Beautiful wife from neighborhood getting laid and enjoyed video

Beautiful wife from neighborhood getting laid and enjoyed video
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There was a knock at my door three days after I received the letters and pictures of my two children in the mail. I just finished my first year of college.

Because I was still living at home with my parents I didn't know how to let them know I had knocked up two girls I had been fucking for four years before that.


Back to the knocking. I walked toward my door and heard the faint sound of a baby cry. "Holy shit." I thought.

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"Should I run?" I knew I wasn't ready for children. But too have two! Especially at age eighteen. I reluctantly walked toward the door, turned the handle, and at the door were the two beautiful twin cheerleaders I had spent my high school years with.

Nina and Nancy. "Hi Jeff!!" They said at the same time. "Come in you two." I said.

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It was one in the afternoon and my parents were at work. They had met Nina and Nancy before, and liked them. Occasionally they would urge me to go after one of them. Everytime they said this I thought "You don't even know the half of it." Anyway, the twins walked in with my two children in each of their arms. They both looked exactly like I did in my baby pictures, and despite being only eighteen I could swear my hair turned gray at the sight of them.

The twins sat on the couch and there was an awkward silence. "So. how was your first year of college?" Nancy finally broke the silence. "Great. up until about three days ago when I got the pictures and letters." I replied. "Look Jeff, this wasn't our fault." Nina said.

"Yes it was. we should have gone to the principal last year and said Ms. Daniels was making us fuck each other or we wouldn't graduate." I said. "Anyway, how was Italy?" I asked. "Great, until we started throwing up every morning and night." Nancy and Nina started to tear up. "Jeff! We made a huge mistake!" Nancy cried. "How were we supposed to know it would turn out like this?" I looked at my babies, they were quiet now, almost asleep in fact. "Nancy, Nina, I haven't told my parents about the babies yet." I confessed.

More tears were shed by the twins. "Where are you guys staying?" I asked. "Our parents kicked us out when we got back and told us to live with the deadbeat dad." Nina cried. This hurt, because I wanted to be there for my newborns, but I was more afraid than anything else.

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I looked at the clock on the t.v. cable box, 2 P.M. My father and mother would be home in about an hour and a half. "So. Jeff. when was the last time you fucked?" Nancy came right out and asked. "Graduation day." I responded. "No girls hit it home like you two did." I continued. Nancy got off the couch her and her twin sister were sitting on and came across the living room, and sat on my lap. "I'm going to be there for you two." I said. "No matter what." At this moment, I never felt more proud, and on top of the world, but knew I was in for a world of arguement with my parents.

"Why don't you two take the babies into my room and lay them down." I suggested. Me and the twins walked into my room and they looked on the shelf of my dresser and saw our prom pictures we took. "Ahh. what a scary and good night." Nina said still tearing.

I watched as the twins took the babies and laid them down next to each other. I put my arm around the twins and we walked out of the room back to the lving room. "Jeff. we haven't had sex either since graduation." Nancy said. "We have been horny as hell lately, but with the babies its been tough to even get things done.

Nancy and Nina sat next to me on my sofa and gently rubbed my thighs.

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"Please?" Nancy asked. How could I resist? These girls have been out of my life for a year and their bodies, looked like they hadn't even had children.

I was so tempted to see if their vaginas were as tight as I could remember. "Of course ladies, you girls haven't had sex in almost a year, and neither have I.

Nancy and Nina moved up to my crotch. It was like I hadn't learned a thing since I had two babies in the next room.


"Show us that cock Jeff." Nina said. I unzipped my pants and pulled my boxers down. Nancy and Nina grabbed with one hand each and Nina said "Ahhh just like I remembered, thick, juicy, and hard as fuck." "Mhmmmm" Nancy hummed.

I hadn't had sex in a year so just the jerking motion and the feeling of their soft hands moving up and down my shaft slowly tickling the base of my cocks head was enough to make me cum. I held back my load for as long as possible. Nina and Nancy bobbed up and down, just like I remembered seeing them do a year earlier.

Nina choked on my cock at first, gagging and gasping for air. My head dropped back on the back rest of the couch and I was back in heaven. Nancy licked my balls and sucked on both of my nuts while she cupped them in her hand. "Same taste, just like I remember." Nancy said. Nina and Nancy both shared my cock equally now.

Bobbing up and down leaving saliva behind and the next hand motion would wipe it away. By this point, I was eady to explode with my cum. "I'm gonna cum!" I said in broken english breathing heavy. "Give us that tasty load." Nina said like the slut I remembered her as. Nina tilted her head back, and I placed my cock at her bottom lip, shot all four shots of my fresh cum into her mouth. Ninad closed her mouth, let herself soak up the taste and leaned her sisters head back and let half drop into Nancy's mouth.

"One. Two. Three." Nancy said muffled as they swallowed simultaneously. I looked at the clock. And my parents were going to be home any minute. I zipped my pants up and watched the twins clean each others faces off. I was breathing very heavy and was surprised by the size of the load I shot. "Dam Girls, it's been way too long." I said.

Not a moment after that was a car door closing outside my house. It was my father. My heart raced. My father turned the handle on the door and my heart sank and I almost fainted.

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He walked in and saw the twins sitting on the couch across from me. "Oh my.

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Nina, Nancy what a nice surprise. Are you girls going to be staying for dinner tonight?" he asked.

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Suddenly with all the noise my father had just made coming inside the house, he woke up one of my babies. From my room came a faint cry. "waaaaaahhh" "So one of your girls has a baby?" my dad said surprised, of course. The twins looked at each other, and than at me. I glanced at my father with my head down. ***** Part 2 coming soon