Smalltits petite ts gets doggystyled

Smalltits petite ts gets doggystyled
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Manuela Arbeleaz had decided to enjoy the day so she packed a basket for luncha blanket to lie on and put on her new pink string bikini on under her clothes. She put everything in her jeep and headed for her favourite beach when she arrived there she saw it was packed so she headed farther up the coast until she found a stretch of unoccupied beach. Parking on the sand she unloaded everything and headed downtown find a place to set up.

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She found a nice place and lay out her area and stripped down to her bikini and lay down on her blanket. Manuela lay there for awhile occasionally turning over so she would tan evenly when she heard a group of people coming up the beach towards her. Looking down the beach she saw a group of nine teenagers come around some rocks along the waters edge past the sign with the beach name and warning "Haunted White Sands Beach CAUTION be wary of sudden tidal surges will flood area".

Spotting her they veered towards her and stopped near her spot. One of the young women spoke upI know her she's one of the women on the price is right. Yes I amManuela said can I help you? They regarded her a bit before answering almost making Manuela uncomfortable as they stared at her.

What they saw was a beautiful Latina with smoothsoftcleardark skin petite shapely feetlong toned legsa groin barely covered by a scrap of pink cloth trying to be a thong bikini bottoma flat six pack abdomensmall firm full b-cup breasts covered by another scrap of pink cloth of a bikini topa long neck with a beautiful oval face with lush full lips a small nose and ears to match beautiful dark eyes with long lashes and trimmed maintained eyebrows and long silky black hair.

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Yes one of the young men said when he finally answered her and they fell upon hertwo young women grabbed her arms and held them above her head spread out on the ground. Two more did the same to her legs sitting on them to hold her in place.

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Two of the young men tore the suit off of her body exposing her pussy and nipples to the others. The last three a young man and two young women stood back observing Manuela's capturethe one young woman dropped down between Manuela's legs and coating her hand with a greasy substance jammed her hand up into Manuela's cunt and began fist fucking her.

Manuela started to scream but had to stop when the young man straddled her face and shoving his penis into her mouth and down her throat deep thrusting her. Once the young woman finished fist fucking her she spanked Manuela's ass until it was dark redeach of the young men then took turns fucking her pussyand her anus. Not to be left out the young women forced her to lick their pussies until they climaxed. When they finished with her they tied her down over a smooth rock on her hands and knees then left her helpless for anyone to find.

She lay there for hours and the only ones to find her were seagulls that becoming use to her yelling at them would land on her and peck at parts of her body looking for something to eat.

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She really hated when they pecked at her pussy and anus causing her to whimper with desire for a more active molestation from them Yelling for help Manuela was about to give up hope when she heard someone approaching but soon found out it was a pack of beach dogs.

The came right up to her and started sniffing her pussy and ass.

The alpha liked what he smelledit was the bitch in heat musk they smeared on Manuela when the kids initially found her. The alpha approached her and mounted her causing her to scream when his large member invaded her vagina pushing past her nether lips deep into her womb.

He pumped into her without mercy until they both enjoyed climaxing. He then switched to her asshole splitting the cheeks of her amusing the end filling her bowels with his spunk. Each of the five male dogs took their turn exhausting Manuela with multiple orgasms her juices gushing out coating the rock she was spread out and tied down on. They filed her body with their doggy sperm.

She cried realizing she had never felt anything like it in her entire life and desperately never wanted it to end. After hours of this she past out and when she woke up the dogs were gone.

Luckily Manuela was found a few hours later by a beach patrol. They took her to the hospital for treatment and the hospital released her the next morning. Many nights afterwards her sleep was disturbed as she dreamed about those young people and that pack of horny dogs. Manuela visits that section of the beach as often as she can hoping to repeat the experience but so far to no avail she figures the young people and dogs have moved on.

What she did not know was that the young peopleand the dogs were the ghosts of a group of young people and dogs that had gotten trapped on that section of beach twenty years before by a sudden tidal surge flooding the beach.

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The beach patrol found no evidence of anyone else on that beach and even the ropes that supposedly tied Manuela down were not found only her a braided wrists and ankles supported her storythat and her two gaping holes that took a week to return to normal.

The beach patrol searched that section of the beach after she was taken to the hospital and no foot prints were found on the beach other than hers and the beach patrols.