Cute asian teens first bukkake orgy

Cute asian teens first bukkake orgy
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The Imperfect Storm © Copyright Mojavejoe420 2013-17 (Trent has written an erotic story on, but he's afraid to tell his girlfriend, Whitney, about it. Her sisters know about it, however, and have threatened to tell Whitney.

They're also seeing our man Trent in a rather different light. Please check out Chapter 1! Thanks for reading.) - The Imperfect Storm - Chapter 2 Whooshing noise. What the fuck? I'm dead asleep! Oh, it's my girlfriend Whitney's phone. Incoming text. You gotta be shitting me. It's 7:15 on Saturday morning! I'm going back to sleep. People need to respect the Saturday. - - - Somebody jumped on the bed and attacked me.

I thought it was Whitney, but I wasn't entirely sure. I felt a woman's naked body on top of mine. She rubbed into me and kissed me and told me to get up. "What's up babes?" I said groggily, trying to look at the clock. 8:30. I like 10 better. or 11. "Wake up sleepy head! We have to fuck!" She kissed me more, her breath nice and minty fresh. My mouth tasted like a water buffalo farted in it.

But, she doesn't seem to notice. Huh. "Is Big Red gone?" "Yeah, it was gone yesterday but you got drunk and fell asleep." She thrust her tongue in my mouth, then sucked my tongue in and out of her mouth. She reached down and stroked my morning wood. Hey, that's nice. And unusual. "Mmmmmm. I need your cock inside me, Trent. Now, Just fuck me, please?" Well, I really liked her presentation. I was completely swayed by her arguments.

I whole-heartedly agreed with her proposal. I started to rise up. She put her hand on my chest and said, "No baby. Just sit there. I'm getting on you." She moved up on me, dragging her tits in my face, but not letting me catch one in my mouth. It's a little game we used to play. She reached back and held my cock up at an angle, and she scooted back onto it. My cock split open her pussy lips. Jesus Christ she's fucking wet! It usually takes a half an hour of foreplay to get her this wet.

What the hell? Hey man, don't question, just enjoy the ride. She sat back completely on my cock, her full weight on my pelvis and my cock sunk deep inside her. "Oh my fucking GOD!" she cried out. She sat up straight and arched her back, thrusting her beautiful breasts forward. Her hands reached for the ceiling, then fell across her breasts. She teased and squeezed them as she rose up and down on my cock. I thrusted my pelvis to meet her motions, our bodies now slapping together in a hard, fucking rhythm.

Whitney fell forward, catching herself on her outstretched arms. More stable now, we fucked faster. I grabbed her tits and slap them together right in my face. The whole time she's just moaning. Eventually she collapsed on top of me. She was tired but still humping my rock-hard cock. I grab her ass and, rather gracefully, I might add, roll her over on her back with me on top, my cock staying inside her throbbing pussy.

Whit's nails dug into my back as she gasps and moans. "Fuck me! Don't. . Stop. . Keep. . Fucking me. . More. . More. . Yes oh shit YESSSSS!!!" Her screams continued as I felt her pussy contract around my cock. Her spasmodic jerks are beautiful to watch; I made this hot babe cum like a motherfucker!

I read somewhere that the male's hormone levels are the highest in the morning, hence the morning wood. I have to agree with that. My rock hard cock isn't quite ready to cum yet.

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All through her tumultuous orgasm, I kept fucking her, hard. I dragged a pillow over her face for her to scream into. I don't really want the neighbors knocking on the door. Whit is practically hyperventilating as her orgasm stretches on and on.

Jesus, this girl can cum! I finally reached the brink. I threw off her face pillow to find her hair matted with sweat, her cheeks flushed with passion, and her eyes wild with sex. "Give me that cum!" she says in a breathless voice. "Give it to me! Come on! I need it Trent! I NEED it. . in my mouth. . come on baby.

. come on. . " I pulled out of her wet snatch and quickly jumped up to her face. I stroked my cock just a couple times and. . "YESSSS!!

Fuck yes! Take it all Whitney! Take it all!!!" My cum shot out of my cock at blinding speed. It tore into her lips, mouth, cheeks. My sperm is so hot it must be sizzling on her skin. . Whitney gulped it all down in a couple swallows.

Her fingers pushed around the cum on her face towards her mouth. She greedily licked her fingers and swallowed all that down, too. It's been about 6 months or so since she's let me cum in her mouth. This was fantastic! But also… unexpected, but still fantastic. I pushed forward now, my flagging cock right in her face. She drew it into her mouth, sucking out the cum remnants and also tasting her own cum on my cock.

"Mmmmmmm so good Trent. . So good. . I love your cum in the morning. . " Really? You do? Because I was getting the impression you weren't so into me anymore. . But I wasn't born yesterday, so what I said was, "Oh baby! You are so fucking hot! Thank you!" And I slipped down into the bed beside her.

We snuggled and kissed for a few moments. Then she asked me a strange question. "Am I your dirty girl?" Well, honestly no. Not lately.

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I mean you are right now. What the fuck? But Like I said, I wasn't born yesterday. "Of course you are baby! But, um. . what do you mean?" "Trent. I love you, baby." She kissed me tenderly. "I want us to work, this to work. I want you and I want to keep you. I will do anything. . anything for you." Now, normally when someone says they'll do 'anything', they never actually mean it. So I kind of took this with a grain of salt.

"Whit, I love you, too! And I like you being my 'Dirty Girl'. I like it a lot!" "Good honey! I, ummm. I have a confession to make." What. Who did you sleep with? Did you get fired? Hurry up and say it!!! "Stacy told me about this website that has erotic stories--" Fuck!

Her older sister Stacy ratted me out! I asked her not to. But she also said she would. Fuck! "--and I read this one story. Well, really the first story cuz Stacy told me to. And, well, maybe you should read it. It was.

. well it got me kinda hot. Maybe you noticed?" Okay, so Stacy told her about the story, but apparently not that I was the author. Thank God. I don't think we're ready for that just yet.

"Baby, you're always hot!" I lied. "But yeah, you were fucking awesome this morning!" "I'm glad you liked it! I did. . ." And she kissed me more and snuggled into me with her soft tits and soft body. A lot of guys I know want to just get up and go afterwards. And miss all this? This is what often leads to more sex, guys! "So, I tell you what. I'm going to bring the computer to you. I want to know what you think of this story. You read, I'll make you a huge breakfast.

Naked, of course." "Babes, wear an apron? I don't want bacon grease to burn your tits." She laughed. I bent down and sucked one, her nipple hardening in my mouth. I love these tits. So responsive. She brought me in the laptop and presented it to me. There was my story, on the screen. First chapter. Fuck me. "So tell me, Whit. how did you find this story?" "Stacy texted me this morning.

I read it twice, then came in and jumped your bones. Stacy told me that Missy read it also, and she found it to be extremely hot!" Yeah, I know about that one. Whit's little sister had been sending me these phone videos every day. Just like 30-45 seconds or so. But they were fucking hot. Sucking her own tits, slapping her tits, fingering her pussy. She even sent one of her pissing in the tub.

That was weird. And, strangely erotic. I kept deleting them, though. Of course, only after I watched them ten or twenty times. I pretended to start reading. It's weird reading your own writings. Mostly what I saw were typos, grammatical errors, story errors, things I could've done better. But, eventually I fell into the story. I got through a few chapters when Whit returned with this enormous breakfast of scrambled eggs with peppers and onions and spicy jack cheese, lots of crispy bacon, sausages, O'brien potatoes, toast, juice and coffee.

"Jeez, Whit!

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Thanks baby! This would feed an army, I think." "I want you to get your strength up. You're going to need it in a few hours!" She wanted to talk about the story while we ate, and what was going on. I'm really surprised she liked it so much. The story included brother/sister incest, lesbians, light BDSM, sexy moms. I didn't think she would find this all that sexy. "Oh yes, Trent! That part where he turns the tables, and ties up his sister and half-rapes her? Oh my God!

I came twice reading that. did you like that?" Like it? I wrote it! Of course I liked it. That's a big fantasy a lot of us brothers have, to fuck their hot sisters. "Yeah, it's pretty damn hot. Don't you think it's weird, though? The incest angle?" "Well. . I can see how it would happen. They grow up together, they know each other very well, it's not completely surprising. So, Trent. How about your sister, Kylie? Did you two ever, you know. . ." "Oh yeah. Sure. We fucked like monkeys on the kitchen table.

Mom and dad used to get mad at us because the family couldn't eat dinner with all our fucking." Whitney gave me the evil eye. She knew I was making a joke out of it when, in fact, Kylie was the inspiration for the whole story. My older sister was fucking hot. Did I fuck her? Hey man, stories come from somewhere, ya know? You can't write a story in a vacuum. But, actually, no, I didn't.

"What about you and your Sister Bitches?" "Oh yeah, we're all just regular lesbians. Mom had to chain us up in our rooms just so she could clean the house. Otherwise there was baby oil and dildos everywhere." Touche, I guess. "Come on!" I said. "Tell me something. You're all pretty sexual, some things must've happened." "Hmmm. Well, Melissa was usually naked, or topless. She really likes her boobs and likes showing them off." "And you squeezed them a lot and sucked on them?" "Uh, no.

But I'm pretty sure if I said so, she would've been okay with it. She's a little slut. Then um, well maybe I shouldn't tell you this." I tilted my head and gave her my best smile. "Well, Stacy did teach me to masturbate. . ." "Holy shit! Really?" Whitney nodded her head yes. "Damn! that's hot!" "It's not really what you think.

We weren't sexual with each other. Although, looking back, it was pretty sexy. . ." I pulled my rock hard cock from under the sheets and showed it to Whitney. "Is that from the story or from me talking about my sisters?" There was a slight edge to her voice. "It's everything baby.

You, this morning, the story. I'm ready for some more." "Not now baby. We've got to get going for Amy's birthday, remember?

Plus. . I need you to store up your energy. We'll be acting out some of this story tonight." Amy is my niece, Kylie's baby. She's having her first birthday and we are supposed to go. Kids birthday parties, how much fucking fun is that.

"I say we miss it and I'll tie you up and then anally rape you." I teased. "That's my Plan A. My Plan B would be along similar lines but would also include some spanking.

Plan C. . Well I don't think you're ready for Plan C yet." "I'll take all of that. But later. Come on, we gotta get going." Yeah. That one-year old will be pissed if we're late! - - - The birthday party was in full swing. Babies everywhere, parents who I didn't know, relatives who haven't died yet, just a good time all-around. I did what I usually do in these situations; I kept a watch on the beer cooler. Someone has to do it. Lots of people leave the lid open, for Christ's sake!

You can't have that. I also periodically sampled the stock for appropriate temperature, which is very important. The party dragged on for hours; the babies were all getting fussy. But my parents and Whitney and some of the relatives seem to be settling in. Great. There's talk of a dinner barbecue. Even greater. More time away from Whitney and finding out how 'dirty' my Dirty Girl can be. Goddamnit, I'm so horny I could fuck one of these fat mom-cows with their giant tits.

"Trent! Got a couple minutes?" It was Kylie, my sister. "Yeah, sure. You need something?" Her husband, Richard, was being quite the dick. Actually, he was just doing what I was doing, only he was watching the liquor bar. But, this was his house and he should be doing something to help out. "Come talk to me for a minute while I put Amy down." Sure thing.

"I got this interesting text this morning from Stacy yesterday." "Yeah? What about?" We were climbing the stairs to her semi-mansion. "Well, it seems she wanted me to read this sex story on the internet." I stumbled on a step. Uh oh. "So I did. And it was fucking hot. It was all about this brother who was hot for his sister and, well, it was fucking hot." She laid Amy down in her crib. "Then she called me later in the day and asked me about it. I told her I came several times. Which is true.

I did." I got a little flushed. We've never talked about anything like this before. "Then you know what she said to me?" "Uh, no. I don't." What did Stacy do? Little Amy began crying a bit. "She said that I knew the author. She said I would be surprised by who it was." Kylie went to the crib.

She pulled her shirt up, exposing a heavy-duty looking bra. She undid a catch on the front, which let out a big tit through a trap-door in the nursing bra. She picked up Amy and placed her at her breast to feed. Amy quieted down. I sat motionless. I've never seen this kind of open behavior from my sister before. "After I read it again, I wasn't surprised at all who wrote it.

The locations, the characters, I knew them all." My cock was rock hard in my jeans. "I began to wonder who. . who was this person I had lived with all my life?

I thought I knew him pretty well." Kylie put her baby back in her crib. Little Amy seemed satisfied and stayed quiet. We walked out of the baby's room, into the study where they had a couch and TV.

Kylie looked at me and undid the other trap-door on her bra. Now both of her tits were hanging out. The left one, the one she just nursed with, was dripping milk onto the ground. Her right tit, somewhat bigger than her left, had a drop forming on the nipple. "But instead, it turns out my brother is a fucking sex pervert." Kylie walked over to me, stopping just inches away. "Right? You're a fucking pervert?" It was my turn to talk.

I knew that. But my brain couldn't think of anything to say. "Your cock is hard right now, I can see that. For me. For your sister.

Even after seeing my boobs doing their natural thing, you're still hard." "It's. . you're awesome. . ." I managed. "You aren't grossed out? By my milking tits? Because Dick is. My loving husband, doesn't like working-boobs." "I do. Jesus, I do." "Then, will you suck on them? Please?" She didn't have to ask me twice.

I pounced on the dripping one and sucked greedily, hungrily. Her milk flowed into my mouth. Hot. . sweet.

. mother's milk. . I gulped and swallowed as much as I could. I had never tasted anything like this. It's not like milk in a store. It's thinner, but better. And the fact that it was coming from my sister's large tit just made it all better. I switched to her other tit and sucked even harder. A milk explosion, in my mouth. God it is so good. Somewhere in my brain, a little voice was saying "Hello! You've got a girlfriend! Remember?" But it was a very quiet voice and my hormones drowned out the annoying noise.

My rigid cock was killing me as it was entangled in my boxers and jeans. It needed to get straightened out. I stood up and adjusted him. Kylie looked at me.

"Why didn't you ever say anything?" "Uh, really? Like why didn't I ever say 'Oh sis, you've got great tits, let me suck them'? Yeah right. Why didn't you say anything? You're the older one." "I guess you're right. It's not exactly normal." "No. It's fucking hot, though. But not exactly normal." "You should probably get back to Whitney, huh?" I went to the window and looked out on the backyard. Whitney was sitting there in the shade looking very comfortable, chatting with my relatives.

I turned to Kylie and undid my jeans, dropping them to the floor. Stepping out of them, I dropped my boxers, too, and stripped off my shirt. "I've still got a couple minutes. Maybe you could milk my cock a little. If you want to." "Sit down, young man." Kylie instructed. I did. She put her tits in my face once more so I could suckle her luscious tits. Her turgid nipple felt so big in my mouth.

I swallowed like a man dying of thirst. Her other tit leaked on my shoulder, dripping down my chest. Still with her shirt hiked up and bra on, but opened up, Kylie got to her knees and grabbed her milky tits. She sprayed my cock down, completely showering it in milk. It was sexy and fascinating beyond belief.

She would squeeze and hold for five seconds or so, then release, and do it all over again. Each nipple must've had 6 or 7 streams coming out of it. Kylie bent down and sucked my milk-covered cock, swallowing down her own milk. She pulled off and sprayed more milk on my cock. "Jesus Kylie.

. you're incredible. . that feels so good. . I'm right on the edge." "Hurry up and cum baby. We've got to get back." With that, she wrapped her wet tits around my cock and tit-fucked my dick. Milk shot everywhere under the constant pressure of her hands and my cock. Hot milk ran down my balls and pooled on the chair before dripping onto the floor. Kylie looked me in the eye, and begged me to cum for her. "Please Trent, please cum. I want your hot fucking cum in my mouth. I'm going to swallow your spunk down.

Cum. . cum for me. . " A few more strokes, and I did. She kept looking at me, watching my face contort as my body relieved itself of its cum on her neck, chin, tits, my stomach, my chest.

It was a lot of hot cum. I sat back in the chair as Kylie sprayed my chest and stomach with more of her milk. Then, starting at the top, she licked and sucked up her milk and my cum off of my chest. She showed it to me on her tongue, then swallowed with a 'Mmmmmmmmm' each time. I always knew she was a horndog. We should have done this years ago. Kylie made short work of my jizz, getting it all off me and most of it off her tits and down her throat.

"Go. I'll be down in a minute. If anyone asks, we were talking about Richard and job opportunities for you." Kylie was all business now, cleaning up and ushering me out. Wham, bam, thank you Trent. I need to get my shit together and go back and talk to Whitney now. Jesus. Now the guilt set in. What did I just do? Am I nuts? I just tit-fucked my sister within earshot of my live-in girlfriend! I'm such a dumbshit.

But then, I did just tit-fuck my sister's milky tits, which can't really be bad. It's not like she's another woman, she's just my sister.

It's really not much different than just masturbating. It's amazing how you can try to fool yourself. I grabbed a new beer out of the cooler and sat by the group of relatives. "You look nice a and relaxed, baby!" Whitney remarked. "Ahhh, just the beers taking over, ya know?" I replied, trying to be cool. "I've been talking with Richard about you." she continued. Really now? Talking with Dick, huh? Well Dick, while you were 'talking' to my girlfriend, I just tit-fucked your wife.

And she ate up all my sperm. Dick. But Dick did have some interesting things to say about his company. They needed some people in their I.T. department. Hmmm. I'm sure it would pay more than my current job. We talked more about it. Dick really isn't a bad guy. I start feeling bad for having sucked his wife's tits and coming on her neck.

Whit, of course, was ecstatic about the prospect of more money. Whitney drove us home and it was pretty late. I was tired, the hangover had already begun. We promised to talk about that silly internet story tomorrow. - - - Whit refused my advances on Sunday morning, but for a good reason. "We can't have sex for a couple hours, trust me." So we ate breakfast, and she did her 'three-esses' and primped and plucked and pruned and did whatever else girls do on a lazy Sunday morning.

I went to Home Depot and got an electric drill with my gift card. Nice. Still have about $30 left, so I got some footlong Velcro straps; the kind with the hooks on one end and the loops on the other.

These might come in handy. Then I stopped by my buddy's house to borrow his video camera. I walk into our little apartment with my bag of Depot goodies. Whitney jumped off the couch and attacked me, kissing me and pushing me back against the just-closed door. I dropped my bag on the ground. Whitney thrust her tongue inside my mouth, and I sucked it and hold her close. "I'm so glad you're here," she says, her breathing a little heavy. "My boyfriend is gone all afternoon.

We can do whatever we want." "Oh, I see!" I'm really good at catching on to things like that. "So this boyfriend of yours, how is he in the sack?" "Mmmmm well. . he always wants to fuck, which is nice. And he usually makes me cum --" "Usually?" "I meant always. . but you, you're an animal. Aren't you?" Again, I'm pretty good with the hints. She talked about wanting to be my 'Dirty Girl'.

We're playing as if I'm not her regular man, I'm a different guy. She read the story and told me how fired up she is about it. And she met me at the door wearing just one of my dress shirts. This girl wants something different today. And she's going to get it. I slap Whitney's ass cheek hard, and squeeze it roughly. "I'm a fucking animal, alright. I'm the god damned Tasmanian Devil.

You want this? You sure you want this?" "Yes, baby. I want it all." "Alright then. First order of business. Why don't you make us some drinks." "You don't have to get me drunk, baby," she purred at me. "No, but a little loose wouldn't hurt." I pulled out the video cam and started filming her as she reached for the glasses, my/her shirt rising up and showing her ass cheeks a little bit. She's got a great ass. "Hey! Who's is that?

What are you doing?" "Just stepping it up a little bit. Say, why don't you unbutton your shirt a little more. Yeah, just leave one." "Trent, I'm not sure I--" "Trent? Your boyfriend is gone, remember? I'm Tony." She smiled. Tony, like in the story, the Imperfect Storm.


That crazy Tony. "Nice. . now, dip your nipple in your wine. Give me a taste. Mmmmmmmmm." Her nipple went max-hard almost immediately. "Now, dip your other one in my drink. Mmmmmmm!" This one also went apeshit in the ice-cold liquid. "Drink your wine. More. Keep going. More. Finish it." She flushed a little with the amount of wine she just drank. "Good girl. Now, I need you to masturbate. Cum-pletely." "Trent? What are you--" "Who?" "Tony, I mean.

I'm not comfortable doing that, not while you're filming me. ." "It won't go on the net, I promise. You do masturbate, yes?" She nodded. Actually, I hadn't seen her masturbate for about a year.

I missed it. "You need some stimulation? Want a video on?" She nodded. I put on XNXX. She used to like watching the romantic videos, but she shook her head at that category. "Big dicks? No? Big tits? Ow. I guess that's a no. Lesbians, no. Blondes? Nice face Whitney. Bukkake? Ohhh! Bukkake it is then. Let me see now. . ." Bukkake videos are where many guys jack off on a kneeling girls face. She may or may not swallow, but typically her face gets covered in goo.

I can't believe she wants this. For the last six months she's carefully avoided my ejaculate. We walk to the bedroom and I hook the laptop to the TV in there. It's only 32 inches, but it's high def and was cheap. The unknown brunette is sucking on a big cock and stroking another. Two other cocks are banging her cheek and head as guys are trying to get themselves sucked.

Whitney is a dirty girl. "Come kiss me for a little bit?" she asks. We french kissed for several minutes. Her soft velvety tongue in my mouth and around my tongue. mmmmm. My cock grew hard and her motor was running. "Okay," she says, her breath ragged. I backed off and started filming. Her hands roamed all over her body as she writhed on the sheets. She pulled her breasts up to her mouth; she can lick them but not quite suck them.

But she licked them and got them good and wet. Then, and I couldn't believe this, she smacked her own tits! Slap slap slap! "Go baby go!" I encouraged. "Be my dirty girl!" She rolled over on her stomach and brought her knees up, sticking her ass in the air. She spread her legs, giving me some great footage of her spread pussy lips. "You like that cunt? Huh baby? You like it? It's for you,baby" She reached between her legs and drew her middle finger up inside her lips.

She's very juicy already. She slid her finger in further, quickly followed by her ring finger. "Tony, come up to my face." I brought the camera up to her face as she pulled her sticky fingers out of her puss. Looking directly into the camera, she licked and sucked her two fingers that were just inside her pussy a moment ago. "Mmmmmmmmmm! I taste good.

Damn Good!" She rolled on her back and drove her fingers back inside her. "Look how wet I am, baby! Oh god that chick is getting creamed!" On the screen the cumshots began on bukkake girl, gobs of cum on her face, hair, tits. Whitney squeezed her tit hard, much harder than I've ever squeezed them. "Are you gonna fuck me hard? Huh baby? Yeah? Gonna fuck me?

What about my ass? Baby? You wanna fuck my ass?" I do love the dirty-talking Whitney! She rolled a little to the side so she could finger her asshole with her other hand.

My camera angle was nice and close, and I could see her face, too. I'll send you the video some day. Her left fingers got some pussy juice on it, and began rubbing her ass. She slid a finger in slightly. "Oh God my as is s-o-o-o-o-o-o tight! You want to fuck that ass, don't you. You want to fuck me in the ass? Spit on it!" So I did. She rubbed her fingers in the spit and slid her middle finger right up her asshole. "Oh baby! You see that?

You want me to suck that finger too? You do, don't you." and she did, sucked her finger that was in her ass. On the TV, bukkake girl was joined by another girl. Whitney was going nuts. "Oh god! Did you see that? she's licking the cum off that other bitch's face! Oh Jesus!" And she really starting friggin her pussy hard. Panting and moaning now, she was getting close. I haven't seen Whitney like this in about a year. It's a fucking wonderful change of pace, I tell you what.

The one bukkake girl is now spitting cum onto the other girl, and then pulled the other girl's face into her cummy tits. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh F-U-U-U-U-U-C-K!" Whitney moaned and grimaced as she came. "A-A-A-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H!!!" I could actually see her cunt quivering as she withdrew her hands. I set the camera on the dresser, pointed at us, and dove into her pussy head first.

To tell the truth, I hadn't eaten her out for awhile, either. This was just fantastic, though! I gnawed and licked and sucked at her pussy and clitoris like a hungry madman. She clamped her legs around my head and came again. She soaked my face with her female juices, I swallowed up as much as I could.

I crawled up to her and we kissed long and hard, hugging and squeezing each other. "Jesus! Trent! Errr. Tony. whoever you're supposed to be. I don't think I've ever cum that hard before!" "Yeah, not that I've ever seen!

You're like a woman possessed or something. You need. some more wine." So I got us both some more wine as she laid there on the bed, her hands drifting around her puss.

I undressed, too. "So tell me, Whit," I asked when I came back. "You uh. you want to try some of that stuff in the story?" She gave me this sly smile. "Maybe. I don't know." And she played with my hard cock a little bit. "Might be fun!" "We could just read that story again, instead." "Naww! Wouldn't it be better to try it, just a little? We could have a, um, whaddya call it. a 'Safe' word.

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So you can say that and we'll stop." "A safe word." "Yeah, something that means 'stop'. Because saying 'Oh baby Stop' actually means go more!" "Oh, ok. Right. So, what will it be?" "Um. How about 'kittens'? That's pretty safe, right?" "Ok, Kittens. And you'll stop." "Sure." "Well. ok then. kittens?" "Right. Kittens." I had thought about this for quite a long time, back when I was writing the story.

We didn't have any handcuffs or anything, but she did have this silk bathrobe with a silk belt. I thought that would work.

I went and got it, brought it back. "Ooooh!" she purred. "Arms up here, baby!" I ran the belt through the wood frame of the bed, then looped it back towards her hands.

Then I wrapped it carefully around her wrists, trying not to make any wrinkles that would bind into her skin. I finished up with a Granny knot because, hey, I was never a Boy Scout. "How's that? Does it hurt? Too tight?" I adjusted the pillows so her arms were at rest on them. She pulled a few times.

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"No, seems ok?" She was giggling now, looking around the room and at me in anticipation. "I think your cock likes the idea, huh?" It sure fucking did.

Between her earlier show and tying her up, my cock was just oozing pre-cum continuously. I stepped away from her to admire the scene: My Whitney, lying naked on her back, tied to the bed, her firm C-cup breasts rising nicely from her chest.

I picked up the camera and slowly panned over her naked body. I went to her dresser and got her sleeping mask. It's basically a blindfold, made for people that have to sleep during the day. Whitney's job at the hospital often has weird hours, and she needs to catch up on her sleep.

"You're going to blindfold me?" she asked, somewhat hesitant. "That wasn't in the story!" "Hey baby, this is real life, not some stupid story." I adjusted it on her face.

"See anything?" "No, it's pitch black. Um. Kittens!" "What?" Kittens is the safe word. "You aren't quitting now! We haven't even started?" "Ok, I guess. No kittens." "Good. Now just sit tight." I went to the kitchen to get some stuff. I could hear Whitney calling my name. Apparently, she didn't like being tied up and left alone. I found it kind of thrilling. I loaded up a TV tray with a bunch of stuff from the fridge and the pantry.

I came back into the bedroom. "Trent?" "No, Trent's not here, remember? I'm Tony." "Tony, don't leave me like that! It's scary!" Good. I like you being a little scared. You don't know what's coming next. "I didn't think a Dirty Girl would mind it so much." I replied. I set the tray of goodies on the bed, and then sat down on her chest, straddling her tits. With her arms up over her head, this put my erect cock right over her face.

"What are you doing?" she asked. "Shhhhhh." I opened up a bottle and poured some stuff on my cock. "Open wide." I slid my dripping cock into her mouth. She closed around it, afraid at first. Then she tasted it. Licked it up and swallowed it. "MMMM! Ranch dressing!" I smeared some junk on my balls and dangled them into her open mouth.

"Haha! Peanut Butter!" she exclaimed as she hungrily licked and sucked my balls completely clean. We did more. "Whipped cream!" "Honey!" "Mustard? Gross! Ack!!" Hey, it was funny. I put a big juicy strawberry inside her pussy for a few moments, getting it all nice and wet. Then I brought it up to her mouth.

"Bite into this." And she did. "Mmmmmmm. Pussy Berries! More!" And we had pussy bananas, and pussy cucumbers, and pussy carrots, too. I grabbed a big fat whole cucumber, and rubbed it against her wet sexy lips. I shoved it in. "Ohhh! Shit what is that? Trent? I mean, Tony? Take it out!" "No, the Dirty Girl likes it!" And I slapped her tits a little bit.

I sat back on her chest and stuck my cock into her mouth. "Suck it, baby. Suck it good. Suck that cock." I was able to reach back and work that big cucumber back and forth into her pussy.

It slid in and out easily. Whitney is a wet slut! She sucked my cock nicely. I decided to switch it up. I pulled out the cucumber, then got down and just shoved my cock up her cunt. I then held the slimy cuke in her face, rubbing it all around and covering her face with her own pussy juices.

I fucked her hard as I whispered to her. "You like your own juices, don't you baby girl." "Yes, Tony, I'm just a fucking slut." "I want to film you, fucking your own cunt." "No." "Put it on the pornsites, have thousands of guys cumming because of you." "Oh Jesus." "All those horny fucking guys, shooting their cum for you, on your tits, on your face, in your mouth." "Oh god don't stop!" I sped up the fucking, slamming hard into her.

"Cocks all over you, fucking your face, your ass, your cunt, two cocks in your mouth baby! Can you handle all that cum?" "Yes I want it all! I'll eat all of it!" Then she death-clenched my cock as she came, my cock totally loving her pulsing pussy.

I grabbed her nipple hard and she cried out more. My own orgasm was very close, just a couple more strokes! There it is!

Fuck yeah! Waves of pleasure rocked me as I shot spurt after spurt inside her hot cunt. Jesus it felt good! So much cum, my cock was just swimming in slippery stuff. Then I got an idea.

I pulled my semi-hard cock out of her cunt, and told Whit to bring her knees up to her chest. With her arms still tied above her head, I pulled out the pillows from behind her head. Then I pushed her butt up into the air. "What are you doing?!" she asked, totally confused. "You're going to drink my cum," I told her. "Help me out some." I pushed her more, so that her head and neck were all scrunched up and her back went up in the air.

I positioned her cunt where I thought it was over her face. I could see my cum sloshing around right on the edge of her pussy lips. "Ok, squeeze," I told her. She did, the first few drops landed on her forehead. I pushed her back a little, then she squeezed some more and my cum flowed out of her sex onto her face, about half of it going in her mouth.

She greedily swallowed it down. Then she surprised me. "Tony, help me. with your tongue." She wanted me to clean the rest of her cum off her face, with my tongue. Now, let me tell you, this is something that I, Trent, would never do. But we're role-playing, and I'm 'Tony the crazy fucker', so I've got to do what Tony would do.

Here goes. I released Whitney so she could lay back down normally. Then I bent down to her face, I could smell my own sperm. Somewhat hesitantly, I pushed a gob on her check over to her mouth; she sucked my tongue clean with a big "MMmmmmmmmm." Jesus it was fucking sexy! I went for some more of my cum on her other cheek, pushing it over to her mouth where she sucked it down again. Jesus Christ, I can't tell a lie. This was fucking turning me on. I mean, I'm not gay, but this is some freaky shit!

I turned fucking rock hard again. "Baby," I said to her. "Did you like that?" "Oh god yes!" she exclaimed. "You're so fucking hot! My pussy juices are just flowing!" I reached down and checked, her taint and ass are covered in a combination of some of my leftover cum and her hot cunt juices. I start rubbing her asshole, smearing the juices all over it.

"Baby, Tony isn't done yet." I slipped my middle finger inside her ass, just an inch or so. I stared into her eyes. "Huh? Can you take it?

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Are you really a Dirty Girl? Or you just all talk? Huh?" I shoved my finger as far up as it will go. She stiffened a bit, then relaxed as I finger fucked her ass more. "You better relax more, baby, cuz my cock is coming in here in a minute!" "Oh no!" cried Whitney, faking a refusal.

"You can't fuck my ass! That's disgusting! You can't do that to me!" At the same time she's whining, she's also bucking her hips up and down as my finger stroked her tight butthole.


I insert my second finger, stretching her anus. "No Tony! You can't fuck my ass! Please!" I moved around so my cock got in her face. I pulled my hand out of her ass and gripped my cock, sticking both my cock and my smelly fingers in her face. I slap her cheeks with my cock, and deliberately dragged my sticky fingers over her lips. "Yeah baby, that's a good Dirty Girl. mmm hmmm. yeah you better suck that cock, get it good and juicy now. it's going in your ass." I stood up and grabbed her legs and flipped her onto her stomach.

I took one of the small decorative bed pillows and jammed it under her pelvis, making her ass stick up in higher in the air. God, she looked good, her ass just begging to be fucked by me. Massaging first her pussy for more juice, I then massaged her ass, easily slipping my fingers in and out of her. I dropped a big spit right onto her rosebud, and pressed my raging hard on against her hot ass-skin. Rubbing my cockhead around a little, I then press forward a little. The head went in.

"OWWW!" cried Whitney, in real pain. I pulled back a little, gently easing in and out of the space I've invaded. I dropped another spitbomb right onto my cock to help out. "Better now?" Whitney just moaned a little, which seemed to me that she's okay. I pressed harder, but also pull back again, little soft strokes, stretching the walls of her tight ass.

Pressing harder, deeper into her ass until I'm halfway. I pulled all the way out, her ass gaped at me before closing up. I dropped some more spit on her wrinkled asshole, and plunged in about 3/4s of the way in. "OH MY GOD!" shrieked Whitney, arching her back, trying to accommodate my thick cock.

I pumped harder, and faster, and Whitney is writhing in ecstasy or agony, I can't tell. Maybe both. I collapse on her, forcing my cock even deeper into her quivering ass. My hands reached under her and I grab her tits hard, squeezing the shit out of them.

Whitney just moaned and then panted, quick little breaths as she tried to maintain a semblance of control. At some point, I hit 'bottom' and sank all the way inside her. "Good Girl," I whisper, panting also. "Your ass is so tight for me baby. I'm fucking that ass of yours." Whitney just started moaning "Oh god oh god oh god" and writhed in her bonds, her hands still tied above her head. "You like this ass fucking, don't you!" "No!" "Come on bitch," I say, in between my own panting.

"You're a nasty slut. who likes getting fucked. wherever she can!" "Trent how can you say that?. oh my god. oh my god. keep fucking me. like that." I pinched her nipples till she cried out a little, and I fucked her harder.

"I'm Tony, remember? The camera's still on, Dirty Girl." "Oh shit. no." "Maybe we should. show your sister's. what kind of a slut. you really are." I was getting off on this dirty talking thing, we've never really done that much.

"No! Don't. you dare." "They would love it! Imagine them watching you. they'd probably. finger themselves. as you got ass-raped." Whitney turned her head till she saw the camera on the dresser. The red light blinked on it. "Oh fuck! You aren't kidding!" "What do you want. to say to them?" "Fuck you Trent! And fuck you, Sister Bitches!" She turned her head away from the camera.

I grabbed her head and made her face the camera again. With my other hand I reached down around her to grab her pussy from underneath. Whitney grimaced, then let out a long moan as her orgasm approached. "Cum for the camera, slut. cum for your sisters!" "ooooOOOHHH Fuck! FUCK! FUCK!. GOD DAMMIT FUCK!. I'm cumming I'm CUMMING OH FUCK!.

so fucking hard. JESUS." As her ass and pussy flexed and quivered, I speed-pumped her and made myself cum, too. I felt like I dumped at least a quart of sperm into her asshole. We rested for a few moments, my cock slightly going down, but not much. Finally I got up, pulled out and reached for the camera. I brought it real close to her ass, my other hand spreading her cheeks. I narrated for the camera. "Yes. there it is. the Ass-Fuck of the week!

And she's a bit of a gaper, isn't she? And what's this? Oh we've got some sperm leaking out. Yes we've got to get this. yeah in my hand. Oh Whitney you'll be glad I saved this for you! Roll over, toots." Whit obliged, her mouth opening seductively. "Oh, you want some huh? Yes of course you do.

here you go. yeah baby. oh yeah. show the camera, don't swallow yet. oh that's good. okay you can swallow. mmmm baby.

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you should lick my cock and balls. oh that's it baby. yeah so everyone can see. don't laugh this is serious business! Oh yeah. got my cum and your cum and ass on it. don't make a face you like it! Now. what do you want to say to your sisters?" "I don't want to say anything because they aren't watching this!" "Come on, I thought you were my Dirty Girl!" "Oh alright then. um. Hi Girls! Bet you wish you were me! Have you ever been fucked like this? Haha! Bitches!" I put my cock back in her mouth, she gazed at the camera.

After a few moments I shut it off. I collapse next to Whit. "Wow! I Mean holy shit!" "Kittens!" "What? oh, yeah, you want to get undone?" Whitney grappled me after I untied her hands. We kiss long and hard, our hot and sweaty bodies languorously rubbing against each other. "Maybe we should just stay in bed the rest of the day," I offer. "Mmmm yes! Except. oh crap.

The girls were coming over later today. We're supposed to go shopping for Melissa's trip with her stupid boyfriend." "Jake? I thought they broke up?" "Yeah, but you know her. She needs to get fucked every now and then or she goes crazy. Oh my God I can't believe I just said that!" "You're getting a loose tongue there, baby!" "Well, when you all get back we can show them the movie." "What?

This movie? Are you kidding me? I thought you were just playing around!" I just look at Whitney. "You are kidding, you have to be. You can't show them this! They'll think. they'll think I'm a total slut!" "And that would be so bad? They used to think you're a prude, now you can prove them wrong!" Whitney is really perplexed. she can't decide. but I like it because she's actually considering it now. "You know what, babe?" Whitney asks me. "I surrender. To you.

Whatever you think is best. I just want you to. be like you were today. All the time. Love me. Treat me right. But also. dominate me. That turns me on so fucking much. you have no idea. I don't think I've ever been happier than right now." "Me too, baby" I reassured her.

I wasn't quite expecting that, I was just hoping she wouldn't yell the code word too early. But, apparently I've hit her nail on the head. She wants me to dominate her. Well. I'm normally kind of mild-mannered, easy-going. But, like everyone, there's something else inside me. Animalistic, untamed.

I don't show that side very often. But that's the side that wrote "The Imperfect Storm." And that's the side that Whitney is now totally in love with.

This might be fun. - - - Continued in Chapter 3! Constructive comments always appreciated!