan you might want to try anal with her.

I have been reading her diary and I found her sex wish list. She has anal at the top of the list. She talks in her diary about the guys not wan't to do it.

Dan if you are her 1st you will have a special bond.Dan I feel bad because of how I'm feeling. I'm wet thinking of you fucking our daughter up the ass. Karen I have to go Chrissy will be waking up soon. I guess I will be fucking our daughter's virgin ass tonight. Karen you need to talk to Nate before we get home. The house is to small to keep him from finding out.


Make him understand were doing this for all of us. I hear Chrissy moving around, so I got to go. Daddy who are you talking too? I was talking to Mom baby. Daddy are you sure she is ok with this? Do you want to try anal sex? Yes, how did you know? Baby your Mom is so ok with this, that she read your diary. She what, that is so wrong. Baby don't get mad at her. She wanted to see if you mentioned sexual things you liked. She told me to fuck you up the ass.

Chrissy she wants you to be happy and so do I. Do you really want to get fucked up the ass? Yes Daddy I have wanted to do it for so long. I could not get any guys to do it. Baby those guys must have been crazy. Their loss is my gain. I get my daughter's virgin ass for lunch. Baby roll over on your back and spread your legs.

I'm going to eat you out. Daddy don't tease me. You said I could have your cock in my ass. I have wanted a cock up my ass for years. Please give it to me Daddy. Baby I'm going to eat out your hole 1st. I love doing that and it will make fucking you easier. Daddy do you mean eat my ass hole? Yes baby I'm going eat out your shit hole and your going love it. Daddy please hurry up that sounds so good. Baby spread your legs really good.Daddy wants his lunch and your hole is on my plate.

I go down and lick all the way around, but I don't touch the hole. Please Daddy stick your tounge in please. I have been good I want a treat. I spread her little puckerd hole just enough to get my tounge in.

I then fuck her with my tounge. DADDY OMG,OMG,OMG,FUCK,SHIT, I'M CUMMMMMING.Chrissy you taste so good. Baby get ready Daddy's cock wants to eat now. I use her cum to wet my cock. Her hole is wet from my tounge fucking, so I slid right it. Baby it was so easy to get in. Baby have you ever had a cock in your ass before. Daddy don't get mad but I have used the dildo Mommy gave me. DADDY PLEASE FUCK ME HARD----------I WANT YOUR CUM-----BABY YOU ARE GOING GET IT. DOES THIS FEEL BETTER THAN THE DILDO------------YES DADDY FUCK ME-----------OUH BABY I'M GOING TO CUMMMMMMMMMMM-----------------FUCK BABY I LOVE YOU--------------DADDY I'M CUMMMMING-------PLEASE HARDER---------FUCK.

I felt my baby squirt her pussy juices all over the bed. We rolled around in her juices for awhile. Baby follow me to the shower for round 2. The weekend went by too fast. We didn't leave the room very many times. We did everything on Chrissy sex wish list except one thing. I added some new things that, Chrissy had never heard off.


Chrissy go put the stuff in the car. I need to call your mom. Hey Karen we are leaving in about 10min. We should be home before supper.Dan did everything go ok? Yes and that sex wish list you sent me helped. Did you do them all? We did all but one which called for 2 dicks.

Karen did you talk to Nate? Yes ,and I know now why Nate was so mad at Chrissy. Do you mean it wasn't about moving? No, it seams Chrissy and Nate use to fuck. Nate started dating another girl and Chrissy got mad. Nate said Chrissy started fuck around after that.

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Chrissy told me she had not been this satsified since she lost her Cherry. I bet that Nate was the guy who got her Cherry.

We have some messed up kids. Well look on the bright side. Chrissy will be able to finish her sex wish list. I don't look at what happened this weekend as bad. We both love them, so how can that be bad. I think we need to talk about family togatherness. The four of us need to use sex to bring our family back togather. We let sex pull us apart. We need to use sex to bring us back togather.